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She’s a nymphomaniac

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My step-daughter is addicted to sex and she doesn’t seem to care how, when or where she gets her fix. Not that I’m complaining.

My 11 year old step-daughter Louise is a horny little nympho who gives me so much pleasure on a daily basis.

It started a few months back on a Tuesday morning, there was a power cut in the night while we slept so none of our alarm clocks went off to wake us up, we had a house rule of no mobile phones after 9pm and we all leave them downstairs, so we never had our phone alarms on.

Waking up 20 minutes late, we were all rushing around to get ready, my wife showered first, she was late for an important work meeting that day, I got a shower after her because Louise was still downstairs eating her breakfast cereal.

As I came out of the bathroom, Louise was rushing towards me, we bumped in to each other and the towel I had wrapped around my waist fell to the floor, Louise bent down to pick it up and when she looked up her nose grazed the tip of my cock, which was right next to her face and her eyes and mouth widened with shock, she gasped and her warm breath blew against my genitals, causing my cock to twitch.

It all happened so fast and I didn’t have time to cover myself, her mom shouted up the stairs, “I’m going. See you tonight. Love you.” And she left the house, I don’t know why but I just froze and didn’t move.

A gentle smile appeared on Louise’s face, she reached up and tapped my cock with her finger, making it bounce, then she giggled and looked up at my face, as she slowly stood back up she took hold of my cock and gently rubbed it.

Then she walked around me, still smiling, she rubbed my cock once more, then handed me the towel before letting go of my cock and going in to the bathroom, I stood there for about another minute and then I remembered the time, so I rushed to get dressed, Louise left to meet her friends to walk to school and I drove to work.

What happened that morning had bothered me all day, so when I got home I sat went up to her bedroom and I sat her down and spoke to her about it, I figured she was young and curious, and she didn’t mean any harm, I told her she wasn’t in any trouble but that it wasn’t appropriate to do that.

I assumed she understood and that the matter was resolved, I was wrong.

That Saturday, my wife went to do her usual volunteer shift at the charity shop and I stayed in bed for a few more hours, it was our usual routine, it just happened I was very tired that morning and wasn’t fully alert as I should have been.

I was laying in bed topless in just my pyjama bottoms, I was aroused by hands rubbing my chest, I kept my eyes closed because I was still a little sleepy, then I felt her hands go down my bottoms and start to stroke my cock until I was fully erect, then I felt my bottoms being pulled down to my knees and a warm wet sensation, it was familiar, she was sucking on my cock, but she didn’t do that too often, “Oooh – is it my birthday, baby?” I groaned.

I lay back and just enjoyed being sucked off, then she stopped, “Oh, don’t stop, baby.” I groaned, and then I felt something warmer and wetter surround my tip, and it was tight, with a very strong grip, when she began to ride me I felt those soft bumpy insides and I knew it was a pussy, but something was off, it didn’t feel like my wife’s hole, it was a lot tighter.

So finally I opened my eyes and I got the shock of my life, it wasn’t my wife, it was Louise, she was fully naked and slowly bouncing up and down on my cock, she smiled at me with her mouth open and gasping with pleasure, “Morning dad.” She moaned, I grabbed hold of her hips to pull her off me but she bashed them away, “No!” she snapped at me, there wasn’t much I could do to be fair, her small pussy was clamped tightly around my cock anyway.

As she started to ride me faster, it felt amazingly good, her young virgin pussy was sensational, she pushed herself all the way down until butt cheeks touched my balls and the entire length of my cock was inside her, then she leaned slightly forward, putting her hands on my chest and then she began to rapidly swing her hips back and forth, my cock was being twanged around inside her pussy and it was incredible.

“Ungh – dad – Oh!” she moaned.

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” I groaned.

This was highly inappropriate, wrong on so many levels, but it was good, it was so good, I figured it was already happening anyway, why not enjoy it, so I quickly grabbed her and flipped us over, I got on top of her, pinned her arms down and pounded her little cunny so hard the headboard put a dent in the wall.

After I ejaculated and flooded her pussy with spunk, she pushed me off, she jumped off the bed all giddy, and then ran out of the room giggling, her head appeared in the doorway a few seconds later, “Morning, dad.” She said quickly, then she was gone again.

I stayed in bed with an aching cock and wondering in my head what the hell just happened.

The next time something happened with the next morning, I was taking a shower and Louise came in to the bathroom, got in to the shower with me, dropped to her knees and she gave me an incredible blowjob and she even swallowed my spunk.

For the next few months she wouldn’t leave me alone, she demanded the use of my cock almost every day, especially on a Saturday when her mom was out working, Louise and I would be in bed having amazing sex.

There has been quite a few incidents when she’s got home from school, on week days we all sit in the kitchen when we get home and have our tea, but what she does is she goes upstairs, takes off her panties, then comes back down.

She comes in to the kitchen, I’m sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter, she sits herself up on my lap, stealthily extracts my cock from my trousers, covers it up with her school skirt, and inserts it in to her pussy as she’s sitting herself down on my lap.

With her mother just a few feet away preparing the food, she gets her school books out on to the counter, and ever so gently moves her hips around with my cock deep inside her pussy, she is so brazen, it’s dangerous at times, her mom is so close by, I’m having adult conversations with her while my cock twitches and ejaculates inside her little girl.

I’m not saying I don’t like it, but it’s dangerous, if her mom ever found out, I’d be a dead man.

I can’t get my head around why an 11 year old girl would be so addicted to sex, it’s weird.

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    She should get her mom involved and then she could have her pussy eaten and eat some pussy. She wouldn’t have to hide from fucking her dad any more then, they both could do it.

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      wow Kim, sounds like you had a lot of fun growing up

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      i wish we as a society were just hornier in general. we should just casually fuck whoever and not give a damn abt taboos or morals

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  • Reply Lady ID:dj4olvs42

    That’s true. Mothers should allow dads to rape their daughters

    • Tabooman75 ID:fx7ithfib

      And if the Dad won’t then it falls to the oldest son. Got any daughters

    • Lady ID:6rkcaxw20b

      Not yet. But I’ll encourage my husband

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      No Mothers should bring their naked daughters to Dad in Bed, and join in. Not rape but please her.

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    mothers should let their daughters get raped!

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      Got any daughters?

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      I agree with you 💯

    • hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

      shut up

      i’m pretty sure all of these “true stories” are obviously fake.

      aka fictional.

      people get aroused by weird things. they’re still horrified by harm irl. and it’s great to have a site where that’s a given like this one and isn’t marred with disclaimers and shit like that

  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbdm4


  • Reply Tman ID:vzge6mqk

    Super hot. Wish that would happen to me