A young nun

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I m a twenty five yr old nun with 34c tits and an athletic body type,I was sent to a monastery in brazil to help the friars there. After I finially arrived iwas taken to the head friar and he started to inform me of what was going to be expected of me there he started by telling me I was the only nun there and there were six friars there as he smiled at me and then he circled me looking me over as he faced me he smiled and said I could help with there morale alot and I asked how,he smiled and said let me show you as he walked behind me he then unzipped my robe and he whispered in my ear to relax as he slid my robe off it fell to my feet and I was standing there in my panties and bra , I blushed and he whispered in my ear it was ok and that I was helping them out and it be ok as I felt his hand slowly slide into my panties ,he rubed my clitty slowl and I felt myself get wet and then I moaned softly it felt soo good,he asked me to remove my habit from my head and I did, I was getting very hot and he whispered for me to get on my knees in front of him and I did,he slid his dick out and it was 8″ and he asked me to suck it and I obayed him and got him hard,I then got up and he had me take off my panties and then he had me bend over his desk, he got behin me and put his hands on my hips and adjusted me and then he started to push his cock into me slowly my pussy was tight from not having sex I moaned some as he filled meit felt wonderful soon he was fucking me and I orgasmed for him he fucked me hard and soon I felt his dick swell as he pushed deep inside of me and then I felt his hot sperm filling my pussy it was a wonderful feeling when he was finished he pulled out and I striaghtened up and faced him we kissed and he smiled and told me I was to let all of the friars fuck me as often as they wanted to and I was to report to his bedroom each night to have sex with him I smiled and said ok and that it would be there secret there

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  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    The sacrifices you make !!! Love your story – and your honesty that it got you wet & made you cum !

  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    Joe I want to make you cum

  • Reply Joe ID:ejocajo98d9

    I’m so horny for you. I want to shoot my warm load in you. Please help me cum

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    I would have fucked you while you still had your habit on

  • Reply Pussylover ID:1dk3jsmlvg1k

    Please write another installment, with the other friars.

    • Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

      I agree I need to read more