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Filipina who loves sperm

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I have a husband and he lets me play and I will share our favorite playtime scene with you

Back when Craigslist was still able to let you post ads for sex I would post an ad that was pretty specific. I wanted a white man that was in his 40s or ’50s and I am 31 but I probably look about 18 like a lot of Asian women look like kids even though they’re adults. And the man has to have the dad bod with a big tummy but I hate beards so anyway he has to be married and want to have an affair. I tell him what hotel to go to and the hotel has 10 floors I think. I tell him to get a room on the second or third floor. And that I will be there at a specific time and I tell him that I’m also married and that my husband suspects that I might be having an affair so when I show up we will fuck right away and then I will leave right away and of course every man on earth would say hey no problem! Lol
The kinky part is I get three men and after I get some video and some cock pictures and they meet my criteria I tell the other two guys to be at the hotel and the second guy will be on the 5th or 6th floor and the third guy will be near the top because I do not want them on the same floor. I also have a backpack that has some clothes and some other shit inside and my husband rigged up a camera and using my hotspot he turns on Skype and he can see as long as I point the backpack and the right direction and this took a lot of practice because I can’t tell and so once we work that part out and I knew where to put the backpack and at what angle then my husband would watch all of the action. So anyway I would wear a blouse and a skirt with no panties of course and my backpack and I would go to my first fuck session and what I told them was I will be at your hotel door at this specific time and not one minute before or 1 minute after and I spaced each person out by 35 minutes This gave me time to go inside the room start some foreplay get naked get fucked and get that married sperm deep into my pussy. Then when it’s done I will go to the bathroom and wipe up and clean up and a hugging a kiss and I’m left for the next guy. The first guys sperm is still in my pussy and then at the appropriate moment I knock on the door of the second guy. I also told the second and the third guy that they must answer the door naked and hard and with Viagra it’s not a problem lol.
The second guy opens the door just a crack to see if it’s me and then lets me in and yes he’s naked and yes he’s hard and he had the most wonderful cockhead shape was nice and round and I thought oh that’s going to split my pussy open good. I walk in and place the backpack in the appropriate position and I go over and jump on the bed lift my legs up in the air and show him I have no panty and say put that cock in me right now. Of course these men don’t get sex at home and one of my orders was not to ejaculate and not masturbate because you’re going to deliver all that sperm to me. Since he’s hard and naked he jumps on me and puts that wonderful round headed cock in me and he had low hanging balls that were slapping my ass. I love low hanging balls and I came so hard right away. I love to yell and scream and I like to scream out filthy words while I’m getting fucked and used. One of my favorite things to say to these fuck studs is…..
.”get on top of me and mount me and use my body for your pleasure you don’t even have to tell me when you come just pleasure yourself and when it’s time just give yourself a nice big release and give me all your sperm”
I fucked the second guy before and I know that he can come too quick and so I just give him about 10 strokes and I push him off and I say stand up over by the TV and he gets off and his cock is wet and I keep my legs open and my feet pointing to the ceiling and I get my phone out and set the timer for 1 minute and he can see the timer and he already knows that after the 1 minute he can jump back on top of me and fuck me some more but I only let him get about 10 or 20 strokes then I push him off and I set the timer again because I don’t want him to come right away I want the feeling of getting fucked and hammered. Anyway he fucks me good and I can feel him shoot into my pussy and then I get up and tell him my husband is waiting for me on the home and I wipe up and leave but then I go to the top floor where the third guy is.
He also opened for door naked but it’s not really that hard I go inside and I set the backpack up and I put them on the edge of the bed and I get his cock in my mouth literally after 60 seconds of walking in the room and I stretch out his balls with one hand and suck on that cock with the other one. I asked him when was the last time he ejaculated and he said 2 weeks ago I said you’re a good boy now get on top of me and fuck me and give me that sperm. This guy could fuck with a lot more endurance and after a few minutes I was pulling his hair and telling him to fuck me harder! Pound this pussy I told him. He then also squirted his sperm into me and I thought to myself mission accomplished!
I wiped up in the bathroom blew him a kiss from the door and left. I only live about eight or nine minutes from that hotel and my husband is at home waiting and yes he answers the door naked and hard.
I told him I have the sperm of three men in my pussy and I feel great! But sweetheart you’re the only owner of this pussy and what I want you to do is reclaim this pussy because it’s yours! Take me to the bedroom and fuck me and give me your sperm then I had sperm from four men swimming around in my pussy.
I felt great and I felt well used and I felt very appreciated by those men because I groomed them to be nice to me and they definitely deserve a hot Asian whore that they can fuck from time to time safely and cleanly. After a little 30 minute nap I got up and took a nice hot shower and my husband took me to a restaurant and we had steak and wine and my husband told me how much he loves me. I have a wonderful husband and he means the world to me. I typically do this triple play once a month but I also have other boys I play with on the side but my husband doesn’t allow them in the house. After we come back from the restaurant and we’re snuggled in the bed within chit chat about the three men and I tell him what I liked about each fuck session.

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