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So there is this homely chick where I work. I don’t know what she has but she has mood swings like crazy. One minute she is super nice the next she is super crazy and mean.

Of course she has to take a liking to me. Zero interest honestly. But she makes an effort to flirt with me. She asked me to coffee after work. We work grave shift together at a casino. When I told her no she went all ballistic. WTF? Doesn’t she realize not everyone is going to like her? Obviously not.

She would walk by me at times and brush her hand against me. I finally threatened to take her to human resources if she doesn’t stop. That put an end to it at work. I think she was stalking me because I would see her out and about when I was doing stuff.

I saw her at a karaoke bar one night. “Oh you sing good” she said. I gave her a rude “thanks”. She apologized to me. Then she started telling me about her dating life and how she hasn’t been on a date in a while and blah blah blah. Like I give a flying fuck. I said, “Look you’re nice and all but I’m really not interested okay.”

I walked away from her. I drank my drink and headed out to a bar across the street. I sat in there drinking and my magnet follows right behind. “Oh I didn’t know you came in here.”, she said. “Right”, I said, “I bet I can go to a bar 50 mi from here and you’d still accidentally wind in there by coincidence. You don’t take a hint very well do you?”

She busts out in tears. I felt sorry for her. I didn’t mean to make her cry. I got a soft spot when women do that. So I had a drink with her. Stupid mistake. We had a couple drinks and I told her I had to go. I got some charity work I got to do in the morning. Bunch of BS but it sounded good.

“Oh I have a soft spot for someone who does work like that!”, she said. I said “look why don’t you go and find yourself a nice guy who is actually going to love you? Who is actually going to care about you? For the last time I am not interested.” She started taking her jeans off. “You are not interested in this at all?” Her pussy was shaved nice beautiful lips. She took her shirt off to show her nice tits.

“Ok maybe I have been coming on to strong but just give me a chance.”, she said. “You like my body I can tell.” I said, “Get your clothes back on we are in public.” She grabbed my crotch. “Yeah you are liking it. Come in the back seat of your truck with me. I will make you like me.” She said.

“Fuck it” I thought. “Maybe I can get rid of her if I fuck her?” I drove to a private area and hopped in back with her. She said, “you will love me after this.” I knew a guy who said that sex with crazy people was wild.

She grabbed my dick and started started jacking me off. She put her mouth on my head and started licking. She shoves me on the bench seat and puts her pussy in my face. It looked nice as I spread her lips and I started licking. She started deepthroating me. I must say for a nutjob she can give a good blowjob. She started grinding her pussy into my face. She started shaking as shoved her pussy on me more and more. She sucked hard on my cock from base to tip and I came into her mouth. She orgasmed right after.

We switched positions and she was on the bottom. She was getting annoying with the sex talk. “Oh come on big boy” over and over. I rammed my cock in and just started pounding her hard. She was thrashing around side to side like she was possessed. Her pussy walls did feel nice around my cock as I felt my orgasm coming on and I unloaded into her.

“Wow” I said, “that was great!” I told her to hop out and I would take her back to her car. She got and shut the door. I hit the key lock on my key fob. Locked all the doors and hopped in the driver’s seat and left.

She was screaming “asshole” and “mother fucking asshole” as I left. I knew that if I took her back to her car she was going to follow me wherever I went. I did not want her knowing where I lived.

She grabbed my phone sometime while we were doing it I guess. She texted her phone “love 4 ever”. I just quit my job after that and went to another place.

She sent me about 50 texts everywhere from calling me an asshole to telling me she loved me.
I called my phone company and got my number switched. I got a home security system at home too. This woman is crazy. I’m afraid what she might do for revenge.

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    Well I’m just gonna let you know when I was growing up and my sisters got older I just never thought about it I just thought it was normal my friend was always making fun of my toughest sister and when she would get out of the shower and started to dry off she would sometimes come in the bedroom she would shut off the lights I asked her if she mad that we had to share a room when she asked me if I thought she was heavy looking and she asked me to lay down on the bed and she would show me her ass and lips I was just wearing underwear and when I got down from the bed she told me to take them off I didn’t know what to expect but when she asked me if I wanted wanted to see her pussy lips I started to put my hand on my package she asked me if she could show me her ass like she wanted to spread it out and show me I had known that she would play with her ass in the middle of the night and she would definitely sleeping with her legs open wide I have to say I’ve looked at her panties and always wanted to see her lips didn’t look past her legs but she asked me to kneel down and she would spread her legs open wide she wanted me to see her ass she leaned over the bed and I got down on my knees and started to look at her ass she told me to spread her ass open and smell her ass it was so sweet and I just wanted to see if she would spread it out all the way she moved over and spread her legs open over the bed and when I got close to her ass she told me to put my finger in her ass

  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Bro can I get her number i like crazy girls like that

  • Reply Casino ID:4o717tkqm

    Hope you filed a police report.

  • Reply Pampered ID:2nhjfq5oi9

    Vanilla sky

  • Reply Hank ID:fx7itanhj

    Now that’s fucking funny. She had it coming though. You told her several times no but she wouldn’t take it for an answer.