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little cutie court me wanking!

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I was a typical 12 year old boy that couldn’t get enough of pulling my cock n cuming. One day after school I was in my bedroom pulling myself off when all of a sudden my 15 year old sister walked in,I panicked but she said it’s “ok” dont stop then closed the door and took her top n bra off then her shorts n knickers showing me her sexy as fuck body. My hot sister started kissing me sliding her tongue in my mouth for a bit then she said softly baby bro it’s all ok but just dont tell anyone then started pulling me off then sucking me off then sat on my cock riding me n I was enjoying her very perky tits in my mouth,she kissed me passionately.it was absolutely amazing feeling! I told her I’m about to cum so she quickly got off n started sucking my cock n I blew what a young boy has in her mouth n she just kept sucking it making me moan out loudly so loud in fact that our other sister (let’s say 12 year old not 10 year old) lol opened my door to find her brother and sister naked on the side of my bed kissing and touching each other, she said what are yas doing? My older sister jumped up off the bed and grabbed her pulling her in my room then closed the door. Our little sister was looking at our naked bodies especially our private parts, my older sister started undressing, my little sister said what about me being there,surprisingly my older sis said its fine, we both have sex in our room so it’s fine in here ok! I got really hard again seeing my little sister naked for the first time with basically just tiny titties coming up and hard nipples, my sister’s kissed and rubbed each others pussys n fingering each other standing right in front of me so I fingered my little sisters very tight pussy and we kissed passionately too,I layed her on her back then slowly slid my cock inside her making love ❤ I fucked her hard for about 1 minute then cum inside her then my older sister licked her sweet young pussy n enjoying my cum inside her while i stuck my cock in my little sisters mouth even making her gag like a little bitch. We all layed on my bed holding, kissing n touching each other then we all agreed to keep it our special little secret which we did.. us 3 kids had sex until we were older enough to move out of home.
Mum n Dad arnt stupid, they knew us 3 kids were having sex because mum started coming into the bathroom while I was in the bath and started telling me stories about her and her older brother and 2 younger sisters having sec together when she was young n it always made me hard as a rock and mum would always wear a little see through dressing town n the front was open showing off her big tits and pussy, oneday she (accidentally) dropped one of her rings in the bath n put her hand in scooping around for it but she was actually touching my balls, cock n touching my body, mum kept saying sorry all the time but it felt good n I said it’s ok mum it’s nice. Mum asked if she could get in the bath aswell as she does from time to time. Mum n I wer messing around n mum asked me why am I hard? I said sorry but she said never be sorry for being horny,its normal for everyone to enjoy themselves son then told me that shes horny atm n started rubbing her pussy while fingering herself,mums face was going red n breathing loud but not to loud as she didn’t want anyone to cum in the bathroom,mum told me to kneel infront of her so I did n she grabbed my cock n started pulling me off,I was playing with her big tits n I couldn’t help myself I kissed her in a love way for the first time it was nice. I ended up fingering
mum hard n fast until she cum then mum sucked my cock making me cum in her mouth and yes she swolled my cum.. me n mum enjoyed each other about once a week and my sister about the same. Us 3 kids ,now adults,all married
n have kids of our own but still enjoy having sex with each other alot. We in our 40s now n we all have court our kids having sex in different ways, my oldest daughter told now 24 told me she knew about me n mum having sex together and so does dad, I said fuck even dad knows? She said yes but dont worry becouse her n dad is to fuck quite often too. TRUE STORY!!

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    When your writing multiple stories about multiple people your shit is made up.no thank you.