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Grandpa lets it hang out part 2

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Mom pulled into the yard on Friday afternoon and got out of her car storming across the yard like a thunderstorm advancing. She was pissed. I hid behind Grandpa and even he took a step back. “That fucking piece of shit!” my mom shouted and strode in through the kitchen door. Grandpa looked down at me and smiled “Trouble in paradise” he said “Perhaps you had better get lost for a while kiddo”. I wasn’t gonna argue and took of into the woods behind the house as Grandpa went into the kitchen. I could hear mom screaming and crying even in the trees and I sat down at the base of one just to see what would happen.
Mom and Grandpa came out onto the back deck and Mom said something to Grandpa who shrugged and pointed towards the barn where I usually take off to. Mom sat down in a big wooden chair sipping a drink and Grandpa stood behind her his big hands massaging her shoulders. He leaned down and kissed her neck and shoulders and I thought it was nice how much her cared for his daughter making me smile. His big hands moved up and down her arms as he kissed her neck until she turned her head lifting her chin and he kissed my Mom right on the lips. It was not a short little kiss, oh no, this kiss went on and on. I was totally wowed.
Grandpa’s hands moved into my mother’s top and cupped her breasts, my eyes were huge and I wanted to see more so I crept through the woods to the front of the house. There was no chance they could have seen me, there eyes weren’t looking at anything but each other. I went inside and up the stairs to the bedroom at the back of the house overlooking the deck and slide up the window.
I could hear them right below me. Moaning sounds, wet sounds, speaking dirty things to each other. I heard my Grandpa say “Yeah that’s it you little slut get on your knees and suck your Daddy’s cock”. WTF I thought and stuck my head out the window looking down at my Grandpa standing there with nothing on and my Mom on her knees with his hard cock in her mouth. She had also lost her clothes and was naked. OLY O Shit I thought. Grandpa was looking down at her as my Mom’s mouth moved back and forth up and down Grandpa’s cock. WOW WOW I couldn’t believe it my Mom was sucking her Daddy’s cock. I watched in fascination feeling a wetness in my little pussy and my finger went down my shorts to rub my kitty.
Mom was loving it by the moaning she was doing and I was loving watching it. so was my kitty. I could feel the sensation rising between my legs and stifled a squeal as I orgasmed all over my hand. My knees went weak and I fell on my ass on the bedroom floor. “What the fuck was that?” I heard my Grandpa say. “Nothing, nothing” my Mom replied and then I heard the back deck door creak open. Shit I thought I am gonna get caught and squirrelled under the bed just before Grandpa’s bare feet came into the room with Mom’s close behind. Mom pushed Grandpa on the bed and dropped to her knees on the floor between his legs. “See nothing, I told ya”. then her mouth was on Grandpa’s cock and I heard sucking wet noises. I was listening to my Mom suck Grandpas cock and could see her wet hairy pussy right in front of my face from under the bed. I could see juices glistening on her pubic hairs and her labia all swollen and protruding.
A couple minutes later I heard Grandpa say “Oh yeah Teresa Daddy is gonna flood your mouth with cum”. Then I heard him grunt and my Mom gulping. I almost came again with out even touching myself and then I saw drops of juices drip from my Mom’s pussy as she moaned and her knees shook. OH fuck I could not help it, I came holding both hands over my mouth as my little kitty gushed under the bed.
After a few minutes they got up and walked back down stairs and back out onto the deck. I scooted downstairs and out the front door and down to the barn, thinking about every thing that had happened.

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    Fuck Cassie that was fucking hot! I’m impressed.

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    Perfect daughter and grand daughter

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    Love it

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    Please write more if there is more

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    That’s hot