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Dave and his 10 year old neighbour #2

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This is part two. If you have read part one please do. Sorry for the Gramma and spelling mistakes I used my phone

Jenny the 10 year old neighbour next door, continued to come by my house that summer. She began to trust me more and after our first encounter where I went down on her and taught her how to hump, she became more open. Like she would try hump my leg when she would get the butterfly feeling down there like she likes to describe.
Maybe 2 weeks after this happened I made attempts to take things further with her. I wanted to introduce her to porn and all the things that are possible for us to do. Of course she is 10 I know she won’t be able to do most of the things a porn star does. But I wanted to start somewhere.
“Jenny, would you like to play some grown up games with me” her eyes widened with excitement she knew what that meant. I only let her experience one orgasm, I did try and ask her about it and she kept saying it was scary but I really really liked it after. So I didn’t try and play with her pussy untill I knew she was comfortable. Pluss I had the picture of her that I took if I needed to masturbate, and trust me if only I could show you you would say that’s enough.
But I wanted to see how further we can go. I had planned to show her more about sex. So I took her upstairs to my office and sat her on my lap.
“Now Jenny this movie is an adult movie but because I trust you and I know your a big girl I will let you watch with me” she nods he head and wiggles her butt on my cock to get comfy. By the way to note my cock gets hard the minute she’s next to me, so I think she’s used to the feeling of my cock hard.
I put on the first porn of a teenager giving a blow job to another guy. “See Jenny this girl is his best friend and look how they play together,” her eyes widen, I place on on my hands on her pussy and play with it whilst she watches. I want to train her every time she sees my cock and knows we will “play” to start expecting her pussy to react and get wet for me. She starts slowly moving her hips whilst she continue watching the porn video, at this point the man in the video is going down on the girl ” oh look Dave he is doing to her what you do to me” she’s watching the girls reaction and listening to her moans. Oh god I hope she picks up on this.
My finger is getting wet from my pussy juice, she is begining to get more violent with her humping. I take her off my lap and tell her to take off her bathing suit. She does just that. I get up and check outside the window to see if her brother and my son are sill playing which they where. I beging undressing and I stand with my fully erected cock staring straight at Jenny. I see her touching her private part but I had other plans for her first. I grab her face and I begging to kiss her small mouth she doesn’t kiss back, I guess she didn’t know how. I stop kiss her lips and started to kiss and lick on her neck. I knew she loved it as she kept giggling and moaning as well. Oh the fucking moans were so cute. “Yes Jenny when it feels good I want you to make noises like that okay” she nods.
I tell her to sit down on the sofa I had in my office. I tell her to open her mouth and let my cock go in like the girls in the video. She does just that. My cocks head was too big for her mouth, so I told her to just suck on my tip whilst I masterbated my shaft. I told her to lick and suck it like she would a lolly pop, and boy she was doing that. She was so beautiful, especially when she would look up at me with her innocent green eyes. I really wanted to be rough with her but I couldn’t risk it, I couldn’t risk scaring her.
I feel myself about to come ” Jenny baby I’m going to cum in your mouth I want you to open your mouth wide for uncle okay” I watch as she opens her mouth and my cock just squirts the most cum it has ever squirted. I got it in her mouth her face and all over her small chest and body. I think she would have drowned if it all had went in her mouth. Now I tell her to swallow and with a big gulp she did.
“It tastes salty” she says to me whilst having one finger on her pussy. I sit back on the chair opposite to her and I admire her and what I just did to her. She’s touching herself and I’m watching her suffer a little she couldn’t get the right pace to make herself finish. ” Uncle Dave I try to play at home but I can never get the butterfly’s you give me” I tell her to play a little longer I was liking the fact that she was a little frustrated. She continued and continued and I just watched whilst her pussy was getting abused but her small fingers.
I got up out of my chair and I walked towards her I told her to get up whilst I laid down on the sofa and told her to get on top of my face and immediately shoved my mouth to her pussy. She retaliated by moving her hips to the rhythm of my tongue and how it was moving on her pussy. She has a small pussy my whole mouth was covering it. I felt my tongue go through her slit and god did I want to just break her hymen there and then with the tongue. She started fuckiny my mouth and making small noises as she struggled to find her spot. I started working on her clit more I knew that’s where the spot was. I start french kissing her clit and before you know it I feel her orgasm coming, her legs started trapping my head and her body started spasming. She lets out the biggest moan just like the girl on porn. Wow my baby is learning quick. I felt her pussy pulse contract in my mouth. I wasn’t stopping I continued licking I know it was driving her crazy. I end it by kissing her pussy. And laying her down on the sofa. I get up quickly I put my clothes back on clean her up, get dressed and tell her to jump in the pool straight away and clean of the semen that was still on that. She did as I said.
I go downstairs everything seems like normal she was playing in the pool. Her innocents put a smile on my face. The boys were playing football. My balls were satisfied and empty. It turned out to be a great day that day.
During the weekend her parents were home some I didn’t attempt to be with her. I really wanted to try and finally fuck her sweet pussy. On the Monday that came she was the first to wake up and come over. My son was at his mothers, so I just lead her straight to my bed room. I was craving her pussy all weekend. My cock was about to burst from my pjays.
“How was your weekend Jenny” she looks at me smiling and tells me in excited ment “I made myself have the butterflies in my peee peee” she had her first orgasm on her own. I was concerned she might get caught one day and her parents will want to know where she learn that from. I start panicking. ” Jenny you need to be very careful,because if your parents find out they can get taken away from you” again I was trying to inflict fear Into her.
” No I was very careful, I had sex with my teddies he made me feel the butterflies there” as she was telling me I was getting harder and just imagining her making her sex faces. I go to my son’s room and pick up a dinosaur stuffed toy that he had. I brought it to her and I said “get on it and show me what you did” I watched her get up take off her shorts touch her pussy and just jumps on the stuffed toy. It was almost her size. I told her to pause and let me go get my camera and I start recording her. She kept giggling know I was watching and the camera was. She continued to rocking her hips back and forth onto the dinosaur toy. I try to take shots from all angles and fuck it was hot. Almost 5 minutes had past and I can tell she was getting tired. I stopped recording and I go behind to her butt and I start licking from behind her whilst she was thrusting her hips more. She beging to moan and I continue to lick harder. I grab on my dick and I feel he wanted to explode. After 30 seconds Jenny body beggins to shake and she just falls down from fatigue on top of the dinosaur toy. I knew she was tired, I remove the toy and throw it on the floor. I grab Jenny and turn her on her belly, and shove a few pillows under her to raise her body. My cock was in line with her chubby bubble butt, I grab some cream that was on the side of my bed and squirt some out into her butt crack. I placed my dick there and I slowly start fucking in-between her but cheeks. I used my hands to push together her butt cheeks to put more pressure and make it tighter. Not even 40 seconds passed and I squirted all over her back he hair and a bit on her face. She was so fucking hot in that position. I was tired I laid there next to her. And she turns her head and looks at me in my eyes whilst I’m breathing heavy. We lay there for like 30 minutes before I got up to clean her up.
“Jenny I think we need to try having proper sex now, you pussy is behaving like grown ups, I think your ready princess”

Over the next few days I was more cautious as Jenny brother was looking for her and they wasn’t coming over as much due to Oliver being at his mother’s.
It was a Thursday morning and Oliver rushes outside to play with Jake. I knew this was going to be the day I will potentially try and penetrate Jenny. I have trained her pusssy to get wet and horny. I will have to be very careful and prepare her. If I have to be rough with her then let it be. I was craving for her. I have never been like this towards a child even now I look at them and I don’t get the same feel I get when I look at Jenny.
I walk out into the garden and I noticed oliver and Jake was up in Jake’s house playing video games. I knew this was my chance although I couldn’t find out where Jenny was, usually she would be running to me. I go inside and look in my house maybe I may have missed her she is 4ft5 I checked everywhere. I go up to my room and I open my door and I find Jenny laid naked on top on my bed with her legs slightly apart and her just giggling away. I think she knew I was looking for her. I closed the door and I run to the bed play fighting with her a little. My cock was getting hard. I think today is the day I will be more rough with her. She should learn to expect it.
I grab her by her ankles and lower her to the edge of the bed. he hair was in two pigtails they were a bit messy I knew she had done them her self.
“Princess your hair looks beautiful” she smiles and does a little dance with her shoulders. I hold her chin and I tell her “today we are going to play a little game we will be doing something different that’s even better than the butterflies you get” I had to let her know that pain was expected a bit, but the pain goes. I beging to join her and get undressed. My cock is hard it’s pointing right at her, I bring it closer to her and she immediately knew what to do, it’s like she’s been thirty for my cock these last 3 days, I grab her hands and show her how to move them up and down. He mouth was driving me insane. I hadn’t masterbated at all these last three days and god did I want to cum. Her tongue working her way around my tip and her hands moving together. My cock was the same size as her face. She really didn’t know what’s coming to her. I grab my cock and start masterbating whilst I had her playing with my two balls. Her hands so small and soft.
I push her back and beging kissing her neck and slowly going down to her, I start with sucking on her nipples and making my way down to her pussy. She wasn’t resisting, she was behaving like she was use to it. I had trained her well.
“Baby I’m going to find your hole you might feel a little pop I promise baby it’s nothing, do you trust uncle Dave, you know I would never lie to you” She nods in agreement. I work my way down to her pussy lips I use index finger and thumb separate her lips apart. I stretch out her pussy to get a full deep view of her sweet pussy. I see the flower and I beging inserting one finger slowly allowing her to adjust to the finger inside her. The deeper I went I then I feelt a pop and I look up and see a tear rolling doing her face. There’s no turning back now I begining putting another finger and start working my way into her pussy. My god it was tight, I cannot explain it in words my finger felt like the blood wasn’t circulating around well. I keep my fingers there for a good 2 minutes moving them around waiting for her to get use to the feeling. I pull my fingers out and a trail of blood is let out from my fingers onto the bed sheets. I finally deflowered her. I didn’t let her look I know she would cry. ” Are you okay princess you see it wasn’t that bad” she smiles to not get me worried.
“Uncle is going to make you feel good now okay” she nods and watches me stand in-between her legs whilst putting some baby oil on my cock. I go grab my camera and I was sure to record this all down. I bring her to the edge of the bed and I have her holding her legs so I have a full view of her pussy. I place the tip of my cock in her entrance. I slowly begin to insert my thick vein cock inside her fresh tight pussy. Oh god I could have came in the first entrance. I starty working my way in slowly slowly I didn’t want to hurt her. Her pussy was so tight and warm. I look up at Jenny and he eyes are closed shut. I start fucking her a little faster, her body starts bouncing to my thrusting, I get deep enough I think I was feeling her cervix. I saw the outline of my cock hitting her stomach from the outside. She started to make some noises they were noises of pain and pleasure. I knew it was time to fuck her a bit rough. I pick her up with me dick still inside her and I start bouncing her up and down on my cock, her eyes were looking up at me, she was just looking at me like the first time I made her orgasm this was all something new to her.
I started getting more rougher with her, and noise was uncontrollably were coming out of her. “Are you okay baby tell uncle what you feel” she tries to speak but my cock inside of her thrusting in and out wasn’t letting full worlds come out “gg..ood” I chuckle a bit. I put her back down and decided to fuck her more deep. I turn her over and started fucking her doggy style. More of my cock was now being swallowed by her tight gripping pussy. I know I wasn’t hurting her I was making sure to be careful, she starts moaning and letting out small screams when I was hitting her cervix. My balls start slapping on her thighs I think I have reached the deepest I could go. And to my suprise she was taking it well. It was getting well over 24 minutes and I knew I should push it too much on her first go. I take my dripping wet cock out of her and I lay down and get her on top of me. “Baby I want you to fuck me like you did with your teddy and the dinosaurs teddy remember” she nodded and began to move her hips back and forth. I helper her a little and I grab on her hips and guide her more. I feel he pussy tightened more I think she was ready to cum. I was already holding my orgasm in and then I see her pretty flat chest stick out and he back arch, I immediately flipped her around and I was on top and I began to fuck her hard and rough like my life depended in it. She is shaking and screaming I knew this orgasm was he gspot. She began to roll her eyes back in her head and her pussy gripped on my cock even more and started gaping like it was going to explode and I loved every bit of it. I was fucking her rough and I finally felt like I was going to release my seeds inside of her I pushed my hips in her a bit more and release all the cum I had saved up for the last 3 days. Once I had finished we laid back looking at the ceiling. I felt like both me and her had lost out virginity. I never had this kind of sex with any woman before.
I pick her up, her body she was limp and I took her too the bathroom held he over the sink in a seating squating position and I squeezed on her a bit untill all my cum came squirting out of her. Her pussy was so inflamed and red. Her head was leaning back onto my shoulders and I just lowered my head and whispered in her ear “well done baby, look at this look how amazing we play together” and we are both looking at our reflection with cum still dripping out of her small pussy.
After days and day of slowly luring her in to sex. I managed to fuck her. We did it a lot more after this, but ever since she turned 12 and her period came I had to be more careful to not get her pregnant. I got her pregnant twice but we had both pregnancy aborted.
But I don’t know why or what was it with Jenny but I only ever looked at her this way. We continued like this untill she left for University. I did visit her and of course when she came home. But I’m almost in my late 60s now and she is around 25 and we still fuck. She never said what we did when she was young was wrong or nothing. But this was the story I hope you all liked it.

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    well I didn’t like it when you said you had her aborted

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    I came so hard

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      I bet you did

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      I can make you cum harder

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    I think this story was absolutely fantastic and written well. I can so relate to this as I have had many young lovers from 8 to 16 and every one of them were amazing. My best lovers I have had in my life was 12 year old Becky and 8 year old Tracy. I was with Becky for right at a year and Tracy for two. My twenties were absolutely amazing to say the least and look forward to many years with the one I am with now. She is a lil older but still amazing none the less. I have loves every single girl I have ever been with and my heart is still not full, hint hint.

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    Fyi doing a disclosure saying “please excuse spelling and grammar I’m using a phone” just makes you an idiot. Phones correct grammar and spelling so it just means you are so illiterate you don’t know that you can’t make so many mistakes using a phone.

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      Okay Mr Publisher, relax.

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    Good story you’re a very lucky guy to get this experience

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