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Becoming my daddy’s wife #2

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The next day after daddy makes me his wife and my first punishment

I woke up startled and looked around. I was in my bed and the sun was just barely up, and for a moment I thought it was all a dream. Then I looked down at my naked, bruised body and remembered it was all real. My cunny twinged with pain as tears pooled in my eyes and I wrapped myself in my blanket and listened to the empty house. I could faintly hear daddy’s snoring from his room across the hall, and I hoped he was going to work today. I glanced around the room and saw on my alarm clock it was almost 5am. If daddy was going to work, he’d be up soon to shower like he always did.
I zoned out for a while until I heard daddy’s alarm. I panicked and flopped onto my bed and pretended I was asleep. I heard daddy groan and smack his alarm, making the house go silent again. He yawned and his bed creaked loudly. I heard his feet smack the floor as he sat up. I closed my eyes tightly and laid as still as possible as I heard his footsteps head towards my room. I hoped he would turn into the bathroom, but I could tell he had passed the door and was entering my room after a few seconds. I held my breath and silently begged him to go away as I felt him come to the edge of my bed. He stood there for a minute before slowly peeling back the blanket that was hiding my nudity. I was laying on my stomach and once the blanket was gone his hands immediately went to my butt. I tried to pretend I was still asleep, hoping he would leave.
He squeezed my butt hard before spreading my cheeks apart and staring for a minute or two. I tried to breathe steady as he moved one hand down to my cunny lips and started softly moving it up and down. He did this for a few minutes until my cunny started to get wet. I hated that my body responded this way when all I wanted was for him to stop. He swiped his finger down my cunny and covered his finger in my juices before pulling away. I laid still as I heard him suck his finger and laugh before standing up abruptly and walking away. I stayed frozen until he entered the bathroom and turned on the shower.
I sat up and looked at my shaking hands. Then I looked down and spread my legs to stare at my cunny. I could see the wetness shining on my lips and I cringed as I thought of daddy touching me. I placed my head in my hands and closed my eyes and cried.
I was still crying when daddy was done with his shower. I didn’t hear the water stop or the door open, but I felt daddy’s hand on my thigh and I jumped. He stared at me for a second, the tears still falling down my face, and smiled at me. I stared at him confused for a second before he said,
“Come on then my little cow, I need some breakfast before I head out,” he grabbed my arms and pulled me up.
I looked at the floor as he held me for a minute before roughly squeezing my small boobs. I whined and he smirked and gave them a few more squeezes before turning and guiding me downstairs to the kitchen.
I stared out the window as daddy pulled everything out for me. He pulled me over to the stove and placed a frying pan in my hands and turned on the stove. He placed a carton of eggs and some milk on the counter next to me. Then he swatted my butt making me yelp and he laughed.
“I’ve gotta get ready. I expect my meal done by the time I’m back.” He ordered.
I stood there and nodded slightly. Daddy didn’t like that and grabbed my jaw and turned me to look at him.
“What do you say?” He asked angrily, tightening his grip on my jaw until it felt like it was gonna snap.
“Y-yes daddy!” I choked out.
He glared at me for a second before letting me go. I rubbed my jaw softly and my eyes watered as I thought about the bruise that would be there later. I grabbed some eggs and cracked them onto the pan as daddy watched with his arms crossed before walking away.
Daddy still wasn’t back by the time I had his food on a plate. I sat down and ate some of the leftover eggs as i looked around the kitchen. It was still a mess from when mom left, and I knew daddy expected me to clean it. I turned and looked at the side door and thought about how easy it would be to run away while daddy was at work. I lost myself in my thoughts until I heard daddy coming up behind me.
I turned around and innocently smiled, not wanting him to know what I was planning. He smiled and walked over to the table and looked at the food. Then he reached over and rubbed my belly before whispering,
“Such a good little cow,” and sat down.
He kept his hand on my belly until he was done, then he pushed his plate towards me and stood up. I watched him pull on his jacket and shoes, then he came back to me, grabbed my boobs and kissed my forehead. I cringed and waited until he was done.
Daddy walked back to the door and grabbed the knob before turning back to me and ordering,
“I want it spotless in here when I get home, and dinner and a drink ready for my arrival. Be good!” He raised an eyebrow at me and I quickly replied
“Yes daddy! Have a good day!” I faked a smile and he turned, satisfied, and walked out the door.
Once he had walked away, I ran to the window and watched him climb into his car and drive away. I turned and ran upstairs and threw on one of daddy’s tshirts I found on the floor and some sweatpants from my dresser. I searched for panties or a bra but it looked like someone had gotten rid of all of them. I moved on and threw some random clothes into a bag before running back downstairs and checking the window again. I didn’t see daddy anywhere, so i headed to the side door.
I took a deep breath and slowly pulled the door open. I peeked around the corners and checked the coast was clear. Then I snuck down the steps and hugged against the wall and peeked around the front corner. I didn’t see anything and decided to book it. I had taken about 3 steps before I felt arms grabbing my hips and yanking me back. I froze, terrified as daddy quickly dragged me back through the side door into the house, and down into the basement.
He threw me onto a dirty mattress in the middle of the room. I sat up and curled myself into my knees and stared at daddy. His face was red and he was sweating a little. My body started to shake as I realized how much trouble I had just made for myself. Daddy glared at me and slowly walked over to me. I tried to scramble away but he grabbed me by my ankle and yanked me towards him. I yelped and tried to get away again and he sighed and grabbed my arm and twisted it awkwardly. I gasped in pain and went limp trying to get him to let go, but he held it there until I had calmed down enough for him.
After a minute or so, I heard daddy undoing his belt. Tears fell down my face as I saw him yank it out of the last loop. Then he folded it in half and grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants. Then he leaned down close to my face and whispered,
“You’re gonna learn your lesson now little cow,” he ripped my sweatpants down and swung the belt down hard onto my butt. I screamed and tried to free my arm from daddy’s grip, but he just twisted it until I laid still again. Tears were streaming down my face as daddy swung down again, laughing as I screamed. He whipped me with his belt until blistering, red, burning lines were covering every inch of my butt. By the time he was done, he had let go of my arm and I had just been lying there limp, taking it as I sobbed.
He stood there waiting for a few minutes as I tried to catch my breath, my arm and butt both screaming in pain. I thought he’d be done with me but then he took one of my arms and wrapped the belt around my wrist before grabbing my opposite leg and doing the same thing to my ankle, tying them together and holding them up. Fresh tears began to fall as I felt him crawl up behind me and start rubbing his dick against my cunny. I was in too much pain to fight him, so I just laid there and groaned as he began to jam himself inside me.
Daddy moaned loudly before laughing to himself. As he slid his entire length inside me, he started teasing me,
“My little cow must’ve enjoyed her punishment, her tight little pussy is drenched!” He laughed and moved his dick in a circle inside me.
I groaned in pain and shook my head. Daddy laughed and started thrusting hard inside me. My sore cunny burned as he pumped in and out of me, and I cried out with each thrust. It hurt worse than it had yesterday, and now my leg was cramping up. Daddy pumped harder and harder each time, making it feel like I was getting drilled into. He grabbed my hips and pulled my against him, forcing himself deeper into me, like he was deep in my stomach.
“Are you gonna pull that shit again?” Daddy yelled as he slammed into me as hard as he could.
“No daddy!” I cried out, hoping my punishment would end soon.
“I don’t believe you yet cow!” He yelled again.
“Please daddy! I-i’ll be good I swear!” I screamed out between thrusts.
“Do you want daddy to have to punish you again?”
“No daddy! Please no more!” I begged him.
Daddy grabbed the leg that was held up by his belt and slammed into me as hard as he could. I tried to push away the feeling but my cunny was squeezing his dick and dripping wet. Moans began to escape me as the feeling I had felt yesterday came back harder than before. Daddy seemed to like it and started going faster and faster. I started to scream as my cunny felt like it was exploding and I came all over daddy’s dick.
Daddy groaned loudly and started to pump my cunny full of his cum. I could feel it spilling out the sides, and daddy started thrusting slower to try to get it all inside me. By the time he was done I could feel it all sitting deep inside my tummy.
I whined as daddy slowly pulled himself out of me. He stared at my pulsing cunny for a minute before undoing my wrist from the belt. I groaned as he lowered my arm and leg, then he flipped me over onto my back. Then he pulled both my legs straight into the air before tying them together with the belt. He rubbed my belly in circles as he held my legs up and I laid there limp, trying to catch my breath.
Once he was convinced my cunny had drank up all his cum, he leaned my legs against the wall, stood up, and walked out of the basement, leaving me there. After a few minutes of waiting for him to come back, the lights shut off and I was left waiting naked in the dark, my butt, cunny, and arm on fire, terrified of what was coming next.

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    rape her ass

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    Damn! Did he put her legs up for a higher chance of conception? This man’s just crazy about breeding huh?

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    Nice little story but damn your nlt gogi give her blanket or kiss her goodnight damn people can be so cruel make me sick