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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 10

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Jane awoke, realizing Mr. Jones never returned to her house. Later that morning, she took Jenny to the doctor for birth control pills. Jane only prayed that nothing would happen to her daughter before the pills took effect. She was thrilled to hear that Jenny’s period was due in a couple of days.

When they got home from the doctor’s, Jane tried to speak to her daughter several times about casual sex, but each time she attempted to have the mother/daughter talk an argument ensued with Jenny calling her names like slut and hypocrite. It was during their most recent argument that Mr. Jones suddenly reappeared. He strolled into the house like he owned it.

“Miss me?” he asked. When neither of them answered, Mr. Jones said to Jenny, “You look so cute. How would you like your pussy licked?”

“Um, no thanks,” Jenny replied.

“Aw, come on, is your mother telling you not to do it?” he said angrily, glaring at Jane.

“It’s not that,” Jenny said, “it’s just that… I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’re too old for me.”

Mr. Jones tried to use his charm to convince Jenny to have sex with him, but she began yelling and told him to leave her alone. Jane saw the hate in Mr. Jones’ face and thought he was about to hit her daughter, but Jenny did what every youngster would do when confronted — she stormed out of the house.

“That bitch!” Mr. Jones spat. “She’ll be sorry.”

“What do you mean?” Jane asked nervously.

“Who’s she think she is? That bitch! I’ll teach her to say no.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have videos of her too. I’m going to make sure everyone in her school sees them. She’ll be sorry she ever called me too old and said no. That bitch! I’m gonna get her for that.”

Jane’s motherly instincts took over and she charged Mr. Jones in a rage. She caught him by surprise and, when she lunged at him, he fell backwards. Mr. Jones’ head hit the edge of the end table, knocking him out. Jane saw him lying motionless on the floor and thought she had killed him, but when she felt his pulse she knew he was not dead. Still worried about her daughter, Jane ran to get some rope and tied Mr. Jones up.

Jane sat in a chair staring at the unconscious man. She lost all track of time, but finally Mr. Jones began to stir. He slowly opened his eyes and then tried to move. When he discovered he couldn’t, Jane saw the panic on his face. For the first time since their “arrangement,” she didn’t fear the man.

“Untie me,” Mr. Jones yelled at Jane.

“Will you hurt my daughter?”

“I’ll do whatever I fuckin’ want to do.” When Mr. Jones saw Jane’s expression he changed his tact. “No, of course not. I didn’t force myself on her. I wouldn’t hurt your daughter.”

“I don’t believe you. You have the tapes. Where are they? Where are the video tapes?”

“Look, untie me and I’ll get them.”

“Yeah right. Tell me where they are or I won’t untie you.”

“You bitch! You fuckin’ bitch! Who do you think you are? Untie me right now!” Mr. Jones shouted.

Jane stood up and walked over to the screaming man. Mr. Jones thought he still controlled her and that she would release him, so he was surprised when she kicked him in the side. Mr. Jones yelled out in pain, and didn’t even see the second kick in the side of his head.

When consciousness returned to Mr. Jones his eyes fluttered open. He licked the side of his mouth and tasted blood. The panic returned to his eyes. Jane thought she actually saw fear. All the rage that had built up in her since Mr. Jones began controlling her life caused Jane to deliver several hard kicks to Mr. Jones’ body. When she stopped kicking, Mr. Jones was sobbing. The man she had feared was now crying like a little, scared girl.

“Now tell me where the tapes are,” Jane yelled, her body shaking with anger.

“In my trunk… they’re in the trunk of my car.”

Jane reached into Mr. Jones’ pants pocket and fished out his keys. She walked hastily out of her house to his car and popped the trunk open. She saw a box filled with video tapes and photographs. The box was heavy, but Jane managed to lift it and carry it back to her house where she placed it on the living room coffee table. When she had entered the room she had seen Mr. Jones struggling at his ties, but as soon as he saw her he stopped.

Jane perused the box, looking at the labels carefully. She was amazed at what she found. Jane didn’t even know just how much taping Mr. Jones had done. She also found the tapes and photos from the Japanese business party she had been at.

“Is this all of it?” Jane asked, still looking through the box.


“You’re sure? You don’t have any more stashed away?”

“No, I thought they’d be safe in my car. I swear, that’s all there is. So I can’t hurt your daughter. Now untie me.”

Jane spotted a manila envelop at the bottom of the box and picked it up. She opened it and pulled out the photos of her husband gambling. Then she looked at the other papers — they were blank.

Stunned, Jane looked up and stared at Mr. Jones and said, “Where’s the other stuff?”

“What stuff?”

“The evidence that Ira was stealing.”

Mr. Jones turned white. He didn’t answer right away, but when Jane started yelling at him he was afraid she would start kicking him again.

“There isn’t any.”

“What?! What did you say?”

“I made that up. Ira didn’t steal from my company.”

“But… but his gambling. What about his gambling?”

“I guess Ira does have a gambling problem, but to my knowledge he wins more than he loses.”

“My god! You mean to tell me that my husband isn’t in financial trouble and he didn’t steal from you?”

“Yes… No… I mean, no, he didn’t steal,” Mr. Jones said very sheepishly.

“And this is everything?” Jane said pointing to the box.

“Yes. Now untie me and I’ll never bother you again.”

Jane ignored Mr. Jones and once again lifted the heavy box. She carried it into her backyard and placed it in their outdoor fire pit. She calmly walked over to the barbeque area and retrieved a can of lighter fluid, then sprayed it on the box. Igniting a match, Jane tossed it into the box which burst into flames. She silently watched the tapes and photos melt and burn. Then she returned to where Mr. Jones was still struggling at his ropes.

“You bastard!” Jane spat at Mr. Jones.

“What are you so angry about? All you girls are sex starved sluts. I just gave you the excuse to fulfill your fantasies. You should thank me.”

Jane’s jaw dropped when she heard what Mr. Jones had said. She couldn’t believe he was telling her that she enjoyed what he made her do. He had humiliated her and ruined the relationship she had with her children, and he thought she should thank him.

Jane got a knife from the kitchen and cut the rope binding Mr. Jones’ feet. He was now quiet, smugly looking up at her, already scheming how he was going to get her under his control again. Jane’s rage was brewing, and then Mr. Jones made a fatal mistake. He spread his legs and jerked his crotch up at her in an obscene gesture. When she saw the smirk on his face, Jane lost it. She stood between his spread legs and kicked him as hard as she could in the groin.

Mr. Jones’ smug expression changed to surprise, and then he grimaced in pain. All of a sudden he began breathing erratically, and then gasping for breath. Mr. Jones tried to pull his hands to his chest, to grab the pain, but they were tied. His body shook and his gasping got louder, and then there was silence. Mr. Jones’ eyes were wide open, but he was no longer breathing. His heart had given out.

Jane stared at the lifeless man thinking he had passed out again from the pain. But when he didn’t come to, Jane nudged him with her foot. She kicked him harder and then began to worry. Jane backed up and called him by name, but he didn’t move. She thought his eyes were following her when she moved, but other than that he seemed dead. And then it hit her that maybe he was dead. She ran to get a mirror and held it under his nose. There was no fogging. He was dead!

Jane stood up and stepped backwards until she bumped into the chair. She collapsed into it, staring at the dead man. Jane thought hard about what to do. First she thought about putting Mr. Jones into his car and driving him somewhere and leaving him there. But she wasn’t sure she was strong enough to get him into the car. Anyway, what if someone saw her… and how would she get home? She even thought about dragging him to her backyard fireplace and burning him like she had the tapes and photos, but quickly dismissed that idea. Then it came to her.

Jane cut the remaining ropes and hoisted Mr. Jones’ dead body onto the couch. She sat him upright, held his hand to his chest, and then gently shoved him to the side letting his body tip over naturally. He was now sitting on the couch, slumped over. Jane ran into the backyard and burned the ropes, then mixed the ashes to make sure there were no traces of evidence — there were none. Jane then called 911.

Jane told the police that Mr. Jones was her husband’s boss and that Ira was out of town on business. He had come over to talk to Jane about something. They had just settled in the living room when he grabbed his chest and couldn’t breathe. The next thing Jane said happened was that Mr. Jones fell to the side. She said she shook him, but when he didn’t stir she called 911. The police took the information down and the coroner’s office carried the body away.

Now alone in her house, Jane began shaking. She felt like she was going to faint, but managed to control her hyperventilating by taking deep breaths. And then she felt as if a heavy weight was lifted off her. She was free!

Ira was called home from his business trip and, of course, was concerned for his wife. He wanted to know what Mr. Jones had wanted, but when Jane told him she didn’t know he shrugged it off. He was more concerned with his wife’s well being than worrying about what his dead boss had wanted.

That night at dinner, the Marlows had a true family dinner. All that had happened was put aside as the family pulled together to soothe Jane’s horrifying experience. Only Jenny knew that her mother and Mr. Jones had had a relationship, but she kept that secret to herself.

Ira was happy to be home with his family, especially his wife. He noticed changes in her, and he liked them. His wife’s clothing was more revealing, and she wanted sex more often. Not only more often, but the old prim and proper wife was gone.

Ira was in bed with Jane the night after Mr. Jones’ death. He was very careful around his wife, believing she had to be traumatized over the incident. That’s why he was surprised when she rolled onto her belly while they were laying in bed, pressed her mouth to his, and grabbed his cock. Jane pulled his cock so hard that Ira thought she was going to rip it off. And as soon as he was hard, Jane pushed the bedcover off and swung her leg over his body, impaling herself on his cock. She fucked him so hard that Ira came quickly.

Ira was about to apologize for his early ejaculation when Jane slid down his body and gobbled his dick into her mouth. She sucked and licked it like a possessed woman, never allowing it to soften. As soon as Jane believed Ira was ready, she once again mounted him and fucked him until she had a huge orgasm and then, after a brief rest, fucked him until both had their second climax.

Jane rolled off Ira and quickly fell asleep. Ira lay awake wondering what had come over his wife. He fell asleep still wondering and was awoken to her warm lips sliding up and down his cock. The sleepiness quickly left him when he realized what was happening. Jane looked up at him and smiled with his hard cock in her mouth. She released it and moved to the side onto her hands and knees, her forehead resting on the pillow and her ass up in the air.

“Fuck me,” Jane pleaded. “Quick, I need it now.”

Ira was dumbfounded. His wife never used dirty words, and she didn’t like to be fucked in any position other than the missionary one. Yet, the night before she had been on top and now she wanted it from behind. But Ira wasn’t about to “look a gift horse in the mouth” and quickly got behind Jane and rammed his cock into her in one hard thrust. She was very wet so he slid in easily. Ira fucked Jane like that, causing her to climax multiple times before he came inside her.

But the new Jane never seemed to be sated. It got to where Ira was turning her down when she wanted sex. With Mr. Jones out of the picture, Jane’s relationship with her children went somewhat back to normal. Jenny was no longer the innocent girl who did what her mother told her to. She stayed out late a lot and Jane knew she was having sex. But whenever Jane brought it up they’d fight so Jane decided to let it go. After all, Jenny was the only one who knew about her and Mr. Jones. Jane had to “walk on eggshells” with Jenny for fear she might tell Ira.

As to Mark, they returned to a mother/son relationship. Jane often caught Mark looking at her, but he didn’t make a move. Maybe it was because his dad was home, or maybe he didn’t understand why his mother had sex with him and then seemed to shun him. The result, however, was he kept his distance.

One day, Ira was at work. He had refused to have sex with Jane the night before and that morning. She was unusually horny and masturbated in the morning, but that didn’t satisfy her. Jenny came home from school and changed into a very short miniskirt and tube top saying she was going out. She had that “fuck me” look so Jane thought her daughter was planning on having sex. Instead of troubling her, it excited the new Jane.

When Mark came home from school, Jane recalled how great their sex had been. She ran upstairs knowing her son would stop in the kitchen for a cold drink — he always did that. Jane went into his bedroom and quickly pushed her pants down and off. She rubbed her pussy through her panties, making sure to push the material into her slit, and then removed them, laying them on her son’s pillow. Jane picked up her pants and ran through the hall naked from the waist down until she was safely inside her bedroom. She took the rest of her clothes off and sat on the end of her bed and waited.

All of a sudden, Jane felt uneasy. What in the hell was she doing? Mr. Jones wasn’t forcing her to act the way she was. Mark was her son. What they had done in the past was not her fault. She had been forced to do it. She hadn’t wanted to, but hadn’t a choice. But now…?

Jane was struggling with her emotions and desires. She was about to get dressed and call an end to what she had spontaneously planned, but just then Mark walked into her room completely naked with his hard cock leading the way. Her panties were pressed to his face like a mask. Jane knew she should tell her son to leave, but the lust in her overshadowed any guilt she felt. Jane lifted her feet to the mattress and moved her knees outward.

Mark walked towards his mother, loudly sniffing her panties and stroking his hard cock. He didn’t drop the panties until he was on his knees between her spread legs. With the real thing in front of him, Mark no longer needed the panties. He pressed his lips to his mother’s pussy, just letting them rest on her pliable flesh while he smelled her arousal. Then he used his fingers to pry her open and began licking her.

“Oh Mark, oh Mark…” Jane moaned.

Jane supported herself with one hand while stroking Mark’s head. She watched her son lick her pussy. But as her arousal grew, Jane fell onto her back and closed her eyes, savoring her son’s tongue. She was calling out his name and telling him what to do like the slut she had become. And then she climaxed — HARD!

When Jane opened her eyes she saw her son standing between her legs. He was smiling and licking his lips. Jane wanted him in her more than anything she had ever wanted, and sighed her appreciation when he entered her. Mark’s cock slid into his mother’s pussy in one continuous motion. Their eyes were locked on each other’s as he sunk into her.

When Mark was buried to the hilt in his mother’s pussy he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Their tongues found each other’s and soon were passionately kissing. Mark felt his mother’s pussy periodically clamp his cock, and he occasionally moved a couple of inches in and out, but they weren’t fucking. Mark had missed making love to his mother and wanted to savor the moment. He broke the kiss and began sucking his mother’s tits, first one then the other. He’d lick and clamp his lips around her nipples, pulling them. The harder they got the easier it was. And then Mark’s upper body rose as he stared into his mother’s eyes. He slowly withdrew his cock.

Jane felt her son’s cock leaving her pussy. She desperately wanted it… no, needed it. Just when she thought she would lose Mark’s cock, her legs wrapped around his body and pulled him back into her. When Mark was fully inside her again he didn’t hesitate. His hips began moving.

Mark fucked his mother hard, and soon came inside her. He collapsed onto her body and lay there while Jane brushed his hair as both a mother and lover. Jane smiled when she felt Mark move, beginning to fuck her again. This time she came first, but just barely as Mark once again filled her pussy with his incestuous cream.

Mark eventually slipped out and climbed onto the bed and lay down. Jane shifted so that she was lying next to her son. They cuddled like that, neither speaking. After a while, Jane’s cuddling became more sensual as her fingertips traced her son’s chest and then traveled over his belly. She grabbed his slimy dick and squeezed it. It felt so good in her fist. But it felt even better when it stiffened.

Jane slid off the bed, never relinquishing her hold on her son’s cock. She pulled him by his hard-on and Mark followed her lead. Jane’s feet were on the floor, but she was laying face down on the bed. She guided Mark to get behind her and only then released his cock. Mark looked at his mother’s pale buttocks and moved closer. He inserted his cock into her pussy and sunk all the way inside her. Jane moaned as he began a slow fuck.

Mark was enjoying fucking his mother from behind and was surprised and disappointed when he felt her hand reach under and pull his cock from her pussy. He was about to say something when she angled it upwards, searching for the new target. Mark’s cock was in the crack of his mother’s ass, the tip positioned at her asshole. He didn’t know what to do. But when he felt his mother squeeze his cock and try to push it into her ass he understood. Mark pushed forward and when the head of his cock entered his mother’s ass Jane took her hand away.

Mark’s hands gripped his mother’s hips as he sunk his cock into her ass. Inch by inch his sperm-coated cock slid in. It wasn’t until his thighs were pressed against his mother’s buttocks that he believed he was actually going to fuck her ass. Mark slowly pulled halfway out and then just as slowly pushed back into her. He did it again and again, each time soliciting a moan from his mother. Then he picked up the pace and soon was fucking her hard.

“Oh Mark, fuck me,” Jane purred. “Fuck me in the ass. Do it, son, make me cum. Fuck your mother… make your mother cum. I need your cock. I missed your cock. Promise me you’ll fuck me forever. Oh please, Mark, fuck me harder.”

Mark was shocked at the way his mother was talking, but it turned him on. He pounded into her faster and harder, and felt her hand between her legs frigging herself. Mark couldn’t hold back any longer and rammed his cock all the way into his mother’s ass, and then erupted inside her. He felt her moving hand on his balls as she continued to masturbate, and then Jane groaned as her own orgasm overwhelmed her.

Mark lay on his mother’s back, breathing hard. Even as his cock softened, it remained in the tight hole. Only when his weight became uncomfortable for Jane and she shifted under him did his cock slip out. Mark rolled to the side and collapsed onto the bed with his feet on the floor.

Jane was overcome with a love for Mark. Not her motherly love, but a sexual one. She wanted to reward him — pay him back — for the pleasure he had given her. Jane slid onto the floor and knee-walked to her left until she was kneeling between her son’s spread legs. He was lying on his back breathing hard, staring up at the ceiling.

Jane looked at his cock. Other than being coated with his sperm there didn’t seem to be any other signs of his fucking her in the ass. She shifted closer and lifted his dangling dick to her mouth. Swirling her tongue around it, Jane didn’t taste anything unusual so she used her now skilled mouth to bring life back to her son’s cock. Mark moaned from above her, but Jane’s attention was on his cock in her mouth.

When Mark’s cock was hard, Jane began playing with his testicles while bobbing her head up and down. Her fingers strayed lower, flicking the underside of his wrinkly sack; then even lower, rubbing the area between his testicles and asshole. Jane stroked him there, all the while sucking his cock. And then her fingertip poked Mark’s asshole. She kept sliding her finger back and forth, making sure the tip sunk into his ass each time it reached that point. And then, to Mark’s surprise, Jane pushed her finger into her son’s asshole.

Mark moaned and then said, “Oh Mom, what are you doing?”

Begrudgingly, Jane took her son’s cock out of her mouth to answer, “Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels funny… but kinda good.”

“I want to make you feel good, just like you did me. Just relax and enjoy what I’m doing.”

Jane’s mouth returned to her son’s cock and, as she sucked it, her finger slowly moved in and out of his ass. She felt Mark’s anus grip her finger but she was still able to slide it in and out. Mark’s body began jerking as his moaning increased. Jane now was able to sink her finger in all the way to her third knuckle, and Mark seemed to be timing his movements so that he would push down on her finger when it was in the deepest. Jane had heard that the man’s prostrate was an erogenous zone and hoped she was making contact with it. By Mark’s reaction, she thought she was.

“Oh god!!” Mark cried out.

Jane held still while her son’s body jerked. His movements caused his cock to move in and out of her mouth and her finger in and out of his ass. And then his asshole clenched tightly around her finger, his body lunged forward, and her mouth filled with sperm. After three squirts, Mark’s body collapsed onto the bed again, but his cock continued to spew sperm into her mouth. Only when Mark’s cock shrunk to a soft, limp state did Jane slowly pull her finger from his ass and lift off his cock. She didn’t even bother to climb onto the bed, but just sat on the floor at her son’s feet.

* * * *

Jane played golf regularly in her club’s Tuesday Ladies Day. With Mr. Jones interfering with her life, she hadn’t been playing, but decided to start again now that Mr. Jones was no longer controlling her. She was excited as she put her clubs in the trunk and drove to the golf course. However, Jane was disappointed when she discovered they were doing maintenance on the course and it wasn’t playable. People were surprised she didn’t know, but Jane explained that she had been busy and her golf had been put on hold.

Jane missed the camaraderie of her golfing buddies and stayed to chat in the lounge. But after an hour, the others had to leave so Jane drove home. When she got there she noticed an unfamiliar car in her driveway. Jane thought her house was being burglarized since no one was supposed to be home with Ira working and her children in school. She thought about going next door to call the police, but was still hesitant in talking to the police because of what had happened with Mr. Jones. So Jane quietly crept up to a window to see what was going on inside her house.

It wasn’t until she peered into the living room window that Jane saw anything… but it wasn’t what she had expected. Her daughter was home, evidently skipping school. But that in itself wasn’t what shocked Jane. Jenny was naked, and so were the two boys with her.

One boy was lying on the floor on his back. Jenny was between his spread legs resting on her forearms with his cock in her mouth. The other boy was also on the floor on his back, with his face under Jenny’s pussy. One of the couch cushions was under his head raising it, and his hands were clutching Jenny’s ass, pulling her pussy to his mouth. Jane noticed his cock was hard and standing up from his body.

Jane was furious that her daughter had skipped school. Also, although she knew Jenny was now sexually active, Jane had never seen her daughter having sex, except with Mr. Jones. But Jane also felt other emotions — arousal and desire. She couldn’t take her eyes off the hard cock twitching in the air.

Jane stormed into the house surprising the three. They scrambled about like a slapstick movie, searching for something to cover their nude bodies with. Jane watched the two hard cocks bouncing around and felt a spasm in her pussy. One boy sat on the floor with the couch cushion covering his lap, while the other boy held someone’s clothes — it looked like Jenny’s — over his crotch. Only Jenny stood naked after the initial shock of her mother’s appearance wore off.

“Why aren’t you golfing?” Jenny asked.

“Why aren’t you in school?” Jane countered.

“It’s a teacher’s day or something like that. I don’t have school today.”

Jane felt relieved about Jenny missing school, but then shouted, “What are they doing here?”

“Um, I guess that was kind of obvious, wasn’t it?” Jenny said and chuckled.

“Jenny, this is unacceptable!”

“Bullshit! I told you about Joe and Steve.”


“Joe and Steve… from the park. I told you…”

“These are the college boys who you had sex with in the park?” Jane asked incredulously.

“Yep. Guys, meet my mother.”

Jane stared at each boy and saw the fright in their eyes. She kept lowering her eyes to their crotches to get a peek of their cocks, but they were well covered. She didn’t know what to do so she just stood there like a statue.

“C’mon, Mom, you know I’m having sex. After all, you were the one who taught me.” Jane saw the surprised expressions on the boys’ faces. Then Jenny sneered at her mother. “I bet you’re getting hot just looking at them, aren’t you? Hey, guys,” Jenny said, never taking her eyes off her mother, “I guess I never told you my mom was a slut.”

Jane’s eyes darted to her daughter. Jenny’s comment humiliated her, but Jane was feeling aroused. Did Jenny see it? Jane looked at her daughter’s mouth and remembered it moving up and down the boy’s cock. Which one was it — Joe or Steve? She forgot who was who. Both boys were cute though. And although too old for her daughter, they were so young, like her son. Jane remembered the great sex she had with Mark and wondered how it would be with the two horny college boys.

“C’mon, Mom, you know you want them,” Jenny said walking over to Steve and suddenly pulling the couch cushion from him.

The boy’s hands quickly covered his now soft dick, but Jane had gotten a glimpse of it. His was the cock she had seen through the window standing up. Jane wanted him to remove his hands so she could see it again. But she couldn’t succumb to her desires… not in front of her daughter. It was humiliating enough when Mr. Jones had made her do it, but if she did it on her own… that would make her — a slut.

“C’mon, guys, show Mom what you got,” Jenny said playfully. “I’ve seen her suck cock and she’s better than me.”

Jane watched Steve’s hands move from covering his dick to grasping it. She saw the spongy head peeking out of his fist. Then he began moving his hand, squeezing and pulling his cock until it began to stiffen. Once firm, his fist slid up and down the shaft.

Jane couldn’t take her eyes off the boy’s hand and cock. When his erection had returned, Steve dropped his hand to his side. The hard cock pointed right at Jane who was mesmerized by it. She knew she should kick the boys out of her house and scold her daughter, but her mouth was too dry to speak. In fact, she was licking her lips trying to get more moisture in her arid mouth. When Steve stepped towards her, Jane knew she should back away, but she didn’t. Not even when he was so close to her she could smell him.

The space between them wasn’t much more than the length of Steve’s dick so when he leaned forward to press his lips to Jane’s his cock poked her belly. Jane sighed when she felt it and she grabbed his cock, feeling its texture, firmness, and heat in her hand. When Steve pushed his tongue into her mouth, Jane willingly accepted it. Their tongues smashed against each other’s and Jane’s fist began to move, sliding up and down the boy’s dick.

Jane felt a hand on her shoulder pushing her down. She obediently lowered her body while looking up. It was her daughter’s hand on her shoulder. Jane was now on her knees with the hard cock brushing her cheek. She looked up at the boy’s face, then at her daughter’s, and then opened her mouth. Moving her head slightly, Jane wrapped her lips around the boy’s dick and grabbed his ass, holding him in place while she began sucking him.

“What I tell you guys,” Jenny said. “Hey, Joe, come over here.”

The other boy dropped the clothes shielding his cock and walked over to the others. Jane’s eyes locked on his cock, already hard from watching what Jane was doing, and she craved it as much as the one in her mouth. When Joe was standing next to them Jane reached out and grabbed his hard-on. Jenny slapped her mother’s hand away.

“No way! You can’t have them both,” Jenny said, and dropped to her knees.

Jenny put Joe’s cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Mother and daughter were side by side, giving two college boys blowjobs. The boys were too old for Jenny and too young for Jane, but that didn’t matter. The room was full of slurping noises and moaning.

“Switch,” Jenny yelled out after a while.

Jenny pushed her mother’s head so that Steve’s cock popped from her mouth. Jane looked like a child whose candy had been taken away. Jenny quickly got to her feet and scooted over to the other side of her mother, then dropped back down and pulled Steve’s cock into her mouth. Jane was stunned for a moment but then spotted Joe’s cock and moved closer to it, wrapping her lips around it. She and her daughter had switched cocks, but both were still on their knees sucking.

Jenny had been right about one thing — her mother was a better cock sucker. Joe put his hands on top of Jane’s head and filled her mouth with his hot sperm. Jenny glanced over and saw her mother’s cheeks puff out and then her throat move as she swallowed the creamy substance. Jenny doubled her efforts on Steve, using her fist as well as her mouth, and soon he too was cumming.

Jane pulled off Joe’s cock and watched her daughter’s performance. Her young daughter had learned a lot since the day she taught her how to suck Mr. Jones’ cock. Jane also noticed that Jenny was looking at her while the boy came in her mouth. Jane was surprised, though, when Jenny grabbed her head, pressing her mouth to her mother’s, tilting Jane’s head back. Jane was flustered and automatically opened her mouth for the anticipated French-kiss. What she didn’t expect was Steve’s sperm being forced into her mouth from her daughter’s. With her head bent back, Jane quickly swallowed the sperm as it flowed over her tongue.

“C’mon, guys, let’s get her naked,” Jenny yelled excitedly.

Jane was the only one dressed. But that soon changed when six hands tore at her clothes, pulling them off. In no time, Jane was completely naked in front of her daughter and the two college boys. All of a sudden she felt shy and tried to cover up with her hands.

“Who wants to eat her?” Jenny asked. Both boys raised their hands. “Okay, go for it. Both of you. Eat her at the same time.”

Each boy grabbed a leg and pulled in opposite directions. Jane’s hand still covered her pussy, but Jenny grabbed her arms and pulled them up. Now Jane was completely exposed. Both boys dove for her pussy at the same time, banging heads. After a short chuckle, they moved in more carefully. Soon Jane felt two tongues licking her cunt, and then felt fingers probing inside. Jane fell backwards onto the floor and Jenny released her arms, no longer needing to hold them. Jane’s arms were no longer trying to cover her nude body; they were flaying on the floor as her body writhed in pleasure.

Jenny watched her mother’s slutty performance for a while and then climbed onto her face. When Jenny lowered her pussy onto her mother’s mouth, Jane was so aroused that she eagerly licked it. Jenny rocked back and forth on her mother’s face watching the two boys bringing pleasure to her mother. And her mother’s tongue was bringing pleasure to her.

Jane’s lower body began jerking so hard the boys had to hold her legs down. They continued to lick and finger her pussy, with an occasional stray finger slipping into her asshole. It was too much for Jane and she screamed as she came. She didn’t make much noise, however, because Jenny was sitting on her face at the time.

While Jane was still squirming on the floor after her climax, Steve got between her spread legs and rammed his cock unrelentingly into her pussy. Jane let out another yelp, but it was barely audible. Then Jenny heard some muffled words and lifted up just a bit. Jane tried to raise her head but her daughter was in the way.

“Who’s fucking me?” Jane cried out now that her mouth was not blocked.

“What does it matter?” Jenny said.

“I want to know.”


Steve was pounding into Jane hard now while she tried to “feel” the size of the cock and “match” it to what she remembered. But soon she didn’t care as her hips thrust upwards to meet Steve’s thrusts.

“Well, Mom?”

“Never mind, just tell him not to stop… whoever the fuck it is.”

Jenny lowered her pussy onto her mother’s face again and Jane started licking it with a fury. But soon Jane became consumed with her own fuck and wasn’t doing a great job. Jenny motioned for Joe to get behind her and then got onto her hands and knees. Jane looked up and saw Joe, now knowing it was Steve fucking her.

Jane stared up at Joe’s hard cock and, as if it was all happening in slow motion, watched him insert it into her daughter’s pussy. It was surreal to watch the cock disappear inch by inch as if Jenny’s pussy was eating it. But soon he began fucking Jenny, right above her mother’s face.

Jane was still getting fucked hard by Steve, and her arousal was at an all time high. She reached up and pressed a finger on her daughter’s clit. Jane didn’t have to rub it. Jenny’s back and forth movement, from Joe fucking her, caused her clit to slide back and forth on her mother’s finger.

Jane had several small orgasms, and then Steve came inside her, filling her pussy with his hot semen. Now, not distracted by her own fucking, Jane reached up and pulled Jenny onto her face. Jane extended her tongue and it replaced her finger as Jenny’s pussy moved back and forth over it. Jane also felt Joe’s balls banging against her nose.

Then Joe stopped moving with his cock buried in Jenny’s pussy and his balls resting on her mother’s nose. Jane could feel his balls twitch and knew he was cumming. When his climax finished and he pulled out, Jenny wiggled her pussy onto her mother’s mouth. Jane used her tongue on her daughter’s pussy, licking and sinking it inside her. Joe’s sperm leaked out onto Jane’s tongue, but she just kept licking. Jenny leaned forward and put her mouth on her mother’s pussy. It was a first for her, but she was so aroused she would have licked anything that had to do with sex. Mother and daughter thrashed about on the floor in a sixty-nine, and didn’t stop licking until both had climaxed twice.

By the time they recovered, Steve and Joe were both hard again. But Jane said she needed a rest and Jenny agreed. They had drinks and snacks, sitting completely naked. Afterwards, they had sex for several more hours. By the time the boys left, Jane was exhausted — but completely satisfied.

“Mom…?” Jenny asked softly.


“Mom, I’m sorry I treated you so badly and called you all those names. I now know you just like a lot of sex… just like me. I guess we’re two peas in a pod.”

Jane felt a warmth coarse through her body and an overwhelming love for her daughter. She wrapped her arms around Jenny and hugged her tight, their sweaty, naked bodies pressed to each other.


“Yes, dear?”

“Mom, I really liked eating you. Does that make me a lesbian?”

“Did you like sucking the boys’ cocks?”

“Oh yeah.”

“And did you like them fucking you?”

“You bet!”

“Then, my dear, you are not a lesbian.”

“But, Mom, we’re both girls and I…”

“You like sex,” Jane finished the sentence. “Just like me. I didn’t know it until recently, but I love sex. Mr. Jones taught me that.”

“Mr. Jones? He taught you?”

“Well, all I’m going to say is that Mr. Jones forced me to do stuff. Stuff your father always wanted to do but I wouldn’t. Well, I learned that I loved it and…” Jane giggled. “…your father is much happier now.”

“But you cheat on him.”

“I never did until Mr. Jones forced me to. But now…” Jane thought for a moment and then continued, “…I need more than what your father can provide me. I love him more than life itself, but I have needs that… I guess one man can’t satisfy me any more.”

“So where will you get the sex you need?”

“I have my sources,” Jane said thinking about her son, “and it looks like you will be helping me too, but at this point I guess I’ll keep an open mind.”

The two hugged again and kissed one last time before both took showers to wash the sex off their bodies. Jane also opened the windows to rid the living room of the smell of sex.

Ira ended up with the wife he had always dreamed of. Jane was now a platinum blonde who wore sexy clothes and was very adventurous in bed. She would have sex with him as often as he wanted. What he didn’t know was that his wife needed more sex than he was capable of providing. Jane continued to have sex with her son and sometimes with her daughter. Jenny occasionally invited her mother along to have sex with boys she met. And when Jane really needed it, like when Ira was out of town on business, she’d put on her sexy clothing and go to a bar where she was sure to meet men willing to have sex with her, especially now that she had mastered walking on 4 inch heels.


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