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Trading Partners With My Black Friend

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My wife, Amy, and I have been married for 10 years and have an amazing sex life. I also have a black friend from work, Mike, who always talks about how hot my wife is and how lucky I am to have her, saying if I wasn’t with her he’d be fucking her raw. My wife is a short 5’2″ curly haired blonde with B-cup breasts and a nice tight ass. I’m 6’3″ with brown hair and skinny, while my friend is 5’10” and slightly more muscular. My wife is friends with Mike through me but they never have seen each other without me being there. Amy thinks Mike is just being friendly to her and is oblivious to his true desires. She’s always been like that, the sweet and innocent type of girl. We waited to have sex until we got married and when we did it for the first time, I had to explain how everything worked because she didn’t know. Trough the years I’ve turned her into my own personal slut, we do everything together, but we’ve only been with each other. The past few weeks, Mike has been talking to me about a wife-swap. He says his wife Tanya would fuck me while he gets to fuck my wife. Now I’ve known Tanya for years and as far a black girls go, she is very sexy, but I’ve never thought about fucking her, especially since I’m married. But, Mike has really been pushing it, saying his wife is onboard saying she thinks I’m hot for a white guy. I told him the only way I’d convince my wife is if Tanya told her instead, if I told her to fuck other men she’d probably blow up in my face.

After a couple days, Tanya and my wife had met up while I was at work. Everyday I wondered if they had talked about swapping and when I came home from work three days later my wife finally told me. She said that Mike and Tanya really wanted to try this out and that they wanted both of us onboard. I asked her what she thought saying that I’m unsure if I want to see you with another man. Amy told me that she loves me to much to ever leave me, but trying it one time couldn’t hurt. She said it’s not like she’s cheating on me, or even cucking me, because I’d be fucking Tanya at the same time. I told her that Tanya is a lot bustier than she is and that I know how self conscious she gets about how small her boobs are. I said I still love you no matter what size you are but I don’t want you to think I’m doing it to fuck a girl with bigger tits. I also told her that there’s no way I’d let mike fuck you raw either. Even if Tanya let’s me, I don’t want our first baby to be from him. She understood and agreed with me saying that I was the only man she wanted babies with and that she would probably ask for Mike and I to swap back before finishing.

The next day at work I told Mike what we discussed and he got really happy. He agreed to our terms saying he’d wear a condom and that he wouldn’t cum in Amy. We set the meetup for Saturday, and got ready for a new experience. When Saturday finally came Mike and Tanya knocked on our door, we greeted them and went inside. I asked if there’s anything we wanted to do before hand or just get down to business straight away. Tanya said it might be more comfortable if we did it in separate rooms so no one gets jealous. We all agreed that it would help, at least the first time. If this was to become a regular thing than maybe we’d be together more. With that Amy lead Mike to our guest bedroom and I led Tanya to the master bedroom. I had been alone with Tanya before but never with the knowledge that we’d fuck. She wasted no time, as soon as we walked in the room her clothes came off. I was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts so I could undress quickly, but turning around to a busty black girl made my white cock spring to life.

I got undressed rapidly and Tanya told me, “Sit down, white boy. Mommy will show you how it’s done.” I sat on the end of the bed as Tanya wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She teased my cock, licking and sucking it. She played with my balls while gently licking the shaft of my cock. She was sucking my dick like I had never felt before, I had trained my wife in sex, but she never really enjoyed blowjobs much. I learned not to care about them because of it, happy with all the other forms of sex we’d have, but this felt so amazing. I asked her if I needed a condom or not. She stood up and with her busty melanated tits staring me in the face said we’d be going raw. I asked one last time to make sure she wanted this because I don’t like finishing outside the pussy. She replied, “I hope that’s true.” I stood up and laid her down in my place on the end of the bed, my cock now a diamond. I decided that I would reciprocate the love she showed me by eating her pussy a bit. I never tried black pussy before, in fact, I’ve only eaten my wife’s pussy. I worked my technique on Tanya hoping it would be enough. Immediately her moans let me know I was doing good. She cried out that she never had her pussy eaten like this before and that it felt so good. I wrapped my arms around her thick black thighs and pressed them around my face.

Her orgasmic contractions crushing my head. I could hardly breath, the only thing I could do was eat pussy, and boy did I want to. After a few minutes, she began squirting all over my face, her soft thighs still holding my head in place ensuring that I get covered in juice. Her pussy tasted exquisite, and her orgasm was a sign that she really did want to fuck me all this time. I lifted my head and spread her legs apart as I licked my way up her soft toned body starting with her delicate pussy, over her womb, around her beautiful tits, finishing over her mouth. My mouth was covered in her pussy, and her mouth was covered in my cock, but we kissed each other deeply anyway. As we kissed, I stroked her hair back as I inserted my cock. I couldn’t possibly have grown any harder or longer than I was right now. I filled her entire pussy up, every inch I thrust in caused her eyes to open wider and wider. “Oh fuck that’s big! Oh fuck that’s bigger than I thought! Holy fuck!” she said through gasping moans as my cock filly her hole. It wasn’t until I started thrusting in and out that she really lost her mind.

I fucked on top of her for several minutes, slow deliberate thrusts before we rolled over and she started riding me hard and fast. As her pussy bounced up and down on my shaft, I put my fingers in her ass like a bowling ball guiding her up and down. I could feel my cock stretching her insides through the thin wall of her asshole. I could only imagine what she would feel getting double stuffed. I switched hands as she pulled the one in her ass out and started sucking on the fingers. Watching her eat her own ass juices while her tits bounced on my cock, with the color contrast of her black pussy wrapped around my white cock, was amazing. Through it all I could hear Mike and Amy in the other room, but I was busy right now and didn’t care. I told Tanya that I was going to force my cum in her pussy, that I was going to breed her cunt like a whore. Her pussy contracted around my cock as if it heard what I said and was trying to milk the cum out of me. As I felt closer and closer to cumming, I rolled us back over and went at her cunt in a deep penetrative legs raised missionary/mating press.

I was drilling her cunt like an oil rig. She spent three of the last five minutes squirting around my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled myself in a deep as I could go as my cum started to shoot out of me like a fucking cannon. Her face relaxed as she felt my massive load of hot white cum swimming up inside her pussy. My cock was still hard at this point so while I still had it, I fucked her just a little more working in the cum, making sure it stayed inside. She pulled me down, feeling her tits pressed against my chest kept my cock harder for longer. She kissed me saying that Mike had never fucked her so good in her life. I asked if she was worried about getting pregnant, a concern I didn’t seem to care about myself as I was fucking my load deeper inside her, and she said it’s not a problem. I didn’t know what she meant by that but as long as she was ok, so was I. We just laid there cuddling and kissing for a awhile in bed as we were exhausted from the short, but extremely passionate fucking.

—– Amy’s POV —–

My husband and I agreed to swap partners just this once, but I still feared that he would fall in love with Tanya’s body over mine and leave me. I was always the shortest and the flattest, but he assured me he loved me anyway. I was so happy to be with him and the fact his friend Mike seemed to want me too gave me a confidence boost. I led Mike up to our guest bedroom, I followed behind Tanya and my husband as he slapped her ass going up the stairs. I rounded the corner and went inside before asking Mike how we were going to go about this. I was wearing a silk bathrobe that opened in the front but only closed with a belt. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts like my husband was so when I asked him that, he responded saying, “Something like this…” as he took his clothes off and ripped my robe open. My tiny perky tits were exposed in front of Mike’s hard black cock. I had never seen a black man naked before, in fact the only men I’ve seen naked are my husband and my brothers growing up. I had only slept with my husband so I was worried about getting stretched out more than he would feel after. Looking at Mike’s cock, it didn’t seem as big as everyone said a black cock would be. I guess that’s just a porn thing and not real life. I told Mike I’m not very good a sucking cock, to which he said my husband already told him that. He didn’t care as he put his hand around the back of my head and guiding me down onto his shaft,

His cock tasted different than my husband’s, it wasn’t longer but it was a little thicker around. My husband would always let me do my thing but Mike was holding my head, turning this from a blowjob into a face fuck. I was gagging as he rammed my face with his cock, he eventually let up and I pulled back gasping for air. My mouth was covered in spit and precum. He pushed me onto the bed and started fingering my vagina. His fingers felt soft as he played with my hole. He’d go from circling over my clit to fingering the roof of my hole, to sticking a finger in my ass. It felt better than I expected and soon I reached the point of orgasm. My legs were spread open waiting to receive him inside me. He tapped his cock against my clit before inserting it inside me. His black cock felt wonderful inside me as he slowly fucked my pussy. I let of soft delicate moans of pleasure to let him know I felt good. “I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time, baby girl.” he said as he fondled my tits in his hands.

He kept fucking me deeper and deeper, my legs wrapped around his back instinctively. It felt so good, but I always had a sensitive pussy, so sex felt good with any cock inside me. We changed positions so that I was on top riding him. I was grinding on his cock hard as it felt so good against my clit. I was closing in on an orgasm when he stopped me. He slapped my ass hard and kissed me saying, “You don’t get to cum until I do.” As I resumed grinding on his cock, his hand lifted me up slightly by my ass as he began power thrusting inside me at a rapid pace. I couldn’t fucking take it, the fucking was so intense. ” Oh Jesus fuck me like that! Fuck me like a whore!” I yelled out. I couldn’t believe I said something like that and wondered if my husband could hear me or if he was too busy fucking Tanya to notice. We traded places once again and he put me in a doggy position, plowing my pussy from the back. It was so fucking deep I couldn’t take it. His hands gripping my tits and shoulders as he pulled me in harder on his thick black cock.

“YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed with each thrust of his powerful cock. He put a pillow down on the bed and had me lay my ass down on it. He then pushed my legs back beside my head, totally exposing my pink little pussy to him and the sky. I had never been so vulnerable during sex. He pulled his condom off and went back inside my pussy raw. I was so worried about him cumming inside me but he just kept fucking me harder and harder. My mind worried but my body betrayed me as soon I was calling out, “I’m gonna fucking cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!” as he pounded me. With his black cock railing me out deep inside he said he was cumming as well and made several powerful thrusts accompanied by loud grunts. Each thrust slapping his balls against my ass and thighs as his black cum spurted inside my white pussy. In this position I feared I’d be impregnated but he just kept pumping inside me with no sign of stopping or pulling out. I was fine having sex with him but at 28, I wanted my first baby, and all my babies, to be with my husband.

As I laid there worn out, I told Mike, “I can’t believe you did that to me! We agreed you wouldn’t cum inside me! What if I get pregnant?” He just held me and said, “It’s ok baby, you’ll be alright.” Just then my husband walked in carrying Tanya wrapped around his waist with his cock buried in her pussy. They had fucked while walking all the way into our room and he dropped her beside me on the bed. I told him that Mike ejaculated in me after I told him not to and Tanya rolled over and started eating her husband’s cum out of me. Having a woman’s tongue on my pussy was strange, but she knew right where to hit to send me into shock. Mike just watched the whole thing as my husband fucked Tanya from the back. I begged my husband to cum in me so that I would get pregnant with his baby instead. He pulled out of Tanya’s asshole and went straight into my pussy. My husband fucked me for just a few minutes in a typical missionary position as Mike and Tanya watched beside us naked.

—– My POV —–

After some time had passed, I stood up and picked Tanya up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist as my hardening cock held her level from inside her pussy. We stood there as she bounced on my cock before I walked out of the room and down the hall, her still riding my cock. I went into the guest bedroom and saw Mike on the bed next to my wife with a load of cum draining from her pussy. Even though I was mad that Mike didn’t follow his promise, I had basically impregnated his wife so I couldn’t be too upset. As Amy begged with me to do something to help her, Tanya got down and started eating my wife’s cunt out in front of everyone. My wife had instant orgasmic contractions as this well trained black slut ate her pretty pink pussy out. She stuck her ass in the air and waved back and forth to me, clearly begged for me to fuck it, and fuck it I did. Mike laid there stroking his cock as I fucked his wife’s ass hard. It made Tanya’s job of cleaning my wife difficult but she powered through.

Soon my wife started begging me for my cock, saying she wanted to make sure she got pregnant from me instead of Mike. What kind of man would I be if I denied my beautiful wife’s request for a creampie? I wasted no time in going in any fancy positions, just straight to the cunt. I stretched her out slamming my cock deep inside her. Tanya had done an excellent job cleaning Amy’s pussy as I couldn’t feel hardly any of Mike’s cum on my cock. My balls slamming against her ass as Mike and Tanya watched us go at it. Soon another load of cum worked it’s way up and as I announced my need to cum, my wife wrapped her legs around me, preventing any escape as I drove deeper inside her than I ever had been before. I shot the second load of cum inside her beautiful cunt this time she welcomed it as we collapsed on top of each other. Tanya saying how hot that was to watch, me reclaiming my wife. We all laid in the bed together before cleaning up in the shower.

A few hours later Mike and Tanya left and Amy and I went back upstairs. Even though I came so deep inside her, she wanted to make sure she got pregnant with my baby. That night we fucked once more, leaving my balls empty. By the end of the night my wife had more cum inside her than I did. We went to bed knowing that she would get pregnant for sure now. After all, I had given her three deep creampies in one day. Her pussy was flooded with cum, it was only a matter of time before she was fertilized. Mike and Tanya didn’t see us again for another few days after that. Things went back to normal for a few weeks and Mike never pressed the desire to fuck my wife, or to get me to fuck his again after that. Then one day Mike and Tanya came over to tell us they had news. It turns out that Mike had a vasectomy before he got married and Tanya wanted a baby desperately. They considered various options but decided on having me be a surrogate without my knowledge when we had the swap party. They said that Tanya was indeed pregnant with my baby but that they would raise it as their own and I wouldn’t need to worry about a thing. Hearing that made my wife gasp a sigh of relief as she announced that she was pregnant as well. She didn’t know mike couldn’t get her pregnant when he came inside her but wondered why he didn’t just say that. I just sat back confident that I had bred to beautiful women. My sexy petite wife Amy and my busty black friend Tanya.

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      It is when the giver lifts the taker’s legs with their forearms and pins them to the taker’s shoulders, with the giver’s hands on the back of the taker’s head with their fingers linked to secure a better hold.