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Soggy wet sponge

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I became sexually attracted to my new step-sister, I managed to control it until last week when we were home alone. She’s so sexy.

My name is Ricky, I’m 15, and my dad re-married and my new step-mom has a daughter, her name is Rachael, and she’s 8 years old.

After they got married early this year we all moved in together, I’d hung out with Rachael a lot so we could get to know each other and stuff, and she’s a good kid, lots of fun, I am happy to call her my little sister, but it wasn’t until we moved together that I started feeling differently towards her.

I started seeing her wearing pyjamas, night shirts and nighties, she’s often run around the house wearing just her panties, I’d not see her like this before because I hadn’t lived with her permanently until now, she comes in to my room to play, and she cuddles and kissed me and stuff, she’s just being a playful 8 year old girl, but I’ve been getting boners all the time when she’s around me and I drove me mad.

Sometimes she’d spend ages in my room watching me play on my computer, she’d sit or lay on my bed and her scent would soak in to my sheets and my pillow, then when I go to bed at night, I can smell her all over my bed, it makes my cock hard and I jerk off while holding my pillow against my face and smelling her, she smells like fruits and chocolate.

So, yes, I’m super sexually attracted to my step-sister, I know it’s wrong, I know she’s young, I know I could get in to a lot of trouble if anyone found out, but I can’t help it if she turns me on and gives me boners, it’s like she’s cock teasing me but doesn’t realise it.

Last week our parents went out to celebrate the anniversary of their first ever date together, and they left me and Rachael in the house alone, that’s when I did it, that’s when I fucked her heavenly little pussy for the first time, I didn’t plan it, circumstances just resulted in it happening.

She was getting a bath, and I was in my bedroom with my music on trying to block out her adorable singing, she always sings songs from cartoons on TV when she’s in the bath, she has the sweetest little voice you’ve ever heard, but it’s a turn on for me and I didn’t want to hear her because it would drive me nuts.

A while later my bedroom door opened, and I turned to only briefly see her standing in my doorway wearing only her pink panties, she threw a wet bath sponge at me, “Catch” she shouted, giving me no time to react, the sponge hit me just under my chin and on my chest, soaking me, “You little…” I shouted, as she turned and ran off giggling, I took off my wet shirt, picked up the sponge and chased after her.

By the time I got in to her bedroom, she’d vanished, in her room she has bunk beds, there’s a single bed at the top where she sleeps, the bottom one is a double bed with a pile of at least 50 teddy bears, pillows and cushions on it, I saw some of the teddy bears move and I knew where she was hiding.

I sneak up and saw the bottom of one of her feet sticking out, I grabbed her foot and then jumped on the bed, she burst out from under the teddy bears, she rolled over on to her back and I sat on her feet and pushed the sponge in to her face, soaking her, we laughed and giggled playfully.

Eventually I dropped the sponge and pinned her arms down, her pretty little face was all soaking wet, I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, then she went quiet and just stared back at me with a grin on her face, I could feel my cock stiffening in my shorts, I leaned down and kissed her again, this time keeping our lips pressed together, she seemed to like it because she was kissing me back.

A couple of minutes later I shuffled myself down her legs and I kissed her neck, then her left nipple and her right, then continued to kiss her silky soft body as I continued to shuffle down, she giggled when I put my tongue in her bellybutton, I kept going until I reached the rim of her pink panties then slowly started to pull on them, taking them off of her, she didn’t stop me at any point, once her panties were off, I could see her smooth curved pussy, it is beautiful.

I leaned down again, this time flicking her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, she gasped a number of times, then I slid my tongue down the crack of her pussy and pushed it between her flaps and tasted her sweet innocence, she let out a long gasp and her legs opened like they were on springs, she reached down and placed her hands on the top of my head, she wanted me to keep licking her pussy, I had no idea she would enjoy this or allow me to do it, wish I’d have known sooner.

As my cock started to push against the fabric of my shorts, I pushed them down and released my boner and I rubbed it while licking her out, but this was my chance, no more jerking off, I had to put my cock inside her sweet little pussy, so I shuffled back up her small frame, kissed her on the lips again, she crossed her around the back of my head holding on to me.

Because she was a lot shorted than me, I had to bend my back, I couldn’t just lay on top of her and do it, I had to bend my back to my cock would reach her pussy while still being able to kiss her cherry red lips, I tried pushing my cock inside but it felt a bit rough, and Rachael didn’t sound like she was enjoying it.

I realised she wasn’t wet enough, so I grabbed the sponge and squeezed all the water out of it on to her pussy, getting it nice and wet, and I tried again, this time she sounded more comfortable and I could feel my cock sliding in, the rim of her tiny hole started to expand around my girth and allow my cock to slide further inside her.

“Uhmm – Ungh” she moaned.

It took a while to get it inside her because her pussy was very tight indeed, but it felt great, the soft bumpy wet and warm ridges inside her pussy delicately massaged my cock as I very slowly moved it in and out, it was way better than I had fantasised it would be.

“Does it hurt?” I asked her.

She shook her head and gasped, “No.” she replied.

I was very surprised that she said no, I thought with her being so small and young that it would hurt at least a little, I’d heard that a girls first time is painful, but Rachael didn’t seem to be in any pain at all, she was still smiling, I guess girls like sex at any age then.

I continued to fuck her slowly in the pile of soft cuddly teddy bears, and I listened to her sexual moans, she’s often scrunch up her eyes and face, she has the more adorable sex face, she was moaning and gasping, I was groaning and her pussy was just so good to fuck.

Eventually her own juices started flowing and gave a much needed lubricant boost, and I suddenly found my cock sliding deeper in to her, the lubricant allowed me to push it much further inside, the pleasurable feeling intensified by about a thousand and I started to fuck her faster because it felt so good.

The frequency of her moans increased, “Ungh – Ung – Hmm – Ungh”, my back arched further as I managed to go balls deep in to her and her little legs threw up in to the air, I pushed my hands underneath her and grabbed hold of her little ass, which was bouncing up and down off the teddy bears, and I just fucked her fast and deep as I could.

The tip of my cock had become very sensitive, almost numb type feeling, and I could feeling my sperm starting creep up my shaft ready to come out, something made me sit up on my knees, grab her ankles and hold her legs up in the air and wide apart in the final moments.

I thrust my cock repeatedly and rapidly in to her pussy, and I watched as it went in and out of her, it was incredible to see my thick cock vanishing inside her little pussy, she stretched her arms out grabbing for teddy bears, and she moaned loudly with pleasure and was breathing very deeply.

A few more very quick and very deep thrusts later, and it happened, I couldn’t hold it a second longer, I ejaculated, blew my load inside her.

Once I’d finished squirting, I slowly pulled my cock out of her hole and a waterfall of my sperm came flowing out of it, I guess her little pussy couldn’t contain my heavy load.

When I looked up, Rachael had her head turned to the side, resting on a white bunny bear, she had fallen asleep, I completely tired her out, but she looked so beautiful, like a little angel, just sleeping.

I laid myself next to her and just stayed with her for a couple of hours until she woke up, she rolled on to her side and draped her arm across me, hugging me, then shortly afterwards, she started rubbing my cock and made it hard, she was fascinated by it, I just let her do whatever she wanted to do, and she rubbed it for so long she made me ejaculate again, she giggled when she saw my sperm shoot out.

Sadly we didn’t have time for more sex because our parents were due home, so we got dressed in to our pyjamas, I tucked her in to her bed and I stood on the ladder stroking her hair until she fell asleep.

It has been a week since that night and we haven’t been able to have sex since, but I am training her to give me blowjobs, she knows what we did was a bit naughty, but luckily she likes it so she’s not going to tell on me for what I did that night.

We’re both just looking forward to getting some time alone so we can fuck again, for now I just have to settle for quick hand jobs, blowjobs and me putting my hand down the front of her panties and rubbing her pussy when no one is looking, my cock can’t wait to get back in there.

I also kept her pink panties from that night, they were the last pair of panties she wore as a virgin so they have sentimental value now.

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  • Reply Anon ID:bo2qeo7d3

    Sounds like your dad was already training her

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0i

      Or the girls real dad and why they got a divorce in the first place. all you have to do is get their Curiosity up and after the first orgasm they are hooked.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hm

    Awe! That was so cute. good story but I am a little curious as to her Hymen or rather the lack of.
    The story was good and I know you enjoyed that young pussy so much. Young pussy is like fucking a silk vise being soooo smooth and tight. I will NEVER get tired of fucking them.
    Being so young she is all yours like forever so enjoy it.

  • Reply Lol ID:1ghnnbtz49k

    such a good story you definitely have to fuck her tight young pussy again and her little asshole too!

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Vorfällen das kleine Arschloch 7

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Nice story, train her to be your new sex toy