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The Sext Generation

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2 brothers start a long distance relationship with 2 sisters…

I had the house to myself for a while, and Zena wanted to see me do a [Monkey Tail.]

So, I typed back [Okay, just a minute.] That took a little while, but I got the plastic toy banana out of the hiding spot, and rolled over on the bed. So my butt was up in the air my balls hanging down, and my greasy ass hole spread wide open.

Apparently, they have something at Dairy Queen called that, but it’s just a frozen banana on a stick.
Dipped in chocolate like a corn dog. We don’t have Dairy Queens here, but I remember them sucking one, passing it back and forth, so the chocolate melted, and stuck to their lips, while I squeezed, and tried to push out out.

Like taking a dump in reverse, but up side down, that just made me loose enough for the plastic to slide in, and I felt around until I found the right spot.

“Ihn!” I rubbed right in front of my butthole, until I felt it, and pushed down between my balls. Stuck my thumb up under my boner, and pinched it all the way down. “Huh!” I picked the phone up off my chest, and held it, until the drops dribbled, and rolled down to my chin, but before I could snap it, my brother came in.

“What the hell?” He turned around in the corner while I rolled over on my side, but I couldn’t help a little grunt when it squirted out. “Huh,” he shook his head. “It’s okay, I. Didn’t really think you’re gay, and I’m sorry about my friends. If their joking around offended you.”

“Oh ha. No, I’m not gay, not at all, look.” I switched back to the chat, but I had to scroll back up to the picture.

[Well? What’s taking so long?] They sent back, when the know that sometimes it takes a while for me to loosen up. Going from my fingers to anything larger, and then I might have a little trouble finding the right spot. They just got impatient. “See?”

I clicked on the last selfie.

“Holy shit, how old is she?”

“I don’t know, she says she’s 13, but.”

“She doesn’t look thirteen.” Standing up naked, with the phone over her face, but her knees spread far apart so her bald pussy sticks out, and her sister on the bed behind her.

“Well, sometimes girls lie about there age, but her big sister’s even older. Look.” I forgot that, the way she was up on her elbows, you couldn’t see much of her tits hanging down, let alone her nipples. So, I scrolled back up to the one before that.

“Where did you get these?”

“They took them for me, we’re sexting, but mostly with Xena. I bet that’s not her real name either, but her sister likes to watch, and make sure she doesn’t go to far.”

“I bet.” He rubbed his crotch, holding up the phone vertical, like her selfie in the bathroom. With her sister peeking around the side, but her nipples sticking out. Big, and pink, almost pointy except for the very ends, and pinching the tips into cones. “She’s really hot.”

“Well, why don’t you tell her that, and send her a dick pic?”

“Here,” he handed me the phone back, so I scrolled back down. [My brother walked in on me, but he thinks your sister’s hot.] <<< I mean [Cute.] She likes it better when you say cute, I just forgot, and if He wants a shot at her, it wouldn’t hurt to say what she wants to read. “Turn around.”

I held it up, and he stuck his thumb up next to it. “No, don’t do that, it’s cheezy, move your hand out of the way, and stand up straight.”

“Like this?” So the wrinkle flattened out on his tummy, I just snapped the picture, and sent it.


[Ooh, how old is he?]

“She wants to know how old you are, so what should I tell her?”

“Well, how old did she say she was?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask her, I told you. I mostly just sext with her little sister.”

[NM, can he jerk off for us? We want to see him cum.]

[Okay, hang o]

“What are you typing now?” He tried to push the phone down, and came around to look over my shoulder.

“They want you to jerk off, of course. They want to see your jizz.”

“Okay.” I finished typing [n a sec…]

“You better lay down on the bed.”

“They don’t want me to do anything gay, with my butthole.”

“I told you, it’s not gay. Just make sure it goes all over your body. They like that, best of all. I only have to stick it in my butt to squeeze it out, because. I’m not really. Ejaculating, all that much, yet. So, I have to squeeze it out from the inside.” I felt the snail trail down my chest, and tummy, but then they sexted back.

“Oh, look.” I held up the phone, “They sent a picture.’

“Huh!” He started pumping harder, but with his eyes wide open. Looking at her little hands, wrapped around her sister’s sides, while she’s holding up the camera, and taking the picture, with a hand bra. Then his eyes closed, but he kept pounding it.

[Almost there,] I sent back.

[He wouldn’t possibly give you a facial, or shoot it on your butt?]

[No, probably not, but maybe if I ask him later. Well, it might take him a while to get over the gayness.]

“Uh, fuck huh!”

“Yeah, just shoot it all around. All over your belly and chest.”

“Uh, huh! Huh!” He just panted, and caught his breath, but when he slowed down, to finish stroking, he did aim it back and forth, so it could leave streaks out either side.

“Hold it.” I waited until he let go, and it rolled off to the side. Then, I snapped the pic before he grabbed it again.

“No, like this. Just let me.”

He was still so weak, and out of breath, he didn’t even stop me, so I started at the bottom again.

“Whuh, huh?” He shook his head.

“They really like this part,” I picked it up with my fingers, so i could keep running my thumb up between his balls, and pinch it.

“Huh! Shit, uh!”

“See? That feels even better.”

“It’s almost like cumming again!”

Finally, it ran out, and even left a nice big white spot, sticking to his pubes, so I snapped that picture.

“See, that’s what I was doing.” I let him go, and wiped the side of my thumb off, on the sheet.

“Isn’t that technically childporn?” He turned over, and covered himself up with his leg.

[Now lick it up.]

“Yeah, but I don’t keep the pictures, or the chat after we finished, so let me delete it, real quick.”

“Huh, whatever.” he got up, and pushed past me.

[Maybe next time] I sent back. [He’s in the shower now, but you’re probably going to have to do some more lezzy stuff, for me to even try to get him to do anything gayer then that.] I figure, that’s the best way to talk him into it. Come on, they don’t mind doing lezzy stuff for you, see? They just want you to do something a little gay. Not too gay, but maybe just let me jerk you off all the way once.

Just to get a feel for what a big hairy one feels like, and big hair balls in my hands too. It’ll be be just like letting her give you a handjob, or maybe a blowjob? If you want to see them licking pussy, instead of just touching each other. Come on, it’ll be fun, I promise.

[No problem. You know we have no problem with that.]

[He barely even let me touch his junk.]

[But you liked it. Didn’t you.]


[You liked touching your brother’s big hard dong.]

[Well, it wasn’t still hard, but yeah. It was neat.]

They don’t really care about gay, and lesbian stuff. They just don’t have a real brother of their own to fool around with. I found them on an incest, and child molestation site, but they don’t care about child molesting, either. Just Incest, any kind of incest, but whatever they want to do is cool with me.

[I better clean up this phone, and charge it up before mom and dad get home.]

They didn’t answer back, so that’s just what I did.

Maybe soon, I can talk mom into sexting with them, but she’s still really scared. I guess, she has good reason to be, since if anybody found out how she’s been molesting us. I mean, anybody else, but as long as they still have that to look forward to. She’s just scared of childporn, because they’ve really been cracking down on that, and incest too, but she’s afraid that’s how they’re going to catch her at molesting us.

I’m sure Xena, and her sister will keep sexting me, until they get to see what they really want. I can’t blow a full load yet anyhow, but maybe if I’m lucky, I can get pictures of him, and mom doing it? He usually blows it on her ass, and back anyway, so maybe if her face isn’t in the picture, she’ll be okay with that?

Can’t be too careful, on the internet.

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