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Selling my used panties to Teens

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I needed to get some money to pay my rent. SO I had to be a little creative.

This really happened last week and need some advise on this.
I live in suburbs and I’m a single mom. 36 yrs old with a daughter 15yrs old. I am going through some financial issues. I found out that a group of local kids, aged 12-15 loiter around my house a lot. Initially I thought it was for my daughter, but later I found out they were watching me swim in the pool. I also caught one of them jump in the backyard and steal my thongs.

One day I waited for them and caught them red handed. They were spooked and started to apologize. During which one of the 14 yr old said that we will pay for the panties. I let go of his wrist and asked how much. He said for used ones, he will pay $50. I was like ok, I will do it. And I turned around and lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down and handed to him. He immediately placed the panties to his nose and started to sniff them. It was cute. But I was like, hand me the money. Which he immediately did.
Before leaving, he said he will come back next day to buy another one so I better be ready. I smiled and went inside.

Next day he came back again and I lifted my skirt and gave him my wet panties. They smelled it again paid me and left.

But yesterday, that kids father came to my house with my panties in his hands. He told me that it is neither legal or ethical to sell teen boys my used panties. And he is going to report it.
I was so nervous, I had never done anything like this before. I was scared. I told him I will pay his money back, and he should not call cops. But he insisted that instead of money I should give him my daughter’s used panties. I was shocked, but I nodded. I asked for a day to gather the same.
I do not want my daughter to know about this. And am thinking of stealing her used underwear, before throwing it in the washing machine. Not sure what to do.

Let me know if I should give that man my teenage daughter’s used panties.


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  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1e0uq49xxpne

    FFS, give him your daughters used panties and give him yourself as well…

    • paul ID:2xm1antm9b

      Sell voyeur of you and daughter bath and home

  • Reply JoJo ID:1eu6x9zvooxf

    I want your daughters panties

    • Step daughter ID:322q1ta8d9i

      I love sniffing used panties

  • Reply Timothy ID:bmsucf041

    Fuck this shit… you can make so much more by letting those teenage boys fuck your MILFY cunt

  • Reply hornyboy ID:2kyee16s44

    i am 14too you should give him the panties and increase the rate your used panties and sell your bra too

  • Reply Danny ID:153jwgw820d

    I would agree I would love to find out how much it would cost to sync my dick into your daughter

  • Reply Dean ID:1d47g9d6gui1

    You should, it would be sweet!

  • Reply J ID:bjotki4v9b

    How about you contact me and let’s figure out how much it’s gonna cost to let me fuck you and your daughter?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6i9

    Give him the panties and offer to let him Fuck you too

  • Reply Horny 305 ID:1dwd92uy7uwf

    You should be honest and tell her see how she reacts honestly I would love a girlfriend with a teenager daughter who’s just as perverted as me

  • Reply Harry Green ID:1duhbxzrdhkf

    I love used panties yes let him have your daughters

  • Reply Thea ID:7rmvd6tcd4

    Do it… do it.. do it….

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4oic

    For starters the people on here are not good at writing bull shit stories.and the people that leave the comments never catch the bullshit flaws.ive been writing incest stories for 30 years and you could never know it was fake guaranteed because of my words and what i write.a group of kids together say they will buy her panties, yeah right.then you have their ages, where are they going to come up with $50.kids that age got better things in mind to buy for $50 instead of panties.be real people, such horse shit.

  • Reply Miktig19 ID:1dkylce7cbln

    You could steal her underwear, fuck the kids too

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    No keep her out

  • Reply Kevin ID:5tef67ific

    I think you should steal your daughter’s underwear and make a few more bucks… Maybe make it a family business.. 😉

  • Reply Amimo ID:1ah770leoik

    I think that is not right for me.