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Author: John

How I went to prison 2

Day 2 It was Christmas morning and I was at my friend’s house everyone was gone left me in charge of her and her 13 yo brother I’m in the living room when she came out of... #

177 words | 9 |3.32

The old furniture store

The first thing that Jennifer, when she walked into the old furniture store was the smell of the dust everywhere and, smell of furniture oil in the air. Senses she took in the small... #

956 words | 0 |3.75

My first threesome

After fucking my aunt and our next-door neighbor along with most of the girls in the neighborhood I had developed a reputation something of a ladies’ man. One night I was invited... #

710 words | 0 |4.70

Helping my mom’s friend

After fucking and losing my virginity to my aunt Jackie and getting caught by my mom (her sister) I began to make up for lost time. I fucked every girl 19 and older I could get my dick... #

1231 words | 0 |4.94

My Aunt Jackie Part Two

I woke up the next morning showered and went into the kitchen looking for Jackie, didn’t find her in the house so I went into the backyard and found her sitting on a lounge drinking... #

986 words | 1 |4.83

My Aunt Jackie part one

My mother and I had traveled to the bay area to visit her sister Jackie ( my aunt ) on her twin daughters 16th birthday party. She was 39 and I was 19 at the time of this story. I was... # #

901 words | 0 |4.19

Payback time back bitch

As I’m sitting in my office, my phone rings hello voice on the other end says, are you still looking for her? I say yes why? The voice on the other end says we know where she’s... # # #

2583 words | 3 |2.82

Mini whore

Super bowl weekend, and I was out looking for some action, Batman I had to deal with a black guy named Trey. I can’t stand Trey. I can’t stand that mother fucker. Due to... #

1693 words | 14 |3.25

Wow mum

I was an average teenage boy, dad had left mum so she brought me up. # #

700 words | 6 |4.19

Stuck like 2dogs

I’m Peggy I a 50 yr old housewife who has found the fuck of a husband Bob a I went to a couple friends home,we had been smoking some really good weed while taking... #

249 words | 7 |4.48