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Our introduction into sex with a dog 14

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Riding high on our successes it would just be a matter of a couple more times and we’d be old pros. Was this finally getting that easy? It surely was.

She pulled at my arm and then hopped from the bed. When her feet hit the floor she went sideways and almost down. She said damn my legs are hardly working. So I said well damn be careful and slow down. Where are we going? She just said come on and headed out of the room. I quickly caught up and she said come watch me pee. I’d created a monster with the peeing thing. We headed into the bathroom and she stepped in the shower and squatted and started peeing. That really did never get old. She got done and and turned on the shower grabbing the shower wand. She pointed it on her pussy and let the water pour over her. I asked if she was sore and she said ya a little bit. I just want to let some cool water pour over it for a minute. She let it soak her then spread her lips and let the water rush over her clit and down her open slit. After another minute of that she stuck two fingers inside and spread her hole open letting water flow inside and pour out. She said now it’s all good and cooled off. She half assed dried off and we went and laid back down.
I slowly teased and let my fingers explore her pussy inside and out for a long time we played and talked. Then I ate her pussy and nibbled on her clit and pussy lips for a while before crawling back up beside her and we fell asleep.
I only slept for about a hour but she slept for a couple. It was getting late so I went and done chores and a couple other things then came back in. Dogs were sleeping and she was up but not out of bed. We laid around until we went to bed for the night. We had talked about the earlier events and I asked her how many times she had got off. I’d known she did a few. She said four times and they were all with you. I asked how come you don’t cum from him? She said idk probably cause it doesn’t last long enough. I said how long does it need to last and she said idk more then a minute or two. I asked what about when he’s inside you cumming? She said that doesn’t seem to make me. I asked doesn’t it feel full and throbs inside you? She said ya and it feels good but it doesn’t make me cum.
That was something that seemed very different for her then the girls in the stories. I think her g spot got lost. Her best spot was a lot deeper inside. Like on the front wall but deeper inside by her cervix. I said next time we’ll work on that.
We’d already planned to go in earlier so we could get home as early as possible. Well morning came and we hadn’t woke up earlier. So much for plans and so much for never using alarms. We were excited about the day. Enough so we didn’t even eat breakfast. Just got things together, put our boy locked out of the house and the dumb little dog locked in and off we went. I’d have liked to have taken him with us but we couldn’t ever do that. They had two huge LGDs that would of fought him on site. They weren’t very well mannered or easily controlled either so not an inviting place for any other dog.
We had quite a lot to try and get done that day so we worked pretty steady for the first few hours checking stuff off the list. I did take time to make some comments while we worked though. Tried to get her a little worked up and looking forwards for when we got home.
Among other things they had a hand full of red wattle hogs. I guess they’re considered some kind of “pasture” pigs. Not huge regular pigs but more about the size of those pot belly pigs that used to get way bigger then people expected. They had one boar and he was almost like a pet he was pretty chilled out and easy to get along with. And that day he was nice enough to put on a show for us. Maybe he thought he could help me out with teasing her or maybe he liked an audience idk.
But he spent most of the day breeding a sow. It was educational for her if nothing else. I guess she’d never paid much attention to them in the act before. She know he had a skinny but long dick with the corkscrew end but today she was getting a better view or looking harder. Her thoughts about the corkscrew end was I imagine about like everyone else’s when they see it. She hadn’t realized nearly how long his dick was though. I said ya guess sows ain’t much into being stretched but they like it going deep. Deep, deep. She thought the most amazing thing was that his dick acted like it had a mind of it’s own. Like it worked seperate from his brain. It’d be out some then when he mounted her it’d pop way out and wiggle all around searching for that pussy. Not like a dog that slings his around until it hits the right spot. His would go right for it. Wiggling around, zeroing in like a snake tracking its prey. I told her yep he’s got a heat seeking missile of a penis. It locks on target then strikes.
She thought it was amusing that when he got it in then he’d have to take a few steps forwards. Ya, you’re really hung if you have to walk your dick in. She also thought it was very different how they just humped slow and steady unlike a dog. It wouldn’t be until a later day when we watched a couple videos that she’d find out how much cum they deposited. It was a nice distraction to help get us through the work day even though it didn’t do anything for her. Not anything arousing in the least anyways according to her. And even though I checked her pussy and it was wet.
Nothing else breeding on the farm that day so we settled for finishing out lunch and hurrying through the remainder of work.
When we got home our boy was waiting at the gate as usual. I went inside and put her in her crate then we let him inside. He didn’t run straight to find his little friend as we’d expected though. He didn’t even seem interested beyond quickly going to say hello. She took him in our room and I took her outside to the bathroom then back into her crate. We let him out but again no real interest.
I guessed she wasn’t in heat anymore. I didn’t know how long she had been when she got here but I hadn’t expected it to end so soon or go completely away so quickly. I thought it more faded away not stopped completely overnight. Now I was thinking there went that but then started feeling kind of bad that I even took things there in the first place. SMH, that we used her in the first place. I’d even used her pussy as bait for him. Maybe the taboo of it or whatever but I found out none of our playing made you question your decisions like this one did. But after a few things we needed to take care of there wasn’t a lot of questioning. We’d roll with it and seen how things went. They had really went well.
We got naked and I thought I’ll get her worked up so she’d be closer to getting off once he started. She watched some videos hopping around through the different types. Guess she wanted to cover all the bases. I slowly alternated between rubbing her clit and slowly but deeply fingering her. When I’d rub her clit I’d take the opportunity to tease her pussy with my tongue. I loved her taste. I took it as a good sign when our boy didn’t take long to show up. Although I wasn’t to fond of him trying to muscle me out of the way so he could get a taste. Sometimes he had no manners. I wasn’t gonna move on so quickly so I stood my ground then it got weird. And ya I mean weird even with my standards. He nosed in and started licking her at the same time. Nice play but I wasn’t gonna let him win out so easy. That’s when I found out dogs have absolutely no shame. He continued on and I about surrendered when his tongue got to touching mine. Eww.
I figured two tongues were better then one for her so I compromised and moved up to her clit and drew my line in the sand. I get this and you stay down there. That worked out for a bit and together we had her squirming around and losing her mind.
Then he decided it was gonna be more about his needs and started dancing around with his dick showing. She got on the floor and into position and although he was visibility excited we couldn’t get him to stay mounted on her for more then a second or two. It was on and off, on and off several times with no attempt at humping. I had decided if he wasn’t gonna do anything maybe he wasn’t ready or maybe I wasn’t gonna set around and watch that action any more. I had her get back on the edge of the bed so I could eat her pussy more. Once again he had to get back in there too. This time I let him go it alone and thought maybe a quick stroke or two might encourage him.
And that’s all it took but he was gonna wait around on her, he mounted her like she laid and in the process stepped all over her boobs. Maybe that totally naked wasn’t the best idea. She struggled to get him off them and he struggled to try and get a good footing. She finally got his feet off her and on each side of her. During their being distracted with that I’d got him up close to her and his dick was lined up just a couple inches away. He didn’t have it sticking out at all now but what the hell, I pushed him forwards and watched as his furry sheath pressed at her pussy. He got the idea and shoved into her. She let out a loud breath and started to say something but I didn’t hear it as I said look, look, look. She had to lift her head and shift some but we both got to watch him getting going. It was a blur of red right there poking in her. A second later you could see his knot out of his sheath and then quickly playing peek a boo with her pussy. First you’d see it then it disappear inside her only to pop back out and do it again. That was the hottest thing I’d seen between them yet. I thought for sure I was gonna cum myself again.
It only took about that long before he was fully hard and his knot was fully inflated or getting close to it. He knew too cause he pushed it hard against her so I pushed him. He continued humping but no where near as hard or as furiously. She dropped her head back to the bed as I asked is he knotted? She barely nodded but nodded yes. Then she took a couple good breaths and said, ya he’s knotted inside me. I can feel it. It doesn’t hurt. Then he quit moving and took a position to be deep inside.
She said again, it’s all inside me. I’m feeling pretty filled up. I can fell that he’s cumming. I said I’m not holding him so make sure he doesn’t move away. She kind of curled her arms around his front legs but wasn’t holding him. Idk if she was getting in position just in case or if she wanted to hold onto him but was to weak. I asked if she thought she would cum? She mumbled I don’t know.
I went over and dug in our drawer and got her clit stimulater saying here use this. She said I hope it still has enough charge as she hit the on button and it and her hand disappeared done between her legs. I knew she had it positioned right when she started moaning. Then I heard as she clicked the speed button a few times. He still held still and when I looked he gave me a look back like he’d got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I thought no, you got caught with your dick in my girl is what you did.
I looked to see if her body was doing anything and then really noticed her tits. Both had a few decent sized scratches. That’s gonna hurt I thought and made a mental note to make sure I kissed them to make them feel better later. Then I saw them bounce a little. I watched as she arched her back up off the bed and rolled her head back. I knew she was cumming before she even got the words I’m cumming out, oh I’m cumming. Then she half assed wrapped her legs around him and started bucking into him. Maybe he happened to be finished right then or maybe he didn’t like being fucked back but he made a quick squirm and was out of her and off of her in one motion. He walked off to lay down and hadn’t got out of the way in time for me to see the cum dump. Her pussy was still opened about the size of a dime or maybe more and cum was trickling out and down her ass then on the bed. There was a hand size wet spot and then you could see where more ran off or was splashed out down the edge of the bed….

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