A Panty Thief gets caught – Part 1

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A panty thief gets caught in the act and regrets his actions (kind of)

The mistake I made was going back to the same house three times.

Never do that, it’s an invitation to get caught.

The house backed on to open fields and was completely detached, so there were no neighbours overlooking the rear garden. There was no garden fence to speak of, just a low wall and a hedge. The washing line went from the wall of an outbuilding to a post which had been concreted into the ground. But what caught my eye was that the panties pegged to the line were clear to see. Often people hung them by one corner and they hung down indistinguishable from socks or even wash rags. There were hung up from each side of the waistband and were unmistakable, even at dusk or in the dark, which is when I hunted.

On my first raid I was careful. I took a couple of trophies and reorganised the washing to cover my tracks. I was in and out leaving no trace, or so I thought.

When I got home and examined my prizes, I found they were high end and expensive pants. They were also from two distinct females. One who was 11 years old, it said on the label, and the other who was size 8 that I assumed was a petite adult. They were delightful in the feel of the fabric and in the colours and design. I had many wanks in those knickers and many delightful orgasms wondering what the owners looked like and what their pussies and asses were like.

I knew not to go back, but I wanted to see the people these wonderful undies belonged to. So I found a place in some bushes a good distance behind the house and concealed myself there, with my binoculars to see if I could get a glimpse of the occupants.

The first night I saw lights go on and off in the house but no one emerged. I thought about wandering up and down their street to see if I would have more luck, but that would be far too risky. I didn’t want to be seen at all.

The second night I hit paydirt.

Whilst it was still light, the back door to the house opened and out came a small woman maybe in her thirties. She had shoulder length red hair, wore a light-coloured vest showing off an amazing pair of boobs, and tight leggings which clung to her arse leaving very little to the imagination. She was carrying a classic washing basket piled with wet washing.

She began hanging up washing on the line. I was delighted because I reasoned that if she was still using the washing line, and hadn’t decided to invest in a tumble drier then she can’t have noticed the missing panties.

She was well into her task when the door opened and the perfect mini version of the woman came out carrying another washing basket. She looked to be preteen, so I guess 11 yo was about right. She was still wearing her school uniform of dark couloured cardigan, white shirt, school tie, dark pleated school skirt, white socks and dark shoes.

The daughter was handing washing to the Mum, I assume, to hang up. I couldnt believe that she was hanging out more panties. This time there were four or five pairs and these were hung at the end of the line furthest away from the house.

I got a good luck at both females and I can tell you that they were both gorgeous. This is where I let my dick get the better of me. I had a huge erection and was driven to get me some more pants.

I waited until dusk had passed and it was getting fully dark. I crept over the low wall and hedge and chose the panties that I wanted. Before I had chance to rearrange the washing to cover my tracks, The kitchen light came on and I could see the Mum heading for the back door to come out into the garden. I legged it before I could be seen. I kept low along the line of the houses and, when I was sure I could not be seen from the back garden, I made my way along the hedge line and across the field to safety.

My heart was pounding. That was a close one I thought and I was firm with myself not to go back.

The panties I stole this time were so fucking sexy. Both pairs belonged to the young girl. In fact one pair were green gym knickers and the other were a fabulous pastel blue pair with the word Monday on the front in red. Both pairs were tiny and smelled of fabric conditioner. They were soft on my cock and I gave the crotch area of both a lot of attention. Being able to picture both girls gave me heightened pleasure during my panty wanks.

I lot of semen was spilled into those knickers over a number of weeks and eventually all four pairs got crispy and discoloured. I thought about washing them, but I couldnt think of a way to do it without risking being caught by my partner. So I reluctantly shredded them and disposed of them in black bin bag containing non-recyclable rubbish. I did it on the day the bins were collected ensuring there was no chance of discovery.

I couple of weeks passed and every single day i missed my panty wanks. I thought about both girls whilst having a quick one off the wrist, but it wasnt the same level of enjoyment. So as the weeks went by, I started thinking about going back and getting more. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I resisted for quite some time, but one night whilst my partner was out with her friends, I had a couple of drinks and sensible brain went to sleep and dick brain persuaded me that one more time wouldn’t hurt.

I wasnt pissed, definitely still under the drink-drive limit, just, so I drove down the country lanes to the spot I liked to park. The car was concealed from the lane, and I set off across the fields. It was nicely dark as I crossed to the target back garden. My heart raced as I could see there was washing on the line. As I got closer, I could see that the only thing on the line was pair after pair of panties. I should have known something wasnt right, but my dick was telling me to grab the lot and get out of there.

I had climbed into the garden and reached up to the line when someone strong grabbed me from behind and some rough fabric was pulled over my head. I was punched in the stomach and head. The wind had been knocked out of me.

Someone else grabbed my legs and I was carried bodily inside. A few more blows rained down and my arms were pulled behind my back and my hands were tied together. My legs were tied and I was thrown to the floor. I hit my head a bit and felt a bit dizzy.

We fucking got the pervert, a mans voice said, go and get Tracy. A few more kicks were delivered to my back as I curled up on the floor.

I heard two people enter the room and a woman’s voice screamed “you fucking pervert” and added her kicks, this time to my head.

A different male voice said “get him on his feet and let’s have a look at him”. Two pairs of hands picked me up and stood me on my feet. The sack or whatever it was, was pulled off my head roughly and I saw I was in a well lit garage. In front of me were two large young men who looked like brothers and between them was the petite woman I had seen hanging out the washing.

They were all shouting me at the same time. They were calling me names. The woman was asking me if I could only get off one little girls panties. I thought the best policy was to say nothing. What could I say? They were going to do what they were going to do whatever I said. To be honest I was scared over what they might do, but I was more scared of what the Police would do when they caught me. The thought of me going to court and appearing in the local papers with everyone knowing I was a panty thief worried the shit out of me.

The blokes kept punching me and the woman kept slapping my face and insulting me. She hit on an idea and said “I bet he has a little dick” sneering at me. One of the blokes said “let’s have a look” and reached for the fastening of my jeans. …. (To be continued)

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    When will we get part 2? I want to know what happens next.