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The Anatomy of a Freak: pt III: Mom

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This is an honest account of my one and only time with my mother.

If you read part one of this then you’re well aware of my infatuation with my mom. It’s not like I was in love with her or anything like that. I just spent my childhood snooping thru her drawers and casually wearing her clothes, and enjoy a little voyeurism while I watched my parents fuck. I know it sounds weird but I learned how to pleasure a woman by doing that and I know I’m not the only guy to sneak a peek at my parents fooling around.

By the time I was in high school, my dad had left us and my sisters were either in college or already done with it. It just left me and my mom in our rather big 4 bedroom house. There was a lot of space for the two of us and we’d sometimes go all day without seeing each other.

High school was where I got really into dressing in women’s clothes. I also got really into giving guys in the neighborhood blow jobs. I really enjoy sucking a cock. Especially when that first spurt of cum unexpectedly hits the back of your throat and the salty bitter taste fills your mouth.. but, I digress..

I didn’t have sex with a girl until my senior year. I was 17 and she was 14 and it was awkward as fuck. We practiced together for about 8 months before we broke up. After that I kind of went back to guys.

This happened when I was 19. Again, this is exactly how it happened and it was the only time anything like this happened.

As I said there was a lot of space in our house. It was nice if you needed some privacy, which if you’re in high school and sucking dick and don’t want anyone to find out.

I was still living at home with mom to help with the bills. I had a decent job for a 19 year old kid and was making good money. It was a Saturday morning and I had decided that I wasn’t going to work that day. I made something up and called in sick. I went downstairs to get something to drink and passed my mom in the living room. She was wearing just a bathrobe and slippers. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had no makeup on. Her bathrobe was starting to untie a bit and her cleavage was visible.

“I’m gonna hit the shower. Have a nice day.” Mom said in passing

“Mmhmm.” I responded with still a bit sleepy

I returned to my room and realized I hadn’t told my mom I was staying home from work. I went into the hallway but I heard the shower running already so I just decided to let it go. I went back to my room and tried to go back to sleep.

About 20 minutes later I heard mom get out of the shower. A few minutes later she had made her way back to her bedroom. I thought I should let her know I stayed home but I assumed she’d be getting dressed and even though I caught a glimpse of her cleavage earlier, my mindset wasn’t set on seeing her naked.

I waited another 10 minutes or so and then opened my bedroom door. Mom’s room was at the opposite end of the hallway as my room, separated by my sisters bedrooms and a bathroom. As soon as I opened my door however, I heard familiar noises. I heard my mom breathing heavily and moaning. Her door was wide open and I can only assume she thought I had left for work already. My curiosity always wins. ALWAYS! I had to see what she was doing. Well, I knew what she was doing, I wanted to see how she was doing it.

I tip toed down the hallway and just barely peeked my eye past the doorframe. My mom was sitting backwards on a wooden chair she had completely naked. She had her back to me and had stuck one of her dildos on the chair and was riding it. My cock had never gone from soft to rock hard faster than that moment.

My mom was in her mid 50’s at this point and over weight. Not huge but she was a curvy woman. It may not sound like it but to me, this was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Her bathrobe lie on the floor next to a wet towel. Her wet hair slapped against her back as she bounced on that dildo! It was ridiculously hot!

When she was done or close to it, I quietly made my way back to my room and needless to say, I jacked off twice before falling asleep. When I woke up an hour or so later, she was gone. There was a note on the table that said: “Hey, didn’t know you stayed home today. Went to run some errands. Will you be home for dinner? Y or N?”

I circled the N and added a wink emoji. I knew I was going over to a friends house that night and we were planning on getting drunk.

Fast forward to late that very night. I stumbled home drunk but not black out drunk, just good and drunk. I might have stayed the night at my friends that night but despite my desire to suck his cock, it wasn’t an option with him.

I got home around 2:30am and went to the kitchen and saw an empty bottle of vodka on the counter. Mom wasn’t an alcoholic drinker but she did drink from time to time when she was feeling depressed I think.

As I made my way up the stairs I saw her bedroom door opened just about an inch or so this time and she was listening to music. I ignored it for the time and went to my room. I had planned on crashing and going to bed but I had to pee really bad not long after so I got up. Her room was right next to the bathroom. When I got out I decided since I hadn’t heard anything she may not want me to hear, I’d pop my head in and say good night.

When I opened the door though, I was shocked by what I saw. My mom was sitting at the head of her bed with her legs crossed still wearing her bathrobe. Her robe wasn’t tied or even attempted to be closed. Her large D breasts were just hanging out over her belly. She was noticeably drunk. She was aware that I opened the door but not that she was practically naked in front of me and the chair still at the foot of her bed with a different dildo now still stuck to it just kind of flopping around.

I had seen my mom naked thousands of times. We showered together until I was 9 or 10 years old because I just wasn’t able to do an acceptable job of washing myself. I had watched my mom and dad have sex somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 times. I had even snuck in her room while she was sleeping and looked under nightgowns. Knowing how deep she slept, especially when drinking, I had even been so bold to fondle and suck one of her tits and insert a finger in her pussy. All of that had been done when I was 15.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Mom said with a smile making no attempt to cover herself. “Did ya have fun tonight?” She added

“I guess.. not as much as you did though I think.” I said laughing a bit, the beer talking thru me.

“Huh? Oh that! Nevermind that. Mom’s get lonely too you know..” she said now pulling her robe over her breast but not tying it up.

She stood up and with one hand held her robe closed and the other grabbed the dildo. When she pulled it, it was stuck to the chair so we’ll that it lifted the chair off the floor. I laughed a little and mom gave me an annoyed look out of the corner of her eye before grabbing it with both hands and popping the dildo off the chair. Her robe once again open revealing her breasts again. She turned and put the dildo away in her underwear drawer and turned back around towards me. She then ran both of her hands thru her messy hair and lifted her arms straight up and began stretching. Again, temporarily forgetting her robe was open.

Any jovial approach to this situation went away instantly as I watched her stretch out her body and yawn. Her breasts fully popped out of her robe and her belly lifted enough that I could see her trimmed yet furry bush

“Oh Christ!” Mom yelled realizing she had once again left her robe open.

“I’ve seen you naked many times mom.” I said still a bit taken back by it all.

“It’s different than when you were a kid in the shower. You’re a man now.” She explained covering up

“Sorry you’re lonely.” I said hoping to change the subject a little. “I know how it feels. I’m lonely as well.” I confessed

“I know you are kiddo.” She said holding her robe shut with one hand and waving me over with the other.

Mom wrapped her one free arm around me and gave me a hug. Maybe it was because I genuinely was lonely or I knew she was and what I saw her doing that day was still strongly in my mind, I don’t know but I decided to give her a big strong manly hug back. I tucked my arms under her arms and placed my hands on her back and pulled her as close as I could. She pulled her hand holding the robe shut out and put it around my neck. Mom was a bit shorter than I am so she placed her head on my shoulder and kind of nestled in. I had one hand on her upper back holding her close and one hand on her lower back rubbing gently and trying to touch just the top of her butt maybe with out her knowing.

“My gosh you’ve grown up.” Mom said squeezing my upper arm a bit.

She pulled away a bit but we kept our arms around each other. Once again her robe open but nothing was visible but cleavage.

“This is as close to a man as I’ve been since your dad left.” She confessed looking me in the eyes.

My eyes weren’t looking back at hers though. They were pointing a little lower.

“Hey!” She yelled “Hey you! Are you in there?!” She said with a hint of annoyance

“Yeah I’m here. What? I heard you.” I stuttered out

Mom took her hands from my shoulders and opened her robe, and dropped it to the floor. She stood completely naked in front of me! I couldn’t believe it!

“Is this what you wanna see? Do I have your attention now?” She said with a smile and a little less annoyance. “I thought you said you’ve seen me naked before.” She continued

“I’m fine, what are you talking about?” I said as I tried to casually adjust myself hoping she wouldn’t notice me grabbing my junk.

“Wow.. look at us. We’re s fucking mess aren’t we?” She asked

“Whaddaya mean?” I asked naively

“I’m standing here naked in front of my son, practically throwing myself at you, and you’re getting a hard on from it. What a disaster we are.” She said

She bent over to pick up her robe but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back up. Then the beer in my system made me blurt it out. I don’t know if I was trying to lighten the mood or what but I said it.

“This morning I watched you when you got out of the shower pleasuring yourself and it made me horny and I masturbated twice after.” I blurted out while holding her hands.

As I was saying the words, I kept thinking to myself, what are you doing? What are you saying this? Stop talking! But I just kept on flapping my mouth. Mom was stunned but not running for the hills as I expected her to.

“You’ve got a history of watching me don’t ya? Do you seriously get off to that?!” She asked

“Wow.. I.. I’m going to go to bed now.” I said as I turned and closed her door behind me.

I went straight to me room and realized that I had just made my mom, the one person on this planet that will advocate for me no matter what, just think I was completely insane and weird.

I laid in bed and fell asleep fairly quick all things considered. I woke up around 4:00. The room was dark and I heard someone getting into bed with me.

“What?” I muttered rubbing my eyes a bit and looking at the clock.

“Shhhh.” My mom said as she pulled the blankets over herself

She must’ve started drinking again since I went to bed because the smell of alcohol on her breath was much stronger than it was an hour or so earlier.

I rolled onto my side to face her and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her hip. I felt her bare skin and as I slept in my boxer shorts only I moved my leg to touch hers and felt skin again.

“What’s going on?” I whispered for some reason

“I told you to shoosh.” She whispered back

She put her arm over me and inched her body against mine. It was clear she was naked. Before I could ask what she was doing, she kissed me. First just a couple soft pecks as he hand ran up my arm, and then her hand placed on my cheek and she slide her tongue in my mouth. The smell and taste of alcohol was strong now. There was a part of me that thought about pushing her away but it went away as fast as it came when her hand made its way down my chest.

“Mmm.” She moaned thru our kiss as she played with what chest hair I had.

She squeezed my pectoral muscle and then slide her hand down my stomach and into my boxer shorts. Her hands were as always ice cold and as her palm wrapped around my shaft, it sent a shock of pleasure thru my entire body. I broke away from her kiss and let out a groan of pleasure.

“Wow!” She said as she sat up and positioned herself between my legs

Once again the small quiet voice said ‘what are you doing?’ But again before I could verbalize it, her warm mouth had wrapped around the tip of my cock. My toes and spine curled up for a second as the feeling of her lips and tongue around my dick sent me into ecstasy. I felt her teeth ever so gently bite the tip of my dick and then her lips slide down my shaft. I was on another planet!

Everything was happening so fast! Less than 2 minutes ago I was asleep. Perhaps this was something she wasn’t sure of and had to convince herself to do with more alcohol and maybe she sat outside my bedroom door waiting for the alcohol to take effect and she told herself to just slip in, do what you’re gonna do and then get out, I don’t know but it was almost a blur to me.

I was just getting used to the feel of her mouth around my shaft when she crawled up and straddled me. I attempted to whisper something, I don’t remember what it was but before I could finish, she shooshed me a third time. As she was shooshing me, she inserted my cock into her wet pussy and sat down.

“Oh Christ Jesus that feels good!” She moaned out loud. “Goddamn you’re big!” She then whispered as she began to grind on me.

She continued to ride me cowgirl style for about 3 minutes or so. My hands held her hips the entire time. Then her breathing picked up and her muffled moans became louder. She couldn’t control her volume anymore and she grabbed my hands and placed them on each of her bouncing breasts. I began to squeeze and play with her nipples. I wanted to suck them so badly but she was sitting straight up with her hands on my stomach.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh goooooooooddd!” She yelled out

She continued to ride me slower and slower over the next 30 seconds or so as her body calmed

“Did you cum?” She whispered

“No.” I whispered back

“C’mon, make it quick.” She said as she rolled off of me and onto her back.

Not exactly what a guy wants to hear but considering the circumstances I didn’t care. I sat up and got between her legs. She lifted her legs and grabbed her ankles. I put my cock back inside of her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet and very loose. I guess having 3 kids the natural way will do that to a gal. The lack of friction helped me last longer than I had ever lasted. I was going on almost 5 minutes before she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed me.

“Oh wow! Oh shit!” I started to moan

“Not inside me! On my stomach!” She frantically said

I pulled out of her just in time! The first spurt I felt was a good one! The second just as powerful! Then a few more small spurts of warm cum before trickling the last few drops on her stomach.

When I was done, mom sat up, said nothing, picked up her bathrobe from my floor and left. Part of me wanted to chase her down the hallway and console her or whatever she needed but then I realized I was probably not wanted at that moment.

About a half hour later my door opened and mom came in. The sun was starting to come up and there was enough light in the room to see she was wearing a nightgown now. I was still naked. In fact, I never got up or cleaned myself off or anything. She climbed back into bed with me and snuggled up with me.

“Just so we’re clear, that didn’t happen and it’ll never happen again, got it?” She whispered

“Yeah I know.” I answered. “It was awesome.” I added

“It didn’t happen.” She reiterated

“Why did you do that?” I asked after a minute or so of silence

Mom lifted her head off my shoulder and looked at me. The room light enough now for eye contact. She placed her hand on my chest once more and softly ran her fingers thru my chest hair.

“It’s been a longtime since a man looked at me and held me the way you were. I’m so unbelievably lonely. I know you and I know you like to spy on me, you’re not fooling anyone. I’m not proud of what just happened by any means and I lost control of myself and my emotions. What we did was really wrong.. that being said.. it was pretty impressive. You’ve got quite the tool there..”

As she said that, she softly ran her finger up my soft, still sticky shaft and tapped the tip of my cock. Then she laid her head back down on my chest and took a deep breath and let it out.

“You thought I was good?” I asked after another few minutes of silence

“Really?! Is this seriously something you want to discuss right now?” She asked

“I don’t know.. I guess. You said you were lonely. Well so am I! I’ve only been with one other girl and it’s been almost 2years since. It’d be nice to know I’m not a complete loser.” I explained

“Yes, you were really good.” She said reluctantly “like I said you’ve got a pretty impressive piece of meat down there.. ugh, this is awkward.. you made a woman cum tonight and then the fucked her for close to 10 minutes before you came. Women like that.” She explained

“Anything I can do different?” I asked crossing the line I think

“Ok, no that’s too much.” She exclaimed “don’t be ashamed and don’t go telling anyone about this, that’s all ok?”

We laid there quietly for almost a half hour without saying anything to each other. Just as I have problems with blurting things out sometimes, I get it from my mom. She blurted this out for some reason.

“What would have done differently?” She asked once again lifting her head up and looking at me.

By now the sun was up and the room was lit. We laid under the blankets but I was still naked and she was just wearing a nightgown. Her cleavage was well exposed and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Something about being in the dark made things less real but now the room was lit and reality set in, I was laying naked in bed with my mom and we had just had sex! That might scare most and maybe it even scared her but it felt like everything I had done, all the snooping and spying.. all of it paid off. I had reached some kind of goal if that makes sense.

“I don’t know…” I said with a shyness she saw right thru

“Well everything is out in the open now, we’re laying here in your bed, you just had sex with your mom, you might as well just come out and say anything else before we bury this forever…” she begged “no? Ok.” She added before starting to get out of bed.

Once again I blurted out what I was thinking. I wouldn’t have told her but I thought she was serious when she said bury it forever.

“I’ve wanted to eat your pussy since I was 12!” I blurted

“Really?!” She said turning back towards me. “Hmm”

She stood there for a few seconds just looking at me saying nothing. I had no clue what she was thinking, and I just stared back waiting for her to say something. Then she took a step towards my bed, lifted her leg and put her foot on my bed. She then pulled her nightgown up. She had no panties on. I sat there for a few seconds motionless and speechless. Just staring at her perfectly furry mound.

“You’ve got one minute.” She said “clocks ticking!” She added when I did nothing

Realizing she meant it and one minute is not a long time, I jumped up and sat on the floor with my head between her thighs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down until her pussy hit my tongue. She was already wet when I started and I knew that was a good sign. Her juices tasted so incredible! I couldn’t believe how she tasted!

“Ten!… Nine!… mmmm! Eight!… Seven!.. oh shit!” She moaned

When she got to one, she grabbed the back of my head and buried my face in her soaking wet snatch. She screamed once and then again. I could taste her pussy cumming! It tasted so good! I never wanted to stop!

She took her leg off my bed and pulled her nightgown down. She bent over and kissed my forehead. I sat on my floor still completely naked. My cock standing straight up. She took my hand and pulled me up and sat me on my bed. Then she spit in her hand and began jerking my cock.

“What happened to bury it forever?” I asked thru clinched teeth as the sensation of her hand on my cock sent chills thru me.

“I haven’t left the room yet.” She said spitting on my cock one more time.

Just then I shot another batch of hot cum out. Some landed on the carpet and some in her hand. When I was done she told me to get some sleep. She closed my door and went to her room. She did exactly as she said, she buried it forever. My mom died about 5 years later and we never once spoke of this. A few times I made a small little comment about it but she never met it with a response. She took it to her grave.

Along with watching my parents fuck as a kid or watching my mom masturbate. I also like to suck dick. But I also like to have sex one time with my mom. Still just the beginning of what makes me a freak.

To be continued….

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