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I couldn’t believe the boys were out there in the snow so late at night, but I knew what they were doing.

My brother, and his friends went out to the guard-rail to jerk off, because he invited them to look at our neighbor. Our street dead-ended, and there was a bit of a drop, but they built a brand new neighborhood down there, and there was this one woman that slept naked.

She was young, and single so she had men over for sex all the time, and she didn’t cover her windows, she left them wide open. She had a skylight, and a sun-roof with a glass roof. She sun-tanned naked out there all year round so she didn’t get tan-lines.

If I had a body like that, I probably wouldn’t want to hide either, but showing off like that got her plenty of action. I even recognized some of the men from around the neighborhood, but most of them were married, and they still had affairs with her.

Finally, I got sick of watching them out there, and taking the black light out with extension chords. So it would reach, and I could see their cum stains glowing in the dark. So, I bundled up, and put on my waders. Fishing boots, even though I didn’t like fishing. They were great for walking in the snow, or splashing in puddles when it was warm, and rainy.

“Who’s she with tonight?” I had my hands in my pockets, but when they boys turned around, they had their pants zipped up.

The didn’t know what I was talking about, so I walked over, and looked down through her picture window. This time, it was Mrs. Carlisle, one of our teachers at school, and she was getting fucked with a strapon. “Huh!” I sighed, but then I couldn’t help giggling, shaking my head. “I didn’t even know she was bisexual.” Meaning Mrs. Carlisle, of course. “It’s freezing cold out here, so you boys better cum inside.” Preferably me.

I let them in the basement, we had stairs down the outside, and it was the closest door to the gate. My brother ran upstairs as soon as he kicked his boots off, but I looked around. “Sorry, we don’t have any beds down here.” Mom had bags of potting soil for the garden, since it kept washing down the hill every spring, when the snow melted, and it rained. No matter how many railroad ties she put up, and how well dad sealed them with cement, it just flooded like a swimming pool, and washed last fall’s plants out.

“We’ll just head home once we warm up, but thanks for letting us in.”

“Either of you 2 ever had Mrs. Carlisle?”

“Yeah,” they looked at each other, and Bobby nodded. He shrugged, “But I haven’t seen her since 6th grade.”

“My brother had her for second grade, too.” She’s a second grade teacher, and kinda fat. I’m not fat shaming, I’m just saying, she had a bit of belly to go with her big tits, and flat ass from sitting at a desk all day. “She got a divorce a couple years ago.” I shrugged. The elementary school kids still called her Mrs. Carlisle, instead of Ms. Whatever her maiden name was.

“Yeah,” they nodded, but just stood around uncomfortably. Their hands in their pockets, but not playing pocket pool, or anything. My brother probably already finished whacking off, but they were stuck here with blue balls, and me.

“Huh!” I took off my jacket, “It’s kinda hot in here, aren’t you hot?” They took their jackets off, but with the doors closed, it wasn’t hot, but it was starting to warm up. They shook their heads so I went on. “You better get those wet pants off, before you freeze to death.”

They hesitated to, and turned away. As if they didn’t beat off together all the time, when the weather was nicer. “We might have to huddle together for warmth.” Mike finally said, and Bobby agreed, nodding.

“Yeah, good idea,” but they turned away from each other, and looked back at me. I rolled my eyes, and pulled my pants down.

“I know how we can warm up.” They waddled over with their pants between their legs, and started bulging in their underwear, but they practically fought over pulling my shirt up. I shivered when I felt their cold hands, but their underpants felt warm, and full in my hands. Both hands, their balls shrunk back from my cold fingers, but they started warming up.

“She’s not wearing a bra,” they turned to each other, but they both had a tit, and my nipples were rock hard, but they started thawing when they rubbed them. My hands warmed up too, so their ball bags relaxed a little, and one of them touched my through my panties.

“She getting wet?”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “I’m right here, so why don’t you ask me?”

“Can I pull down your panties?” I lifted my knee, and shook my boot out, so he could get down, and his boner slipped out of my hand.

“Put my boot back on,” I wiggled my toes, but I got dressed in a hurry. So, I didn’t bother putting on a training bra, I was only 12, and they were barely teenagers, so I saw them around school, but my brother was in high school, and still hanging around with middle school boys. Inviting them to come over, and look at a naked lady.

At least, unless she was having sex. She rarely slept alone, but even when she did, it was butt naked. They didn’t say anything about my cold little tits, so I didn’t say anything about their stiff little pricks. Maybe if you put them together, you’d have one big one, but I didn’t care.

I was about to make it with 2 horny teenage boys at once! “Uh!” Mike kissed my between the legs first. Then, he got down to twist his neck up, and feel around with his tongue. I bet the ladies started with oral sex, before they strapped on the hardware, for fucking.

“Huh?” Bobby started Swaffelen my face, so I blinked, and shook my head to kiss the tip, and he held it for me to suck it in. Then, they picked me up, and bent me over backwards on the stack of potting soil. I closed my eyes, and let my head hang off the back, so Mike could teabag me, and they switch sides. Bobby fingered me a little. “She’s not a virgin,” so I spit out the balls, and shook my head.

“You just going to beat around the bush, and talk? Uh!” I jumped when he bumped me, and missed. “Huh, let me, uh!” I had to push him down, and hold him against the hole, until he pushed in.

“Huh, suck my balls some more.” I thought he didn’t have any hair on them, for some reason. When he didn’t shave his pubes up on top, but he manscaped his balls, and his hair legs rubbed my cheeks, but I felt a little stubble he missed. Here, and there, but I kept my eyes closed. It was pretty dark, but I still had the shadow of his ass right in front of them, and I tried not to think about how close my nose was to his butthole.

“Smup! Huh!” I breathed through my mouth, when his nuts rolled up over my chin.

“Lick my ass.”

“No way,” I pushed him back, and pulled his stiffy out of his fingers, “Just let me suck your dick, okay?”

“Yeah, fag.”

“I’m not a fag, you’re the gay fairy that can’t keep your eyes off Jerry’s dick.”

I just shook my head, and rolled my eyes. Boys, there so afraid of being gay, it doesn’t even matter if there bicurious, as long as nobody else thinks they might even be a little gay, but it’s okay to watch the neighborhood stripper have an affair with a 2nd grade teacher.

“I bet you can’t suck dick like this.”

“Well, I bet you can’t fuck a girl as good as me.” So, they both pulled out, and switched places, again.

“Uh!” I rolled over, “You like butt licking so much, huh?” I shook my ass at him, and he licked his lips, but he kept looking up at his friend.

“Huh!” He just turned my head, and held it up, so his hard dong slid down the side of my nose, and I took a deep sniff of my sex juices, before I tasted them in my mouth. I licked, and sucked my fingers all the time. Taking turns, and imagining boys taking turns with me. I never imagined it like this, but honestly, it was such a distraction.

I didn’t have to pay attention to what I was doing with my fingers, I could focus on his balls swinging, and bumping my wet chin. His thin bush of pubes bumping my nose, and of course his hard cock sliding up, and down my tongue. I just rolled it up to hug it on the bottom, and let him fuck my face.

“Uh!” It popped up, and he shook his hips, to swaffel me some more. I squirmed, and grunted some more, and the fingers probing in, deeper, and pinching his thumb between my pussy, and ass. My taint? “Huh, I’m ready, I think I’m ready, if you guys want to give me the double dick?”

They couldn’t pick me up, like some porn stars, in a lot of DP movies actually. So, I’m sure you’ve seen int, but I tried squatting on the stack of potting soil. Until my feel slipped, and they both had to hold me up, but my hips got in the way. They tried to fuck me from either side, and hold me up at the same time, without crossing swords, which was just as awkward as it sounds, but then they stopped trying to find the holes.

Either one, and rubbed their cocks around, until I’m pretty sure they touched tip to tip.

“Uh!” Bobby’s eyes flew open, and he shook his head, but then his eyes fluttered shut. “Uhn!” He came jizz all over his hand, and I looked over at mike just in time to see him biting his lip like a girl, but he sniffed loudly, and then it was his turn to cum all over Bobby’s hand, and they smeared it all over my butt so I couldn’t tell who’s cum was who’s.

“Huh!” I was a little disappointed, but they picked me up, and put me down. Still in my boots, with my pajama bottoms hanging around one leg, and my panties too. My jacket wide open, and my nightshirt pulled up. So, I pulled it down, and wiped the hut jizz off first. I had to take my boot off, to pull up my panties, and PJs, but they were already leaving.

They didn’t say anything after that, they barely even looked at each other. They practically ran out, and up the stairs once they got their pants up. The left the door open for me to close, and lock up before any more snow blew in, but they touched dicks, and they got off on it. They had each other’s spooge in their pants to prove it, which reminded me.

I rubbed my panties in to stick to my butt. I was pretty proud of myself, but honestly boys wouldn’t brave this weather to jerk off together if they weren’t at least a little bi curious, and Jerry met me on the stairs inside.

‘so,’ he kept his voice down, and bent way over since he was up the stairs, and older, and taller. ‘they gay for each other?’

“Huh, I don’t know, they’re probably bisexuals, and in denial, but’s what with you guys, and bi girls, when you act like even looking at another dick makes you a gay fag?”

“Uh!” He rolled his eyes. “I know, straight boys are so immature.”

So, we giggled, and went back up to bed. I didn’t know he was gay, but I suspected ever since he started circle jerking with his friends, he might be at least a child molester.

Nope, 100% totally gay. He just found these 2 bicurious guys, and they just happened to be in the grade between his, and mine. Once we got to talk, he admitted that he like being the biggest dick in the room, but they tried not to look.

It’s not so much being gay, as being afraid the other boys might Think you’re gay. To the point that they can’t even come out to each other, but honestly they just need to get over it. Fuck all ready, 3 guesses who the bottom was going to turn out to be.

Sure enough, they were in love, and started doing bisexual threesomes with me. And my brother, and each other, but not me, and my brother.

Of course, he was gay. He couldn’t even keep it up if he wanted to, because I’m a girl. So, we took turns having threesomes with the boys.

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