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My young cousin wants my dick

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I’m 13, and my younger cousin wants to fuck me everytime I stay at her house.

Hello. I’m a 13 year old boy, and my thoughts are filled with nothing but sex. Every summer, I visit my father, who sometimes takes me to visit my cousins. I usually stay at their house while I wait a few days for him to arrive. My youngest cousin (I don’t remember her exact age, I think it was 7 or 8) is also sexually attracted to me. She always takes me to some secluded place in the house and we have fun. We haven’t actually fucked yet, just some humping, sometimes clothed and sometimes nude. No one else knows we do this, thankfully. I only get 2 or 3 days each year to do this, since for the rest of the summer I’m with my dad or the window of opportunity closes. I watch a lot of porn, usually everytime I randomly get hard or whenever I get horny, which is when I usually find an excuse to be alone and cum to porn. I’ve wanted to fuck her for a while now, but I know she would bleed and I don’t want to get caught, as that would lead to some horrible consequences. I want to ask you all, is there a way I could fuck her (preferably regularly) without anybody figuring out? I don’t even know if my dick would fit inside her (it’s 6 inches).

(DISCLAIMER: This is not real and I am not actually a 13 year old horny boy. I’m honestly just curious how people would respond to this, considering the stories on this site.)

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  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    Are you gay. That little preteen hottie wsnts your cock and you dont at lesdt dhove it down her throat. You may not ever have another chance like that. So what if she bleeds she wsnts u and she will heal. I would have fucked her doo hard in all her holed

    • Rick's wife's boyfriend ID:2v2yccfyhk

      You couldn’t even get past the curve of your wife’s own cheeks with that derringer round you call a micropenis, it may as well be a clit, only difference is that your sow of a wife actually has a cunt, you’re just one metaphorically.

  • Reply Jeffery ID:bj23z4kem2

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  • Reply Smoove man ID:2x0gwlybqrd

    Please stop this thing, control yourself

  • Reply Sexting ID:2muqw16yzi

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  • Reply Ftcjtx ID:3cilvwn4qrc

    Take a random girl in school and fuck a girl lol ( I am 15 year old ) and I have fucked a girl in my school by just asking so just go for it