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My boyfriend wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

He’s a pretty great guy, good looking, nice job, car, great apartment with a nice view from the balcony. I met him at work, his company helped my boss with the end of year taxes, and they went long into the night. We went out a few times for late-night breaks, no drinks, but just some fast food, and a table to talk about the books. Boring stuff, but that’s how I found out that he was single. Just got out of a bitter-sweet relationship, never married, and no kids.

I had another boyfriend, but we fought all the time. The honeymoon was over, and after that it was just makeup sex. I didn’t love him, but after spending a few nights with John (Not his real name) I decided that I could do better.

After the taxes were done, I managed to convince my boss to let me go early on a Friday. Since we’d done such a good job on the return, I drove out to the accountant’s agency, and managed to catch John on his way out. “Hey, there some problem with the taxes?”

“No,” I got out, “They’re perfect, I just wanted to see you again. Personally?” I knew that I wasn’t the only one feeling the chemistry, “What were your plans for tonight?”

“Well, I don’t know, I guess it’s been a long week. So, maybe go home, order takeout, watch a movie?”

“Sounds great, I’ll follow you?” Back into town, honestly he commuted backwards, which was great for Friday night traffic. He worked in an office park right on the edge of the suburbs, with some nice trees, and even jogging trails between the buildings. A pond, and benches, but no picnic tables. I guess that was our first unofficial date.

He lived in a loft, not quite a penthouse, but still. Top floor, very modern building with almost an industrial feel inside. Stainless steel railings around his sleeping loft, instead of a bedroom. Overlooking the living room, open plan, the only walls were around a very nice bathroom.

So, we ordered Chinese, he remembered my favorite (Twice cooked pork, hot and sour soup, no egg roll.) We had a couple drinks each, and then he invited me up to his loft. “Huh, honestly I couldn’t stand it.” I said, untucking, and unbuttoning my blouse.

“The sexual tension?” He already had his tie off, his collar unbuttoned, and just pulled it off.

“Yeah, ooh. Come here.” I grinned, biting my lip, and just enjoying his body. With my eyes, then my hands while his worked their way up my buttons. Very manly, a little hairy, but not too athletic? I’ve dated guys like that, muscle heads, and they look nice, but the personality that comes with it is almost invariably some kind of try-hard. Competitive, and self absorbed. Also, just a little too hard to cuddle, if that makes any sense.

John has a little fat mixed in with his muscle, and I like that. Firm soft arms, and a little soft around the middle, but not like a full belly. He works a desk job, and drives for his commute. He doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t bore you to death with sports, and doesn’t flex. He’s not a chest beating gorilla is alls I’m saying.

Coming straight from work, we both had on business clothes, which aren’t exactly designed for sexy. I didn’t know we’d be doing it, I had hoped, but I wasn’t even sure if I was coming back to his place. He would want to come back to mine, or maybe a drive out to the country, and make out in the car like a couple of teenagers.

Finally, he spread open my top, and felt up my sides to my bra. I bit back a grin, and looked down at his belt. It’s a tricky one with a weird buckle that hides how it holds the belt. So I had to figure it out, while he followed my bra straps back with his fingers. Gripped the ends, and unhooked them, so I let out a little grunt.

“Huh, can you undo this belt?” I shook my head, and put my head on his shoulder. “I can’t figure it out.” He showed me, how you have to squeeze the top, and bottom together to release the friction from the inside. “Oh.” It didn’t have any buttons or anything, the metal bent.

He dropped them, and sat back on the end of the bed, so I dropped my bra, and pulled up my skirt. Tight skirt, so it stretched over my hips, then stayed there like a sash while I slipped my underwear off, but they were just plain white cotton panties. With a padded crotch, to absorb moisture. Sweat honestly, they’re too white for Period panties, but sitting at a desk all day, then the car on the way home, I picked them for comfort.

I had much sexier underwear to show him later, but first let’s talk about his dick. It’s not huge (Again, there’s such a thing as too much, and dickheads are just as much of a turnoff as muscle heads.) Uncut which I like, and just a little thicker at the base than on the end, but what surprised me was he shaved it. Completely, balls too, but not his legs.

Honestly, it looked like a bikini line, only backwards? Instead of shaving your legs all the way up to the crotch, and trimming the ends that curled out, he shaved everything that the speedo (I got to see him in that later) covered, and left the rest of him hairy. Tanned too, so his bikini area was pale. His dork, balls, and all the way around his hips to his buttocks, but not his ass crack. He had a little hair under his balls, peeking out when he lay back, and started pulling it hard.

“Huh, you shave it?”

“Yeah, a little. Cotton?”

“Underwear, yeah.” A little self conscious of that. “I didn’t know for sure we’re hooking up, and it’s been a long week for me too.”

“Well, come to bed.” He didn’t have to tell me twice, but he just scooted over on his side. Kissed me when I lay down, and then explored my body with one hand. My neck, and ear with his nose, and mouth. Kissing down my shoulder to my breasts, finding a nipple, licking, and sucking it while his hand ran down my panting midriff. His fingers through my pubic hairs.

“Huh, you want me to shave for you?” I’d do it, honestly I probably should just for swimsuit season, but with one thing and another I put it off.

“No, I like it, or if you want to go to the trouble.” He kissed, and licked down my tummy, so I rolled back, and slipped my leg under his shoulder. Spread my legs so he could keep going down between them.

I like it, it’s just kinda weird? I mean, dicks look weird anyway, but I’ve never actually seen, let alone been with a hairy guy that shaved that, and nothing else. The tan lines just made it stand out, but he skipped past my bush, and went right down to eat me out.

“Oh, good.” I held his head, and guided him down. His tongue off my clit, so he could dig it in deep, and stir up my juices with his spit. “Oh, so good, yeah. I’m wet enough.” I pulled at him, insistently, “I want you now.”

After a short break for profilaxis. “Huh!” I kept my fingers busy while he leaned over to the bedside, and pulled a pair of panties out of the draw. Dropped it on the top, and dug out a box of condoms. Unopened, I was curious, so I grabbed the undies. “Who’s are these?”

“Oh, mine I guess.” He shrugged, turning away a little embarrassed, and left his shoulders up. Tensely, enough to see a little muscle definition that wasn’t there when he relaxed, so I felt up to rub it. Felt it twitch while he tore open the box. He had to bend down to pick up the strip of rubbers, so I went back to the underwear.

Red, of course. Like lipstick red, and very nice. Silk taffeta, with an acetate mesh lining, but 100% Silk outer. Dry clean only, with a tiny weave I could feel with my fingernails. “You’ve got incredible taste in underwear.”

“Huh, well when I said they’re mine, I ment that a woman left them here after we went out.” He looked down, and rolled on the rubber, on the side of the bed. I was kinda losing the mood, but we had all night, and this is interesting.

“You ever try them on?” I guessed that’s why he shaved so carefully around the whole area.

He shook his head, “They don’t fit,” he got up, and turned around, I sniffed them, but all I smelled was woolite. “You want to talk about undies after we’re done?”

“Oh yeah, come here.” I felt his hips, until he finished holding it down. Aiming it into my wet spot, no further lube needed, and I warmed up immediately. Felt around to his buns, then up his back when he started withdrawing to stab into me for another stroke. “Oh, oh god yeah! Huh, you fuck so good too!”

I could even feel myself stretching, when he sank all the way in, but on top. It was a deep hard penetration, followed by a slow withdrawl, then another fast slam into my pubes with his shaved pelvis. “Uh uh uh huh ah aH!” Slowly picking the pace, until he was fucking the breath out of me. In between gasps, caught quickly when he pulled back for another, and another in a merciless pounding that knocked on my cervix, and sent it quivering.

“HUH! Uhnnnn!” He sank in, and just held it there. Against my spasming inner sphincter. Hungrily sucking for sperm, but he didn’t blow it. Not yet, he just held it inside me. Deeply, kissing, and breathing hot on my neck until I could breathe again.

“Huh ihn!” He pulled out, and rolled over next to me. Panting just as hard, but I found the strength to roll over. Cuddle, and even run my fingers up and down his tummy to feel the muscles flex, and relax with his breath. Hearing it it, and his heart beat die down, almost letting myself drift off into satisfied sleep, before he sighed.

“Huh!” He took the rubber off, soft, and at first I thought he’d come with me. It turned out to be empty besides a little clear drop in the reservoir tip, but he pulled his arm out from under my head. With the panties bunched up in his hand, he spread them out, and turned them around. “They just feel so amazing,” he stuck his fingers in the back, with the mesh, and rubbed the soft tip with his fingers.

2 fingers, like an oversized clit until it started growing right before my eyes. It was honestly fascinating, and I scooted back up under his arm when he put it around me. Pillowed my head on his chest, to listen to his heart beat faster, his excited breaths, and watch him masturbate.

“Huh, I only ever watched guys beat off in porn. Camming, Sexting, that kind of thing, but this is different.”

“Huh, yeah. I know it’s a little weird.”

“But very sexy.”

“Just let me think.” I looked up, and watched his face. His eyes closed for a moment, then I put my head down to watch. Listening to his breath, and heart beat, getting faster, and I couldn’t really see much more than the taffeta wadded up in his hands. The mesh stretch tight over his dick head poking out, but then he started pumping it too fast to see anything, until he stopped.

Pressed it in, like he did when I orgasm, and just held it. Shaking, and shuddering in a breath. “Hhuhuhuh! Huh!” He let it out in a long ragged sigh, but I watched his thick goo soak through, it didn’t turn white. Just dark, and the mesh stuck to the back of the smooth side of the silk taffeta.

“Huh, wow. That’s incredibly hot.”

“I’m glad you like it.” He picked his head up, and kissed my brow, before he got up. Dick dangling, and swinging, but still chubby, especially up at the top.

“You’ve got a great body.” The pantyline was easy to get used to, once he told me what it was for. It didn’t bug me, wondering and trying to figure it out, while I’m trying to get sexy, but now that that’s over. He ran water in the sink, and poured a cap full of woolite in before he got in the shower.

He didn’t have to explain that, before it set. Turned dry, and flaky, the best time to hand-wash something like that is when it’s still fresh, even if it’s not something that will stain like menstrual fluid.

“Huh!” I just tucked the blanket under my arms, and the pillow under my neck to fall asleep. I don’t see the point in showering after sex, then sleeping with someone, but I felt so comfortable, and satisfied. I didn’t wait for him to get out, wash his cum rag, and hang them up, but in the morning.

He even had a little hanger, with clips to hang them from the shower curtain rod. “Huh!” They were dry, and just as clean as they’d been from his nightstand drawer, but I didn’t want this to be a one night stand. I already wanted to move in, and put another one on my side of the bed, so we did.

I love the apartment, the view, turns out they have a roof top hot tub with some planters up for a little privacy from the neighborhood buildings. I can walk to work if I leave early, and I love him. Everything about him, we never fight, and especially the sex we have with panties.

Panties on, panties off, I surprised him with a pair he could wear from Torrid. A lot like his favorite pair, without the mesh lining, or the absorbent crotch. So, there’s nothing between the silk taffeta and his clean shaven skin. Especially the cute sensitive pink head when the foreskin rolled back to rub it up against the tight smooth/rough taffeta, until he cums, and the sticky fluid soaks through.

He looks so sexy wearing his panties, and nothing else. I got a matching pair for me as well.

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