Ruth and Warren after church

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My name is Ruth,a 53 year old with blonde frosted hair,still very attractive for my age,great figure,I am married to my husband bill,we have a daughter Tammy still at home,and a son Warren that’s 30 and moved out on his own.my husband bill is a deacon at our church,and participates at alot of church activities.my son Warren joined us at church today,as I was sitting at the pew listening to this boring ass sermon from the man speaking from the pulpit,I was getting wet between my legs thinking about what was going to be going on in about 45 minutes.the crotch of my black pantyhose were wet.my husband and daughter were driving together with other church members to attend a abortion rally with the church.i headed home and left the back door open for Warren my son,,Warren came in and locked the door,I was in the kitchen,,Warren came in and lifted me up on the counter,God I never thought he was going to shut up mom,,referring to the pastor.warren spread my legs,let me at that beautiful pussy he said as he started licking my crotch,already wet down their I see mom he said,I was thinking about this Warren the whole time sitting at the pew,as Warren was licking my pantyhose crotch,you like it mother he said,love it Warren I replied,he lapped away at my pussy,,going up and down the entire crotch,after I came I got down and pulled my hose down right their in the kitchen,,we headed right to the living room couch where Warren buried it up my pussy and fucked away,,with my legs around his back and him driving it deep,oh God I love it Warren,oh yes mom,oh yes he said.such a blessed day son,,it’s been awhile since I fucked you mom right after church,just two weeks ago Warren,,oh yeah that’s right he said as he went so deep in my pussy,we fucked on that couch for the next two hours in different positions,,Warren and I even prayed together for us to stop what we’re doing,,but the lust always gets the better of us,,he’s young and good looking,such a great fuck.we always end up between the sheets together so we just stopped praying for us to stop.we had dinner ready when my husband and daughter returned,,we ask them how it went,,my husband and daughter have know idea that Warren fucked the shit out of me just hours prior to their arrival.

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808r9

    Sounds realistic because I know how I feel sometimes in church. It seems as their speech will never end.

    Now on the other hand how would you feel if you found out that your husband and daughter were also just coming back from a love session.

  • Reply Sean t. ID:fx7ita944

    You would have to be one hell of a story teller to make this up.people today don’t understand or get a true story.this story was just lusty and dirty.great ass story.i believe it’s real also.people are just so use to the bullshit made up ones they don’t even recognise a true great story.

  • Reply Dawn m. ID:fx7i916ib

    Now this story was fucking good.all you see is the same old rape and dog stories that I don’t give a shit about.i like reading good stuff that is really going on behind the scenes,closed doors.this was great.

  • Reply Brian ID:2auew3f8rj

    That’s so amazing how can i can get in contact with you maybe we can do something

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