I had sex with my massage therapist

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I started going to this new place, chosen completely randomly, and as soon as I got there and saw the massage therapist, I got an intense feeling about what was going to happen between us.

We went to the room, and everything from the way he talked and looked at me, to how he was touching me, made it clear how much he wanted more. I gotta admit, it was a very nice game to play because I knew he was looking for my feedback, and I kept sending him mixed messages. I’d spread my thighs more as he was rubbing them really close to my pussy, but at the same time acted clueless enough for him to be confused. I loved the way the tension was building and I knew that having sex was inevitable, so taking my time was pure joy.
By the fourth session, I could feel him trying to figure out wether I wanted him or not. Compared to the previous times, that day my body language encouraged him more. My thighs were completely spread for him, I wore these almost transparent panties for him to see how wet I was down there, I giggled bits here and there as he was ever so sensually massaging me, and, as he was working on my arms/ hands, each time he’s grab my palms, I’d grab him back. He got more courageous rubbing my ass and thighs and I could feel how much his hands were telling me he wanted to be deep inside me. I loved every second of it!
Then he turned me on my back and started massaging around my boobs – I spread my legs at this moment, and immediately afterwards his hands found their way to my lower abdomen. He started to put just the right amount of pressure there, right above my clit, and it drove me wild. I lifted my hips enough for him to get the message, and he took my panties down. I was so wet! When his fingers slid inside for the first time, I melted in pleasure and let out a soft moan. I knew there were other clients getting treatments done in the other rooms, and that made it even hotter. He leant over my ear and asked me to be quiet, and, while sliding his tongue in my ear, he told me just how much he desired me right from the first moment he saw me. All I could mumble was “me too”.
He then started licking my pussy in the most amazing way, and I came hard with his tongue deep inside my hot and wet hole. I got up and took his pants down and spread my legs for him. He kept asking me if I was sure I wanted it, so I just wrapped my legs around him and pulled him right inside me. Oh, his cock felt heavently inside me! I could feel him with every cell of my body, fucking me, deep and slow, staring into my eyes, fucking my brains out. I started squeezing him with my pussy while he kept fucking me deeper! He intuitively found all my spots, as if his cock had a built-in sensor.
We were way past our time and needed to stop but couldn’t and wouldn’t. We kept looking at the clock of the wall and back at each other, fucking me blissfully! The whole experience was magnetic, it felt amazing to finally have him inside of me! As he was pushing deep, I came long, and hard, and very wet, all over his hard cock.
Having the pressure of other people waiting, I got up from the massage table, knelt down, and took his cock in my mouth! My juices were all over it. I grabbed both his hands in my hands, and took him all the way down my throat, sucking him passionately. He was moaning in pleasure and his knees were trembling. I loved sucking his cock! I soon felt his hot cum in my mouth, he tasted lovely & I swallowed every single drop.
Now all I feel is turned on and I can’t wait for my next session with him!

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