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I raped a drunk teen girl

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I was out drinking late with some friends, and I was walking back home and saw the girl in the alleyway, I pinned her and came in her virgin pussy

Me and my friends were out drinking late, it was time for us to head back home after the bar had shut so we split and I started walking home, it was dark and cold.

I was approaching a dark alleyway and I walked through it, but I could see something in the near distance, couldn’t make out what it was at first but when I approached a saw this little girl, most likely in her 15-16s, cute short little ginger girl passed out against the wall, wearing a tight short skirt and short sleeve shirt, she looked like she was sleeping? I leaned over towards her, towering above her as he legs were spread apart and she was unconscious on the floor, I could smell the recking alcohol from her, completely passed out. She was sexy, really fucking hot and it made my cock start twitching in my pants, I got hard and my clock was beginning to be let out.

I looked around and saw no one, so I pulled my pants down and my cock sprung out as I started stroking my cock while watching the little girl passed out, looking at her hot little lips and mouth as I ran my fingers across her lips, then lifted her shirt and pulled her wet panties to the side, she was begging to be fucked, the way she looked…

My cock was throbbing in my hand as I was stroking it then I looked around again, saw no one and got closer to the girl, bending my knees to level my cock towards her mouth then put the head of my dick at the entrance of her mouth that was closed, I lifted her chin up and her mouth opened, I drove my dock into her mouth then started face fucking her. She suddenly woke up putting her hands on my thighs, pushing herself away but my hands were on the back of her head, pulling her in. She had woken up while I was trying to rape the little bitch! I slapped her face. “Be quiet you little whore!” Telling her to be quiet as I grabbed onto her hair with one hand and put my hand towards her pussy starting to rub it with the other as she was quivering and shaking against my hand, soaking it with her juices.

“Let me just fuck you!” As I shouted at her, slamming her against the wall as she’s squealing begging me not to rape her, almost ready to scream as she starts sobbing. I prop her against the wall in the middle of the alleyway, lift her leg and grab onto my cock positioning it at her entrance, as I slam in disregarding how tight she is, as I’m ripping through her virgin pussy, tightest thing I’ve ever fucked and she struggled, the little bitch struggled but I kept fucking her till she gave up, going numb and limp as she stares into space, ignoring everything that is happening because she’s in shock. She’s quiet, starting into space without a blink but grunting with every time I thrust my cock deep inside her. It reminds me of when I fucked my daughter, but this time the struggling of this little teen girl made it so hot. I came in her pussy and let her go, she collapsed as soon as I let go off her, she was numb and limp… shaking and staring into space, into nothing… simply in shock but I chuckle, watching my cum flow down her inner thigh as she’s on the dirty cold floor of the alleyway. I pull up my pants and put my cock back in after wiping off whatever cums left on it, call her a “good little girl” and keep walking.

This is true, and honestly I don’t care. Girls like that should be treated like this. It’s either they are good normal little girls, or whores from the beginning and they get what they get. Who agrees?

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    The only thing I would’ve done differently it’s took her home and use Her as my sex toy for months

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      raping her asshole over and over! getting hard listening to her scream and beg for it to stop tearing her asshole open! degrading her as i rape her ass till i bust my load deep into my property!

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  • Reply Blanch ID:1arctse20a

    Yeah teen hoes definitely need to get raped at least once by someone twice their age

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    • [email protected] ID:1rou10zi

      What is wrong with just a good fuck doesn’t have to be rape

    • Spencer ID:6cdli0kv9j

      Definitely need to be raped then wink

  • Reply PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Ich gebe dir recht Anonymous Fucker so kleine Hurren gaben es verdient und wenn sie daraus nicht gelernt hat ein braves Mädchen zu sein hoffe ich der nächste vergewaltigt ihren kleinen Hurren Arsch

  • Reply SlaveGirl ID:5vahrtadv0

    Im so wet now
    Need a man to do this to me so bad!

    • PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0b

      Ich benutze dich Hure gerne wie du es Brauchst hast du Schlampe kik

    • All yours ID:5u1d7cfzra

      I’ll do it how old are ya

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      Ok princess get a hold of me

  • Reply Tommie ID:7d3bile49d

    Hope they catch you and cut your balls out.

    • Your mom ID:61jtvgc8j


    • Bitch ID:4glko4uhl

      It will be glorious, imagine it, it will be Salem witch trials, but we hunt and burn pedos instead.

  • Reply Tim ID:20prttuxii

    Any picture

    • Horton ID:2atvsxtgqj

      Every story on here is fake u dumb fuck