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A recent story of mine was a a frat party. I was vibing, drinking, having fun with my friends and a guy had came up to me. He was brushing up on me and I had no complaints. Few words were spoken, we danced, flirted a little getting into the moment. He grabbed my hand and took me to a bedroom. I don’t even know if it was his or not but it’s not like omit matters lol. To be honest I was looking forward to fucking it was my goal hence the reason I wore a shirt skirt and a crop top. We started off kinda slow just kissing and hands roaming but eventually we got to the good part. He laid me down and his hands were rubbing my thighs. His fingers working his way up to my pussy, he removed my panties and he started rubbing my clit and I was getting so wet and and horny. I was clamping down on his hand and was constantly moaning. He started rubbing my vagina and was sticking a finger in and I was jumping in it. While he was doing all that I had to give back to! So I unzipped his jeans and was rubbing his cock. A nice size, a little bit bigger than average but it was enough for me. I was rubbing his cock using his precum to provide as lube to rub it. In the heat of the moment I really wanted that dick in my mouth, so that’s what I did. Because of the awkward position I told him to stop for a moment and proceeded to suck his cock. Now I ain’t no expert, so I did the best I could. Licking the head using my hands to rub the rest of his cock that I couldn’t get in my mouth and I was having a good time and I think he was too. He was moaning and grunting. There were a few times where I had to slow down because he wanted to fuck my mouth but I knew I wouldn’t handle it. So, I decided to continue and just let him come in my mouth but he didn’t instead he told me to stop as he wanted to instead fuck me. I got up on the bed and remove my shirt and skirt. He removed his clothing as well. He pushed me down onto the bed and kissed my tits and started to suck in the nipples. He shifted so he can enter me. Now at this point I am wet and horny as fuck. I just wanted him to fuck me till I couldn’t walk no more. So I told him to hurry up which he gladly did. Nothing special happens from here on. He fucked me and his dick felt so good, I came at least three times and in each moment when I felt my walls clamping down on his dick it made me feel so good because his dick made me feel so full. We didn’t wear a condom so when he shot his load it was directly in my pussy and to feel his warm cum in me made me cum for the last time that night.
Btw I’m not pregnant ?, I took a plan b the morning after!

Broke college student willing to send items, etc and chat for money ?.
Female 19

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    Hola quisiera saber más de ti.

  • Reply rejoice ID:2kyee16vm1

    i would love 2 be fucked like dat

  • Reply Joe ID:fzq35kt0d

    I definitely would of put a baby in this bitch

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  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmld3

    Oh thats a great ending for the night- a big cock and no condom so you feel every inch of it and the hot spunk going deep! There is more, we just cant have it just yet! So hot!

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    Text me

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    I’d love to give you a 10 inch by 2.5 inch present in all your holes as a reward for a great story.

    • ? ID:2a76n162d3

      Honestly that made me so horny ?

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