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Grandpa moves in – Part 4

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After Grandpa gives Emmy her first orgasm, they take the next steps into the world of incest.

I remember that I tried shut off my brain the night of my first orgasm. I had touched myself a little bit in the past- rubbed up and down on the outside of my panties, and I had felt the tug in my tummy, but nothing like grandpa made me feel tonight. I wanted it again, something inside my belly told me that I needed more and more of that roller coaster feeling of reaching the peak. I slipped my fingers into my pink panties with the little white flowers on them. I was surprised to feel my lil pussy hole was warm and wet, the only time I remember my panties being wet was when I accidentally peed. The tip if my middle finger circled around my hole and it dipped it inside just a little bit. It felt good, but not as good as when grandpa did it. I tried to find the exact place that grandpa rubbed, but I couldn’t remember where is was.

It was late, middle of the night late, but I was so restless. The master bedroom was on the side closest to. the kitchen and family room. My room and now grandpas were on the other side of the house. I slipped out of bed, and across hall to the closed door. I knocked, but he didn’t answer, I could hear noises, but I couldn’t tell what they were. I opened the door, the only light was coming from a laptop on his bed, he had his back to me and I could see I little girl that looked a lot like me having he legs spread by who I assumed was her mom. In between her legs, I could see her little hairless slit, the old man had spread her slit open with both of his thumbs to get it as open as possible and he was sticking his tongue in and out. The little girl was tiny, and was panting, and squirming. The man between her thigh licking her down there, her mom was rubbing her puffy little nipples.

Heard a grunt come from the bed, I was so interested on what was happening the laptop that I forgot he was here. I looked down to see his cock with what looked to be the panties I had worn today (that were in the hamper) stroking up and down the length of it. He stopped and brought the panties to his nose, and licked the inside of them. I heard him say ” Oh fuck Emmy, I love the way your cunt smells.” Hearing those naughty words about me made my tummy jolt so hard I gasped, Grandpa slammed the laptop down and flipped his body now facing me. His face relaxed when he saw it was me, he smiled and lifted his chin motioning towards the door. ” Hey princess, why don’t you shut and lock the door, and come talk to papa.” I did as he instructed and walked over towards the bed, he set the laptop on the nightstand and moved to the other side of the bed opening up a spot for me, he patted his hand on the mattress and I climbed up. he pulled me into his body and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He was hard, and I felt his hard cock that was wet from something up against my thigh. ” Why can’t you sleep baby?’ he asked snuggling me closer. I felt embarrassment come over me without responding I just shrugged my shoulders. Grandpa just nodded his head and said “ok, do you want me to tell you why I can’t sleep and maybe they’re the same reason?” I simply nodded confirming that’s what I needed him to do. ” Well baby girl, I came into my room tonight, and I took a shower, and all I could think about was your beautiful face, and how sweet you are to me, and how it makes me feel when you hug me.” I hugged him a little tighter as if that last reason had been a command. He went on ” and then I thought about these pretty tits, and how puffy and round they are right now.” He kissed and sucked on into his mouth through my tank top, he then pulled my tank top down, and sucked it back into his mouth and moaned. Releasing my nipple he pulled back a little to look in my eyes, he lifted my chin to see my pink cheeks, he continued ” My cock got hard thinking about those perfect tits of yours, ( as he said this he pushed it into my thigh more) I thought about this. ” as he rubs my pussy in an up and down motion over my sleep shorts. I arched my back into his hand. Grandpa asks me ” So, are those the same reasons why you can sleep?” I nod in agreement, and mumble, ” yes”

“Did you see the video that I was watching when you came in my room?” Grandpa asked and I nodded again confirming that I had in fact seen the video. ” Well, I was thinking that we could do more things together, things that will make both of us feel so good, Emmy, do you want that ?” he asked as he lifted my chin again. I couldn’t find my voice, so a yes squeaked out of my mouth. Having my answer, Grandpa leaned down and kissed my lips longer than he ever had, and he pushed his tongue in my mouth and tilted his head and pushed it in one more time. I put my arms around his neck pulling him into me. He pulled away sitting up on his knees, and pulled my tank top up and over my head. He licked one nipples, but refocused on my sleep shorts as he pulled both my shorts and panties down my leg. I arched my butt up to help as he worked them down and off my skinny legs. Grandpa smiled and said ” mmmm, there it is. he ran his middle finger up my slit, as he put pressure on his finger, it opened me up and he moaned and hung his head. ” You’re so wet, did you touch this tonight?” I nodded yes and replied, “yes, but I couldn’t find the same spot you were rubbing.” instead of saying anything, Grandpa stretches his body in front of my on his belly. He pulls towards him and I shifted forward.

Just like the video he was watching, he spread my pussy open with his thumbs and took the first lick of my pussy. I bucked in his arms and he pinned me closer to his mouth, with one hand he pushed me back so that I was laying down. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on everything he was doing, I felt him lick around the hole, then I felt his tongue move in and out over and over. Grandpa was grunting and moaning and he was moving his ass up and down. My eyes were still shut and I grabbed the sheets on both sides of me as if tightening my fists would take away the building tension. Just then Grandad flicked his tongue on my clit and I sat back up needing to see where this button was at. He looked up at me with the lower part of his face glistening from my wetness. ” That’s the spot, Grandpa!!” he chuckled, and said ” I know” I watched as his tongue flicked it in slow motion, and then he flicked it a little faster, but licked it several times. and just as I was climbing that roller coaster, he changed up the rhythm and licked my hole again, I could feel him smile against my pussy and my shoulders drop. ” Please Grandpa ” was all I said and just like that my clit was sucked back into his mouth, and he bounced the nub quickly on his tongue. This time there was no climbing, I thrust into his mouth and pushed my pussy into his mouth, his hand covered my mouth as a scream from deep inside me surfaced. Grandpa kept bouncing that nub with his tongue until my body melted back into the mattress. The jello feeling was back and I couldn’t move.

I didn’t feel grandpa slide off the bed, until he was standing on the slide of the bed. He spun my body around so my body was laying east to west. He pulled my shoulders to line up with the edge of the mattress and he let my head hand over. He was pumping his cock up and down as he looked my naked worn out body upland down. He held my head up hovering over the side of bed. I think he saw worry across my face because I was trying to figure out what was going to happen next. He leaned down and kissed my lips upside down He nods as he tells me that he wants to feel the same way that I do. He lets my head drop as he lines his cock up with my mouth. He taps his cock against my lips and tells me to open wide so my teeth don’t hurt him. I didn’t want to hurt his so I opened as wide as my mouth would stretch. Grandpa groaned as he slid his cock in my mouth, I gagged around the thickness feeling like there wasn’t enough room for it. He pumped back and forth ignoring my gags every time his cock pushed towards me. He’s panting as much as I’m gagging and I just hope that I don’t throw up. He lets out a groan that sounded like more like that animal than my grandpa as he grips both side of my face and with his next thrust my air is cut off and his cock is deeper than I thought possible. ” Oh Emmy, you should see how good my cock looks in your throat, I can see the outline in your neck.” I panic and start to kick my legs and and swing my arms trying to get to air anyway I can. Grandpa lays his body over mine pinning me to the mattress and pumps hard and fast and just as I think I’m about to pass out, he stills and shoots warm cream inside of me, he’s too far in my throat to even gag, it almost goes directly into my tummy. He pulls out of mouth and lifts my head quickly. Between the lack of air and speed in which he lifted my head back up – everything goes black. The next thing I remember is grandpa holding me like a baby in the shower and he woke me up and nearly ice cold water. I grasped his shoulders and he hugged me tightly. ” Oh baby, I’m so fucking sorry” was all he could say over and over the rest of the night. I don’t remember him taking me into my room, but I woke up back in my pjs and tucked under my quilt. My mother was leaning over kissing my forehead saying that he was leaving for work and she hoped I had fun with Grandpa today. She walked out of my room and I sat up, still light headed from last night.

I walked out of room, and into the bathroom to pee. The house was quiet as I walked past the living room I heard grandpas voice ” Emmy, we need to talk, please come here.” I walked over and before saying anything he lifted me up into a hug, and I wrapped my little legs around him. His face nuzzled in my neck, with a sigh he said ” we have to stop Emmy, I’m sorry I hurt you, I lost control.” I hugged him tighter as I replied in a slightly raspy voice ” It’s ok grandpa, I’m fine.” He held me for a couple of minutes, eventually he sat down on the sofa sitting me down straddling his lap. He looked at my face and ran his fingers through my hair messy from sleep still. “I promise no more, just normal hugs and kisses” I smiled at him nodding in agreement, but he knew as much I did that his hard cock was lined up against my pussy. In my head I wondered if he could even make it til lunch without licking my pussy?

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  • Reply Tom ID:7zv38ywvm3

    Love the story would love to share with you hornee Mimi I was wondering how much is actual experience you have had all I know is I came twice

  • Reply Lucien ID:7zv2v6s6zm

    Sometimes I do stupid things that end up biting me. Until a few weeks ago I was helping out a woman in her early 30’s who has a 10 yo daughter. I helped by buying groceries and occasionally rent. In exchange I was allowed, under her mother’s watchful eyes, to use her daughter for my pleasure. Being in my late 50’s they called me grandpap. The stupid thing I did … I got her a good job out of state. Makes me miss my kinky girls!

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    i need a granpa to use my lil young pussy and breed me….. [email protected]

  • Reply OlderMale ID:28xmfpxw43

    God I wish I was a grandpa like that! I would love to have a young little thing like you to play with!

    • Sherry ID:1rou10zi

      I wish you were my grandpa

    • Janette Stein ID:1bqrienmqr9

      My grandad took my virginity when I was 14

  • Reply Julie ID:vuf0ifii

    I wish that was me

    • Daniel ID:7zv2uchhrj

      It could be

    • Ryan ID:5u0x8z0m99

      Add my Kik Julie we can make it you

    • Rough Robert ID:8zqh5ijz

      Where you from?

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    This is a great story . I just wish I could have done the same to my grand daughter when she was that age . I have cum reading every part of this story , and really hope that there is more to come .

    • Hornee Mumi ID:2qkz650hi

      yes, there’s a lot more to tell you .

  • Reply Dude ID:4o717tkqm

    Thanks for the orgasm

    • Hornee Mumi ID:2qkz650hi

      You’re welcome- I only wish it had been in my pussy .