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Manny, Quinn, and Woody

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My dad said I could move into the garage, I got a space heater, but first we had to get rid of some junk.

I was getting too old to live with my little sister, but I couldn’t afford to move out of the house, completely. So, the next best thing was to live in the garage, it’s not like we used it for much but storing stuff we didn’t care about, and it wouldn’t fit in the attic.

Manny rode up on his bike, and cut the engine. “Hey, you having a garage sale?”

“Great idea, if anybody would buy any of this. Junk!” I kicked a table, but it was all 2x4s, and plywood, so worthless.

“I don’t know, that table-saw might be worth a lot of money.”

“How much?” It was my dad’s saw, he bought it to fix the crown molding, and then collect dust out here.

“I don’t know, I’m just saying. Somebody might want it on Craigslist.” I looked back, but he didn’t even have a rack on the fender of his motorcycle. I know, he wears a leather jacket like a biker, but it’s not like a Harley, or anything. It’s just cheaper than a car, but pretty shitty to ride when it’s cold out.

I imagine, not that I rode around on the back of his motorcycle, it doesn’t have a back seat, and I’m not that kind of girl.

I guess I was thinking that when I heard the crackle of him pulling off an aluminum space blanket, and when I turned around, he was looking down at Adam. “What’s this?”

He even ran his fingers up the rippling abs, before he turned over, and looked at me, blushing nervously, “Where’d you get this?”

“Oh, it’s just an old art project, my mom made it in art class. In high school.” It’s so old, I forgot we even had it, tucked away like a skeleton in the closet.

He laughed, “They let her do nudes in high school?”

“Well, I’m sure they let the model wear underwear or something,” then I thought he must be gay when he felt over the leg, and brushed his fingertips up the crotch.

“Yeah, or woodworking, maybe a jock strap?” He didn’t cover his crotch, or have any noticeable boner, from molesting Art. “I bet the model was a jock.”

I nodded, he was certainly muscular enough. It was a study in the nude male body, but just about as perfect a body as you could imagine, and I hadn’t thought about my mom doing anything dirty with it, or the model.

“I don’t know,” honestly. I didn’t think about her dating in high school, before she met dad, and got married. Had kids, I must’ve been a little girl the last time I saw it, but he grabbed the shoulders, and almost pushed it off the table.

“Can you give me a hand with him? He’s heavy!”

“I don’t know what to do.” I ran up, but hesitated to touch it.

“Just hold his legs so it doesn’t slide off.” He grunted, and finally stood it up, then pulled it so it was standing up in the middle of the table. “There, now you have your own personal art gallery. You need help moving anything else in here?”

I was just happy to change the subject, so I turned around, and pointed out some random boxes. He stuck around to help me clear out enough room to set up my bed, and even helped dad carry my dresser, and book cases out of the old girl’s room.

All while the naked statue stood in the corner, on the coffee table. Headless, armless, and mostly legless, but sawed off at the mid-thighs to have level surfaces to stand up on, his butt modestly stuck in the corner. Like an elephant in the room, only missing the trunk. As well endowed as a Ken Doll.

My dad straightened up, and stretched his back. Then, without a word, he went over to pick up the mylar sheet, and drape it over the thing we weren’t talking about.

“Your wife made that?” Manny finally pointed it out.

“Yeah, I guess.” Dad really didn’t want to talk about it.

“She’s really good at woodworking, she do anything else?”

“Not really, she kind of gave it up.” My dad headed for the kitchen door, embarrassed. He finally stopped, holding it by the knob, and muttered something about the way it made him feel. “A little inadequate.” He just shut the door.

I shivered, and rubbed my arms, but I hadn’t turned on the space heater. The garage door was open too, but that’s probably not what gave me the chills. I’d never heard my dad talk about his feelings like that, let alone use the word inadequate.

My inner child died a little, the girl that once thought that he was the strongest man in the world, because he could pick me up like I weighed nothing, and my mommy was the prettiest woman in the world too. “Huh!”

“Well, it looks like you’re pretty well set-up.” Manny stopped by the garage door, and reached up. “You want this open?” I shook my head, and watched the light go down with it, until it flipped shut, leaving me in the cold yellow light of the bare bulb, hanging from the ceiling.

There was just a ball-chain, hanging in the middle of the room. My room, now. I shivered again, and decided to make the most of it. Turned on the space heater, and started unfolding sheets to make my bed.

Now, I had to sleep in it.


Quinn (fO)

Manny came back after school, on foot, but he had his bookbag with him. So, I couldn’t hear his motorcycle, and neither could the rest of the neighborhood. He knocked.

“Quinn, you in there?”

“Yeah,” I got up, and put down my book. I’d dug out an old side table, and a desk lamp, so I had more to read bye than the dim bare bulb.

I turned the handle in the middle of the door, to pull the bars out of the sides, and pushed so it flipped back. And up, it’s like the whole wall folds up on hinges, and springs twanged to take the weight.

“I brought you something,” he reached up to get the door, and pulled it down before he took off his backpack. “Call it a housewarming present.”

He laughed, and unzipped the bag, before he handed it to me. “Uh!” He laughed even harder when I saw the dickhead staring blindly up at me. It didn’t have a pisshole, just a little dimple where one should be, but I rolled my eyes, and held it out to him. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”

He pulled the alluminized sheet off loudly, and laughed. “Yeah, I thought your boyfriend here would look better if he was more anatomically correct than a Ken doll.”

I laughed, “Well, I was thinking that, just the other day.” Honestly, it was a relief after not looking over at it shining in the corner. Honestly, why did she pick something so eye catching to cover it up? She didn’t have a large enough paper bag?

Shit, now I’ve gone and hurt my own feelings. “Huh!” Okay, I know I’m not a good looking girl. I had braces, but I never really grew into these teeth, even though they’re straighter now. I never got that nose-job either, so I guess horse faced isn’t too far off.

I don’t even have big boobs, or a great body to qualify as a butterface. I tried putting on weight, but it all went to my belly, ass, and thighs. I was still stuck with the same B cups I had since like 8th grade, only now my body made them look even smaller in comparison.

I felt fat, and moping around didn’t help my posture. Honestly, I was a teenager, and I knew I’d never live up to the unrealistic standard, I strived for until I finally gave up. I let myself go, but my obviously low self image didn’t help either. Boys can tell, when you feel ugly, and that makes you look even uglier on the outside, so it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

“Can you give me a hand with him?” I had to hold the legs, until he had it tipped over enough to get my fingers under the stumps, slide them out so he could set it down on it’s back again.

Then, we switched sides, so Manny could man-handle it, and hold it up by the stumps. Hanging off the end, which just left me to figure out the straps. It wasn’t just a dildo, it was a full strap-on harness, in the same nude pinkish tan, which utterly failed to match the deep rich cherry stain over the grain of the pine.

“Huh, huhahehihn!” I shook my head, and tried to rub my chin like the thinker, while he slid it back on the table. “It looks ridiculous.”

“Haha, yeah.” Manny threw the plastic sheet back over it, so it pitched like a tent. “Well, it’s kinda late, so I’ll let you go.”

I nodded, biting my lip, and didn’t even look back while he let himself out the side door. He turned on the porch light, there was a little porch on the corner of the house, but really it was just 1 step, and a square of concrete. A little sidewalk connecting it to the driveway, and that’s it.

There was a little square window, so it swung across, and a cross of 4 panes shone on the wall when he shut it. “Huh,” my blush wasn’t going away with him, only my shame. Now that I was alone with it, I could think about it as a him. I shivered when the flush spread down my neck, and took off my top first.

Before my bra started sweating, and that came off next. I walked over to the door to the kitchen, and made sure it was locked, before I turned to my dresser topless, and got out a nighty.

Then, I took off my skirt, and granny panties, so finally I was ready to take off the sheet, and climb on the table. Now, I was sure that Manny was gay, because he had good taste. He didn’t go for the biggest thing in the store, if anything, it was the smallest. Only about 6″ and it even had hard sculpted rubbery balls to feel.

Shake it, so it bobbed, and slipped up and own my trench. Between my thighs, I changed my mind and got up to turn around. Rub my fingers into the hard wood, and feel up the rippling abs to the shelf of muscle on his chest. Like a rounded plateau, she even carved nipples on the corners in bas relief.

“Huh!” I sank down, and just felt it, cold inside me. It took a little while to warm up with my body heat, even longer for me to loosen, and moisten enough to really work it in and out. Up, and down, until I could really give it to me. Hard, deep, and fast.

“Ah AH! Ahhhn!”


Quinn (MFO)

He came back later, if he ever even left. “Huh?” I rolled over in bed when he knocked on my window, and picked up my phone. The screen came on when I unplugged it, and turned it on the corner where he waved through the window.

I got up, with a sheet draped over my shoulders, and stepped into my slippers on the cold bare concrete. ‘manny?’ I cracked open the door, and checked my phone, ‘it’s like almost 3 am!’

‘i know,’ he grinned, ‘i just couldn’t wait to find out how it went with you, and woody.’

“Ngk?” I snorted loudly, and let him in.

“Did you try it?” I held the sheet over my night shirt, and it wasn’t because of the cold I let in with him. It hadn’t occurred to me to wonder where it had been, before he brought it over, or if he washed it first.

“Did you? Enjoy it?”

“Huh!” My face heated up, but I nodded, and bit my lip. “It’s the nicest present I ever got, honestly.”

“Good, because I was kinda wondering if you’d be interested in a threesome with him.”

I shivered, then nodded. Then shook my head, “Aren’t you gay?”

“Ha, no. Why, did you think that gay men bought sex toys for teenage girls?”

“You’re only 18.”

“Nineteen, but that’s old enough to shop at Adam and Eve’s.”

“Not Adam, and Steve’s?” I laughed, and he laughed with me. We made a joke out of it, but honestly it started out one of those “Just kidding” jokes. You know, the ones where you can say it was just a joke all along when they say no? Like when they offer to have sex, with your toy boy, and his boy toy?

I shook my head, “You’re serious?”

“Yeah, I always wanted to try it.”


“Anal, with a girl, and a strapon.” My screen started fading, so he grabbed my hand, and slipped out. “You mind if I borrow this?” He typed in Dillon Harper Pegging, then brought up a video-clip from Strapattackers. She had on this, costume?

It looked like a girlscout uniform, but not a girlscout uniform. So they don’t get sued, but she was obviously too old to be in scouts, and it switched to her topless right away. He slid the bar along the bottom, so it skipped ahead to the part with the strapon.

Her eating his ass, and loving it. Then licking up his balls to gobble the cock, but at least he shaved his cock, and balls so she didn’t get hair in her cheeks, and I shook my head.

“I don’t want to do that. Ass eating, really?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll do all the ass eating.” I wasn’t, really grossed out, by anything else, and it was only a 6 minute preview video. So, they skipped a lot, but unless you’re into busty girls with tan lines, and big pale nipples oiling up a dude’s ass to nail him with a strapon, and.

“Huh, okay. What’ll I do?” I wound up stripping down, and climbing on Woody (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that name. His name is Adam, that’s what it says on the little card nailed to the plaque he’s supposed to be standing on, but he doesn’t have a fig leaf, so I never liked the name Adam.)

Sure enough, Manny got down behind me, and dug his thumbs in my butt cheeks to hold them open, and bury his face in my crack. “HUH!” I just sat there, holding onto Woody’s pecs, and closed my eyes. “Uhn!” I didn’t move on the rubbery cock, and I waited for it to warm up again, but I didn’t want to move. I wanted to hold still, and let his warm wet living tongue explore all my deepest, darkest dirtiest places. “Huh, you really like my ass!”

“Huhl yeah. I love it.” He kissed one cheek, then the other, and turned to smear his nose back down the middle. “Snuh huhl luh! Lulululululuh!”

“Oh, ohn neah! Kiss my ass, uh!” You dirty ass licker. “Huh?” I squirmed when he felt up, and that just made the rod wiggle around inside me, but his fingertips followed my puckerd buthole, and he pressed it like a button. “Uhn!” My eyes rolled back, and I just let my head hang. I started drooling, and just let it drip off my lip. “Huh!” I blinked, and shook my head when it slipped out, but then I felt 2 fingertips pressing, and stretching. “Uhn! Fu, fugh, fuck! Uh fuck! Uh fuck me, no. Fuck your dick. In my ass, I want your dick, uh!” Up my ass, I spasmed, and shook when my pucker slammed shut, but then I heard his buckle, and felt it bump coldly. Then I heard his zipper rip open, and I felt his knuckle brush my crack. His thumbtip guiding it, and the head pressing in to stretch me wide open.

“OHHH! Fuck. Yeah, fuck, mrh! FNGH! Neahyeah yeah! OH!” He slipped his hands around my ass, and dug his fingers into my tummy, to grab my hips, and slam into me. Making my ass splash wide open, so it felt like he was splitting me right up the middle, and the dong swung inside me. So it bashed his real live, living human male dick pulling back to thrust into me again and again. Sending my hanging tits flying almost into my face until I fell down, and they both slipped out accidentally.

“HhuhHhuhH!” I just held onto the table for dear life, the torso wasn’t strapped down, and for god’s sakes, why didn’t I think about strapping him down before? I’d just gotten a strapon tonight, and fucked it to a double orgasm, after the first one, and practically crawled into bed to pass out satisfied and exhausted.

“Whew! Hugh! Fuck, huh!” I finally caught my breath, well enough to try and stand up. I found my knees too weak, and wobbly, but Manny was there, and he held me under the tits. Well, his hands slipped up my sweaty belly, but between the 2 of us, we got me over to the bed where I could collapse, roll over, and moan contentedly.

“Oh god, I had no idea anal could feel this good. Come here.” I pulled his arm, “Loverboy, oh my God I can’t believe. Honestly, I must have been stupid not to think of you, or thinking you’re gay.”

“Huh, it’s okay,” he just kissed me, and hugged me tight. “I forgive you, but. When you catch your breath, you think you could maybe strap it on, and peg me?”

“Huh, yeah.” I smiled. “Maybe in the morning?”

“Okay.” I rolled over, and let him feel my body all over, just relieved that he wasn’t disgusted by it. Like anybody could possibly be as disgusted by my body as I was, when I wasn’t really ever that fat.

I was honestly too exhausted to give him what he wanted though, and in the morning, I just had to get up. He put it on me, and lay me down. Used my lube (It’s remarkably easy to make, once you look up the ingredients, and figure out how much to mix. Honestly, you’re wasting as much money on water based lubricant as you are on Almond Water.)

He fucked me, up his ass. He just straddled it, and squirmed to fit it in, but he was obviously no anal virgin. Yes, he tried it before he brought it over. In fact, he bought it for himself over a year ago, when he turned 18 to loosen up watching his sick femdom pegger porn, but between him, and Woody. (Some accessories required) he was a one man gangbang.

The first man I ever got the chance, or gave myself the chance to be with turned out to be great at DP, and all I have to do is nail him in return? It’s not that bad, I don’t get much physical pleasure out of it, but honestly I like watching his dick bounce on my belly.

I look forward to the day when we can save enough money to move out, get our own place, and start a family. Pregnancy can’t ruin my body any more than it already is, but gotta love him. He says he loves me, jokes about more to love, and I’m starting to believe him.

He has trouble getting it up with my dick in his ass, even warmed up in my pussy, but watching it grow, chubby, and even heavier. Swinging like a soft meaty wrecking ball to slap my tummy, and holding onto my tits. Not unlike how I hold onto the hard wooden chest of the dummy. Finally, it’s hard enough to hold onto. Grip, and slip up, and down through my greasy fingers, lubed up to loosen his tight dirty back door until finally he cums, and it sprays all over me in hot stick spurts.

He wants to get started on Bondage, crossdressing, and I’m starting to love nailing him so much, but. Well, honestly it’s a lot of work, but so worth it. You really have to try it if you don’t believe me. And why would you? It’s “Gay,” or “Dirty,” or “Sinful.”

Well, so what? It feels amazing, so don’t knock it until you try it. Okay?

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