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Older men dicks are the best 😋

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Like the title say’s older men dicks are the best because it’s true let’s start from the beginning hi my name is well let’s just say Zia it’s a nickname and I am currently 13 year’s old but it all began when I was 11 well 11 was the age I found out older men dick is really good but I’m going to put all my adventures in a different book so when I was 11 I was at my cousin’s house she’s also 11 and her God father her sisters dad was there (he and my aunt is not married) but let’s just call him Kyle he is 45 it all started the night I was there they had bunk beds so I was at the top and my cousin let’s call her heaven she was on the bottom her and Kyle sleeps together now I’m not stupid I knew they were fucking but that night proved it it was the middle of the night and they thought I was sleeping they were fucking like there lives depends on it the bunk bed was shaking and everything so I stook my head down and said I knew it they were both surprised but Kyle said why don’t I join I said Yea sure while I was sucking his dick heaven was getting fingered by him then we changed places to be honest he was not that good but older men dick still is the best it’s just the taste of the dick in my mouth I’ve honestly turned into a dick slut but anyway he said he will fuck me first at that time I didn’t want to lose my virginity so I said just the tip and oh God the tip of any dick in my pussy is so good I want the who thing now so while he had his tip thrusting inside of me I was licking heaven’s pussy we were all feeling good so for the rest of my time at my aunt’s house we were doing that while my Aunt have no idea we recently stopped doing that and I don’t mind cause like I said he’s not that good and I was only feeling good cause I love dick me and my cousin stopped to she has a boyfriend and girlfriend but my story is not over I live on a bad block it’s called the hoe strow a block of prostitute’s anyway I used that to my advantage I dress in slutty clothing every night and be out in the street walking around like a slut in mini skirts and dresses and shirts that barley cover anything (I have 42 double D’s) cars stop ask me my age I say I’m whatever age I was at that time if there feeling it majority of the time they are I hop in there car and let them feel Me up and give them blowjobs I let them touch me recently I haven’t had the time to go outside at night so I’m stuck imagining sucking dick so I have been sexually frustrated for some time now in my other story it will tell all my sex adventures from my young age of 7 anyway I’m still a virgin and I want to break it (I’m currently 13) anyway until the next story

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d4

    That is exactly what all the younger girls say now a days I have been with. Just last night Kylie which is 10 going on 20 hahaha said she is tired of a guys near her age cumming in two minutes when last night we fucked I fucked her for 30 minuted and she came four times. I swear she said the exact same thing “Older men’s dicks are the best” as she laid there on my bed grinning from ear to ear.
    Love ya Zia.

  • Reply Zia ID:14gsc7wa8rj

    First of all where did the extra 2 D’s come from I just said 42 double d and it’s genetics all the girls in my family have big boobs but I don’t have to explain that to you

  • Reply My dick 4 little girls ID:n2492rfzm

    a 13 y/o girl’s fantasy in wanting 42 DDDD’s at 13, which is actually bullshit.. this story isn’t worth a wet dream.. you’d think a 13 y/o could make this like it’s real… cum on kids. [email protected]
    Love, Dick.

    • Zia ID:14gsc7wa8rj

      Oh also I got a new phone everyone so my ID is different now

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  • Reply HeyGirl ID:tgd706ib

    I agree I love older men dicks. Let’s talk about it on session:


    • Fun Dad ID:1cwyqead8xzd

      I think you would love mine

  • Reply Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

    I agree, it was like talking with out taking a breath. There was never a end until you got to the end

  • Reply Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

    WOW some interesting comments to read.
    Feel free to email me [email protected] as have some great stories to tell of my experiences with all.

  • Reply Mike ID:5q8ituf499

    I’m in New Zealand and it’s hard to find young girls

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Sorry for that

    • Uncle ID:rs2iky6id

      chur bro im in aussie

  • Reply Arianas Daddy ID:60pe32uj6ii

    I’m 48. You can chat to me on discord

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

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    • Arianas Daddy ID:60pe32uj6ii

      I love the sound of a horny young girl 😉

    • Uncle ID:rs2iky6id

      i’m in Sydney, where are you?

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi dean where and how old r u

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

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  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

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    • Uncle ID:rs2iky6id

      where are you in australia

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplt0a

      Only if I get to be the dog lol!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fygmkra8i

    Punctuation and paragraph please!

  • Reply Kendra ID:vzgd24m4

    Before my mom passed away I had become sexually active. She put me on the pill because I was very active. At that point I’ve had six partners. All of them were horrible in bed except one. I told her how frustrated I was and we always had talks about sex. She told me that my step-dad and biological dad were the best sex partners she had. She said my step-dad was very well endowed in length and was massively thick.. After she passed away my step-dad became very lonely. I told my best friend I felt so bad for him because he wasn’t getting the sex he was used to. She said she would love to sleep with him because she loves much older men. so I hooked them up. She told me that he was by far the most incredible fuck she has ever had. She also mentioned that he told her that he would love to fuck me because he knows how frustrated I am.My poor step-dad was used to having sex with my mom three or four times a day. No he’s lucky if he gets pussy once a month.

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…Hi bernard id love to meet u but im in australia

    • Uncle ID:rs2iky6id

      im in sydne, strathfield

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

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    • Bernard ID:bo1uf4leh

      Hi Shania my name is Bernard I am from Connecticut and I am 54 years old I am really horny too my phone number is 8607547238

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      Lol,lol Bernard is horny to his phone number….your really stupid.

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  • Reply Golden ID:1cqvqtr3ytnj

    I will pop ur cherry. Goldenbiguy on telegram to chat

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I’m sorry I’m confused are you talking to me

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      😂😂😂 wow

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Well sam I can be a bit dense at times and reading all these comments he could be talking to anyone

  • Reply Shania19 ID:1ah770leoii

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    Fuck I would love to see that

  • Reply That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

    Ziad what is your email

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I’m not giving out my email but do you want anything else?

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I just wanted to empty my balls all over your your tits

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      And do you live in Utah

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      And do you have a kitten

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      No I don’t have a cat and I live in new York and I would love to eat and swallow your cum

    • Mabel ID:y8hyzb0d

      I sarcastically love how she blatantly avoids the part of giving any way of contact haha

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      Zia is a guy….lol,lol

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      What made you say that sam? But I am denying it I am a girl

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1eclii9fhzop

    His rod was so big and hard that I didn’t think twice

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1eclii9fhzop

    But when he got comfortable on the couch he told me to be a good boy and help him take off his shirt so I moved next to him and he started to lift his arms when I noticed that he had nipples

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      Omg…..everyone has nipples, Dog, cats, do too…lol,lol

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1eclii9fhzop

    Not sure why it made me feel so sexy but I got naked for him and put on some panties while he watched but he still just wanted to see my ass naked and up close so when I got close to the couch I was asked if I was going to be a good boy

  • Reply hmongboi31 ID:1e6ibdqwptjs

    what is your social @Zia

  • Reply Shania19 ID:2kyee16thj

    Now Leave Your Comment…I like oldermen i want some much oldemen to watch me do my naughty secret i get on my knees and let my dog fuck me he makes me cum i love it

  • Reply Prime. ID:1cyiclmtqznc

    A few things are not quite believable here. As much as id like to believe you actually exist. Double Ds at thirteen. Hiiighly improbable.
    Saying it started when you were 11 then at the end of the story it says you started sexual exploits at 7.
    And just overall the way you talk throughout the story and in the replies. Some of us truly know how young ladies talk and type. Ask me how i know. 😉

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Well it’s my first time writing a story and I do have double D’s good genes and I meant when I first sucked a older man’s dick that happened at 11 at 7 was when I first started to learn about sex and well I’m mature for a 13 year old in future story’s I will try to make more since

    • ID:1cv374nzqyct

      Would love to know and hear your stories 😉

  • Reply Zia ID:vzge4ea8

    Sorry you feel that way

    • Leo ID:1dovhy8xlbou

      Reading your story got me really hard. I imagined you sucking my cock and swallowing all my cum.

    • Leo ID:1dovhy8xlbou

      I’m 39, would you suck my cock??

  • Reply Mikey G ID:1ess0n0wektm

    Wow, FANTASTIC luck him and the rest that get you. Would love to hear more

  • Reply Helen Ezekiel ID:mzgdgchj

    I always fuck my uncle and his wife knows . She was the one who begged me to let him fuck. Sometimes he brings his friends… At first I used to cry and hate it but now he makes me cum and squirt and I like it. My boyfriend LL EFT me because he would find my uncles sperm in me when we were about to fuck but I don’t care. Sometimes he records me and we post it on his Twitter account.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Oh cool if you don’t mind what’s his Twitter?

    • Horny daddy ID:fzq6riehl

      I would love see can I get your Twitter

    • Pete Rock ID:8bvy5nbb0d

      Please can I have your Twitter handle?

    • Horny daddy ID:fzq6riehl

      What’s his Twitter?

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      What’s your age. I find this hard to believe

  • Reply G.A ID:zdd091n8k

    That was hard reading. Hopefully no more.

    • Betty brown ID:mzgdgchj

      My older brother started fucking me last month. His dick is big and my pussy is still small. I hope one day I can enjoy it like you.

    • Leihla ID:mzgdgchj

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    • Lala ID:mzgdgchj

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    • Filly ID:mzgdgchj

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    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Well I’m new at this so it’s going to be hard to read give it time

    • Prime. ID:1cyiclmtqznc

      Lol someones too stupid to realize that he can change his name but the ID is still the same. Betty brown, leihla, kesha, lala, helen ezekiel, and filly are all the same pathetic dude.

    • Bill ID:1cyvoabxmh2m

      I would love to talk with you young ladies.
      [email protected]

  • Reply Serena ID:t2pu7w9hrc

    100% agree I was 13 almost 14 and my boyfriend had small cock and so when went to party with him at his mates house .. his mates dad was nice he let us have a drink and I could smoke as was not round my parents… And so he started chatting to me and asked me if me and bf had sex said yes and he winked at me and said has he got a big one then .. and I told him and he laughed and said want come outside for a cigarette so I did and we was alone and then he said want see what man’s one is like and so I was but drunk and very curious and said yh ok .. he undid his bottoms and pulled it out and was still soft but was thick and already 6″ long and so as light cigarette up he said go on feel it so out in my hand and then as I took a drag he pulled out bag of coke and sniffed few times and then he scooped some out and put my nose said go on try that so did and instantly I loved it made me feel really dirty and horny and so couldn’t help myself and started wanking him off and then he said here and put a load on his cock and then I automatically got down and sniffed all up and then I took drag and he said I’d turned him on and hos cock grew massive was 9″ and fat and he said lick it clean and as did he pushed in mouth and after few minutes he stopped me and said you want try a real man’s cock then and I just so excited and I just pushed my bottoms down and sat on garden table and then he held my legs up and I felt it stretching my pussy and then as tip went in I gasped felt incredible and then he thrust hard and then pulled out and rammed fully in again and got faster was fucking me and I was moaning so so bad and loved it so much.. and so after finished we went back in and got drunk and later on my bf was trying to get me have sex .. and so had argument and then his mates dad laughed and said you want a line I said yes and shocked bf as I went and did 3 or 4 and then I just took mates dada cock out and started sucking it and looking at my bf .. he got really upset and I

    • G.A ID:zdd091n8k

      Your reply is even harder to read.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      You could totally turn that into a story

  • Reply Erik ID:1fjhdceot0k

    Nice story!
    I recently started to fuck a 14 year old girl who are like you. Im 50 and she love that and i love young pussy.
    Please share when you break it 🙂

    • admirer ID:3yw3ceoii

      treat her well

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Of course I will

    • Youngfatgirl ID:y4jgvdyoqhc

      I want this im in dallas

    • rocket cock ID:1dlfyl2byv15

      Great fantasy talk, love it,,,but you know of anyone really tried that, theyd end up being some big black guys bitch in prison!

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itamv4

      Eric. I am almost 60 which you can not tell and I am fucking an 11 year old neighbors granddaughter. I have a friend that has two daughters which are 13 and 9 and I have had them both but I really like this 11 year old. Shes so cool and loves daddies cock. I think all girls no matter what age should enjoy the pulsation of a hard cock between their legs any time that want it.

  • Reply Lewd ID:1d8kfb9sj33y

    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more. Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

    • Zia ID:1ea1ekeryufo

      No way I’m a minor. Fuck you.

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      Sorry that wasn’t me

  • Reply Bradley ID:1etj1xt5zyrv

    This is so hott!! Nic story, have you tried using a hairbrush? Some younger girls use a hairbrush handle to lose their virginity

    • Zia ID:vzge4ea8

      I have tried but I don’t really like it dick is much better to me

    • Zia ID:1ea1ekeryufo

      But I do like using my vape 😉