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Helping To Heal The Women Of Africa, One Condom At A Time

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The UN gave me a mission, and a Land Rover. 🙂

Before I offer you, my fan’s my 26th story, I just wanted to say thank you, for all the feed back and the votes, I enjoy reading them;) And now off to the South Of Africa, where the jungle is as dark and mysterious as the Pussy’s of the village girl’s that live there.

“This might sting a little” I say ,in my very broken Shona, the language of this village. I take the needle and guide it into her little arm, she winces, she’s not used to getting a shot from a doctor. My nurse Aneni, a native , and if anyone from the UN ask, she’s also my highly qualified nurse. As Aneni talks gently to the girl, the shot takes affect, the very attractive girl of maybe 10 so, falls into a boozy kind’a fog. not knocked out, just very relaxed, I don’t like them passed out when I fuck them.

A little background. My name is Don, I’m 28, no 29 now, fuck I’m getting old. I’m American and my life has been somewhat of a disappointment, Just ask my family. I come from a family of high achiever’s , I barely graduated the St. George’s Medical School on the Island of Grenada, in the Caribbean of all places. That must have made my Dad so proud, Him being Chief of Staff at Boston General and all. But I did it, I’m a real doctor.. well that’s what the certificate says anyway.

Graduating so low in my class ,145 out of 145, my job perspectives were few and far between. I could have been a Doctor at one of those “Doc’ in a box” clinic’s you see along every American highway, or maybe a Doc’ for some foreign medical service. That’s kind’a what happened, I was approached by a recruiter for the “United Nation’s service for medical needs, Africa”. UNMNA in UN speak. The job paid 45k US dollars, and my student loans paid. 45k, I’d have laughed , if I had gotten any other offer’s, but I didn’t, so it was off to the “Dark Continent”, I’m not being racist, that’s what they call it, Google it, you’ll see.

My plane landed in the Capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare. I was welcomed at the gate by a small Black man holding a cardboard sign that read “Docter Donn”.
This man’s English was almost as bad as his spelling. He informed me that they had secured me a room in the city, and in a few day’s I’d be contacted by the UN staff, but at this time, they where all in the “field”. With a smile he handed me an envelope with what seemed like a million dollars of the local currency, the Zimbabwe Dollar. On the front was written, “Graceland Guest House #39 Irvine” , and pointed me to a row of taxi’s, and just that quick he was gone.

I waited in that shitty hotel room for 4 days. One, I’m sure Elvis never stayed in. I did find entertainment and company at the local “Disco”. I learned that if I bought the young ladies a drink, and paid a fee of 1000 ZWD (there money, that’s about $3.00 in US money) I could take the girl to my room at the hotel. I was also told if she came back beat up id have to pay an extra fee because she couldn’t work, all black and blue. He didn’t say I couldn’t beat her, only that it would cost me a few more dollars, wow talk about culture shock.

The word soon spread with the girl’s that I didn’t beat them, That I was very nice, even buying them food, and shoes…God .doesn’t anyone wear shoe’s in this country? The word among the girl’s was, my only “kink” was to gave them a medical exam , and that I wore a condom when I fucked , this is the land of AIDS after all. I never got so much pussy. all exotic and young, they all shaved baby smooth, all had small breast, all coned shaped, perky and so ready to please. One of the girl’s, Aqua was her name, would , upon entering my room , would Jump on the bed, pull up her cheap mini skirt and beg “Fuck my garo ..please big Daddy, fuck my garo” as she spread her ass cheeks to present her young little anus. And after putting on a condom, I did. I was considered by the girl’s, a prospective way out of the “disco”. That I was American, and had the money to buy them out of the hell they were in. They dreamed of living in a mansion in LA., meeting famous star’s, driving a car, drinking clean water, wearing shoes.

It was day 3, when I was made the offer. When I entered the bar and took my usual seat, the owner ask if we “could talk”. As he set down on the stool beside me, I could see his gums stuffed with Khut, the leaves of a plant that gives a mild high , and is very addictive. He told me he just purchased a young girl, that maybe to my liking, that she’s 12, (Turns out she was 15), and real fresh. A Virgin, She was brought in by her mother, that the family needed money. I was ask to follow him, as we went thru a curtain made of beads, to the back , where the girls stayed. I was shocked by what I seen. The girls lined the hallway , they sleep on “pallet’s” not the wooden pallet’s I’m used to , these are grass mats, used as beds. The smell of cheap perfume fighting with the smell of body odor assaulted me, I soon realized , I Had been getting the “Pick of the litter”. These girl’s are the “grunt’s” of his army of whores.

He took me into a room, the girl setting on the chair was cute, she was clean. I could see someone had put make-up on her, trying to make her look innocent, yet sexy . This guy should be selling used car’s in New Jersey, I thought. She was lost and looked totally without hope. I knew I needed to save her, that same feeling you get at the dog pound. The owner told me.. “and she speaks English” . “How much” I said, he told me , “One hundred thousand ZWD”, at first I laughed, but as my mind tried to do the conversion ,I realized that would be $276.31 in US Dollars, not wanting to seem like a chump, I told him 90K in ZWD. The deal was made $248.68 US. My parent’s would be so proud of me, I just bought my first human sex slave for the cost of a good steak dinner in a Boston restaurant.

Seems her name is Aneni, and she was really 15, that her mom sold her to the whorehouse because her Dad was always coming to her bed, that her Mom was tired of it, and fastest way to solve the problem, and get a little money, was to sell her, after all, as a Girl, she didn’t have that much value to the family.

Her English was OK, not good but I could figure out most of what she was saying. turns out the “virgin” thing was also a lie, her dad took her at 10. But who was I to ask for a refund, I really did like her company, and her daddy taught her well.

On day number 4 , I got a note left at the front desk of the hotel. I was to Report to ” UNHQ” for assignment. UNHQ turned out to be a run down store front. I was introduced to , Dr. Neal Salbone, Director. What a fucking douchebag, I though as he offered me his hand. He went on and on telling how important our work in Africa was. When he got to the point of telling me what my real job would be, I was shocked. Seems I was to be given a UN Land Rover, and sent into the “bush” to rural villages to offer medical aid and see to the need’s of the people.

” So, no hospital”, I ask,” oh no” he said, laughing. And went on to tell me my main focus would be Women’s reproductive health and that I would go “village to village”, offering medical care to women. That I would fill out a report card on each village, that that “score” I gave the village would be used to determine what UN aid the village got, be it rice, maybe a water pump or a generator. In a low voice, trying to be ultra serious, and ” look for “FGM” , what I ask?. He said in a whisper “Female genital mutilation”. I was completely shocked, What I ask? . He said trying to calm me down, it’s on page 19 of your manual. Page 19, It should be on fucking page 1. He went on to tell me that if I encountered “FGM” to note it, that the village would receive less UN aid. Again culture shock.

So in a shitty , hot Land Rover, myself and Aneni, my “Nurse” set off. We did a circuit, our area was about 300 square miles, and had 37 villages. The largest was 90 huts, about 400 people, the smallest was 7 huts with 30 villagers.

At each stop I was greeted by the village elder. I would set up shop in some mud brick hut. I would see the women of child bearing years. Not having a mammography machine, Id manually screen the girls and women for breast cancer, I’d take much more time with the girl’s just entering puberty. I loved feeling there little firm titlets. Aneni would sometimes stand behind them , holding there tit’s for me to enjoy. She knew what I liked, and she knew she didn’t want to go back to the whorehouse, so she played along. Some of the girl’s would need a more “in depth” examination, she was always there to asset. The village elder’s didn’t mind, as long as there village got a good “score”, A little girl getting “probed ” by the nice UN doctor was nothing to them. I discovered that I liked the little darker girl’s about 10 or so, so tight. I’d have Aneni hold the girl’s after I’d given them a sedative, guiding my white cock into there there little slits. so fucking tight, some where so small I could see there belly’s rise as I fucked them, rising with each thrust, filling there womb’s with White cock. I’d fuck them as Aneni licked my balls, such a good whore. Sometimes I’d pull out and thrust my cock in Aneni;s mouth as I came, her tasting the little girls blood and hymen on my cock. It was so fucking hot.

The last stop I made, 2 times a month, was to a Orphanage. It had 200 or so kids, about 2/3 are girls, the boys could be used in the fields. This was by far my favorite stop, the twisted perv’ that ran the home was paid by some church organization in England. He was , by far the most morally corrupt human I’d ever meant , and he was my friend. He rented boys for farm labor and did long term lease’s to the whorehouse’s for the light skinned young girl’s. As for me, I’d give him $10.00 US., A fortune for him, Id do my routine exam’s, then pick a few of the
sexy little ones for my pleasure.

Today would be different. First of all, It’s my birthday and I wanted a treat. Secondly, I had begun to notice that Aneni seemed a little jealous when I fucked anyone but her, Don’t get me wrong, she was a very good little cum dump, but she was not my “girlfriend”, like she was starting to act like. So at the orphanage, I spoke with the perv and with the passing with a 5 dollar green back, I lead Aneni into the boys dorm’ area. The perv’ told the boy’s that the Nice American had brought them a “treat”. With that I instructed Aneni, to bend over the table where the Boy’s ate at. I then took her tight mini skirt and pulled it down, exposing her white thong, that I ripped aside, with her sex exposed, I told then boy’s to line up.

I could hear her whimper as the boys lined up. The perv brought a little girl, I’m guessing around 10 or 11 to help the boy’s, getting there little black cock’s hard, Pulling back there foreskin’s. As they lined up behind my baby. I had my cock out, stroking it as they fucked my Aneni, she was crying after the 10 or 11th boy had fucked her, some could cum, some where to young, after the 15th boy had filled her with seed, I could see it running down her thighs. I shoved my cock in her mouth as they pulled a train on her, after 1 hour, and 33 boy’s later she lay gasping, cunt flooded with cum, she passed out.

The next day as I flushed out her baby cunt with saline , I told how much I loved her. How proud I was of her.

How I love my job with the UN, helping those less fortunate than myself.

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    You are doing a magnificent job , continue and send more stories, you lucky lucky man

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    Verdammt Don mal wieder eine richtig geile geschichte oh diesen Schwarzen kleinen fotzen muss geholfen werden schön das es so gute menschen wie dich gib ich wäre da auch gerne bei der un und würde helfen

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    Love how you’re helping those poor African boys and girls. Good story, well written.