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I’ve always been an exhibitionist and a voyeur this is a story from my early 20s to now in my 50s now I still have fun

I’ve always been an exhibitionist and a voyeur this is a story from my early 20s to now in my 50s now I still have fun. In my very early 20s maybe even 1819 I started lecturing myself off I realized that I had a very large dick compared to most people I haven’t seen a lot of guys except in porn so I thought I was normal but with the women I was with in the past and the present that made it very clear that I was above average I loved being looked at I’ve always had a very good build not muscular or nothing like that just a good thing build kind of athletic if you will so I would say I was probably about 1920 and I discovered back in the day before the Internet the adult bookstores I never heard of a Gloryhole or anything of that sort didn’t even know existed but I go in and being as sexual as I was I just want to see the movies then I start leaving the door unlocked almost hoping that somebody would walk in and look at me which I probably would’ve ran ran away from I wasn’t secure with any of that at that time but the fantasy was in my head by the time I was in my 30s I was living in an apartment just had a break up with a very beautiful girl and I was feeling a little down I went to the local bookstore which wasn’t all that far away I went into a booth and started watching a movie I took out my dick and start playing with myself and once again the idea voyeurism came over me I want to be watched but one thing I didn’t notice there was like a little sliding door on the side of the booth it was not a Gloryhole but you could open it up and look at each other and it was only the size of a Gloryhole if you well it was not bad I never looked for it but I always knew somebody was there looking at me why I masturbated stroking my long thick cock and it turned me on immensely and I didn’t need to know who is on the other side I could fantasize it was a woman to keep myself comfortable the idea of showing myself off just kept growing and it just turned into now I need to watch but I never found anybody at that time that I was attracted to if I looked at a guy I wanted him to have the same endowment and apparently it’s rare than I would’ve thought and I don’t say that in any conceited way then I met a woman who admitted to me for over a few trains she loved the adult bookstores she loved going and she loved the eyes on her and she wanted to go in to the booth and go to a Gloryhole she was a little blonde tight little body average looks but a freak in the sheets we fooled around a lot before we went Went to one of the bookstores there’s one that was kind of my favorite and I was a lot along this one strip but this place was clean and I had seen women in her before so he walked in her holding my arm we walked around the store a little bit and then slowly slipped into the where the boths are. She whispered in my ear that she was so excited about this to suck a strangers deck not knowing who is on the other side of me watching she couldn’t contain her self we walked around the booth looking for some that were taken up so we could go on the other side and find a Gloryhole we got into one knowing that there was somebody on the other side but they seem to leave as we walked in so we decided to stay there and wait something told us something good was going to happen I would say it was a minute or two of us watching one of the movies they really hard-core lesbian scene that we heard the other side of the door shut we sat there with anticipation I lifted up her little Jean miniskirt and start playing with her pussy hoping that the other side would start looking and wanting to have some fun she grab my large cock and start jerking me off the Gloryhole being the size it was you cannot see anybody’s face you could only see what you could see is you look through it was hard enough to see much of anything but I knew that they could see us playing with each other and before we know it this beautiful large cock came through the whole I couldn’t believe my eyes I haven’t seen anybody as large as me and Mr. passed me had to be at least 10 inches and I’ll me and a half nine at Best this might even been bigger than that not as thick as me but beautiful without a word without a moment she dropped to her knees and started sucking that large deck I looked down at her face from the side and she was loving every minute of it I was so turned on by this dirty nasty slut that I ran into by chance want to play like this watching her suck that large tart turned me on so much I started jerking off she kept turning to me and sucking my dick while jerking off a guy in the Gloryhole she took my dick and start rubbing against her the times that determine hot but I don’t think I was ready to move past there at a time at some point we just stop I decided to leave we got out to my car and pulled around while we watch people go into the store there was another couple that wanted and we talked about what they are probably dying and I bet that sure they’re doing the same when they came out shortly after we realize that they apparently came in for some toys or a movie and they got into their car which wasn’t far from ours in a start fooling around and we could see it and why we were fooling around we almost tried to make it now I roll down the windows and try to show an expression on my face and hers of what we were doing and hoping that it would luck eventually we caught her eye and they were doing the same and definitely enjoying the view as much as we were enjoying them so me and this girl got out of our car my cock almost hanging out her barely dressed her skirt hiked up her top Her top barely on and we watched the couple eventually I think they got insecure and somewhat uncomfortable I decide to leave and we had no problem with that we understood so we went back to my place and had a great time and it continued on for a couple years the stories I have are actually more taboo with her as time went on

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