She could have been older

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(A true story)
So here I am , alone again. England, Midsummer 1979.
It’s going dark, just started to rain lightly and I’m in the middle of nowhere. Well actually I’m on the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth. Been hitch hiking all day from Manchester to Launceston in Cornwall. I picked up a lift at Exeter Services with an old chap in an old camper van but he was headed down the A38 to Plymouth and not the A30 (a more direct road to my destination) but I’m just glad to be on the move again. I’m in my early twenties and quite used to detours when accepting lifts off strangers, I’ve met a few oddballs and some really nice people, never felt in danger ,though I’ve had few arguments (usually politics) and been dropped of earlier than agreed but “hey ho” no matter.
I have definitely not had anything like this before or since.

The road is quiet , no street lighting, Trees and rocks on both sides and a long walk to Plymouth (or as far as I can get tonight). After about a half hour of walking I hear a vehicle approaching from behind me. I turn round to see a dark saloon car with what looks like French registration plates. As it passes by I hold my thumb out. The universal gesture for begging for a lift , The car slows , pulls over to the side and stops about 30 yards further down the road ,I walk quickly to the drivers side door (left hand drive) A man around thirty five maybe forty years old opens his window and shouts, “jump inside” and the rear passenger door opens a little. Definitely French I thought (silently remarking on his strong accent) so I scrambled to remove my rucksack and damp jacket before opening the door wide, I see Madame in the front passenger seat (right hand or off side), around the same age, long dark hair, wearing a nice low cut black shirt with just one too many buttons undone, showing a delicious cleavage.The mild aroma of expensive perfume wafts under my nose. As I throw my gear over the back seat into the hatch area, I catch movement on the other end of the rear seat, focusing in the dim interior light after the dark of the road I see a young girl in a white cotton dress with a light yellow jacket thrown around her shoulders, cute face, large dark eyes and short dark curly hair. Small breasts and by the look of it, not wearing a bra .She was just sitting up from where she had been lying down and obviously sleeping. Around twelve to fourteen years old I guessed but she could have been older. The fact is that we all notice these small details when we meet people, especially for the first time but unless we are given good reason to remember them, they slip from our memories like grains of sand. I sit down and close the door with a thump, We “grown ups” exchange small talk, who we are, where we’re going etc etc. It’s about an hours drive to Plymouth from here, I introduce myself “Robert” I say and hold my hand towards mommy with just a light touch of fingers, between us. Patrick (Daddy) Juliette (Mommy) and Nattalie (Daughter) are on their way home from a wedding in Birmingham via Plymouth and the ferry to Santander in Spain. While we are talking I am watching Nattalie in the half dark trying to get comfortable and go back to sleep but as I am now sitting where her head was, she was struggling to find a good position. I motioned for her to put her head on my lap so she could lie down again and go back to sleep, to my pleasant surprise she she does so with only the slightest hesitation, facing away from me with her knees drawn up slightly on the seat..
The small talk had died down and we travelled in silence for a while. The car radio was on, tuned into some French pop music station. Loud enough but not too loud. As Nattalie now had her head on my lap and appeared to be sleeping again, I found myself with nowhere to respectfully put my hands so I ended up with my left hand absent-mindedly stroking her short dark hair and my right hand on her right thigh. Every time a car passed by or we drove through a lighted area I catch a glimpse of Nattalie’s bare legs and feet, I could just see down Mommy’s blouse and cleavage in the front passenger seat if I leaned forward a little. Believe me, sex was the last thing on my mind when I stuck my thumb out by the side of the road but now I am warm and relaxed, the waft of Julliete’s perfume and pretty girl asleep on my lap turns my thoughts to precisely that. I could feel the thin cotton materiel of Nattalie’s dress through my fingers and the firm smoothness of her skin. I could also feel an erection starting to grow in my pants and there was nothing I could do about it. I thought hard about other things (politics, religion, whatever) but to no avail, my prick was awake now and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I was sure she could feel it too, pressing hard against her left cheek through my thin denim trousers. Nattalie pushed the back of her head into my groin then forward again almost like she was rubbing me with her face but I couldn’t be sure if she was asleep or not and she might just have been stretching or yawning . I then realised that without thinking my right hand had slipped down a few inches and was now cupping her right bum cheek and squeezing gently. I stopped squeezing and moved my hand back to where it should be. I kept asking myself, how old did she look when I got in the car? And reminding myself that I should behave and just sit out the journey but my hard on was still trying to get out and Nattalie kept pressing against it. Then she put her warm hand on top of mine resting on her thigh,she moved both mine and her hand back down to her bottom, pressing and squeezing as she did so. After a few seconds she moved her hand away and left me to explore. I caught the hem of her dress between my finger and thumb working it slowly up her leg to where I stopped and gently massaged her bare bottom. No pants, really?, no pants?, I twisted my fingers around and found her slit, I stroked the wetness , she moved her right leg forward and opened herself up to me. No pubic hair? or shaved? I wasn’t sure, must be shaved, must be shaved I told myself. I still couldn’t see much in the dim light but that made the whole thing more erotic, with her Mom and Dad right in front of us, presumably blissfully unaware of what their curious cock hungry daughter was up to, I half convinced myself she was asleep and just having a horny dream. How old is this girl?, obviously she knew about sex, was she a virgin? Could I tell from the tightness of her vagina? Well it was really tight on my forefinger but that was hardly evidence. I couldn’t very well ask and the truth was, I didn’t really want to know. Better I convince myself that she was of legal age rather than know for sure she wasn’t and she started it for gods sake!.
Then without warning Nattalie rolled her body over on the seat to face me, We couldn’t really see each other, just shapes in the dark with the odd passing car or truck headlight lighting up the interior and alarming me that mommy would see what I was doing and throw me out of the car or stab me or worse!. Oh and there’s that cleavage again, Nice, very nice. My erection was now throbbing into Nattalies other cheek and she squirmed against it. Then she moved her hands up to my belt buckle and quickly unfastened it. She worked on my trousers buttons and opened up my fly. I continued to finger her tight little pussy, not pushing in too far just yet, alternately stroking her tiny clitoris, making quiet squelching noises that hopefully mommy wouldn’t hear over the radio. Nattalie had succeeded in pulling my penis out of my pants and she gently stroked it for a minute before popping it into her mouth and sucking on it greedily. I winced and sucked in my breath sharp through my clenched teeth. Oh my god that felt good. Mommy had heard something and asked Nattalie if she was ok?. In the cutest little French girl accent I have ever heard, Nattalie raised her head and replied “we Mamma” then returned swiftly to sucking my throbbing hard on.
I now had one finger up inside her bum hole up to the first knuckle and one in her little wet cunt as deep as it would go. I could feel her moving against my hand as I moved it in and out. I could smell her juices from here, she was soaking down there. Nattalie sucked like a pro. Lots of tongue and occasional deep throat, making her gag which she covered up by coughing. She bit into me gently and stroked my dick with her teeth. I was close to erupting , This little sex fiend was killing me. I grabbed a handful of curls and pushed her head into me forcing my groin into her face, then with a grunt (cough) I shot my spunk load straight down her throat with both fingers pushed deep inside her ass and pussy. Nattalie choked and spluttered but still managed to hide it, she must have done this before, holding the cum in her mouth and taking a breath through her nose, swallow, suck, repeat. I released my grip on her hair she pulled her head back to reveal her face briefly lit up in yellow street lights. Eyes closed, tongue out catching the last drop of cum from my receding shaft.
As I looked up I could see we were driving into a more built up area and we were nearing our destination. Nattalie withdrew from my wet penis and wiped her mouth with the hem of her dress then she suddenly dived back down and grabbed my wet semi hard on again with her lips and vigorously sucked it for a few more seconds sending me into spasms and a second load. She then sat back up in her seat and asked Mommy if we were nearly there yet?. I made myself respectable whilst looking sideways at this young nymphomaniac, again trying to work out how old she was, meanwhile, Nattalie straightened her dress, ran an Afro comb through her hair and dabbed at the sweat on her neck with the white cotton of her dress.
Five minutes later I was standing by the road and wishing the family bon voyage.
Well it appears that Nattalie, (regardless of my first impressions) was certainly old enough to know what she was doing
And that had to be good enough for me.
Any one who knows the area will know that is a bloody long walk from Saltash to Launceston, especially in the late evening, few cars, lots of hills but I relived my short experience with Nattalie over and over again, imagining all sorts of scenarios involving all three family members (that for all I knew were quite plausible). My understanding of the French language is rudimentary at best so I didn’t catch all that was said in the car but I was sure as I could be that at one time Julliette (mommy) had said quietly to daddy, “she’s sucking him off”. Damn my French. Before I knew it I was at my own doorstep and putting the key in the lock.

A. Nonny, Mouse.

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