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My young sexy daughter

I’m a dad of 2 children my son is 15yrs old and my daughter is 13yrs old. Well it started when my daughter started having a puppy love for me n would sit on my lap with a bikini... # # #

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My cousin and I

This only happened about 4 yrs ago!! One night my female cousin stayed over for the night as her mum n Dad were going out somewhere. I was only 14 and she was 12 and a little cutie... # # # #

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I rape my daughter

Short story! My daughter is let’s say 12 yrs old, she is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold but sexy aswell which turns me on. I watch my daughter shower and bath as I set... # # # #

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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll 3

The study is filled with the raw fucking my daddy is giving me, the smell of sex permeate the air. I am lying on the armchair with my legs spread wide open hanging hanging over the... # #

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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll

I’ve been reading the confessions here and l am so juicy and wet. I am asian and was adopted by a white couple. I noticed my daddy would look at me and started being more affectionate.... # #

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Fucked my drunk sister

So one night me and all my family were out the back court yard all night we were drinking and by later in the night my sister kept giving me this look no one else could see it she sat... # #

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Bike ride

This happened to me when I was just 15 . I was different, though I was gay but after this happened it changed me and I’m no longer gay . I’m now married to a woman and have 2 kids... # # #

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It was a dark lit night in downtown. Amy was making her way home on the city bus while visiting a friend. The connection center in downtown wasn’t very well lit and to get to... # # #

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Mom and I on halloween

Now that my sister Kathy is away at college,mom and I can do alot more fucking in the evenings without worrying about being caught by my sister,for months we had to be real #

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A true die hard ass man

I remember about ten years ago I was in a adult book and video store and me the clerk and married couple were having small talk about things I cannot fully remember,but I do remember... #

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Virgin with experience

I’m a 12 year old girl and I’m sex crazed? I masturbated. I want a sugar daddy with doc pics! And I think about rape and it makes me horny. I have a lot of experience for a Virgin #

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