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Watching Big Brother

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My brother started getting boners, and jerking off when he was about 8. He didn’t do it in front of me, but I found ways to watch…

For years, until he started orgasming, and ejaculating all over his body. “Huh!” He looked so hot, and satisfied rubbing it into his tummy, I couldn’t help playing with myself. “Uh!” I think my head hit his closet door, and I didn’t hear him get up.

Then, he pulled it open, and threw me out. He was pissed, but I wanted to talk about it. I had so many questions, like what was he thinking about? Since he never looked at porn, and was he gay? I guess I got that idea from watching porn.

I searched for teenage boys jerking off, or something like that. All the solo twink videos I saw were on gay paysites, but I got my mom’s credit card number from Christmas shopping, so I could watch them for a few months.

Instead of watching my brother, because it was more than a little weird, but I didn’t know any teenage boys that were interested in my, and yeah I was too young. Most of the girls at school talked about teenage boys, and being virgins, but they didn’t have my horny brother jerking off 3 times a day, at least.

So, I knew when to hide in his closet, so I could look through the wooden slats. He started checking it, or just leaving the door open, so he knew I was in there when it was closed. So, he kicked me out, and I tried to ask him about it, but he just pushed his dresser behind the door, and told me to stay out of his room.

I found his cummy shirts, from wiping it off of his body when he was done, but he never turned around to bend over, and play with his butt like the twinks on the internet. That didn’t mean he was straight, he could have been a top, instead of a bottom, but finally he said “No.”

He caught me under his bed, where I could at least listen to the box spring squealing, and even see his body going up and down with his hard loud fapping. He really wailed on it! But he couldn’t drag me out, because I scooted way back to the back where he couldn’t reach me.

“It’s not gay to beat off, all the boys do it, and touching your own dick is straight, enough.”

“Huh, well.” I had the laptop under there, to look at pictures while I was waiting for him to go to bed. “What about these boys?” I pushed it out for him to look at them, and he took a little while to think about it.

“Well, maybe some of them, the ones with the buttplugs are probably gay bottoms, but look at this one.” He held it down with the screen up. “See, it says he’s straight on the model profile.” He picked it back up, and searched for girls masturbating, until I got bored enough to pull myself out.

I wasn’t going to sleep under there all night, but I couldn’t get out with him right there, so I risked him kicking me out, and keeping the computer to beat off with.

“Huh, see these girls are masturbating, and that doesn’t make them lesbians.” He had the dresser pulled in front of the door, so he just set it on that, with the screen pulled up, and I got on the bed.

“Huh, it’s okay,” I spread my legs, but my panties were already damp. “It’s not like I haven’t watched you play with yourself before, but what’s it feel like?”

“My dick?” He shook his head, but he only stopped rubbing it hard in his boxers for a second. With his back turned, “I don’t know, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a pussy, or tits.”

I could imagine having bigger tits, but I could see the screen from there, and the models he clicked on, they all had A cups, or smaller. I didn’t bother wearing a training bra, and he had his back turned, so I pulled my night shirt off. Watching his elbow shake, but slowly.

When I’d seen, and heard him spank it much harder, and louder than that. He used to just stroke it slowly, holding it with 2 fingers and a thumb when he first started, but now that he had hair on his balls, and big wads of sperm to blow all over his body, he beat it with his fist, hard.

“No, cum on your body.”

“Huh?” he finally looked back, and saw me rubbing my cunt so hard it stretched my panties over my knuckles, so I nodded, and closed my eyes. Sinking my 2 fingers in, so just my pinky, and pointer were sticking out.

“HhuhH!” He bumped the bed, so I cracked my eyes, and tried not to grin, but he slapped his hip with his arm, beating it so hard it made his balls swing in his boxers, so I could see them rolling around in the tight crotch, and pump my fingers in and out. As fast as he fucked his fist, faster, harder, and deeper, until he slowed down.

“Oh, fghm!” I looked up, but he had his eyes closed, and bit his lip. He shook, and then I felt the hot wet splats of his balls blasting my arm. My shoulder, and even my chest on one side.

“HhuhH!” I stopped, just to wipe it up my arm, smear it all over my nipple, and let ti slip through my sticky fingers. “Huh, huh!” He pulled his waistband, so it dropped back in the fly, still dripping, so a drop landed on my leg, and rand down to my ankle.

“Is that what you wanted?” I just nodded, and closed my eyes. “Good,” he turned around, and slid the dresser away from the door. “Now get out out of my room.”

I pulled my fingers out, and patted the crotch of my panties over my pubes. Careful not to touch the cummy parts, so I could stick them back in my hungry twat again, when I got back to my room.

“Don’t forget the computer,” he folded it up to stick it through the cracked door.

“I don’t need it.” I let him look up more pictures of teenage girls masturbating, so he might consider watching me masturbate more.

When I’m a teenager. “Huh, god.” Now, my panties were soaked. “Ohmygod!” The spooge dried up, so it was getting crusty, and starting to flake off, but I was so close. “Ohhhhh. God!”

My brother beat on the wall.

“Keep it down, I’m trying to sleep in here?”

I just shook my head, and rolled over. Satisfied.

For now…

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