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Wife finally agreed

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Jen and i have been married for about 20yrs. Our sex life has been good but i would like it better. I came home from work about 3 yrs ago and found Jen topless in the back yard. I was surprised but just kept looking at her. I stripped off and waited for her to come inside. As she came in the back door she dropped her undies so she was totally naked. I had a stiff cock and as she entered the kitchen she saw me and was shocked. We stood naked and talked about what was going on. She then told me she liked being naked and did it as often as she could. I then told her i liked being naked when she was not at home. I went and cuddled her for a bit, looked her in the eyes, took her hand and led her into the back yard. We walked around the yard foe a while, i cuddled her again and kissed her. I then felt her hand on my cock. I fingered her for a while and then lifted her leg and fucked her, it was not long before we both cum.
That nite we talked about what had happened and i asked her what else turned her on. She said she would like to watch other people fuck. She then asked what turned me on and i told her i would love to watch her get fucked by another guy. She said it would not happen. I then told her i would like to flash a stranger and she said she had thought about it as well. We went to bed and fucked again but this time it was the best we had.
Over the next couple of week i kept bring up the subject of Jen with another guy but she kept saying no but once she said she would think about it. I then asked her if she would go topless infront of another couple and she said she would think about it.
A couple of weeks later we had some friends over for dinner, We had our meal and after our meal and Jen was getting desert i asked her if she would like to go topless and she said no. After they went i asked Jen if she would go topless infront of them if they came back and she said she would think about it. Julie and Dan came back another couple of times but Jen would not go topless. The next time they were coming for dinner I asked if she would like to go topless and she said she would think about it. As she was preparing dinner before they got to our place i played with Jen’s tits and pussy. I even opened her top and lifted her bra up so her tits were out. The door bell rang and Jen got herself dressed, I felt her pussy and it was wet.
After we had dinner Jen went to get desert so i went to help her. I asked her if she would go topless and she said only if Julie and Dan was ok with it, I told Jen i would go and ask. I went back into the dining room and sat down. I then asked them if they would be ok if Jen came out topless to have desert. I think they were shocked but after a bit Julie said it would be ok with them. I went back into the kitchen and told Jen they said it would be ok. I helped her take her top off and her bra, she was so turned on her nipples were so big. I then slipped her skirt off and kissed her. Jen then told me i had to take my shirt off as well, so i did. I took 2 deserts out and Jen followed. We sat and had desert when Jen asked if Julie and Dan wanted to join us topless. Julie answered maybe next time. After desert and coffee Julie said there goodbyes. I noticed Julie’s nipples were hard like Jen’s. As Dan stood up we noticed he had a hard on. After they left Jen grabbed me, kissed me and pushed my shorts and undies down, and we fucked like school kids in the kitchen. We went to bed and fucked again. In the middle of the nite i woke up and Jen was sucking my cock until it was hard and then she got on top of me and we fucked again. As we were fucking i asked her again if she would fuck another guy and she said yes. I was shocked.
We had our friends around again and Jen went topless the hole time they were having dinner. The second time they came for dinner when the sat down for dinner, Julie took her dress and bra off and only had her undies on. Dan took his shirt off as well. As we had dinner i noticed Julie and Dan were drinking a fair bit of wine. When it was time for desert Jen went to the kitchen and Julie said she would help so i stayed and talked to Dan. When they came back i noticed the girls had taken there undies off. Jen took Dan’s desert around to him and sat next to him Julie sat next to me. After desert and coffee we chatted for a bit and Julie went to the bathroom. When she was gone Jen turned and faced Dan. I saw her move her hand over towards Dan and he jumper. They looked into each others eyes for a bit and then Jen smiled at him. I was getting turned on watching my wife with another guy. Jen got Dan to stand up and as he did she took his undies off. Dan’s cock stood straight up and Jen took hold of it. I was so turned on i started to play with my nipples. The sight of Jen with another guys cock in her mouth was so good. Jen glanced over at me and i smiled back at her. Dan moved his hands down from Jens head onto her tits and played with her nipples. I know this really turns her on.
All of a sudden i felt hands on my chest and it was Julie. She moved them over and started playing with my nipples. i was getting so turned on. Julie told me to stand up and as i did she sat down and lowered my undies. Took hold of my cock and put it in her mouth. It was not long and she had it all the way in and she licked my balls. It was getting close to me Cumming so i told Julie and she stopped. She played with my balls and watched Jen. Jen stopped sucking and looked at Julie. They both stood up and sat on the table, opened there legs wide and they smiled. As they laid back Julie took hold of my cock and put it into her pussy. Jen did the same with Dan. To see another guys cock go into Jens pussy was such a turn on. As we were fucking Jen turned and looked at me, we smiled at each other and she sent me a kiss. It did not take long before Dan and i were ready to cum. When i cum i pulled out of Julie and jerked over her belly and pussy. Dan did the same. After they went home Jen and i talked. She told me Julie and Dan had wanted to do what we did for years but never worked up the courage. Julie had asked Jen while in the kitchen. She then told me Julie asked if they could stay next time they come over and i told her it was ok with me. After we went to bed we fucked and fucked.

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