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My wife and I had enjoyed swinging and hooking up with other couples

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My wife and I had enjoyed swinging and hooking up with other couples. Times changed, no more parties or hooking up, well not our normal spots

For many years, my wife and I would go out on date nights, leaving our kids home with babysitters. We enjoyed attending swingers parties. And when no swinging parties, we would go to some of the local adult book stores, public parks and some of the parking lots in town where folks met to have some action.

Our children have grown up and moved out. We did have some real good fun times as the kids grew up and were still at home. ( I have some other stories about some of that. ) But now we are home alone as they say.

There are no more swinging parties, at least that we can find. All but one adult book store have closed, and the one still open had removed all the video booths. The local city cracked down on the parks and parking lots, so no action going on there. We have been really looking for where the action is happening now.

My wife and I were out driving around last week and we noticed that the one remaining adult book store looked like it had a face lift and been remodeled. We decided to stop and go check it out. All those years of going there before, there was always a dirty old man behind the front counter, but now this was this very young pretty girl who did not even look old enough to be working in there. We were told by her about the store and that couples and ladies could get in free, single guys had to pay a cover charge.

We walked around the store, no more magazines in racks and no more VHS tapes, there was a ton of sex toys for women and men, clothing, and then some racks with DVD movies. But to our surprise, it was on seeing a nice neat hallway with a sign for movie watching. We walked down the hallway, and found some very nice movie viewing booths, some for just one person, but most for two people. We did see that there were frosted windows on each side of the booths, we had learned from going into some out of area adult bookstores that these kind of frosted windows, at the push of a button unfrosted and let you see into the both next to you. Above each booth was a light showing if the room was empty or had someone in it.

We picked a booth that had the booths on each side of it with someone in them. We had to step back out into the hall to get some tokens from vending machine. After putting tokens in, we read the instructions on the screen, it said that if both sides of the frosted windows pushed their buttons, the window would go clear. But it also said that if you pushed your button, the other side booth’s button would turn another color. And before any of that would work, you had to pick a movie to watch. We picked a good group sex movie, and turned up the sound a bit. We pushed the buttons on both sides of our booth, one side stayed frosted but the other side started to go clear.

I found myself holding my breath, as the window became clear. In the booth next to us, there was a guy, his pants down, his hand on his cock and stoking away. He turned to face us, his cock was looking good, he was bigger than me, and the head was like a mushroom, mine cock head was smaller than the shaft, but did swell up a bit during intercourse, or getting head. My wife was there to enjoy, and she unbuttoned her blouse, and being braless, exposing her nice 34DD. This was what the guy jacking off needed, as he shot some loads of cum out, the first few shots hitting the window. We guess his tokens had run out, because the window frosted over and he did not do anything. I checked our screen, it showed with had over five minutes remaining.

I started to suck on my wifes tits, and opened my pants up and had my semi stiff cock in hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the window un-frosting on the other side. There was a couple, man and lady in the booth. They stood there looking at my wife and I. They were talking, but we could not hear anything, so the booths were sound proofed. The other couple started making some hand gestures, which we took to mean that they would come out of their booth and met at ours, or at our door? As soon as they opened their booth door the window frosted. There was a tap at our door, I opened it, and there the couple stood. I stepped back to allow them inside.

This couple was about our age, she had kinda small tits, at least what I could tell from the dress she had on. He was wearing some dockers, which showed he was hard and at full staff. I was standing there with my cock still out, and my wife’s boobs were on full display. I watched as the lady moved the top straps of her dress down off her shoulders which had her dress drop down her body to the floor. She like my wife had no bra on, but did have some sexy looking pink lace panties on. Her boobs were small, like little girl mounds, but some nice nipples, about a quarter in size and hard and pointy. I had missed seeing the guy open his pants open and his cock out, as I had been admiring his wife undressing. His cock looked like a clone of mine. I moved to his wife (girlfriend?) and my wife moved to him, she was on her knees and took his cock very quickly into her mouth. I bent down and sucked on the gals cute nipples, and cupped her pussy mound, I could feel how wet she was, two of my fingers slid inside her very easy She reached out and grabbed my cock, stroking me. She moved down to get onto her knees, my mouth popped off her tit.

So there we were, my wife sucking the guys cock, and the gal sucking on my cock. She stopped sucking and looked up at me, asking if I would please put my cock into her pussy, I was nodding my head yes before her question was finished. She got up and leaned over the chair in the room, I had a great view of her great butt, and her pussy lips. I stepped out of my pants and moved in behind her, my cock slid into her pussy just as easy as my fingers had. She was nice and tight, and it felt great.

As I grabbed her hips and was moving my cock in and out, I heard movement behind me, and turned my head to look. My wife was moving over to sit on the chair, the guy moved right over in front of her and started tit fucking her, she was licking at the head of his cock each time it popped up through her boobs. I am standing there, my cock just loving the pussy, and I was getting very close to cumming as I watched the guy and my wife. Just as soon as he came, pumping shots of cum up and into my wifes face and all over her tits. That was all it took for me, and I started pumping my load into the sweet tight pussy.

Now I know my wife may or may not have cum, she normally needed more to do so. And unless this nice small titty gal hot off with just a hard dick inside her, she may or may not have cum too. I do know that the guy and I both gotten off big time. We introduced ourselves, and we now learned we had a couple that was willing to hook up anytime. They still had kids at home, and could not party there, but we had a nice empty house. So it was planned for them to visit us at our house to party, and for us to also visit them at their house for BBQ or pool parties (wow they had a pool!).

We all got ourselves together, my wife not having cleaned off all the cum on her face and tits, so when she put her blouse back on and buttoned it up, it started to soak up the cum which was leaving huge wet spots all over her blouse. We all walked out together, with the young lady at the counter telling us she hoped we enjoyed the store and looked forward to us returning. We had the couple follow us in their car to our home.

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  • Reply Vikes ID:7481adjbm2

    So I live in London…been fucking my married neighbor since I moved to London.

    She’s Jamaican and shes let on that other neighbors saw me coming into her apartment and would wanna join in sometimw

    • Julie ID:1e41h3msytg7

      Let the neighbors join would be fun

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1duhgz16vgco

    I would love to find a sex store like that