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True Sexual Experiences with my little sister and cousins

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Some real life tales of incest that I’ve done with my little sister and cousins. Email me at [email protected] if you want to talk more.

Hello everyone. My name is NsfwRedOrange (obviously not my real name) and I’m a 19 year old male. I’m currently living in Canada (can’t give away my exact location lol), but my family is originally from India. My family moved here when I was a very young age, and I’m pretty good at English now. I’ve always been into dirty, dark, nasty, and perverted sexual interests/fetishes, and I’m hoping to talk to some people who are like me. I’ve done a lot of messed up sexual things ever since I became super horny. My favorite dirty, fucked up thing is incest, and I’ve had incest experiences with some of the members of my family. Let me give you a short list:

Had sexual experiences with my little sister. It all started roughly 4-5 years ago, when she was 8 and I was 15. I never fully penetrated her, but we got super close and I made her do about everything else except penetration.
Had sex with my divorced aunt when she was pregnant.
Had sex with the SAME divorced aunt’s 12 yr old daughter, my own cousin. (Somewhat of a rape?)

These are some of the big, main sexual experiences I’ve had. I’ve had some other relatively small experiences with some of my other cousins, and 1 or 2 incidents with my mom, but I can tell you more about those experiences when we chat.

Part 1: Little Sister (Part 1)

For now, I’ll tell you the story of how I began my incest experiences with my little sister. As I mentioned before, I first started molesting and doing other sexual things with her when I was about 15 and she was 8. My family lives in a small, cramped 2-bedroom apartment that my mom and dad work really hard to pay rent for each month. I shared my small cramped bedroom with my little sister, and we had to share the same bed as well. My parents took the other bedroom all the way at the end of the hallway. Both my parents had to wake up early for work and work late hours and sometimes even overtime to support the family and pay rent and other bills. Them being immigrant parents also made things harder for them, and they sometimes took nightly classes to improve their english or practice job interviews. My mom and dad would usually leave for work at about 5am and I would hear them come home late around 1-1:30 am. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for a baby-sitter, so they made me take care of my little sister and the apartment when they were at work. Even though I was only 15 at that time, they let me be in charge since they deemed me very responsible (based on how I helped out around the house) and trusted me. What they didn’t know was how much of a sick, perverted, horny son I was of theirs…
Being a 15yr old is not easy. On top of that, being a horny 15yr old is not easy. On top of that, being a horny 15yr old skinny unattractive Indian boy is not easy. ON TOP of that, being a horny 15 yr old skinny unattractive Indian boy who doesn’t get laid is not easy. Ever since puberty started when I was around 12 years old, my sex hormones were through the roof and I was horny basically 24/7. Middle school was super hard, since I had just begun to get horny and I was noticing these super sexy girls in my class and drooling over their gorgeous faces, growing tits, and tight curvy asses. I began to masturbate about 5-6 times a day, and as I discovered porn, I got even hornier and even began to take quick bathroom breaks in between classes so I could bust a quick nut. I had no luck in middle school getting laid, so I began hoping for better luck in high school, where I figured I was bound to get laid, no matter how scrawny and ugly I was. Well, freshman year of high school comes around, and the girls I see in the hallways and in my classes look so sexy. Gone are the disgusting school dress codes! It was the first time I had seen in a school where anyone could wear whatever they wanted to. Girls with beautiful faces and hair came in wearing basically see through bras, really REALLY short skirts (basically to a point where you could see their panties if you knelt down), tight jeans/leggings, long beautiful scented hair… This led to many interesting and jaw-dropping “investigations” I did on girls I met in my class or just glanced at in the hallways. I would stalk them on social media and have a fun time fantasizing about fucking them and raping them hard as I jerked off to their pics on Insta, Snap, etc. Am I the ultimate definition of pervert or what? 😉 Anyways, freshman year ends and I still remain a virgin… a really, really horny, perverted virgin.
After freshman year ended, summer vacation began to look terrible. I was forced to stay home and babysit my stupid little sister while my parents went to work. It’s not like I could invite over any friends, cause I didn’t have any friends at that time. Not many people wanted to be friends with the new weird, quiet, scrawny, ugly Indian boy with the strong accent. My sister was the same, and it was a little bit more difficult for her since 4th grade had just ended and she was preparing for 5th grade. Like me, she had 0 friends, and she ended up getting bullied by some boys and girls in her class for being new and also having a strong Indian accent. I remember picking her up some days from school during 4th grade and there would be tears going down her cheek or her eyes would be puffed up red from crying. When we got home, I was her sole comforter and I helped her the most since my parents were never around. I would sit down and listen to her tell about how she got bullied and all the mean things those kids said and did to her. It was up to me to stop her from crying too much and comfort her and cheer her up. I was the one who made her lunch and dinner, helped her with her homework, watched tv with her, etc. She loved me the most, and she trusted me with anything. I never had any sexual urges or nasty thoughts about my little sister before that year. I began to get these dirty, dark thoughts about my own sister about a week before summer vacation.
By the last week of classes, I had almost given up all hope of getting laid freshman year. Nothing had seemed to work this year, so I gave up and began resorting to the good ol’ “beating the bush” about 6-7 times a day (mainly after I came home from school). I picked up my sister from her school and she was crying again that day, and she told me on the way home the story of these 2 boys in her class pulling her hair and chasing her around during recess. She told me that those 2 boys cornered her down at the farthest part of the playground and they shoved her against the wall and lifted up her skirt and started to rub their bodies against her. The way she described it definitely sounded like some sort of molesting/groping to me. I asked her why she didn’t report it to the teacher at recess, and my sister told me that she was too shy and embarrassed and she didn’t know how to describe it to the teacher using the correct English words because she wasn’t too fluent in english at that point. We were silent the rest of the walk home, and I couldn’t believe that my little sister had gotten shoved around and molested by 2 boys during recess, and that her teachers couldn’t do anything about it or help her. I calmed her down when we got home and told her that I’ll talk to her teacher about it and that she should take a shower to feel better and forget about the incident about recess. She agreed and put her clothes in the laundry basket and went to the bathroom to go shower. I went to my bedroom and sat down on my bed and tried to digest what my sister had told me on the walk home. 2 4th grade boys in her class bullied and molested her during recess, and they faced no punishment whatsoever cause they didn’t get caught and because my quiet, shy sister didn’t say anything, As I was thinking about the incident, I slowly began to feel horny as I remembered that I usually fapped to some porn at this time while my sister was in the shower. I was going to grab my laptop to browse some porn to fap too quickly, but very random, nasty perverted thoughts about my sister started to invade me. Dejected about me not getting laid at all during freshman year and giving up trying to fuck those hot sexy girls back in class who drove me crazy with their thick thighs, asses, popping tits, gorgeous faces, my dirty, twisted brain kept feeding me dark, horny thoughts telling me how hot and sexy it was that my own little sister got molested and groped by those 2 boys. I imagined and fantasized those 2 boys forcing my little sister naked and touching and molesting every inch of her sweet innocent tight body as she kept quiet and didn’t fight back because she was a shy, quiet, stupid, submissive slut. I got a boner as I kept on thinking these things, and I tried to fight it and convince my brain that the things I was fantasizing about was insanely inappropriate and wrong, but the dark thoughts gave away before I quickly ran to the dirty laundry basket, grabbed my little sister’s skirt and panties that she had worn to school that day, and ran to my room with them and locked the door. I pulled down my pants, and began sniffing my own sister’s skirt and panties while imagining her being used and fucked by those 2 boys. Then, my horniness went another leap forward and this time, I began fantasizing and imagining me, HER OWN OLDER BROTHER, be the one molesting and doing all sorts of fucked up things to my own little sister. This was my first ever time ever thinking these types of thoughts about my sister, and using her dirty skirt/underwear to masturbate. I fapped furiously as I closed my eyes and sniffed her lovely panties. I imagined and saw my sister in a whole other light as I fapped to her. No longer was she just my 8y old little sister. Now, she was my sexy hot gorgeous 8y old little sister who I all of a sudden got these dark and nasty thoughts about, and really wanted to feel how it would be like to have her stroke my cock with her cute small hands. I imagined how it would feel and look as she tried to put my 5 ¾ inch cock in her small mouth, wrap her lips around my cock and attempt to suck on it like a good girl sucking on a lollipop. I imagined how it would be like to pin her down on the bed and explore her virgin pussy and asshole. I imagined how nice it would be to penetrate my OWN LITTLE SISTER, feel the wrongness and taboo as I fantasized about us losing our virginity to each other, just 2 souls who don’t fit in at school, but fit PERFECTLY as they fucked. I imagined her tight warm virgin pussy wrapped around my cock, me trying to get as much of my cock in as I can in her cunt. Her gorgeous screams and cries are music to my ears, and I imagine me pulling her luscious long black hair in a ponytail while I fuck her, enjoying her tight pussy as I cum deep inside my own sister. I end up spraying spurt and spurt of cum all over the floor, and I quickly grab some tissues and clean up my cum. I put her skirt and panties back in the laundry basket, and I go back to my room to think about what I had just done. A brilliant, genius, dark, perverted plan comes up in my head as I realize how I can make those fantasies of mine actually COME TRUE, and end up doing sexual things with my own little sister, and eventually getting to penetrate her. After that orgasm, I never looked at my sister the same again, and I began to slowly and carefully execute the steps I would need to be able to make my dreams come true and fuck my sexy, beautiful, curvy, 8y little sister.


The main reason for all my fucked up, dark, dirty true experiences and fantasies was because I was molested as a kid by my next door neighbor and babysitter. She was about 13 (if i remember correctly) and I was 10 when she started to molest and rape me. After that, when my family moved to their own house, I started to think back to those experiences and began to grow an interest in messed up, weird perverted sexual interests, such as

rough sex
preteen/teen girls
And some more. (Basically NO LIMITS except for gore/death. I can’t stand that shit).

If you are into any of those sexual things I mentioned above and want to know more about my true experiences and ultimate dirty fantasies and exchange pics/vids or want to share your own experiences or fantasies regarding our fucked up interests, email me at [email protected] I use hangouts to chat mainly, so send me an email telling me a bit about yourselves and what sexual things you’re into and what you like, and we can chat on google hangouts and have fun ;). The more dirtier, darker, nastier, perverted, and fucked up you are, the more we’ll have fun. Anyways, hope to chat with u soon, my fellow pervs!

Email: [email protected]

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