Dirty Dana Double Date

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Another role-reversal, this time of a Positive archetype, instead of negative ones.


So, what had happened was, our boss got a new “Coffin” freezer. So, she asked if anybody had a truck to haul the old one off. Trey said no, but he could get one, and then we started moving the old food to the new big one.

The walk-in wasn’t full, all the time, but this one was more of a deep freeze for storing stuff longer. So, anyhow, I said “I was thinking, we could probably get some money out of this.”

So, Trey asked, “Who would buy an old freezer? Nothing wrong with this one, but you know somebody who’d want to buy it?”

“Yeah, kinda.” I scraped some of the ice off the side, and the white layer with my pocket knife. “You think this is aluminum?” No chance of getting any in the food, sealed up in vacuum bags, unless you poked a hole in one, and that sucked it in with the air. I checked a bag of Spring Leeks, and blew the shaving off. “Doesn’t look like it sprung a leak.” I showed him.

He just shook his head, and called me “Nerd,” but grinned when he got it. Then, he picked at the scratch I made in the paint. “I don’t know, maybe.” He shrugged, “It ain’t rusted.”

“Well, the recycling place pays top dollar for aluminum, so we might have a couple extra bucks here, I’ll split it with you.”

“All right, deal.” We shook on it, and finished moving all the food, before it thawed. Then, we put the old one up on the hand truck, and rolled it out the back, by the dumpsters. The manager came out, and said “You can’t leave it there, in the way for the truck tomorrow.”

So Trey said we’d move it before then, and after work, we went to get the truck, from his uncle. It was just an old Ford Ranger, I’m a Chevy man, myself, but it wasn’t that heavy. Being mostly aluminum, especially once we dumped out all the ice-melt from leaving it to defrost.

Then, we drove it back out to the resteraunt, after it was closed up. Loaded it in the back, and strapped it down good with the cargo straps. He dropped me off at home, and we went to bed for the next day, which was a Tuesday.

Truck day, but we went to school, so we missed unloading the truck, and we got the evening off, so we didn’t have to put up the order, when they was done counting it. So, we went out, and drove around for a while.

Trey said “Hey, watch this,” and took a hard turn, down a dirt road. Fast, but it turned out, he could swing the rear end around, better with it weighed down like that, and we had a blast. Fishtailing down the back roads, until we got bored with that, before driving it back downtown, to Lipschitz.

“This where they do the recycling?” I got to drive it too, so it was my turn, and besides, I knew where we could get some money for it.

“Yeah,” I waited for the light, and gunned it. One last time, even though it wasn’t like a drag racer, or even a sports car for street racing. It was just a pickup, with a big old coffin freezer in the back, and that aught to warn you, but we’re having so much fun, I didn’t pay no mind.

I was doing all right across the bridge, and light hadn’t changed, but then I made the turn on MLK, and that was all right. Being a left turn, I swung wide across the 2 oncoming lanes, and the intersection, but then the parking lot came up, and I didn’t even bother checking my speed, but it was a hard right, into the parking lot.

I come to find out later, from the skid marks, and the black spot on the curb. What had happened was, I got the front wheels up the ramp, but then the back end hit the curb, and there was a jump, before we rolled over. The roof caved in right away, and the windshield busted, but we wound up up side down, with the parking lot right there, in front of us.

We both buckled up, can’t really say for safety, but we weren’t that dumb, right? Yeah, well we could barely even move, let alone crawl out. Then, I heard somebody run up. “Oh my god, are yeuw all right in there?”

“We’re stuck!” Trey panicked, and said, “I smell gas, get us out!”

“All right, I’m gonna get you out, inaminute.” She said, but all I could see was her boots, and her cuffs rolled up. Cowboy boots, but not like, rhinestone cowboy polished ones. These were scuffed, and a lot of the stitching pulled out, but I just looked at them, and tried to get my heart to stop beating so fast.

Trey freaking out was freaking me out, but you know what? Panicing wasn’t going to help any neither, and the banging noises just told me she was working at it. Grunting, and stepping this way, and that. Then, I think she kicked the quarter panel before I heard the metal ripping, and pulling. Once last grunt, and my door peeled back to let in a triangle of daylight.

Grey sky, it was raining off, and on, which just made for better mud-bogging out on the dirt roads, but probably slickified the street even worse. You got to think that all the oil, and grease, from the wrecker yard. That’s what it was, mostly, but they started taking other kinds of recycling, I don’t know. Years back, before I heard about it.

“I’ma getcheuw out.” She looked in to check on us, then looked up. “Both of yeuw, hang tight.”

She had a thick accent, being from Waco originally, born, and raised, so she said you like Yeauw, and oil like Earl. To go along with her cowboy boots, greasy stained overalls, and wrecked hair, tied back in an O ring she picked up, somewhere in the yard.

Instead of a regular hair tie, or a rubberband. She was always practical like that. “Waste not want not.” Dana, Dana Lipschitz, or “Dirty Dana” she was called back in elementary. Partly because she had Shits in her name, so it was okay to say shits. It’s not a wordy dird, that’s her name, right?

School-kid dirty jokes, like saying “Nice ass,” for pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. On account of donkeys, and zebras being Asses, just by way of for instance.

So anyhow, with the one hinge off, I got to watch, some of how she did it. She sure didn’t rip the door off Trey’s truck, bare handed. She had gloves on, and welding goggles. She pulled back down off her forehead, from checking on us, and disappeared again. “Just be a sec.” She grunted, then stuck her tool.

I don’t know, it looked like a cross between a sledge hammer, and one of them hooks they got on the backs of fire axes? Only instead of being fire truck red, it was just black iron, and rust, but she stuck the point on it in the hinge, and beat it through with a ball-peen hammer. Then, she grunted, and put her boot up on the quarter panel again. Rocking it up, and down, and grunting. So, the spike worked deeper, and deeper, until it was all the way down, so she could push it down, and pop the rivets with one last KRUNK! Sound.

The window frame was jammed into the windshield frame, and the roof crushed down, so she had to jump on it, to flatten it down to the ground. Then, she helped me out, and then Trey crawled out, got up, and hugged her. “Oh, hell! Thank you, thank you so much, and thank god you come along!”

She let him go, and waved at the office. “I didn’t just come along.” Her family just stood there, in the window, shaking their heads. Laughing to each other, then turned around, and went back to work.

“It’s all right!” She cupped her hands, “I got it, THANKS FOR ALL YER HELP!”

“My hero.” I shook my head, and laughed, just to let out the relief of getting trapped like that, and a little ashamed that it was my fault, for fucking around.

“Heroine,” She shook her head, and bent over. Her hand up on the bottom of the door way to look inside. “This yer truck?”

“Oh, dang!” Trey pulled his hat off, and held his head. “My uncle, he’s gonna kill me!”

“Well, nice roll bar. I better go get the truck, and haul it off so somebody else can drive in.” She started back, to the office.

So I followed her, “Thanks again, Dana is it?”

“Yeah, I remember yeauw. Barry, right?” I took my heat off, and shook her head.

“Yeahbut, Beau. My friends call me Beau now. Nobody calls me Barry no more, cept my granparents, aunts, and uncles. Maybe some cousins.” I tried to think. “Whew! That was. Something else, you. Really must’ve got that momma lifting a bus off her baby adrenaline.”

She frowned, and shook her head. “Nope. I pull car doors off all the time, and hoods, trunks, body panels. That’s what I do here. Why I didn’t come along, I was the only one, wasn’t TO BUSY!” She turned back to the office, to yell at the windows. She shrugged, “I don’t work here, officially. I ain’t on the payroll, least till I get my work permit. Probly next year.”

“How old are you?” I remember, she was a couplefew years back, when I was in 6 grade, and moved on up to middle school. She was still a little, Tomboy, I guessed.

“Thirteen? How old are you?”

“Well, that makes sense, if’n you’re waiting to turn 14, to get your work permit. They let you drive, without a license?”

“Yeah,” she pulled open the door. “No, don’t get up, or nothin.” She pulled a keyring down off the door, “I got this.” Shook them before the door swung shut all on it’s own. They just shook their heads, and went back to what they was doing. She laughed, “I sure ain’t letting you drive, after the stunt yeuw pulled.”

“Ha, yeah.”

Trey looked up, sitting on the curb, and let go of his head. He’d been crying, but I didn’t say anything about that.

“Oh, you all right?” She got down. “You ain’t hurt, are yuh?”

“Huh! Just my pride.” He sniffed, and wiped his nose. He looked back and forth, eye to eye. “What?”

“Whelp!’ She got up, and dusted her hands off on her overalls, “Don’t look like you got no concussion.”

“I’m Trey.” He offered his hand, but instead of shaking it, she took it in both hands, and grunted, to pull him up on his feet. “You’re real strong.” He didn’t say for a girl, a middle school girl at that, but she just shrugged it off.

“Not really, it’s just leverage.” She pulled her hammers off the top of the. Well, undercarriage, with it being up side down, and tipped over like that. Set the handle of the long one on her shoulder, and said, “That’s all this is, is a long lever.” She looked down, and dropped the big old ball-peen in the loop, on her overalls. “I better get the truck, and hook you up, to clear the driveway. Not like they’re lined up around the block to get in, but you never know, when somebody’ll show up.” She just kept talking to herself, unlocking the driver side door of the flatbed, with a winch, so she could unlock the seat, and drop it down. Roll it all the way forward, then climbed up to release the steering wheel. Tilt it down. “Can you get the door?” She could’ve reached out, and pulled it in herself, I’magine. It was the least I could do, then she fired it up, put it in gear, and turned around, to back up.

She sure knew how to handle that big old truck. I don’t know whether it was a 2 ton, or what, but she just drove around like. Well, it was a Tuesday, as M. Bison said in that Street Fighter movie.

Come to think of it, the stained blue denim of her overalls kinda set off the dark red turtle neck, and her red hair. She got out, and hopped down, with a flop of pony tail behind her. Left her hammers on the front seat, the long one with the spike? Leaned up on the passenger side, then stuck the keys in a little box to unlock it. Turn it on, and pull levers, to fire up the hydraulics.

I didn’t know what to say. I was impressed? “You saved my life,” Trey said.

“No, that freezer saved your life, and your uncle?”

“Yeah, uh huh?”

“Tell him to get a roll bar, on his next truck, if’n yer gonna drive it likeat. With a load in the back.”

“So, you think it’s totaled?”

“Yeah. Pretty sure, unless you want a convertible. You better go call him, in the office, if you don’t want to call a ambulance.” He sniffed, and ran off.

“Trey?” She asked.

“No, I’m Beau.”

“Yeah, Beauregard, I got that. What’s Trey short for?” She looked back, and stopped the bed when it was just about to hit the ground, on the back end. Pulled the keys out, and dropped the lid on the box.

“Oh, Robert Winston, the Third. That’s why they don’t call him Jr, on account of his daddy being Bobby Junior.”

“Yeah, can you run up, and get the hook from the winch?” She spit in her gloves, and rubbed them together.

I went up the ramp, to the winch in the back, and tried pulling the chain. “It’s stuck.”

“There’s a escapement on the side.”

“A what?”

“A little lever, with a hook in the ratchet.”

I found it. “Oh.” Released it, with a click. I think it’s spring loaded.

“Like a clockwork escapement.”

“Huh, you really know a lot about. Clockwork, too?”

She shrugged, and leaned down to take the hook. “I don’t know, I asked a jewler, this one time. My uncle took me to help him pick out a ring for his fiancee, at the time.” She just muttered to herself, squatting down, and holding onto the pumpkin. Looping the cable around the axle, and hooking it to itself. On the chain at the end of the cable, so the hook snapped over one link. It snapped, like a crochet hook, or the ones with a little spring on them, to hold the yarn. I shook my head.

“So, he showed you how a watch works?”

“No, I asked him why clocks, and watches tick. I always liked to find out, what made stuff tick, inside. He took out a watch to show me.” She fished around in her shirt, and hopped down. Pulled out a locket, and turned it around to find the ends of the chain. Then, she pried off the back of it off, to show me the tiny little gears, and gizmos. Swinging back and forth, between the quiet ticking. “That’s the escapement.” She pointed, then tucked the stubby little screwdriver back in her pocket. Her overalls, they was full of pockets, and loops to carry tools in.

“Oh, you’re real smart, too.” I nodded, and she smiled, then shook her head to herself. Snapping the back back on, she put it in her pocket. “That antique?”

“Yeah, my grandma’s. God rest her soul.”


Dana (mf Date)

I never been out on a date before. You probably won’t find this hard to believe, but I don’t have any friends. Hell, my own family treats me like some kinda black sheep, and whisper back and forth about me being a lesbo.

Nothing further from the truth, I like boys just fine, and girls? Well, other girls, let’s just say we don’t have a whole lot in common. Even my sisters, they all went through that dollies, and dishes stage, while I never got over my dollies, and engines stage.

That’s a joke, different kinda dollies. So then, when we got the wreck dragged up the flat bed, and it leveled out, I pulled up to the ramp, and pushed open the door for him. “Get in, I’ll take you home.”

“You better let me drive, on the street. On account of you not having a license, is all. I promise not to roll it over.” He held up 3 fingers, held together, like Boy Scout’s Honor.

“All right,” I scooted over, while he came around, to prove himself. I was just joking about him getting in a wreck. I wasn’t serious, but I guess I hurt his feelings. That Trey, he didn’t hold back, but Beau. He kept up a brave face, and even tried to comfort him, which is sweet, I guess.

He was brave, and caring at the same time, but that Trey. He had soft hands, like he never worked a day in his life. Turned out because he did, as a dishwasher, while Beau was a cook. “Not a chef, yet. Just a prep cook, but I’m saving up to go to culinary school, and you mind if I cook you dinner?”

“Oh no. I don’t mind.” I tried not to giggle, but I couldn’t help it. “I’d appreciate that.”

“The least I can do, to make it up to you.”

“No, take the loop around. Where’d you learn to double clutch?”

“Oh, my uncle, Larry. He’s a truck driver, but not like a long-haul trucker. He drives a truck for HEB, so it’s just the same route. Back, and forth, between here, and San Antonio. You know that’s why there so local?”

“H.E.B?” I shook my head.

“Yeah, uh huh. You see, they don’t want their drivers to drive too far, so they can get home to be with there families.”

“Huh! No, I did not know that.”

“Well, you’re saying earlier how you like to find out, how things work. You ever watched Firefly, or Serenity, the movie?”

“Don’t watch much TV.”

“Oh, well. There’s a girl on there, I think you’d like. She reminds me of you.”

“That right?”

“Yeah, uh huh! Her name’s Kaylee, and she works in the engine room, on the ship’s engine. So, she’s always covered in grease, but the ship’s doctor. He says he loves the way she looks. Even covered in grease, and then he said expecially when she’s all covered in grease.”

“Oh, thanks. So, this is a Navy show, like the Love Boat. On a ship?”

“Not really, it’s more like a western in space, but they live on a space-ship. If you’d like, we can watch it, on Netflicks?”

“Well,” when I said I’d take him home, I ment out to Belle Meade, where I live. “We better drop off the trucks first, but. You sure do know how to handle a truck clutch.” Big old turbodeizel, but just 1 clutch, and gear shifter, not two. If he learned how to drive a big rig with his uncle, maybe he could even handle that, too.

“Yeah? Thanks, you too.”

Just keeping up conversation, the best I can. Never was much good at conversation, you know. Not having anybody to talk to, but I had heard about Netflicks, and Chill. Instead of going out for a dinner, and a movie. “Oh, you have to get the flatbed back, to the wrecker yard.” he nodded, “You mean the Lipschitz over by the bakery?”

“That’s the one, yeah.” I figure he means Collins Street Bakery, on account of that big billboard, you can see from all over town. So, I suppose it looks like we’re right by there, I can see it from way back in the back of the yard, full of cars.

I live in a junkyard, or a trailer behind there, so I got a lot of shit over that, growing up. He didn’t seem to mind that, and even said that I still look good, all covered in grease. Especially covered in grease, but I don’t know about that Sci-fi space western. Whatever he called it, Firefly, or Serenity: The Movie.

“Huh! Just pull up here.” I got out, and my uncle. It’s a family business, you see. He came right out just as soon as we pulled up, and I jumped down from the cab. “Well, what have we here?”

“Rollover, the motor should still be intact, so you better flip her over, and you mind dropping it off at the garage?” I pointed, “Over there.” Might be a fun project. “This got the 4 liter V6?”

“I don’t know, can I use your phone, to call for a ride to take us home.”

“You know, I better take a rain check,” no pun intended, but it’s always raining in Belle Meade, seems like, or about to. “On that dinner, unless you want to come in?” Meet my folks, “We got a kitchen.”

“In there?” He looked back at the main garage, and office. While my uncle fired up the fork lift, and backed it out, beeping.

“No, back here. Come on, I’ll show you.” No Netflicks, but I figure that’s just an excuse to get me on his couch, snuggle up, and maybe more… “I better get cleaned up from work. Hey mama?” I called right in the door. “I brought a boy home!” I laughed, and ran up, so excited, just to say that?

“Well!” Aunt Kay came down, from the kitchen. It’s just 3 steps up from the living room, raised up over a little basement over the front end, and the tongue for the trailer. “Let me look at you.” She picked her hair out of her face. “How old are you, son?”

“Uhm, nineteen? Sorry, Mrs. Lipschitz, I. I don’t have any intentions on your daughter.”

“Oh,” I laughed, “She’s not my mom. Aunt Kaye? This is Beau.” I held his hand. “My Beau, Beauregard.”

“Pleased to meet you.” She wiped her hands on her apron.

“Why don’t you head on up.” I patted his behind, just to feel how muscular he might be back there, “And help her with dinner while I get cleaned up?”

“What’s cooking?” He said politely. Didn’t call her Toots or nothing, “Smells great.”

“Lamb Stew.”

“Well, you don’t have any Mirrypwah yet.” He opened up the fridgerator.

“Oh, you know how to cook?”

“Yeah, I’m learning. Prep cook over at the Magnolia Table.”

“Huh!” I found myself, leaning up in the corner of the hall, sighing. Watching my man, getting along with my aunt, which means he’ll get along with mother, being her sister, and all. Breathless, and swoony like a fairy tale schoolgirl, I imagine.

Always thought that was hokey. How they talked about feeling, when they meet that special someone, and butterflies start flapping away in their stomach. Well, it doesn’t feel like butterflies, and it’s a lot lower then my stomach.

For the first time in my life, I payed attention enough to feel a part of me, yearning with a hunger, for a baby. All right, calm down there, a minute. Don’t get ahead of ourselves, but I figure this is what it feels like. Love? I don’t know about that yet, but he’s a good man. If I’m any judge of character, but I’ve got a bottle of Dawn in the bathroom, for a reason.

It’s not as rough on my skin as say Gojo orange/pumice cleaner, but it’s a degreaser, to get it out of my hair. That means I need a conditioner, just to put a little moisture back in there, after most of it it stripped out, and the water running down my back. My neck, and shoulders, clinging to my breasts, and dripping off my nipples.

“Huh!” It was just a shower, a hot shower after a long day at school, then work, and then, I met a man. Nineteen, that makes him almost half-again my age, but I never payed much attention to what other people thought of me. I came in here to get clean, but if he’s staying for dinner, and then if I’m going home with him, when his ride comes. I better get dirty now to take the edge off, so I can wait.

“Huh!” How do you, work this thing? I never tried it before, playing with myself, but how do other girls do it? Let alone with those long nails, I can’t be having long nails, for the grease, and grit to get stuck under, so I cut them off. Short, and rough. I know, my hands are rough, but I only felt a little spot, right on his first finger. Inside the knuckle, a cook’s callous he called it. From the way he holds the knife, for chopping vegetables, mostly.

I figure, working at that Magnolia Garden. I thought that was a bunch of vegan hippy socialists. More like a commune downtown, they moved into the old grain silos, that always looked like tits with walkways all over them, to me. “Uh, huh!” It ain’t like he never worked a day in his life, or he had dishwater hands, like that friend of his, Trey. “Hhuh! Hhuhuhuh!” I think I’m getting the hang of this! “Oh, Beau, huh!” Will you listen to your self? “Oh, ynh! Pump me, pump me full, harder, neah harder auh! Huh? Nynnnnn!”

Wow! I must really be worked up! That didn’t even take nearly as long, as I might think, it must take, even for a quicky? Maybe time flew because I was having fun, I don’t know. I sure as shit didn’t have no clock in there to time it, but. “Huh! Whew! Huh, huh!” I just held onto the pipe sticking out, and caught my breath, until I could trust my knees to hold me. Picked up the hose to spray off the soap suds, and maybe rinse out my privates. “Ihnhm!” It tickled! “Huh!”

I just shut off the water, and looked at my legs. Drying them off, and thinking about shaving. My hairy legs, they’re not That hairy, but still. I kinda have to wonder how he’ll react to my hairy legs.

Oh well, wasn’t planning on wearing a dress, in this weather, anyhow. So, I picked out the nicest pair of pants, I had clean. Ain’t gonna run a load of laundry neither, then tried to do something with my hair. In the bathroom.

“Huh!” I never learned. How to make my hair look pretty, I never was that all fired interested in getting pretty, and I didn’t pay attention when my sisters gave me makeover after makeover. “How do you expect to meet a man if you never look presentable?” The asked. “Moping around, you know boys don’t like girls that don’t smile.”

I know, I should smile more, but now, in spite of all that, I managed to get one, and I’m as much at a loss as what to do with him as what to do with my hair, to make it look pretty.

Face it Dana. You suck at pretty.


Trey (mF Talk)

“She really thirteen?” I just kept slicing celery on the bias, so the pieces were large enough not to overcook in the stew, but the fibers were short enough not to ruin the texture.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, dear. I’m just proud of her for finally meeting someone.”

“That your husband out there, on the fork lift?”

“No, I’m not married.”

“Hard to believe, a woman like yourself, you’re young but.” She frowned. “Sorry,” sore subject.

“Yeah, well they’re not exactly lining up around the block to go out with a woman that lives in a junkyard, so most of the men I meet here. They’re here for business, and I suppose my standards are a little too high.”

“It’s just hard to believe that she’s just thirteen, when she’s so strong, and capable. Why she tore the door off a pickup truck right in front of me.”

“Yeah? Huh, she’s been doing that, all her life really.” She pointed out the window over the sink, I picked up an onion, and cut it in half, to peel it. “Cut the end off, we don’t want to eat that.”

“Oh, no.” I showed her, “If you slice it like this,” I flipped the knife over, and pinched the blade, to cut down almost to the root end with the tip, “And this, then you can slice it.” Back up to the handle, I settled the back edge into my cook’s callus, and sliced the squares off to the end. “Then, you can just throw this out.” I scooped it up, and dropped it in the bowl. Peeled the other half to finish that up.

“Huh, neat trick. You know how to cut an onion, without your eyes tearing up?” I shook my head, so she got a lemon. Squeezed it, whole, and then wiped the oil on her fingers. “Just wipe this on your cheekbones, here. Try not to get it in your eyes.”

I nodded, and washed my hands again, first. “Huh, thanks. Snh!” A little too late, my nose was already running, but I finished the rest, and cut the carrots. “So, where do you get lamb from?”

“The grocery store. Oh.” She looked back, and checked the instant pot. Let the steam out, with it set on Pressure cooker, so I washed my hands again, and dried them. She broke the seal on the lid, and dipped a spoon, in the broth. “What do you think?”

I tasted it, “What you season it with?”

“Salt, pepper, garlic cumin, smoked paprika, parsley, and rosemary.” She spun the spice rack around. “Think it needs more salt?”

“No, it’s fine, but. She’s taking a long time back there, you mind checking on her?”

“No, not at all.” She untied her apron, while I slid the mirepoix off into the cooker. “Here she is, she was just fussing with her hair.”

“Uh,” she reached up, and touched me, then looked down.

“You look great.” She did that red top, and blue pants thing again, only this time it was navy blue slacks. “I like what you did with your hair.”

“I just brushed it out, but. Thanks.” She smiled. “Washed it, and brushed it out. Uh, you have a hair tie?”

“Sure,” her aunt pulled the pony tail out of her blonde curls, to keep them out of her face. Mostly, not counting the ones that just curled around, or stuck to her face, and neck. The kitchen filled up with steam, and lamb odor, rolling out over the living room, down there.

“Uh!” We both jumped when trey knocked. “Hello, this the place? Hello, anyone in there?” He looked in the window, with his hands up around his eyes.

Dana ran to the door, and let him in. “Yup!”

“Well, they said the trailer in back, but not which trailer, this was the only one with a light on.

“Well,” she pulled a jacket down, a jeans jacket, and put it on. “I’m not hungry, so. I’m going to go.”

“Stay safe, hun.” her aunt kissed the back of her head, “Don’t do anyone I wouldn’t.”

“Thihn!” She shook her head, and covered her grin on the way out, so I grabbed my jacket. Trey already had his on, and his hood up.

“Wow, your mom is cool. About, you. Going out with us?”

“She’s not going out with us, she’s going out with me, and.” I held the door. “She’s her aunt, not her mother.”

“Yeah, my mom got divorced, and remarried to run off with her new husband, to Mexico.”


“Yeah, he’s got some, uh! Resort, down in Tampico. I go visit her sometimes, on summer break. She seems happy.”

“And your dad?”

“I don’t know where he ran off to. He doesn’t call, or write. So, where do you guys live. Together?”

“Yeah, we’re room mates. Downtown, we’ve got an apartment downtown, by Baylor?”

“Oh, nice. Huh!’ She rolled her eyes, “So you don’t have any parents, or family to worry about.” She hugged me. “All done cooking, or you want to make that dinner you promised me? Or we could just Netflix, and Chill?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” I figured she was holding her head up, sideways like that, so I could kiss her. She closed her eyes, and opened her mouth, but I broke it off there.

Thirteen, yeah, it’s hard to believe that, she’s only thirteen, and her aunt. Her legal guardian, she even joked about. Doing me, the way she put it. I don’t know about that, she sure is young, but then again, she also came to our rescue, and I tried to play it off, but it’s hard not to be scared when Trey was going on about smelling gasoline, and hearing it drip. Do you smell smoke? Because I think I smell smoke.


Trey (mmf)

Wow, she sure cleaned up nice, and Bo got possessive, but. She’s a badass, and doesn’t even seem to know it? I mean ever time I complimented her on how strong she was. And then when I got to her place, her hammer was just leaned up in the corner of the porch.

That’s how I figured out the right place. They had a little trailer park back there, but most of them had broken windows boarded up, and stuff like sinks, or bath tubs pulled out. I drove past that place, downtown all the time, and I had no idea how big an operation it was. Let alone that they had another one out by the loop, but it wasn’t just cars. I guess they tore down used motor homes, and fixed one up to live in, too?

“She’s single, my aunt?”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, and I think she likes you. You see how she looked at him, when she said don’t do anyone she wouldn’t?”

“Oh,” I shook my head, “No. Huh, I didn’t.”

“Well, you are the good looking one. No offence.”

“None taken,” both of us said at the same time. So, I looked up in the rear view. Just in time to see him lean over.


“Huh!” All right, okay. I guess it’s a consolation, being the good looking one, she said. I know, I even believe it, because I do get lucky a lot more often than him, but I couldn’t stick around. I had to deal with my uncle, and let me tell you, I got an ear full from him.

“Huh!” I should be thinking about how I’m going to pay for that, but. Oh well, can’t win them all. It turns out that I had a trick up my sleeve, I forgot all about, as soon as he called me to pick him up. He said “Pick me up,” he didn’t mention that she would be coming along, because they hit it off, and she’s his girlfriend now, but.

“Huh!” I just dropped everything, and hopped in the car. Then, when we got back, I let them in, she looked around, and followed him into the kitchen. “What can I make you?”

“What’s this?” I looked in, and she turned around the sketch pad, on the dining room table. “Lucerne?”

“Oh, uh. Just something I was working on, when he called.”

“Yeah, you call me a nerd. You still trying to write a comic book? I don’t have any lamb.”

“Oh, good.” She wrinkled her nose, “I don’t really like it.” She held it up, “Is that supposed to be me?”

“Yeah, well. I don’t know, loosely based on what happened, earlier, but.” I remembered the way she was standing, when I crawled out. I looked up, and she flipped the handle up to her other hand. Gripping it right behind the head, and shifting back and forth in her boots, to stand with them closer together, but before that.

She felt her sleeve, and held up her arm. Pulling it tight, “My arms don’t really look like that, do they?”

“Oh no. I thought that it would be more believable, if she looked a lot stronger. Instead of having to think of some way to explain, how you did that, with leverage?” She nodded. “Where did you get that warhammer, anyway?”

“Oh, it’s not a warhammer. It was just an old splitting maul, until the handle broke off, so they threw it out.” She pulled out a chair, and sat down. “I didn’t see the use of having an ax to play with, and it was kinda heavy, so I just cut it down on the band saw, and ground it with an angle grinder.” Tracing shapes on the table with her finger, and talking to herself, seems like. “Then, I found an old pipe for the handle, I had to beat the end out to fit in the eye, but then it was easy to mushroom it back out with a ball peen, and another hammer.”

“I don’t know if the costume is a little too similar to Rikki Barnes.”


“You seen the Avengers? Especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or anything after that?”

She shook her head, “I don’t watch a lot of movies, but you mean like Bucky Barnes? The guy with the metal arm, and the red star on his shoulder?” She cupped it in the other hand.

“Yeah, that’s her uncle, I think. I don’t know, I’ll have to look it up later, but she only wore that red shirt, and overalls once. I didn’t really read those comics, I was more into Batman, and DC. You know the Justice League?”

She shook her head, “I don’t read no comics, neither. Mostly just scrap cars, and junk.”

“Well, I’ve got Spaghetti, and it’s a little late, but why don’t you go fire up the computer, while I make a quick Ragu. You like Bolognaise?”

“I don’t know, but it sounds fancy.”

“It’s really marinara, and meat sauce, but in Bolognia, they call it Ragu. If you order Spagetti and Bolognaise there, you’ll probably get noodles, and sausage.”

“Like Baloney, instead of. Ragu?” She smiled, and got it, “Like the spaghetti sauce, now I get it.”

“She kinda reminded me of Carrie Kelley.”

“Who?” She shook her head, but started listening to me, again. While Bo went back to playing chef in the kitchen.

“The female Robin, from The Dark Knight Returns.” I held my arm out, “Come on, I’ll show you.” I had to pull the boxes out of the hall closet, and dig out the Graphic Novel. I don’t have a copy of the original run, I wish, but I have the TBP of the full collection. “See? Her.”

“And you think, she looks like me?”

“No, Rikki Barnes. I don’t have any of her comic books. Not really a fan of Liefeld’s art style, but I think I can find a good picture on the computer.”

I already had it up, since I forgot to turn it off when I left to pick them up. “Yeah, here.”


“Huh!” She sat down, and turned the chair around. “Yikes,” she read.

“Yeah, she’s a badass. You’re badass, you know that?”

“No? Nobody ever called me a badass, before.” She looked up, “You really think so?”

“I know so. So, anyhow. I thought I’d change it up, a little bit.” I flipped back the page, on my sketch pad, to show her. “I haven’t come up with a good origin story, about how she got her super strength, but.”

It was a dark, and winding road, and they had a few beers, before they took off, for a joy ride. It was cold, and as they got higher, they weren’t paying attention. Keeping an eye out for Black Ice, but then…


Dana (fmm)

“Wow, I never really, cared about comic books before, but then, I never thought I’d be starring in one, or anybody would want to write a book, about my life. Honestly, it’s a little boring, but not if you jazz it up, like you did, her arms. She sure looks a whole lot more badass than I do.”

“Hoho no. Not at all, honestly, it’s even more badass that you did it without any super powers.”

“Well, I was just in the right place, at the right time, and you’re lucky that you made it all the way downtown before you flipped, if you’re driving around like that all day.”

“Well, it was more like all afternoon really, but it wasn’t me that wrecked.”

“Dude, I’m sorry, okay? I told you, I’d help you buy him another car, but you think you can help us out? Again, I know it’s a lot to ask, but.”

“Yeah? I work in a car lot, so sure. I bet, no.” She thought, and nodded, “I’m sure I saw an old Ford, I think? Does it have to be a Ford, because I’m not sure, it might be an S-10.”

“I don’t know, I guess I can ask my uncle, but he needs something to work in. It’s a work truck, or it was.”

“So yeah, probably, but I don’t know how quickly we can get it running. Wait, you’re still in school? I thought you said you’re nineteen.”

“I am, but I’m taking cooking classes.”

“I just have to work, but I’ve got plenty of time off to help you with the truck.”

“Well, anyway. Dinner’s almost ready, so. You want to eat out here?”

“Yeah, unless you wanted to eat at the table.”

“No, we usually eat out here, or in our rooms, but we don’t have company over often.” I got up, and cleared the old pizza box off the coffee table, the beer bottles. “I know, I should have cleaned up, when I got home.”

“Huh!” She laughed, “No, let me help you with that. It’s a bachelor pad, but you know how to work the TV, and the Netflix?”

“Oh, yeah. You want to watch something, while we eat?”

“Well, yeah. My Bo wanted to show me this firefly show, because he said. Bo?” She called, “What’s that girl called, from the Firefly show?”


“Yeah?” She laughed, and came back, shaking her head.

“What’s so funny?”

“it’s just, I didn’t get it, before. Kaylee, like my Aunt, Kaye Lee? Oh yeah, and you think you might like to go out with her? She’s really nice, and I think you’ll like her.”

“Huh! Yeah.” I guess, as a consolation. She’s older, and I don’t mind that, at all, but I have a feeling that she’s not nearly as badass as her niece. I’m not usually even attracted to teenagers, but then again, you don’t have one tear you out of a wrecked car every day, neither.


Dana (fmm Menage Troi)

“Huh!” I don’t know, if I can pick just one. I’m so nervous it’s scary, but also exciting to think that I’m going to lose it, and it’s almost like they’re racing to see who’s going to get to nail me first?

Well, what if I want both? Would that work, or would Beau get jealous? He didn’t get too pissed off when I pointed out that Trey is the good looking one, and it’s not like he’s bad looking but.

“Huh!” I’m going to get laid tonight! I know that.

“You hot? Cause you sound out of breath. Why don’t you take this off.” He helped me with my jacket, and went to hang it up, but oh my god. My hands are shaking! So, I held them behind me, while plates clanked together back in the kitchen, and I hoped he wouldn’t come out just in time to catch us kissing, but I risked it.

“Huh, you want to kiss me. Too?”

“Yeah.” He pulled me in, and I had to go up on tippy toes, with him bent down, but we got out lips together. “Smooch. I thought you liked Beau.”

“All right, ladies, and germs.” He let go, and I stepped back. Turned around just in time for him to come out with plates in each hand, a third one tucked into his elbow. “Dinner is served.”

“Let me help you with that.” I took the 2 plates, to cover up the awkward moment, but my hands stopped shaking somehow. Scoot over.” I slipped in behind the coffee table, and sat in the middle, so Beau could sit down on the other side, and pick up the remote. “Uhm, actually. Trey was telling me they made an animated movie of The Dark Knight Returns, so. You mind if we watch that?”

“No, not at all.”

“I didn’t know there were so many female superhero, ines.” I shook my head, “You know what I mean, but.” He hit play. “Is that a tank?”

“Yeah, the Bat-Tank.”

“Huh, ha!” Beau laughed, “I didn’t know he had a Bat-tank. Well, I guess there’s a bat everything else. Is this from the animated series?”

“No, but this is a kind of alternate universe Batman, after The Killing Joke, and A Death in the Family, so he’s a lot more violent, and willing to kill.”

“Oh, so more like Batman Beyond.”

“Yeah, he’s older. A lot older, but there’s no Batman Beyond. He retired, but now he’s coming out of retirement to fight The Mutants. Only they’re not like Marvel X-men Mutants. They’re just a gang that calls themselves that.”

“Oh, huh!” He twirled his fork to scoop up a big mouthful of spagetti and meat sauce. I didn’t know that’s what it was called, at Olive garden, they just call it Spagetti and Meat Sauce, but it’s good. He can cook, and that’s good, because if you give me long enough in the kitchen, I could boil water.

Which brings me back to my problem. I’m stuck between them, and they’re obviously good friends. I’m not really interested in their Batman cartoons, but Trey pointed her out. “There she is. That’s Carrie Kelly.”

“Oh.” I nodded politely, but obviously. He just showed me a picture of her, right next to Batman, with his hand stuck out heroically, and her knees tucked up sideways. “Uh, what’s the deal with them, and short shorts? I mean, that Nikki Barnes.”

“Rikki Barnes.”

“Oh, sorry. But she had her overalls rolled up like daisy dukes too, and if you’re going to fight crime in a. Oh.”

It looked like a junkyard.


“Well, I guess it’s not very practical, but.”

“How old is she, she doesn’t even have boobs yet, but she’s running around dressed like that, and doesn’t she have a father? I’m sorry, uh! Listen to me, getting so judgemental about what she’s wearing, like a girl.”

“Well,” they both looked over, so I turned, back, and forth.

“You are a girl.” Trey pointed out. The obvious, again. Good looking, but not real bright. I don’t know if I like it or not yet.

“Well, thanks for noticing!”

“Yeah, but you’re not like the other girls.” Beau reached out, and turned my head, by the chin. Felt up the cheek, and I couldn’t feel the callous on his finger, until I realized that wasn’t the right hand, with the cook’s callous.

“Beau,” I looked down, “Huh, I like you, but. I have to tell you something.”

“Sorry, if I’m moving a little too fast.”

“Oh, no. Don’t slam on the breaks, I like it, and I like you, but. Huh!” I turned back to Trey. “I like Trey too, and I don’t want you to be jealous, but I can’t chose, and, I was thinking that. Maybe I wouldn’t have to. Pick one of you, or the other, if you’re cool with it.”

“So, you want a threesome?”

“Is that what you call it?”

“Well, yeah. You never heard of a threesome before?”

“No? Well, yeah, but you know girls. They have to say everything in French, so it sounds more romantic.”

I rolled my eyes, but Beau didn’t see it.

“Menage’ Troi?”

I turned back, and nodded, then realized I bit my lip? I never bite my lip, and why do girls even do that? Is it because boys like it, and it makes them want to kiss you?

“Well, I’m not going to get jealous,” He looked back at Trey. “You?”

“No, I’m cool with it.”

“Good, then will somebody kiss me again, all ready?”


Trey (mmf)

Wow, okay. I didn’t see it when she flexed, and pulled her shirtsleeve tight, but it wasn’t her biceps. I forget which muscle group it is, on the back of the arm from Anatomy Class, but I’m an art-school dropout. I couldn’t even get a liberal arts degree, let alone get to graphics design to make video games for a living.

So, plan B? Knew I should have made a plan B, but he kissed her first, because she was looking at him when she said somebody kiss me, but then I felt her arms. Up her shoulders, and realized that she didn’t slouch, like I thought.

I don’t know why I thought that, when the truth is, her shoulders didn’t slope down, they sloped up to a long neck. She just doesn’t have a thick manly neck, so it looks like, a musclebound brute, and I drew her all wrong, but that was just a first draft.

“Huh!” I had to pull her back out of the way, but her neck was so read, and warm. Brushing it with my nose, and kissing it. “Snh,” she smelled like, “Lemon?”

“Smooch, huh?” She turned back, and felt my chest.

“You smell like lemons.”

“Oh, no. I thought that was’Beau’s cologne, or something.”

“Well, actually, no. Your aunt showed the trick where you use lemon oil to cut unions, without tearing up?” She looked back, and he shook his head. “She didn’t teach you that?”

“Oh, no. Huh!” I felt her muscles flex when she shrugged. “I’m useless in the kitchen. I burned water once.”

“How do you burn water?”

“Well, I don’t know? I didn’t watch it, so it boiled away, until the smoke alarm went off. You want to talk about this now?”

“Sorry,” we both laughed, and I felt her neck.

“Hm!” She arched her back, and twisted to push her shoulders back into my thumbs, rubbing her muscles, then twisted her neck, and let out a bunch of cracks. “Huh! That feels good.”

“Uh, maybe, we should wait until you’re a little older, before we go too far.”

“Well, how old is she?”

“Huh!’ She turned around, but looked down, and mumbled. “Thirteen?” She shrugged, and looked up.

“Wh?” I just shook my head, “What?”

“But I’m so horny, I don’t know what to do with myself,” she turned back, “And I know you’re jealous, and disappointed, but, would it be okay, if I spent the night on the couch? Huh!” She rubbed the couch, “You’re right, but I don’t want to go home. Not yet, and if you want to wait, then okay, I’ll wait.”

He picked up the remote, and turned the TV off. “Yeah,” he got up, and she gasped. Almost got her hands up to her mouth, but he just tugged his belt, so it wasn’t sticking straight out. She shook her head, and turned back to me. I hugged her, and she mumbled into my chest. “Huh, yeah. I don’t think, I’m quite ready for that, but. I had a great time.”

“Yeah, me too, and thanks for saving us, but.” I got up. Let her eyes travel down, and then turned away to adjust the hardon in my pants. “What the hell were you thinking man? You knew she was thirteen all along?”

“Well, i didn’t find out for sure until her aunt told me, but she was cool about it, and it’s late. Why don’t we leave her alone, and talk about it later.”

“Huh! All right.” Before either of our boners went away, we went back to our beds, alone, to beat off, and think about it. The thing is, no matter how mature, and capable she is, it’s not just creepy. 2 guys bringing a 13 year old girl home, and making out with her. Talking about a threesome, or a menagatwa, it’s downright illegal.

I’m almost old enough to drink, and she’s just old enough to see a PG-13 movie. Hell, I’m not worried about showing her an R-Rated graphic novel, yeah it’s a Very Graphic novel, but as far as Frank Miller goes, let’s just say it’s not Hard Boiled, or Sin City.

I’m not a hero, I just found that out today, when I freaked out, and feared for my life. Maybe I’m a little claustrophobic, and maybe that experience will make me claustrophobic, but I still want to do the right thing.

That ain’t it. Making out with a, middle school girl? 13, that’s middle school, 8th grade, right? Jesus, man. What the fuck is wrong with you, weren’t you even paying attention? Of course she isn’t 16, that’s the legal age in Texas, isn’t it? It sure as hell isn’t thirteen, I’ll tell you that!

“Uh, wh? The fuck! Uh, huh!” Now, you’re getting off, thinking about a barely teenage girl, you sick fuck. “Uhhh, fuck!”

“I can wait.” She said. “Huh, yeah. I can wait, too.” She’s already a badass. Who knows, a couplefew more years can only make her even more of a badass.


Dana (fm…)

“Hihnmn!” I covered my mouth, and tried the door knob. Nope, not unlocked.

Okay, so he doesn’t want to share, I don’t mind having one all to myself. Maybe I was getting a little ahead of myself, and he’s a little jealous. So, we got rid of his room mate, because he’s got a problem with how young I am, but you know who doesn’t?

Beau. I don’t know what that’s French for, but I bet he does. “Huh!” I shut the door, but he quit jacking, and pulled the covers back. It was too dark to see anything, so I just walked forward until my knees hit the bed, and crawled over it. ‘sh, you didn’t mean that, right? huh, you didn’t really want me to wait, until i’m older. you just want me to yourself.’ I felt up his legs. His long lean hairy legs, until I felt the hairy ball bag, and the big warm hard tube of man meat above that. ‘Huh, huhuhuh! You mind if I just jerk you off?’

“No, that’s good, just slow down. That’s good.’ He felt my hands, and guided them up, and down. ‘yeah, nice and slow, just like that.’

“huh! Hhuhuhuh!” The skin slipped up, so I let go with one hand, to feel around the top. The skin bunched up, and traced the soft spongey head. I had no idea that just the shaft got hard, but not the head. ‘you’re circumcised.’

I think he nodded, and out his arm up, in the dark. ‘Huh, let me take this, top off.’ That ment letting go, but it was so hot in here, in bed with him, and I’m not just saying hot like. Well, I mostly just overheard the girls talk in the restroom, at school. Ignored most of it, but sometimes they came in while I was on the shitter, laughing and talking about boys.

That’s when I listened, but when they said “Hot,” or “He’s so hot,” I had no idea they ment literally, burning up. Hot, and sweaty. “Uh?” God, my bra is soaked, and also under my breasts, the’re so hot, and sweaty, I just cradled them, like babes, and squeezed one in my hand, then felt up his leg again.

They didn’t never say how, exactly you go about to give a guy a handjob, but how hard an it be? Well, it turns out, pretty damned hard! “Huh, ah fuck it. Snh?” I smelled it first, just in case it smalled nasty, but even if it smelled like dog shit, I don’t know if that would be enough to keep me from kissing it, right on it’s spongey head. “Smooch! Snh oomn!” Then, the salty sweat, and the manly odor filled my nose with every breath. “Mhn, mh hm!”

“Huh!” He held his breath, but I let go of my breast, and stopped rolling my nipple back and forth to feel his tummy. He’s kind of skinny, and not muscular at all. Again, I remember Trey’s muscular chest through his shirt, but I don’t want to think about that right now, when I’m in here with Beau, and I know he’s jealous.

Jealous of him being the good looking one, and the artistic one, but then again, he’s the nice one, the polite one, and he makes me feel. Like?

“Snh? Hm!”

A woman. Not a badass, and honestly, being a badass. I guess, that’s cool and all, I can see that now that somebody bothered to show me, instead of make fun of me for being so Tomboyish, but I had no idea what being a woman would feel like, until it happened.

Now, I don’t know if I have to chose, between being a woman, or being a badass, but this just feels right. Weirdly different, and so different, I hardly recognize myself, but then it happened. He took another deep breath, through his nose, and held it. I felt his tummy stretch to hold it and then he shook. I kept stroking, but then faster, and faster, until his knees shook, and I knew he must be close, but he didn’t even make a sound.

Not a sound, he just relaxed, and sighed.

“Nghm. Gl. Gl!” I waited, for each shot, of his sauce to hit the roof of my mouth, and swallowed, rubbing the funny little bubbles of skin, down the middle of the crack in the head. It flet like they came together, right at the whole where it shot out, and hit my tongue, for another gulp of what I wanted.

Even if it was in the wrong end. SHUT UP WOMB! Damn it, not yet. For crying out loud, it’s stupid to even think about getting pregnant right now, when we just met, but finally, the yummy shots slowed down, and dribbled out right on my tongue. I let it slip out, and felt it. Go soft, and satisfied on his pubes. A little leaked out on the end, to stick to my finger tip, and lick off the last drop, and then.

I crawled up next to him, and pulled my hair back, to hut my head on his shoulder. He felt down my back, topless, and played with the sweat a little. ‘huh, you are pretty muscular, you know that?’

I nodded, and felt his tummy. Listening to his heart beat, and feeling him fill with breath, then let it out.

“Huh!” I fell asleep like that, topless, but still in my pants, and socks. He pulled the covers over us, but I had to stick my legs out. They were hot enough, and sweaty, but he was right.

It was a school night. Maybe Trey would drop me off in the morning…


Carla (ff Denouement)

“Uh!” that dyke ran right up to us, after she got off the bus.

“Hey, Carla, can I talk to you?”

“What do you want?” She looked excited.

“Well, I don’t know what to do, or who to ask, but how far is too far to go, on a first date?”


“We’ll catch up with you later,” the girls went in, “Text us?” I nodded.

“I don’t know.”

“I know you’re not a slut, that’s why I trusted you, but I don’t want to feel like a slut, I just. Huh, I’m afraid that maybe I went a little too far last night.”

“Come on,” we went to the restroom, away from the lunch room. Since so many girls were going to breakfast, or just hanging out until the bell rang. “Who is she, anyone I know?”

“Oh, nhk!” She snorted, “No, they’re not girls, they’re boys. Well, men.”


“2 of them!” She giggled, nodding excitedly.

“You went out with 2 men? How old?”

“Nineteen, and 20?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, because they couldn’t buy no alcohol. They live over by Baylor, and they didn’t have anything in their fridge like beer, or winer nothing. Uh!” She thought. “Well, maybe a little wine in the sauce. I didn’t check the bottles, but now I think, maybe I tasted a little wine in the sauce.”

“So, they didn’t get you drunk, then what happened?”

“Well, then they put on a movie, on Netflix?” I nodded, “That’s what Netflix, and chill means right?”

“Well, what do you think it means?”

“Well, I thought it ment an excuse to make out.”

“Yeah, so you got to make out with 2 college guys? Wait, that guy you dropped off?” I saw him scoot over to the driver seat when she got out.

“Nhm!” She started bobbing her head again, and now that I notice, her hair’s even more wrecked than usual.

“He’s cute!”

“I know. God he’s so good looking!”

“Yeah, but kinda douchey too, with that hair?”

“Well, he’s an artist.”

“Is that right?” I scoffed.

“Well, a comic book artist, he’s going to make a comic book starring me, she’s called Lucerne, like the hammer?”

“All right, all right, calm down, and tell me what they did to you.” I’m still trying to decide whether or not to call the cops, did she get their license plate?

“Well, then we started making out, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted most, but then it turned out that I didn’t have to.”

“Why not?”

“Well, first they were both into it, and we started talking about maybe doing a threesome. Or a menage troi, which is French for a threesome.”

“I know what a menage troi is, you want to get on with it before the bell rings?”

“Okay, I’m sorry, but then they found out I was only thirteen, so one of them gave up, and went to bed to jerk off.”

“Which one?”

“The good looking one? The artist, with the douchebangs.”

“Yeah, comic book artist. Look, guys say lots of things, to get in your pants.”

“Like what?”

“Like that. Oh, I’m an artist, or I’m going to make you a star. I’ll call you later.”

“Well, he’s going to have to come and pick up his truck, or what’s left of it. So anyhow, after he went to bed to.” She did the universal sign for jacking off. “I went in Beau’s room. You know what Beau is French for?”

“I’m not taking French, but I think it means Bae.”

“Oh, so anyway, after they went to bed, I went to check on his door, but he left it unlocked, and when I came in, he stopped playing with himself, and pulled back the covers, so I got on the bed with him, and I wanted to just pull him off, but then i smelled him, and I wanted his sauce so bad, I just had to pop him off in my mouth!”


She giggled too, and started jumping up and down with me.

After we calmed down, and I got a minute to think, I said, “Well, if you got into bed with him, and he didn’t make you do anything?”

“He didn’t kick me out of bed, I’ll tell you that!”

“He didn’t try to touch you, or.”

“No, I just took my shirt off. Oh yeah, and my bra too, but I left my pants, and underwear on.”

“You wear boxers?”

“What? No, panties. I’m not gay!” She pushed me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Of course you aren’t, but.” I looked around, but of course we checked the stalls when we came in, so it was just the two of us. I still lowered my voice. “You aren’t even, a little, bi-curious?”

“Oh, no, not at all. Ew, gross.”

“Yeah. Huh. Gross.”

Too bad, cause you know. She is really butch?

Then the bell rang “Wait!”

“What?” I tried to pull away, but she wouldn’t let go.

“Uhm,” she blushed. “How do you, play the fiddle?”

“You mean.” I pointed down, and shook my fingers.

“Like that?” I nodded, when she copied me. “2 fingers?” I kept nodding. “Inside or out?”

“Well, inside, then out, then back in, and out. To get them wet, for your clit?”


“Well, we better get to class, but if you want to come over after school, we can show you?”

“Oh, no. I’m too busy for that, but thanks!” She left, so I got out my phone, and texted the girls. [You’re never gonna believe this.]

[What did that dyke want?]

[Yeah, she’s a little late for Taco Tuesday.]

[She’s not gay, not at all, not even BC?]


[Get out.]

[Serious, and get this, she’s got 2 boyfriends.]

[Shut up!]

[Baylor boys, she sucked one off, just last night!]


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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Long but good story. A bit hard following who said what in a few places, but I loved the character development. You painted a good picture of the environment, but could have added some more details to draw the reader in a bit more, without going overboard. This could easily grow into a good book. Thank you for sharing this very cool story.