Accepting that I’m a pick me

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The term is often used to be derogatory or bring shame to women who understand their place but I’m learning to embrace it. Yes I’m a pick me, I want men to affirm me, I don’t want to die alone. As a former feminist I see how that movement has worked against me and I’ve heard the cries of men, my “girl boss” phase has only made me less desirable and I’ve accumulated a body count as a result, and I’m not opposed to consequences, as much as I’ve been fucked I understand that it’s unlikely that I’m going to be desired for a long term relationship or marriage but Im still good enough to fuck and that’s my playing field now. I understand that my value lies in between my legs, my pussy is what men want and it’s what they deserve after putting up with our feminist rants. Sex is what I have to offer and sex is what I put out in exchange for job opportunities and protection. If women could change the way they think they would realize sex is the best bargaining chip they have, it’s not rape if you just bare it. It’s not rape if you don’t kick and scream, just wait it out he’ll be done just now and if you can pretend to enjoy it he might be willing to do anything you ask after the fact. Imagine how much easier it is to fuck your boss for a promotion instead of having to work for it like men do. Imagine not having to be disappointed with finding out your man is cheating and having your heart broken as a result when you can just accept that men want variety and sometimes they’ll step out for that, and doesn’t mean he hates you it just means twice a week at lunch time he’s meeting up with me for a quick romp. What’s the saying? “If you can’t beat them, join them”? I think men’s approval is important and sometimes I have to use my pussy to get that approval and sometimes that means fucking some of y’alls boyfriends. So be it, I’m a proud pick me, I want to be picked and I want to be seen as cooperative by men, even if putting out is what I have to do as a consequence

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  • Reply BBoy ID:v7omumuk74k

    Modern feminism is a plague, agreed!

    But you have seen the light, and that makes you so much sexier than most women.

    I think you will make your future husband very happy. Just fuck him a lot and bring him peace

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    I can relate to this story as I have used my pussy often to get fucked while out at clubs before I had children. Now I’m just a stay at home Married slut to my husband and his friends and my farm animals, but wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers Emma from Aus.