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I think I raped a Boy

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I can’t be sure, but if it happened the other way around, they would have called it rape.

Or statutory rape, but what happened was a bunch of boys came over to play video games, and this one stayed late. My brothers didn’t come back to their room, but after I got ready for bed, I went to kiss my brothers goodnight.

“What are you doing? Get out of here!” They chased me out of the den, because they were watching porn, but it was just TV porn. On cable, all they can really show is tits, but mom, and dad were already in bed.

So, after my brothers came up to their room, I waited until it was quiet, and snuck back downstairs to the den. We have a split level, so the den is all the way at the bottom of the hill, and half basement. The hill goes up the sides, to the middle level, where we have the kitchen, and living room, then there’s more stairs up to the hall, the bedrooms, and the other bathrooms.

There’s a toilet downstairs, but that’s it. There’s just a sink to wash your hands, but the boys have their video games down there, so they don’t bother mom, and they can turn the TV up. It was muted, but there was a naked lady down between a man’s legs.

The boy passed out in chair, but he had his legs spread, so I could touch his crotch, and feel his hard boner in his pants. He didn’t even jerk off? But when I looked back, the lady was up in the man’s lap, and it switched to another man looking in the window.

Again, we’re talking Rated TV MA porn, so the camera didn’t show what he was doing, below the screen. I could guess, but then it switched back to the naked lady, riding the man on the bed, while he squeezed her boobs, and the camera switched to a closeup of his hands on her boobs.

I think she was cheating on her husband, but he watched through the window to beat off. It was broad daylight, and they didn’t even turn off the lights, so you could see everything.

Well, not everything, but he woke up when I got up on the chair. With my knees around his hips, and my hands on his shoulders, I rubbed his crotch through my underwear, and his pants.

“Huh?” he blinked, but I touched his lips, and shook my head. He nodded, but then he looked down the front of my nighty, and felt up my hips to touch them, and feel my nipples with his thumbs. I hoped I had enough up front, but I wasn’t about to ask him.

That’s when I thought about raping him, or at least molesting him, but if he’d just come in my room, and got on top of me, I probably would have screamed. He didn’t scream, or tell me no, stop. He finally let go of my little boobies, and I had to stop humping him so he could get his pants open.

His cock out, but I turned to pull the lever, so the chair put his feet up, and he could lay back. Then, I had to get up, drop my panties, and pull my night shirt up, so I was naked. When I came down to kiss my brothers goodnight, I was wearing nothing but panties, and a teeshirt, so he blushed, and looked away, but I bet he already had a boner.

‘here,’ he reached out for my hip, and helped me climb up backwards, so I could straddle his head, and bend over. He was too tall, but when I put my head down between his legs, he spat. “Ptooh!” He missed, but the spit ran down my bare butt to my leg, so he had to wipe it over, then I heard him suck his fingers. They were wet, and I sniffed.

Stopped sucking his dick, just to feel his finger. Somebody else’s fingers wiggle inside me for once, but of course. I’d been masturbating to porn for a long time, and not stupid TV MA porn. Real internet porn was different. For one thing, they didn’t zoom in on his face, so you could see the stupid expressions he makes, when she’s pretending to suck dick. Nowhere near his real dick, so you can tell it’s fake.

“Uh!” I almost fell off, and hit my head on the foot rest when he pushed me off.

‘you ready?’

“Huh, yeah.” That’s when I decided it wasn’t rape. I barely even touched our crotches together before he woke up, so at best it was molestation. I giggled a little, thinking how silly it was, for a little girl to molest a teenager. He’s practically a young man, but they sure make it look easier in the pornos.

I mean the real pornos, if they don’t skip right to the action, the girls just reach down, and slip it right in. I had to feel up to the tip, and rub it around until it finally found the hungry hole. “Uh, your dick feels so good!” I squealed, but he covered my lips.

“Sh!” So I kissed his fingers, and sucked them in. I always wanted to say that, but then again. I always wanted to feel a real dick inside me instead of just my fingers. “Uh!” He let go, and pushed my hips. I didn’t want it to end, so I pulled his shoulders, and pushed him back in. So he pushed harder, and his dick popped out. Flopped out on his pubes, and I could see his sex juices glistening in the blue light of the TV.

“Huh!” I got down as fast as I could, but by the time I got back between his legs, it was too late. He’d already gons soft, but there was a little left in there to suck it out. “Snh!” I could smell it, and after my first taste of dick juice, I liked it. So, I licked up his tummy, and he was still panting, but by the time I finished, he was already breathing deeply. Slowly, and he passed out again, satisfied.

“Huh!” I just picked up my clothes, and took them back to bed naked. I had to finish my self off, with my face in the pillow while I humped my fingers, but I had the memory fresh in my head, and the taste still clinging to my tongue, so when it finally came, it was the best O I ever had.

I still couldn’t decide whether it was rape or not, when I really wanted it to be. I felt around inside,, hoping to find a little bit he shot inside me before he pushed me off. I never did, but I was searching blindly in the dark, there was a lot of spit, and my orgasmic juices, so I can’t be sure.

I didn’t get pregnant anyway, but breakfast was uncomfortable in the morning. He skipped breakfast, and just waited in the hall. Wondering if he dreamed everything last night, but he wouldn’t even look at me. So, finally, I pushed my bowl away “I’m done.”

I just wolfed my cereal down, because I was hungry, but I wanted to talk to him before we all got rides to school. ‘don’t worry,’ I kept my voice down, ‘i won’t tell anyone what happened last night.’

‘so, that was real, i didn’t even know you liked me?’

‘well, i loved having sex with you, so if you ever want to come over, and do it again. i’m really horny.’ I was already a total nympho before I got a boy to hold still long enough to jump his bone.

‘yeah,’ he just pushed my shoulder, when a chair scraped, and went in the bathroom before my brothers ran back up the hall. Upstairs, but i bet he got a boner, so I listened at the door, but I couldn’t hear anything.

‘huh!’ he must have kept quiet, because he didn’t want to get caught playing with himself, so I went up to get my bookbag. Too bad he was in high school, so he rode with my dad, and my big brother. I got stuck with my little brother, and my mom.

All though, he got to stay, and watch porn with the boys, so at least he knows how it’s done.

I wonder if I could sneak into their room, and rape him in his sleep, without our big brother waking up, and watching?

What am I saying, of course it would even hotter if he watched me rape our little brother.

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  • Reply Julie ID:7ylren3hri

    My friend and me sucked off a boy at a party that was passed out in a chair and put his cock back in his pants when we were Don

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      Mmm holy damn Julie that’s hot I wish I was the guy getting sucked off how old are you do you got Snapchat

    • Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

      Don’t have Snapchat just this he was in his 20’s at house party
      [email protected]

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      Damn that sucks and a house party nice how old WERE YOU.

    • Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

      I was in my 20’s at the time

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      Damn that’s amazing I honestly wish someone would do this to me I emailed you aswel

  • Reply Kirby ID:8b9fvilqrj

    Genuinely enjoyed this read.

    • Author ID:1i2lz52uqra


    • J ID:2xm1ki1chm

      Yikes I p much did this to a guy last week, didn’t even think of it as rape til now. Feels bad haha