Jeckyl, Hyde and Captain America

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I was down in the dumps. A week ago my girlfriend dumped me for someone else and the heartache is such a bitch.

My good buddy Mike was trying to cheer me up. He and his girl were going to an amusement park and asked me to come. “You sure dude? I don’t know how much fun I will be.”, I said. “Just come with us man. It will do you some good.”, he said. “Ok Mike”, I said. Giving him a pat on the shoulder. “Thanks Bud.”

We took the drive. It was about a good 1.5 to 2 hours from where we where. Patty, his girlfriend, was really nice. She asked me about the breakup. Mike tried to shut her up. “No it is good to talk about it.”, she said. I told her and got teary eyed. “SEE!”, Mike said. She gave me some tissues and said, “Don’t listen to him let it out.”, she said.

She was a psych major in college and is working on her doctorate. “Listen Phil….we have an idea. Now my dad is a judge. My mom is a lawyer and I have cop uncles. We can torch her car and probably get away with it. Would that make you feel better?”, Patty said. My mouth dropped open, “Huh?” She starts laughing. “The look on your face was priceless.” I smiled. “There you go! Come on cheer up. Lets have a good time.”, she said. “Ok.” I chuckled, “can we do the guys truck too?” They laughed. Patty did cheer me up. I kind of felt jealous. What a wonderful girl my friend has. Why can’t I find someone like that?

I did feel better but I was still the third wheel. We went on the big coaster and in line I saw this pretty girl. 5’9, blonde with gorgeous curves. “Go talk to her.” Patty said. “After the ride”, I said. Our groups time to enter. I sat alone. The girl came up to me. “Are you sitting with anyone?” she asked. She had this beautiful British accent. “No.” I said.

I started conversation with her. She, like me, was here with friends. She was a third wheel also. I flattered her, “Oh come on with a face like that you got to have a boyfriend.” She blushed and shyed away. “Well aren’t you a charmer?”, she said.

She said how she hates these rides. She only went on because her friends did and she gets to sit alone. “How are you alone?”, I smiled and asked. “Here if your scared hold on.” Offering my hand. She was hesitant. “Come on I am a paramedic. Anything happens I can save you.” She laughed, “Yeah ok Captain America. If anything happens we die together.” I said, “Don’t worry this Captain America is invincible.” She laughed. “Ok “Cap-e-tawn” lets go!” She was playful and cute had a great sense of humor.

The ride took off and she indeed grabbed my hand. The “chunk chunk chunk” of the chain as we got up the hill. Her hand tightened. The anticipation mounted as we reached the top. Our stomachs went up in our chest as we went down the hill and up the next into a curve she put her arms around me in fear. She looked up and I kissed her. She looked stunned at first and then kissed me back. Her tits brushed against my arm and felt so nice. The ride cam got our picture taken with us kissing on the ride. The ride came in and I asked her to come have lunch with me or maybe we can walk around together? “Ok” she said. “Meet me at the entrance in 10 minutes. I need to tell my friends.”

Patty and Mike were standing there. “What happened to you?” Patty asked. “What?”, I said. “Well you are practically glowing and this!” She showed me the picture. “Oh shit!”, I busted out laughing at the ride cam pic. Mike said, “What happened?” “Look tell you later. I gotta go. Text me.”, I said.

She and her friends came by. “Mary! What the hell?”, they said seeing the picture on the screen. We both blushed. “I will explain later” she said. “Gotta go.”
“Ready?” I asked. “Captain America to the rescue!”, she said. We laughed.

She was great. We spent the day together. I felt so sad when it had to end. She said “Look just to make one thing clear, I don’t just go around kissing random guys on roller coasters! Usually I get dinner and a drink first.”, I laughed. “I guess I owe you that much huh?”, I said. ” I guess you do.” She kissed me. Her gorgeous breasts felt lovely against my chest. “That one is for the second date.” “This is not the first? I already owe you for the second!”, I said. “Ok third then Captain!”, she said smiling.

I took the ride home in totally different spirits. I told my friends of our exploits that day. Mike said, “See I told you you should come. By the way it was Patty that asked her to sit with you.” I looked at her shocked. I just met her and she did that for me. I was so grateful.

She was actually in the British military and was a drill instructor and then came to America and is working on her degree at Notre Dame. She was not far from my place luckily.

All of our dates were a blast. Her spunkiness and playful demeanor made her fun to be around. She came to my place and we had a couple drinks. She kissed me while we were sitting on the couch. She could really french. Our tongues felt wonderful together as we made out.

Now I saw the drill instructor side of her. She took charge. She said, “Lay back” She started loosening my belt. “Let me get that” she slapped my hand away. During sex she was a control freak. “Mine!”, she said. “Hey I am the Captain.”, I said. “You gave me that rank.” “Well you have been court martialed.” She smiled.

“You showed me a good time at the park so let me show you one.”, she said. “You have many times since.”, I said. She put her finger on my mouth to shut me up.” She grabbed my dick and started blowing me. Let me check you out. “Lay-tur”, she said drawing it out. “Relax. Don’t be so anxious. I am not going anywhere.”

Her lips started teasing the head of my dick. Licking the head. My head went back into the couch pillow as she did this. My breathing changed to gasps as her mouth made love to my cock. She just went down once. Her mouth like a vaccuum. “Uh ah ah ah” BOOM. My dick became swollen and it exploded. She kept going as I emptied my nuts into her mouth. She swallowed it. “Any good?”, she asked. “Amazing” I replied. “Only going to get better. I promise.”

She went to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth out. “Just in case I wanna kiss you again.”, she laughed. “Now you want to see me naked?”, she said. I nodded anxiously. I started to get up. “Ut uh. Down!”, she said. I had a button up shirt on. She ripped it open and exposed my chest. “This chick is crazy!” I thought. She started kissing my chest my nipples and neck getting me turned on again.

She took her shirt and bra off. Her breasts were perfect. Beautiful perky nipples. “You like Captain?” I nodded. “You want to touch them?”, she asked. “Yea”, I said. “Well get to it Captain!”, she ordered. I touched her beautiful breasts. So soft and nice. I rubbed her nipples and she moaned.

She got up and removed her jeans. The view was heavenly. She had a pussy shaved like a runway in the middle. I wanted to touch it bad. She squeezed my face with her hand. “Can you eat pussy Captain?”, she asked. “Yep!”, I said. Well have at it. “Up! Come on move!”, she barked.

Mocking her I stood at attention. “Bedroom Ma’am?”, I said mockingly. “Move out Captain!”, she smiled and barked. She was so cute and funny in her role.

We went to the bed and I had her on the edge. I parted her beautiful lips and started caressing her clit with my tongue and sucking on it. “Mmmmm uhhhh. Damn” she said gasping. “Very nice Captain.” I chuckled. Even during sex she was comical. I put two fingers in her. Her legs came to my head, opened back up, closed in again in rythym until they clamped as she orgasmed.

“Come on!” She said. She wanted me on top of her. I lined it up and stuck it in. We started making out as I fucked her wet pussy. She was making “uh uh uh” sounds with each thrust. “You like?”, I asked. She joked, “uh uh uh damn no talking uh in formation soldier!” I laughed. I started slamming her pussy hard as I could. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her pussy became wet as her ass came off the bed and legs tightened around me. I continued to pound until I tightened arched my back and moaned loudly as I came into her.

She giggled. “Come here! Come here!” She kissed amd hugged me. “You are like Jekyll and Hyde.” I said. She chuckled. “So did you like it?” ” I loved it!”, I said. “You owe me a shirt by the way!” She laughed, “Well I can sew or we can charge the United Kingdom for a shirt. I am still a citizen.” We laughed. She spent the night that night. We held each other all night making love a couple more times until we fell asleep in each others arms. I lay there thinking how great life is. How lucky I am to meet someone like her and the fun filled days Mary will bring.

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  • Reply Philip ID:4o717tkqm

    Actually got the idea for this story from a movie where the girl meets a guy on a rollercoaster. State Fair.

  • Reply Will ID:bo1uhy344

    Don’t care for demanding women, but the story was good 👍😊

    • Philip ID:4o717tkqm

      Thanks. I appreciate your feedback. I made her a lot of fun though also plus the guy likes it and finds her acts cute.