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Little sister’s curiosity

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I was around seventeen when my little sister turned eleven. I didn’t mind spending time with her. She always had such a vivid imagination and I couldn’t help but be jealous of it. I had restricted internet so I never had access to porn or anything which sucked when I was horny. I used to steal my dad’s old playboys but they stopped helping once I was sixteen and I had sex for the first time. I tried dating guys but it never worked out. When I had sex with my ex girlfriend, she opened my eyes to lesbian sex and I didn’t want anything else. Last month I walked into the bathroom, thinking no one was in there, only to see my little sister showering. I looked over her small body and felt myself get a little wet. She had small yet perky tits and had no hair at all around her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she washed the soap out of her hair. “Hey Anna?” I called. She jumped slightly before slowly opening her eyes. “Yeah Jess?” She asked. I took a step towards the shower, desperately wanting to touch her virgin body. “Can I join you?” I spoke in a gentle tone as her eyes widened. “Jess we haven’t done that in years.” She mumbled. I pouted. “Are you too old to shower with your big sis?” I asked before turning around. “Oh well.. guess you don’t love me anymore.” I smirked one I turned away, I always got away with manipulating her. She sighed. “Okay okay, come on, but be quick.” She told me before going back to work. I stripped before glancing at my curvy body in the mirror. I turned back towards the shower before getting in. I was a good eight inches taller than her, so her eye level was at my chest. She finished rinsing her hair before she looked at me, slowly looking over my body. “When did you grow hair there?” She asked softly, looking down at my pussy. “When I was twelve.” I stated simply as I looked at her tits. She gulped before her hand started for my pussy but she quickly stopped herself. “You can touch, I don’t bite.” I told her softly. She slowly moved her hand to gently touch the hair above my pussy. She slowly moved her hand down to feel more of it before her eyes widened at the warmth. She pulled her hand back and blushed. I reached out and stopped a few inches from her small pussy. “Can I touch you Anna?” I asked softly before she slowly nodded. I smiled before gently touching her clit. She moaned rather loudly and her eyes closed. “Shh.. it’s okay Anna.” I whispered before rubbing her clit slowly, my other hand covering her mouth. She rubbed against my fingers gently, clearly enjoying it. I took away the hand that was covering her mouth before kissing her gently. She didn’t know how to kiss back at first, but slowly she got the hang of it. My now free hand moved down her small sensitive body before slowly sliding a slender finger into her pussy. She tried to push me away but I simply pushed her against the shower wall. “Jessica… please.. stop.” She begged. I shook my head. “Relax Anna. I’ll take care of you, make you feel amazing. Don’t you want that?” I whispered as I started to slowly fuck her pussy with my finger. She nodded slightly. “I-I want to feel good.” She said softly. I smirked before I moved my finger faster. She moaned loudly before I caught her lips with mine, trying to keep her silent. I pulled my finger out and stopped touching her before I got on my knees. “Put your leg over my shoulder.” I told her. She nodded and did as she was told. “Good girl.” I smirked before kissing her thigh gently. I licked her clit gently, causing her to squirm and whine in pleasure. I hummed Ah against her clit before forcing my tongue inside of her pussy. She reached down and pulled on my hair as she moaned loudly, cumming rather quickly. I licked away the mess before standing. “Such a good pretty girl.” I whispered. She blushed slightly. “Jess?” Anna asked softly. “Yes?” I asked her. “Will you.. will you touch me like that again?” She asked softly. I smiled before kissing her little pussy. “Of course.” I said softly before standing and leaving the shower to dry off. I got dressed before going into the living room. I still continue to touch my little sister, and her pussy is still the best I’ve ever had.

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    Was so fucking, hot got me wet..

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    I totally agree with lesbeurk. If a brother or male cousin was teaching her, it would have been awesome.

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    pls write more

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