My gym membership pt 1

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I m twenty five brunette with 34 dd tits and a slim figure I wanted to stay in shape so I joined a gym , little did I know what what was going to happen. I went into the gym one afternoon and I stopped at the desk to show my id and the person smiled and said to go ahead and have fun, it wasn t long after I was working out in my tight shorts and top and after about an hour I decided to stop,I thought I d go enjoy a massage and relax, so I went and made arrangements and wastold to go in with a towel on and lay on the table and my guy would be in shortly so I did,soon he came in and he was a handsome black man he set up and asked me to remove my towel and I did soon he was massaging meand using oil itfelt great as he massaged my tits and slowly down over my stomah and pussy I was getting hot then he massagedm legs and I turned over and he massaged over my legs and started over my ass as he did I felt him work his slick fingers into my ass deep it felt great and down my backi turned back over and noticed hewas hard I smiled as I felt his dick and he smiled and took it out andsoon I was sucking his11″Dick hard.He smiled as he took his dick out of my mouth and he put some oil on his hand and oiled his dick andwent down to the end of the table and slid me down as I spreadwide for him he soon was sliding it into my pussy easily filling meup and I wrapped my legs around hiswaist he startedfucking me and itfeltgreat I needed a good fucking I felt him deep with each thurstandsoon I felt him shooting his hot sperm deep into my cervix filling me,he pulled out as I smiled and had me roll over I felt his hard dick going into my ass and soon hewas fucking my ass as I moaned,itwasn tlongbefore he wasfilling me with more hot sperm and I laid there happy. That nite hecame over with a friend to my place and they took turns fucking me hard.

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    Fuck this is so hot anyway to get into contact with you?