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1st Time I Cheated

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My name is Jenny and i have a friend i have had since school named Kerry
I have been married to Dan for 15yrs, our sex life was great but know not so good. Kerry comes over usually once every couple of weeks to catch up. About 6mounths ago we were chatting catching up when she asked me how my sex life was. I was a bit shocked at first but she kept asking so i told her it was not good. I asked her why she was asking. She told me her and Ron was not having sex much and she was so horny all the time. She then told me she was going to a place where she goes naked with other couples and she watches them have sex. She also told me some of the other couples have asked her to watch them having sex. As we were talking i was getting horny but did not let Kerry know. When Kerry was about to leave she asked me if i would like to go next week with her. I told her i would think about it and she left.
I had never seen naked people or been around other people having sex. I was horny and kept thing about watching other people doing it. I went and laid on my bed but kept thing about being naked infront of other people and watching them fucking. I found myself with my hand on my pussy and fingering my clit. I had my best cum i have had ever. I stripped off and went and had a shower. I found myself fingering myself again. When i got out the shower i dried off and went for a walk around the house – naked for the 1st time. It felt great. I got dressed just before Dan came home.
The next day when Dan left for work i stripped off and fingered myself and did not take long to cum. After i cum i had breakfast – naked – did the house work – naked – and had coffee on the back balcony – naked and fingered myself. I got dressed just before Dan came home. Over the weekend I had sex with Dan once but it was a bit of mucking around, he got on top and when he was finished got off, went to the bathroom, came back to bed and fell asleep. while he was in the bathroom i fingered myself and cum before he came back. Sunday nite Kerry rang and asked if i wanted to go with her Monday. I told her i would go but did not know how far i would go. She said she would pick me up about 9.00am and to wear something brief.
When i woke up i was horny and when Dan left for work i stripped off, fingered myself – cum – had a shower and got dressed, I put my G-string on – had not worn it for years, no bra as i have quite firm tits, and i short dress. As i looked in the mirror i lifted the bottom of my dress to look at my undies, They are skin color and they look like i had no undies on. It was not long and Kerry was knocking on the door. When i opened the door Kerry was wearing a short dress as well. I got my bag and off we went. I told Kerry i had not been naked infront of anybody of seen others fucking. She told me before she had gone she was the same. But not to worry.
When we got there i was so nervous. Kerry took me by the hand and led me to the front door. The front door was on the side of the house and when it opened the guy was naked and invite us in. He led us into the back room where there was about six other couples. They were all naked except one other couple and they had there undies on. We chatted for a while before Kerry took my hand and led me to the room off to the side. She took her dress off and she had nothing else on. She helped me take my dress off and she slipped my undies off. I was so nervous as she took my hand and led me back into the back room. We chatted to other people and Kerry went and talked to another couple. The people i was talking to were nice and about the same age. My eyes kept dropping down and watched Fred’s cock. On the slack it was about 6-7 inches. Tegan was a small woman with small tits and a shaved pussy. I noticed she kept looking at me. I noticed Kerry had left the room so i kept talking to Fred and Tegan. Tegan asked if i wanted to go outside with them so said ok. I followed Fred
and Tegan followed behind. We went near the back of the house and started chatting. Tegan asked if i had been here before and i said never, anything like this. As we were talking i felt Tegan take my hand and slowly put it on Fred’s cock. I heard Tegan tell me to play with it so i started to jerk him. As i was jerking hi Tegan moved behind me and put her arms around me. She moved me to infront of Fred. Fred started playing with my tits and Tegan was telling him what to do. We ended up kissing and he was putting his tonged in my mouth, I was getting turned on. Fred’s cock was growing and it felt so hard. All of a sudden i felt a hand on my pussy and then a finger. I was so horny. I opened my legs and then there was 3 fingers in me. I heard Tegan tell me to rub Fred’s cock on my pussy. I did and it felt so good. Tegan told Fred to sit on the chair beside him which he did and then Tegan told me to sit on his cock. I did as i was told as i was so horny. It slipped in so easy and i started to fuck him. It did not take long before both of us cum. After i settled down i got off and sat on the chair beside Fred. After a while Tegan sat on Fred’s cock and started to fuck him and as she was she started to finger me as well. Tegan and i both cum at the same time. Tegan got off Fred’s cock and it was still hard. I put my hand on it and slowly jerked him. I stood up and sat back on Fred’s cock, facing Tegan. As i was fucking Fred Tegan came over, Kissed me and then slowly went down and sucked my nipples, I felt her hand back on my pussy. She then kissed her way down until she got to my pussy. She looked up at me and smiled and put her mouth on my pussy. She licked my clit and it was not long before i cum. I kept fucking Fred until he cum. I finally got off Fred and Tegan thanked me. I found Kerry, got dressed and we left. On the way home Kerry asked if i would like to go back and i said i would love to.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1dbb6f4g7tre

    Absolutely sexy story

  • Reply Daddy ID:1e66br77mfy1

    Very sexy story!! I love how you became open with being naked and shared your body with the other couple. I would love to hear more!! Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I loved this story. I wish your name was on it so I could read more. Please please tell more. I want to hear about Kerry and see if, now that you have kissed and cum with a woman if you will kiss Kerry to thank her for opening your eyes to real sexual enjoyments

  • Reply Mr C ID:6ewpy07b0d

    Do tell more of your “naughty ” side and maybe get hubby to go along and whatch each other fuck other people……………..18/12/22

    • chance ID:1ep4gonx3cje

      It is very fun to watch your wife fuck another man or boy

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      I want to watch my wife be fucked by a man or a boy. If it is a boy, hopefully my son