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The Fremonts

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A very loving swinging family moves to a new neighborhood.

The Fremonts
Part 1

(complete fiction. Author does not condone the events of this story…..for fantasy purposes only)

Karlene was finishing up painting the large rock in front of the new house. Jack had already put up a swing in the largest branch of the tree that spread its shade over the rock.

“There, that will do nicely,” said Karlene as she looked down at her handiwork. Karlene Fremont was thirty-five, had a knockout body with nice round tits, slim waist, and an ass to die for. Her long black hair hung down to the top of the crack of her ass. Not too shabby for a mom of a fifteen-year-old daughter who was almost the spitting image of herself. Karlene had not noticed the woman that walked up behind her.

“Hi, you must be our new neighbor.” Karlene jumped at the sudden voice behind her. “Oh, I am sorry to scare you. I’m Helen, and I live two houses down from you,” said the new neighbor, sticking out her hand.

Karlene shook her hand. “Hi, I’m Karlene Freemont, and yes we just moved in; my husband Jack, and our daughter Abby, fourteen and our son Kyle, twelve. Nice to meet you.”

“You know what they say about a white rock in front of your house, don’t you?”

“No, what do they say?”

“Oh well, it is just a rumor, but they say a white rock in the front of your house means you are swingers. You’re not that kind of couple are you,” said Helen with more than a bit of distaste.

“Oh, I think that is just an old wife’s tail. Actually, the swing is what does the trick,” responded Karlene jokingly. “But we could be, if that got you excited.”

“No, no. We are decent people here. Funny enough though, I had a similar conversation with a family last year with a family that moved in on the cul-de-sac just down that way. They have a big white rock in front of their house too.”

“It might be a regional thing. We might be from the same hometown. Well, let me get inside and get this paint off my hands, before I have to get my nails done again. But it was nice to meet Helen.”

“Nice to me you too.”

Karlene turned and headed into the house. “Hey Jack,” yelled Karlene once she closed the front door.

“Yeah, what’s up love?” Answered Jack as he came down the stairs naked.

“I just met one of the neighbors. I think there is a couple we should go meet in the cul-de-sac just down a way: white rock in the front yard.”

“Great. Why don’t you get washed up and I will run back upstairs and put some clothes on and tell Abby and Kyle that we are going to meet a neighbor.”

Jack came back downstairs once he had put some clothes. Karlene, clean hands and all was just finishing putting on some makeup by the front door when his feet hit the landing.

“This could be fun, and so quickly too,” said Jack excitedly as Karlene put added some lipstick.

“And you told the kids that we were heading out for a bit.”

“Yeah, they’re fine. They’ll just do their own thing while we are gone.”

Karlene and Jack headed out the door almost ran to their Wrangler. “You are an eager beaver today, Kar.”

“Well, you ran too, and who knows, they may really cool.”

“That would be fun. Always nice to meet new friends.”

“Oooh, stop the car. I think that must be the house: big white rock out front. No car in the driveway, maybe they are not home.”

“Well, you hop out and knock and see. We can leave a note if no-one answers.” Karlene jumped out of the Wrangler and walked up to the front door and knocked. Kar heard footsteps coming towards the door, and then the door opened suddenly, revealing a cute teenage girl.

“Oh….hi….I’m Karlene Fremont and that is my husband Jack in the Jeep and we are….sort of your new neighbors…..are you parents home?”

“No, they are out shopping and will be back any minute,” the girl said politely. She looked to be about the same age as Abby.

“Would it be OK if I left a note with our names and number?” Karlene asked after looking back at the rock.

“Yeah sure,” said the teen gazing off towards the white rock. “I’m Hanna by the way.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Hanna.” Karlene smiled and handed the girl a folded paper with a quick hello and the names and number and headed back to the car with a wave to Hanna who waved back.

“So, they have a daughter. She looks to be Abby’s age. That would be great if they got to know each other.”

“Yeah, she looks really cute. Hey do you want to drive around a bit and see what’s around in some of the other neighborhoods? We might get lucky.”

“Sure, I’m game Jack. But you know if you want to get lucky, all we have to do is drive home. There is a lot of ‘lucky’ at home,” said Karlene as she gave the growing mass in shorts a quick squeeze.

“Let’s drive around a bit. We have always said ‘the more the merrier.’”

Karlene and Jack drove around for an hour, but found nothing that looked promising, and then headed home.

“God Abs, I love it when you do that. Your tongue feels so good,” moaned Kyle. Abby lifted her mouth from Kyle’s four-inch saliva covered cock and smiled.

“It’s easy with your cock. Bigger ones are fun in many ways, but your cock just fits my mouth so well I could spend hours blowing you. But you don’t usually give me hours, but that is OK too. I love it when you start to throb and thrust into my mouth. I love the taste of your cum when you erupt in my mouth.”

“I love it when you let me cum all over your titties and face. Can we fuck now, before mom and dad get home?”

“You know it is fine if they get home and we are still fucking.”

“I know Abs, but I really want to cum inside you soon.”

“Well OK little brother, I did say you got to be in charge today,” said Abby in her best baby girl voice. “How do you want to take me stud?”

“I want to fuck you from behind sis.”

“Well, you are the boss,” Abby said as she got on her hands and knees and gave her ass a little wiggle. Kyle moved in behind her and lined his adolescent member up with her dripping pussy and pushed in, eliciting a soft moan from his sister. Even though they were both young, this position was quite familiar to both Kyle and Abby. Kyle liked to fuck his sister from behind as it made him feel older and more manly. Abby loved fucking doggy-style as she did not have to work too hard to get off, and she secretly wished he would use her other fuckable hole. The fourteen-year-old loved having her ass plowed, as it made her orgasms that much more intense. Maybe she would get lucky, and he would decide to finish and cum in her ass; the desire of a sex crazed teenage girl.

“Fuck me bro. Fuck me like the slut I am and the slut you want me to be. I want you to fill me with your gooey-sticky cum…..fill my hot burning cunt…..fuck me you mother fucker……fuck me hard……make me your whore…..yeah that’s it….fuck….yeah….slap my ass….harder….fuck….yes….drive your cock into me….give…..it….to….me…..yes……harder….spank me….yes….harder…..fuck yeah….cock…so good….I want…..your….cum…….cumming…..god yes….cum with…..me…….”

Abby and Kyle’s passion was cut short by the ringing of the phone.

“Don’t answer it sis. Let it go to voice mail. I’m almost there.”

“No…..you….know….what mom and dad said…..must answer the phone…..” replied Abby. “But don’t worry, I will take care of you after and let you cum on my face. I know how much you like that.”


“Hello…….no….but I can take a message…………………they said they would be home soon…..OK……..oh, I am Abby…..fourteen…..oh cool……yes Mrs. Evans….I will……yes.” Abby read the message back to Mrs. Evans and then hung up after saying goodbye.

“Who was that Abs?” Asked Kyle as he stroked his still hard cock.

“I guess a new neighbor for mom and dad. She sounds nice, really nice and she has a daughter my age. So, we will be in the same grade,” replied Abby. “The way you are stroking that thing, I am thinking you might not need me to make you cum.”

“You promised sis, and I get to cum all over you.”

“Don’t worry, silly little boy, I look forward to as much spunk as you give me.” Abby then swallowed his twelve-year old cock and began bobbing up and down on it. A few minutes later, with expert tongue and mouth work she had Kyle spraying his load all over her face and even some on her developing puffy tits.

“Yummy,” said a smiling and cum dripping Abby as she took a glob of her brother’s jizz from her nipple and licking it up. “You really are beginning to give a girl more and more of this stuff every time. Oh, I think mom and dad are home. Give me that towel so I can wipe my face off a bit.”

Kyle handed her the towel and she gave herself a quick wipe down and then put on her silk robe, loosely tying it in front. As much as Kyle enjoyed seeing his sister naked, which he did frequently, he loved how the robe barely covered her ass, just showing the bottoms of her ass cheeks and much of her cleavage.

“I love how sexy you are Abs.”

“You’re not too bad yourself bro. That’s why I love fucking you.” Then she headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs just as their parents came through the front door.

“Hi princess,” said both her parents in unison.


“It looks like you have been enjoying your afternoon,” said Karlene.

“Yeah, nothing much. You know.”

“Well, you still have some of your fun in your hair and on your tits,” said Karlene as reached out with an index finger and lifted a dollop of Kyle’s cum and brought it to her lips. “Yummy fun.” Kyle came down the stairs wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and still a bit of an erection. “Hi sport. Enjoy your afternoon?”

“You know it mom.”

“Well maybe you have a bit left for later. Maybe we can play after dinner.”

“Oh mom, that reminds me. A Mrs. Evans called. She said you had left a note at their house and to call her back. She mentioned inviting us to dinner. Let me go and get the message.” Abby darted up the stairs, both her parents watching her ass as she ran up to the second floor.

“That’s a sight I will never stop watching happily,” said Jack somewhat lustfully.

“You’re incorrigible husband mine.”

“Just like you my beautiful and equally depraved wife; one of the reasons I married you.”

Abby returned down the stairs with the message she had taken and gave it to her mother. “Kyle and Abby, why don’t you go upstairs and clean up and dress and I will call Mrs. Evans back. We might not be playing after dinner after all.”

“Can’t we just push them off to another night Kar? I was kind of looking forward…..”

“Oh stop Jack….I want to strike while the iron is hot. Anyway, we can play when we get home. Now let me go call these people back. We don’t even know if they are going be the people we want them to be.”

Karlene went into the kitchen to call Mrs. Evans back while Jack went upstairs to shower and change. A few minutes later Karlene joined her husband in the shower. “So, we have dinner plans. Janet, Mrs. Evans, sounds quite nice. Her husband is Brad, and we already met the daughter, Hanna. Still not sure if they are our kind of people, but she has a sense of humor. We might just end up being just friends.”

“Are you serious,” Jack asked as he soaped her all over, “Brad and Janet?”

“Yeah, Brad and Janet.”

“Brad and Janet. Rocky Horror?” He laughed as his hand made its way between her legs and his manhood began to swell.

“Oh fuck. I totally missed that. That is funny. But, that lovely piece of meat between your legs is going to have to wait,” she said as she slapped his hand away. “I have to figure something to wear now.”

Half an hour later Karlene descended the stairs wearing white heeled sandals, white flared slacks, and a silky white blouse, unbuttoned down to show her ample 36C breasts. She chose not to wear a bra. Karlene rarely wore a bra anyway. Her breasts were firm and round. Her nipples sensitive to the material of her blouse sliding over them, caused them to harden. Karlene felt good about how she looked, and she had a right to be.

“Wow honey, you look great. Not to forward, not to reserved.” This from her husband who was most comfortable in khakis and a polo. Karlene loved him this way. She loved him when he was dressed in a white dinner jacket. She loved him when he was naked. He was just naturally sexy.

“Yeah, I think it works well. Anyway, it looks like I am running point on this op.”

“I’ll be the wingman.”

“And what a sexy wingman you are.” Just then Abby and Kyle came bounding down the stairs dressed to meet the Evans family. Kyle had opted on his own to wear a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts and a pair of sneakers. It was clear that he was not wearing any underpants. “Hey sport, maybe you should wear something a bit less casual. You want to look nice for these people, after all they have a teen-age daughter who is really cute. Now go back up and change. Maybe a nice pair of shorts and polo.”

“Aw dad.”

“Just go change Kyle.” A pouting Kyle headed back up the stairs to change.

“As for you Abby, you should go change as well. You don’t want to scream ‘fuck me’ to the Evanses,” said her mother. Abby had chosen to tie her hair in a pony tail with a big white bow, a black crop top that barely covered her ample cleavage along with an equally short white tennis skirt revealing the bottom of her cheeks, finished with black knee hi socks and white tennis shoes. “Your father and I love you as the little slut you are, but I think that might be a little too much for our first meeting. And, I bet you are not wearing any panties either, and in that skirt, any way you move, everyone is going to notice.”

“Actually Kar, I think she is OK. I know we are not sure what they are into exactly, but this kind of gives us a bit of a silent calling card, that we can explain off as a ‘teen-age’ girl thing. But Abby, you should go put some panties on. Flashing your pussy would be too over-the-top.”

“Oh, maybe your father is right. I really want this to go well, and yes put on a pair of panties.”

Abby turned and headed back up the stairs and flipped her skirt up to show her parents her bare ass. “Petulant princess,” commented her father. “Petulant slut princess,” added her mother. Abby and Kyle returned to their parents a couple of minutes later. Abby, clearly wearing a pink-crotchless thong, while Kyle had chosen a pair of khaki shorts and a soccer jersey. “OK, that’s better the two of you. Not great, but it will do. Let’s go or we will be late.”

Karlene knocked on the door to the Evans household and was greeted by Janet who opened the door. “Wow,” thought Karlene to herself. Without the five-inch heels she was wearing, Karlene guessed Janet was about five-foot-four, with an exquisite frame. Her tits, which Karlene thought were enhanced, were about a 34DDD, and looked firm and round without the support of a bra. Her nipples poking out under the black silk blouse she wore. Black flared silk trousers completed her ensemble. Karlene thought it funny that while she had opted for white, Janet had opted for black. Janet wore her long auburn hair down and curled, framing her face. Even with a light amount of makeup, she was gorgeous; stunning. Karlene resisted the urge to lean in and embrace the woman, though she desperately wanted to and caress her gorgeous tits.

“Hi, I’m Karlene and this my husband Jack, and our kids Abby and Kyle.” As if on command, Jack and the kids smiled and waved.

“Well come on in, this is my husband Brad, and I believe you have already met Hanna. We are so glad you guys were able to come over. It has been a while since we got to meet anyone new moving in. Come sit out on the deck. Brad will get everyone drinks.” As Janet spoke, Karlene noticed that her tongue was pierced. “That’s a good omen,” Karlene thought to herself.

Brad was dressed much like Jack, though he had gone for a blue Oxford and the proverbial khakis. Hanna wore a simple little black spaghetti strap dress that came down just below her ass, modest three-inch heels, and a string of white pearls around her neck. Her pixie hair cut gave her that look of maturity, while the little red makeup heart just under the corner of one eye and the bright red lipstick gave her a sultry and sensual look. It was clear that the fourteen-year-old was not wearing a bra. Karlene could see Jack eyeing both women equally.

“Well let me get everyone something to drink. Abby, isn’t it? Hanna is having a glass of wine. If your folks say OK, would you like the same?” Abby looked over at her parents, who both nodded their heads. “Yeah great. I love it.” Though the way Brad was looking a Abby, it was obvious he would be more than happy to give her a drink of something else. “Kyle, can I get you a soda? Coke or Sprite?”

“Coke would be great, thanks.” Brad then took both Jack and Karlene’s drink orders. Relaxed and sitting on the deck, enjoying the warm summer evening, the conversation flowed easily as everyone sipped their drinks. They talked about their respective jobs, the local schools; both middle and high. They even joked about how Brad and Janet had met, ironically enough, at a mid-night showing of “Rock Horror.”

“Yes, very cliched, and even worse, both Brad and I work in science. Brad is a professor at the college, and of course I do research. So the ribbing never ends. But that is fine, we enjoy a good joke.” Lighthearted conversation and everyone getting to know each other.

“Hanna, dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes. Why don’t you take Abby and Kyle upstairs and show them your room. You probably have time for a quick video game. Hanna is a big-time gamer girl, among other things.”

“Great, come on guys. I think that is the sign that the ‘adults’ want to discuss ‘adult’ things.” Both Brad and Janet’s eyes followed Abby as she left the deck, much in the same way as Karlene and Jack watched Hanna.

Once the kids were gone, it was Janet that started the new conversation. “It really is quite funny that you dropped off your note today. As we were leaving to run our errand, I saw you painting the rock in your yard and we almost stopped, but for all we knew you were just painting your rock. But you weren’t were you?”

“No, it was deliberate. Though I told that Helen woman that it was just an old wife’s tail and that the swing was the real kicker. She gave a little laugh, but I don’t think she was into any sort of joking around like that, and about that subject. That was when she mentioned that you had given her a similar answer some time ago. So, Jack and I decided to meet the neighbors.”

“Yes, that Helen woman is vile, the neighborhood busybody. I am sure she will avoid you as much as she does us now and spread rumors. Hopefully they won’t all be just rumors? If we are reading you right,” responded Brad.

“No, I think everything is going swimmingly. I think we will be able to get to know each other closely. We don’t have a lot of experience, but we had some close friends back in Chicago. We were hoping to make friends here in Florida.”

“Good. I think you can tell that Brad and I are quite interested. We do have a question, well more than one…..but not to be delicate…..but be sure what you say is strictly between us…….they are active participants, Abby and Kyle?”

“Um……yes….we do have a very loving family….and to be honest…..Abby is very much the slut……actually it was she who initiated it……..everything other than Jack and I swinging. Two years ago, she seduced her brother. She had caught us fucking a few times, and I guess something switched inside her head and she became a little sex crazed twelve-year-old. She found our porn stash and started watching it when we weren’t home and using her brother to learn on. Then Abby set her sights on seducing me, innocently at first with typical girl-mom questions and then pushing me to show her how things were done. Once she had me in her web, it just naturally followed that Jack would fuck her too.”

“And Kyle?”

“He came along for the ride. Kyle wasn’t going to be left out of anything, and while he doesn’t stretch any holes yet, he knows how to use what he has got. I must say, it is really quite nice to suck and play with his cock.”

“Well, I will say that Abby is quite fetching. I know Brad wanted to fuck her the moment you all walked in the door. We’re glad you let her dress the way she is.”

“I guess you both fuck Hanna then?” Asked Jack.

“To be honest, we kind of…..well we did….we manipulated the situation with Hanna. We never forced her anything like that, but we made sure that we would accidently leave the door open. We openly groped each other in front of her as if nothing was out of the ordinary. We would leave porn videos in the DVD player. We did everything short of outright telling her wanted to fuck her, that sex in the family was good. One night while we were fucking….actually I on my hands and knees deepthroating Brad, when Hanna came into the room naked, and silently slid up beside me and took his cock from and started doing exactly what I had been doing. She has become an expert cock sucker and pussy eater. Most nights she shares our bed.”

“One word of warning though,” added Brad, “almost none of the swingers we have met around here don’t approve, so if you start looking at other couples, don’t mention Abby and Kyle. But, we are glad you brought them with you.”

“Very happy,” added Janet. “I hope they are getting to be friends.” Just then all three kids came bounding down the stairs and came out onto the deck. “Is dinner ready yet, mom?” Asked Hanna. “We’re hungry, and we hope that you have worked everything out, because if you haven’t, we’ll just go back upstairs and have fun by ourselves.”

“Oh, will you now,” laughed her father. “Janet, maybe you should check on dinner. We would not want the kids to go off and have fun without us.” Janet rose and went inside to check on dinner. Abby went to sit on her father’s lap and in the process made sure to flip her short skirt up, revealing her pink crotchless panties. Hanna smirked at her new friend.

“Nice panties Abby, how do you like mine,” said Hanna as she copied Abby by sitting on her own father’s lap, pulling up the front of her cocktail dress just enough to show that she was not wearing any panties at all. Her bald young gash open for all to see.

“Girls, put those away until after dinner. I want everyone to enjoy my lasagna before we get down to having sex. How would it look if we invited people over for dinner and never got around to eating.”

“Don’t worry Janet, I think everyone is looking forward to enjoying your lasagna, but I think the girls are looking forward to dessert,” said Brad as he unconsciously stroked his daughter’s gash.

“Brad, don’t encourage the girl. There is enough time for everyone to enjoy the new tastes. So, let’s eat. I’m looking forward to enjoying the two new cocks……and the two new pussies…….”

Kyle whispered something in Karlene’s ear, causing her to smile. “Yes Kyle, Mrs. Evans wants to enjoy your cock, if that is OK with you.” Janet walked over to Kyle and Karlene, and stroked Kyle’s growing cock through his shorts. “Do you want to have sex with me Kyle?”

“Yeah…….can I cum on you?”

“Of course, Kyle. You can cum anywhere you want, though I do want some in my mouth. I want to really taste you,” cooed Janet as she got down on her knees and exposed his hard cock. “That is a very nice cock young man. I can’t wait to eat it right up.”

“Janet? I thought you wanted everyone to eat first,” joked her husband.

“Yes well, Kyle is……well I just want a little taste now.”

“Janet gets what Janet wants,” quipped Brad. Janet opened her mouth and took Kyle’s full length into the warm and wet confines. Kyle let out a low moan and arched his back, pushing his length further into her throat.

“Mom!! Why does Kyle get to have fun, and everyone else has to wait,” moaned Abby unhappily. Janet, stopped swirling her tongue around Kyle’s young cock and raised her head. “Hanna, go turn the oven down to two hundred. I guess we can eat after a bit of fun for everyone. Right now, I just want to enjoy this delicious young man.” Janet went back to devouring Kyle, making sure to give her sloppy and noisiest best blow job.

“Well then, girls why don’t you both entertain yourselves with Jack, and I will investigate what Brad has to offer.” Abby immediately jumped up with a squeal of delight and hurried over to Hanna, dragging her away from Brad and towards her father, Jack.

“You’re going to love my dad’s cock, and I’m going to love all the slurpy goodness of the two of you. “

“Does that mean you are going lick and suck on my cunny?”

“Yes, it does, all the while my dad is fucking your hot little box. I think you will find that I am a pretty good cunt licker. My mom taught me well, at least that is what I have been told.”

“Well, I am looking forward to it……and your dad’s cock, which is looking very nice……” Jack had assumed that the girls coming over to him meant that he was going to have the opportunity of experiencing Hana’s dripping box, and had removed his already hard member from the confines of his trousers.

“I think my dad is ready for you to mount up Hana. Looks like he is excited about filling you up. Enjoy your ride.”

“Enjoy the fruits of our…….fucking.” Replied Hana as she quickly gave Jack a peck on the cheek. “Do you mind if sit on your lap, Mr. Fremont?”

“Go right ahead sweetheart, it is all ready for you.” Hanna pulled the bottom of her dress up over her hips and positioned herself over Jack’s throbbing cock. With her cunt full exposed, it was clear to see that she sported a tattoo arc of shooting stars and little hearts above her clit.

“Wow……that’s beautiful…..your parents allowed you to get a tattoo…..and the hearts are just like the makeup on near your eye…..I didn’t think you could get a tattoo at our age,” uttered Abby in awe. “When I got my tattoos, Hanna begged to get tattooed too, and as you can see, we are not your typical parents,” answered Janet, taking a break from orally pleasing Kyle. Kyle was doing his best to hold back cumming. Mrs. Evans’ mouth felt incredible on his young cock and though he was not new to sex, the talented tongue and mouth along with the excitement of the new technique had Kyle on the verge of filling Janet’s mouth.

“Actually, the on my face is a tattoo too, I just let most people think that it is makeup. And, if you like my tattoos, wait until you the ones my mom has. The woman who did them is a close friend of ours……and her husband too. He’s a coach at the high school.” Hanna lowered herself and her tattooed pussy down onto Jack’s waiting member. “Mmmmm……that feels heavenly.” Abby dove in with her mouth as soon her new friend had settled down on her father’s cock and began lapping at the beautiful sight in front of her. “Abby……your tongue feels incredible.

“You taste wonderful too……”

Meanwhile, Karlene was oblivious to most of what was going on around her as she navigated her well-practiced mouth around the girth of Brad’s thick manhood. Though not as long as Jack’s, Brad’s cock was almost twice as thick, completely filling her mouth and stretching her jaws open. Karlene knew that she would have to use some of the big toys in her arsenal to get her ass trained to cock a this thick, but she looked forward to the challenge of getting her ass fucked by this wonderfully thick dick.

“Jack, you have a very talented wife. There are not too many women who can do such a good job of giving me head. I’m not sure that Abby is going to be able to get me inside her.”

“Don’t worry Brad, Abby will give you all she can. She is a great little cock sucker and will have you spurting all over her. Abby is a real cum slut, like her mother,” said Jack. Karlene was now sucking on Brad’s knob and stroking his shaft , working her tongue over his tip.

Hanna was now bouncing up and down on Jack’s lap enthusiastically as Jack drove his cock deep into the young girls quim. Hanna was not used to a cock this deep inside her, Jack’s manhood being the longest she had taken in her short life. Jack had a hand on each of Hanna’s tits and toyed with her nipples as she rode him. Jack looked forward to many sessions with this confident and exciting teen. “How are you doing over there sport?” asked Jack to his son.

“Great…..dad….god…..oh god…..” Kyle was cut off as Janet increased the up and down tempo with her mouth and tongue on his small penis while she gently pressed her index finger into his tight dark hole. “Oh god……I’m……fuck….” Janet took his entire length into her mouth as she pressed her finger fully into his rectum. “She’s…..my ass…..fuck….yes…..I’m going to…..” Kyle began to cum, filling the woman’s eager and waiting mouth with a constant throbbing steam of cum. Janet was in love with this little cock and the taste of Kyle’s boy seed. Once he had stopped throbbing in her mouth, Janet rose up, releasing his temporarily spent member and strode over to her daughter, still enjoying both Jack’s cock and Abby’s tongue, and tilted the girl’s chin up and baby birded Kyle’s cum into Hanna’s open mouth. Hanna swallowed eagerly and smiled.

“Momma must make sure that her babies are happy and well nourished,” quipped Janet after swallowing the last of Kyle’s spunk. Just then, Brad grunted and loudly moaned, “oh yes….so good….take it…..I’m cumming,” as he filled Karlene’s mouth. With the girth of Brad’s cock and the amount he spewed out, Karlene could not keep it all in her mouth and streams of it ran from the corners. Karlene coughed causing more it to flow from her mouth and down her chin and onto her blouse, and Brad kept cumming, splashing her face and hair. Karlene could not believe how much there was, plus she knew that she must look a total mess now.

“I’m so sorry Karlene, I should have warned you that Brad has a lot of cum to give,” laughed Janet. “So does Jack, but this is insane,” replied Karlene as the copious amount of cum dripped off her face onto her already spunk-stained blouse. She reached out with her tongue to the side of her mouth and caught a glob just as it was about to slide off.

Janet had been toying with Kyle’s now semi-erect penis while using her index finger in his rectum and kissing him deeply. To Janet’s mind, the boy was proving to be a decent kisser who was enjoying the feeling of Janet’s finger fucking his young ass. Janet decided to forego continued attention to Kyle’s youthful cock and went to help her new-found friend get cleaned up. She crawled over to Karlene, still kneeling between Brad’s legs, and began to lick at Karlene’s jizz covered face. “I thought you could use the help.”

Karlene smiled at Janet and laughed, “I think I will be getting a lot of help from you, and often. Brad has a nice taste to him.”

“We think so,” replied Janet, looking back towards her daughter bouncing and moaning away on Jack’s lap. “Fuck mom, don’t smile at me like that when I about to cum……oh god this is so fucking good…..Abby you were right about your father’s cock….it….god….yes…is wonderful…..and your….tongue….fuck….yes…god yes….fuck…..” Sensing that Hana was about explode, Jack reached up and roughly took each of her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and pinching and pulling them hard. It was like an electric shock going through the young teen’s body as her orgasm took her violently. Abby had a hard time keeping up her tongue action on the couple where they joined, her father’s manhood deep inside Hanna’s quivering, and gushing cunt. Jack released his seed inside her. His cock throbbing with each rope of cum he planted inside her.

Abby now licked at the mixture of her father’s ejaculate and Hanna’s juice; her face covered in the gooey combination. She relished the taste, and knew she was addicted to Hanna’s dew. Abby looked around the room. Her mother and Janet were feverishly making out, her mother’s blouse now discarded on the floor. Her father and Hanna were now kissing like lovers long separated. Brad was silently watching his wife and Karlene make out, stroking his thick cock, while Kyle just surveyed the room, hoping for more fun. Deciding to be funny, Abby broke the verbal silence. “Did someone say something about dinner, or should we just each other’s faces and what-not?”

“Yes, I think we should take a little break from the fun and eat some dinner and seeing as many of us are only partially dressed currently, I think we should all just eat naked. If that is alright with everyone?” announced Janet, who then removed her now cum stained blouse and slacks.

“Wow,” said Jack as some of Janet’s tattoos were now revealed. Both of her breasts were tattooed each with a large blue star, centered on her nipples. Above her quim she had an arc of small flowers. Her cunt and inner thighs sported a butterfly, the body made up of her pussy lips. Seeing that everyone in the Fremont family had their eyes glued to her, she did a little turn to reveal a large butterfly just above her ass crack and camouflaged in the body a secret penis pointing down towards her ass. Janet then bent over with her legs spread and held her ass cheeks apart, her anus tattooed with another blue star.

“Holy fuck,” was Kyle’s exhortation as he stared at the amazing blue star. “Yes Kyle, that is what I said too when I was having it done. Even with the numbing gel, it was very painful, and so was my cunny butterfly. But they were worth it. I have, actually we have, a great tattoo artist, who you will meet. You will love her and her husband. We do,” said Janet, and then looking at Abby, “if you decide to go out for Freshman cheerleading with Hanna, Abby he will be the coach.”

“I hadn’t thought about doing that,” replied Abby. “I don’t really have any experience…..”

“Oh, Abby you should go out for it. I’m going to be on the team, and I have no experience either. It will be so much fun, and once you get to know Steve and Judy, you will be a shoe in.”

“I…..don’t know Hanna…….mom?”

“You should try out Abby…..after all…..you already have a friend on the team.”

“Yes Abby, do. You’re going to love them. They are our two closest friends, and I know they are both going to love you too…..all of you,” added Brad. “I guess it is settled then mom. I am going to be a cheer leader. Are the tryouts hard?”

Both Brad and Janet laughed. “Of course they are hard silly, what would be the fun if they weren’t. Though I am sure that Judy…..well let’s just say that she will help you to be very relaxed.”

“So, I am guessing, not to be too indelicate, that Coach Steve put Hanna through the works for her tryout?” asked Jack, “and that both he and Judy are aware of your family activities?”

“Yes, they are very close personal friends of the family. If it is OK with you, I would love to give you all a chance to meet them, very informally.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Karlene. “I am sure all four of us look forward to it eagerly.”

“Good,” said Janet. “I want to get some more ink done. You would look even more wonderful with some of Judy’s handiwork on your lovely body.”

“I must say, your tattoos are quite exquisite. I will definitely think about it.”

“OH, can I too mom? Dad?’ asked Abby.

“I don’t know love.”

“Please, please?”

“We will think about it Abs.”

With everyone from both families now fully naked, Janet led them into the dining room to eat dinner. Everyone enjoyed Janet’s lasagna, and the conversation flowed freely, though Kyle was still distracted by the two big stars on Janet’s tits. He was also distracted by Hanna’s under the table gently stroking his throbbing hard cock. Hanna was subsequently thinking that Kyle’s young tool would feel incredible in her youthful tight puckered ass. She knew what she wanted after they finished eating. Hanna also wanted to pay back her friend for helping her cum before dinner and looked forward to eating out her dripping gash.

After everyone had finished their meal, they all retired to the Evan’s basement, dubbed the ‘Play Room.’ The floor was covered in soft-foamy vinyl mats and had an assortment of similarly made blocks, perfect for bending over or laying upon. IN one corner was the darker side of the room decorated with a giant ‘X’ with masks, hoods, paddles and floggers hanging on the wall. In another corner of the room was a cupboard holding a vast array of sex toys. The room also included a couple of vinyl couches and a large-screen TV mounted on the wall.

“Wow, we don’t have anything like this in our house. Just a nice very private swimming pool,” exclaimed Karlene. “Jack, think we need one of these.”

“I hope we become fast friends, and you will be spending a lot of time here,” said Brad. “Of course, the pool sounds wonderful too.”

“Well, I am sure that is going to be a certainty. You know what they say: the families that play together, stay together,” quipped Karlene.

“I had not heard it expressed exactly that way before, I wholly agree,” laughed Brad. “It looks like the girls are in complete agreement and hot to get things rolling.”

Abby and Hanna were already passionately making out with Kyle looking on eagerly waiting to get in on the action, his young cock fully hard. “Why don’t we watch the kids get things underway. I think they have already worked out the first pairing, well three-some. Anyone want a drink?” asked Janet. As the kids down to fully enjoying themselves their parents watched the lovemaking before them.

After making out for a bit, Abby went over and grabbed a dildo while Hanna gave her best tongue and mouth work on Kyle’s cock. She had never given a blow job to a twelve-year-old and was thoroughly enjoying his small size as she twirled her talented tongue around the head and dragged it down the underside to his compact balls. She took the whole thing in her mouth in one swallow, while Kyle enjoyed the sensations. Hanna made sure that Kyle’s tool had a good coating of saliva over it and motioned for him to move around to upraised ass.

“Hey beautiful girl, I think the parents want to watch us fuck and suck.”

“Yeah, I’m thinking we are the stars of the show for now Hanna.”

“Well, I am all ready for a nice bit of cunny eating and getting my ass pounded by your little brother. Kyle…..do you want to fuck my sweet little ass while I lick your sister’s pussy and use this lovely dildo on her?”


“Well, rub it through my gash a bit and then go to town. I’m used to my dad and a few other cocks back there, so you can just get it wet and push in. I can’t wait to feel you inside my backdoor.” Kyle was happy to oblige the older girl and stroked his young penis through Hanna’s dripping pussy lips. He had only ever fucked one girl close to his own age before this, let alone one that was so eager to have him fuck her in the ass. With his manhood slick with Hanna’s juices of desire, he lined up on her tight pucker and slowly pushed in. Hanna let out a soft moan as he entered her, and with a smile on her face she dove into Abby’s waiting cunny while gently working the phallus into her new friend’s soaked pussy.

“I can’t believe how much girls these days are so into being fucked in the ass. When we were their age, it took along time for a lady to offer up her backdoor to a gentleman,” laughed Janet. “I know,” responded Karlene, “I don’t think I took it in the ass until I was twenty or so. But god, Abby has wanted it from the time she knew you get a guy to fuck her there.”

“The same with Hanna,“ interjected Brad. “She could not handle me at first, but she took it on herself to practice with bigger and bigger toys, and a few men, until she could fuck me back. I must say it is fun to watch the three of them going at it.”

“I can tell that you are enjoying the kids show,” said Karlene as she looked down at his fully engorged member and began to stroke him. “How do you feel about putting this beautiful piece of equipment to work?”

“I would love to.”

Just then Abby began to moan louder and louder, her hips began to buck, and it was clear she was close to coming. Hanna lifted her pussy drenched face from Abby’s box and told Kyle she wanted him to cum on her and his sister. She scooted up so she could take one of Abby’s puffy tits into her mouth while still working the dildo with one hand and Abby’s clit with the other. Kyle pulled out of the tight hole he had been enjoying and moved so that he could shoot his load on Hanna’s mouth and his sister’s tits.

“Oh fuck yes……fuck Hanna….I’m cumming….yes….fuck…..harder……” With his sister’s loud exclamation of her orgasm, Kyle began shooting his load towards Hanna’s mouth covering Abby’s tit. Hanna lifted her mouth as Kyle’s seed found its mark on the wet hard nipple. Hanna sucked up both the cum and the nipple as Kyle continue cum over both girls. With Kyle’s seed dripping from her face and lips, Hanna moved up to kiss Abby as she came down from her own cum, but before the two girls locked lips, Hanna invited Kyle to fuck her pussy if he was still hard. Being twelve, Kyle was more than happy to keep fucking this heavenly teen.

Karlene and Brad had paired off again with Brad now fucking her doggie style. Just in reach of Karlene’s tits, Janet was on her back, her feet up in the air, being pounded by Jack. The sounds and aroma of sex filled the downstairs playroom. Karlene enjoyed the stuffed feeling of Brad’s thick cock deep inside her pussy and Jack was enjoying fucking Janet’s butterfly. By now Kyle had dumped his young load in Hanna’s teen cunt, sending Abby diving to clean out her new friend’s fuck hole. “I love the fact that you want to eat my pussy again, but I am guessing that it also the addition of a fresh load of cum?” Abby looked at Hanna and replied, “I love both,” as Hanna’s and Kyle’s combined juices dripped from her lips and chin. Kyle went in search of a new field to plow, his almost teen cock still dripping from fucking Hanna. Still playing with Karlene’s tits and enjoying the sensations of Jack’s cock, Janet motioned to the young boy.

“Here let me clean up your lovely little cock, and if your father doesn’t mind maybe we can change positions and you can fuck my star while your father keeps going in my cunny? Would you like that, Kyle?” Kyle grinned and replied in the affirmative. “You’re a popular young stud tonight Kyle, all the ladies want you,” laughed Jack. Janet took Kyle’s full length into her wanting mouth and enjoyed the flavor of her daughter’s teen cunt and his young seed, then working up a good amount of saliva she used her tongue to coat his penis. “I think you are ready now to fuck my ass young man. Just push in back there, and don’t worry about hurting me; I’m used to Brad’s thick length of meat. When you are ready to cum though, I want you to spray your stuff in my mouth. I just can’t get enough of your spunk Kyle.”

Kyle lined his almost teen cock up to the lovely puckered star of Janet’s anus and pushed in. He could feel his father’s cock through the thin membrane that separated the two spaces, and loved the tightness surrounding his cock. This was only his second time double penetrating someone, the other being his sister. He loved anal sex, and even really loved it when Janet had used her finger on his ass, but for now he kept his focus on fucking the beautiful tattoo star.

With both Kyle and Jack fucking her, Janet was soon moaning as her own orgasm built up. She could hear her husband grunting and warning Karlene that he was about to cum, and she could see her daughter and Abby sixty-nining, all of which added fuel to her own fire that was about to burst. As the first wave of ecstasy began to wash over her, she felt Jack begin to throb deep inside her cunt and his body go tense. There was a look of sheer contentment on his face as he filled her his cum. Her spasming cunny milked his erupting manhood for every bit of Fremont seed he had to offer. Kyle could feel Janet’s and his father orgasms and knew that his own time was close. Pulling out of her dark passage, Kyle knew that he would be regularly fucking Mrs. Evans there, now he was happy to blow his load into her mouth. Janet was eager to take the boy’s cum as she came down from her orgasm, sucking down every drop of boy cum he shot into her warm, wet mouth.

“Kyle feel free to come over anytime you want to fill me up with your delicious cum.” Exclaimed Janet after swallowing down his sweet boy jizz. “I am just so in love with your cock. I just can’t get enough of you.”

“Well I am looking forward to experiencing Brad more and tasting Hanna’s delicious looking young cunny. If you are free, would you all like to come over and swim in our pool tomorrow? With both the houses on either side of us being just one level and our high privacy fence, we can continue playing and getting to know everyone better,” suggested Karlene.

“We would love to.” Brad enthusiastically answered.

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