A Panty Thief gets caught – Part 2

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A panty thief gets caught in the act and regrets his actions (kind of

I don’t have a small dick as they found out when they yanked my jeans and boxers down.

Fucking Hell one of the guys said.

The woman Tracy said nothing and just stared.

So I’m standing there with my tackle out dangling between my legs shitting myself about what they were going to do next. I couldn’t move my arms or legs and I’m expecting more punches and kicks.

She left the garage, saying “ hang on a minute” and returned wearing pink marigold rubber gloves. She took hold of my cock and started wanking me. Against the wishes of my brain, my cock decided to wake up from its fear-induced slumber. Having got me in the shit in the first place, it ran for the hills when trouble arrived, and now it was coming out play all guns blazing.

There it was all pleased with itself. Tracy now found that her fingers couldn’t encircle the girth but she pulled my foreskin all the way back and delivered the most almighty slap right across my bellend. It stung and sent my dick swaying frantically but my cock thought this was the nights entertainment and so instead of retreating into flaccid hiding, it stood up and received another slap from her.

There followed a barrage of slaps and punches to my dick which only succeeded in turning it redder than it started. I was just staring at her in shock I think. She said “give me his belt”, which didn’t sound great to be honest.

She took hold of my cock again and pulled my throbbing foreskin back, still holding my cock she brought the belt down hard on the end. Now that fucking hurt but clearly not enough to impact my erection. She saw that she had shaken me so she stepped back and took a good swing with the belt and caught me with a right smack halfway down my shaft. She just kept that belt swinging and it was making contact all around my groin area as I struggled to dodge. The guys grabbed me to reduce my movements and she made more contact with my cock and balls. I was in a lot of pain now as the skin was looking close to bleeding, especially on the tip of my cock. Dick, balls and surrounding area were a dark and bruised purple. By now my erection had vanished, but it still looked like I had a semi due to swelling.

“Get him on the floor face down” she told the guys. They pushed me roughly to the floor and pressed me to the ground with a foot. To be honest the cold concrete offered some relief to my battered member.

She stood over me and delivered a massive blow to my arse. It stung like a bastard. She must have given me a dozen really hard blows across my backside. I hoped she was done, but I was wrong.

She grabbed a long green garden cane from a pile of them on a shelf and brought it down hard on my buttocks. I felt the skin break. There followed more hard swipes turning the skin of my arse into a ragged mess.

Telling the guys to spread my ass cheeks, she thwacked that cane right on my arsehole several times. The pain was indescribable.

She had me turned over again and hit my dick and balls with the cane drawing blood with each impact.

I opened my eyes when the assault stopped and saw the little girl had come into the room and was standing there smiling. “This is the scumbag who has been stealing our panties” Tracy said. The little girls spat in my direction.

Tracy bent down to whisper something in the girls ear. She looked shocked and shook her head. The Mum whispered something else and the girl nodded.

To my astonishment, she lifted her skirt, removed her knickers and stood over my cock with legs wide. Her skirt covered her pussy so I couldn’t see it but wasn’t exactly feeling horny at the time. The little girl then proceeded to piss all over my battered cock and body. It stung like crazy and felt more like boiling water than piss.

As she walked away and bent to pick up her knickers, I did get a glimpse of her arse and pussy. Thankfully my cock didn’t react. The two guys did though, they were laughing uncontrollably.

Tracy had been out of the room and returned with a small bottle in her hand. I had a feeling I knew what it was, but didn’t have to wait long to find out. She poured a big glob of red paste into her gloved hand, got the guys to turn me on my face and rubbed the paste into the wounds on my arse. I screamed. Jesus fucking Christ, I had never felt so much pain. It burned.

From the smell I could tell that this was super hot chilli paste.

As the pain intensity fell from its peak, she emptied more on her hand and rubbed it in my ass crack and onto my arsehole. She rammed a paste covered finger hard up my arse hole. I screamed and shouted in pain.

I was turned over and hot chilli paste was rubbed onto my bloody cock and balls. She even made sure that some went it’s my japs eye.

I passed out.

When I awoke I was in the middle of the field still with my trousers and boxers still around my knees. My hands and feet had been untied. I was in agony and stunk of chilli and piss.

I stood unsteadily, every movement excruciatingly painful.

I pulled up my boxers and jeans. They were wet with piss and the chilli paste that had found its way into my underpants set off the fires again causing me to fall to the ground.

I made it to the car, somehow, and drove home, the pain causing my vision to blur.

My partner was horrified when she saw the state of me and was all for calling the police and an ambulance. I persuaded her not to and told her I had been set upon by a gang. I wouldn’t let her call any of the emergency services. She , of course, didn’t believe what I told her, but I wouldn’t be drawn any further.

It took months for my wounds to heal and I was left with scars across my arse, legs, cock and balls. The sensation during sex was never as strong as it had been before my “punishment”.

One thing I was certain of, I was going to get those bitches back for what was done to me and I was going to enjoy myself doing it. Those guys were in for payback too. After all, I knew were they lived.

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    Yes, #3 and more?

  • Reply Fred ID:h9alcerd2

    Woah, heavy stuff. I got such an erection when the little girl pissed on you. The rest of it gave me the heebee geebies. I wince just thinking about it. You are luck they didn’t permanently disable you jewels altogether. What did you do to get revenge? Part 3 please.