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First time with my sister

I am 30 and my sister is 34. This happened when I was 13 and my sister was 17. We have always been super close and have done most everything together growing up. I was not very tall... # # #

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Carjacked part2

After about half an hour had passed, the guy guarding me decided he wanted another round with her so he walked me in front of him back to the room. It was dim but slightly more light... # # #

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Carjacked part1

My wife 41 and myself 45 were traveling home from a business trip and hit Memphis at dusk. She needed a pee stop and I stopped at a convenient store. We went in and she used the ladies... # # # #

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Brother sister love pt.4

Keeping y’all updated with the last post: Honestly nothing really came of that night. I got home from work, yesterday my sister was home and nothing was really mentioned about that... # #

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Brother sister love pt.3

I texted her that night when I got in bed. It was 9:30 something. I told her that we should probably stop doing this. I don’t know. I was pretty shook, man. She agreed. I was pretty... # #

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Brother sister love pt.2

Continuing from my last post: I ended up going back to my room and went to bed. I felt so guilty but also satisfied, you know? This was last weekend. I wanted to fuck her again. All... # #

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Brother sister love pt.1

So I’m 25, sister is 16. We get along well. She’s pretty mature for her age, short, pretty thick in all the right places, beautiful. I’ve developed a sexual attraction toward... # # #

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My Drunk Mom

When I was a preteen, my parents drank on weekends. Sometimes My mom told me I could sleep in their bed. I began taking advantage of My Mom. # # #

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My Sons Girlfriend Part 2

My wife went to visit her sisters. She’ll be gone for a week. I’m doing nothing but relaxing by our pool. It’s nice and quiet. I’m naked and I don’t care if my neighbors see... #

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Maria My Dog Loving Slut

This happened years ago. I went to get my haircut and the young woman who cut my hair. The owner of the salon called me at work and asked if I would go out with Maria. I said ok even... #

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Our Horny Son

This all started when our son, Joey was sixteen. When his dad wasn’t home he would come into our bedroom and rub my back. I could believe how good his hands felt on my back. I’m... # # #

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I Fucked My Son

I’m a forty something single mom. My husband left me and my son, Joey when he was very little. Joey is now eighteen and he’s grown up to be a very handsome young man. He has a lot... # #

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My Sons Girlfriend

My son, Ritchie has a girlfriend named Yolly. She’s a short, hot big breasted South American woman. Every time I’m around her she’s always very close to me making feel uncomfortable... #

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Simba Part 2

WTF did I start. I bought a huge Rottweiler and I made my hot wife have dog sex with him. I really enjoy all the hot sex but my wife has turned into a dog sex freak. It seems she can’t... #

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Dog Slut

I’m not an amateur when it comes to dog sex. We had a beautiful dog who I trained to fuck me whenever I wanted his big red dog cock. I enjoyed many times of feeling his cock and his... #

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Awhile ago I rescued a 200 lb Rottie. I’ve owned Rotties before but never one this big. When I brought him home my wife looked at me and said where did you find that bear. That’s... #

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Balling my mother jan!

I am 18 and just graduated from high school, my dad works the 2nd shift at a hospital about 20 minutes from our mother jan is a professional and works in a office setting.we... #

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My Son The Porn Star

My son Joey is home and he asks mom can I talk to you. I say ok what’s on your mind. Joey tells me he has an offer to star in a film. I tell him congratulations and I ask him when... # # # #

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Our Son

Our son Joey was always a little perv. I caught him many a time watching me in the shower. Hubby and I also caught him watching us having sex. I said to hubby you know Joey is watching... # # #

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My young sexy daughter

I’m a dad of 2 children my son is 15yrs old and my daughter is 13yrs old. Well it started when my daughter started having a puppy love for me n would sit on my lap with a bikini... # # #

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My cousin and I

This only happened about 4 yrs ago!! One night my female cousin stayed over for the night as her mum n Dad were going out somewhere. I was only 14 and she was 12 and a little cutie... # # # #

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I rape my daughter

Short story! My daughter is let’s say 12 yrs old, she is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold but sexy aswell which turns me on. I watch my daughter shower and bath as I set... # # # #

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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll 3

The study is filled with the raw fucking my daddy is giving me, the smell of sex permeate the air. I am lying on the armchair with my legs spread wide open hanging hanging over the... # #

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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll

I’ve been reading the confessions here and l am so juicy and wet. I am asian and was adopted by a white couple. I noticed my daddy would look at me and started being more affectionate.... # #

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