Gag Gift

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A little sister catches her big sister in the act, so they have to have a little talk…

I held it all the way home on the bus, but then I had to run straight to the bathroom, where I heard Chloe.

“Hrlugh gug guk!”

“Are you okay in there?”

She stopped, and I thought she was barfing, but then she said “Fine? I’ll be out in a minute!” I heard the toilet paper roll.

“You sound really sick, but I really have to go, too!”

“Sh!” I heard her whisper something, and then the shower curtain, but then she came right out.

“Uh!” She just shook her head, and ran in our room, but all I could think about was my bladder. I reached for the toilet seat, and almost dropped the lid on it, before I put it back up. Pulling down my tights, and my underwear with the other hand, I turned around and sat down.

“Huhhhhhhh!” That was a relief, but then I reached for the toilet paper, and then, I thought about some things.

First was what I didn’t hear, which was the toilet flush, and then I realized there wasn’t any barf in there, and I sniffed, but I didn’t smell anything but fresh pee. Then, I got a whiff of something, I didn’t recognize, until a little later.

And then, I heard a breath. “Huh!” A deep breath, from inside the bathtub. I pulled back the shower curtain, and there was a boy right there. He covered himself up, but not before I saw his pants open, and then, he pulled his shirt down over it.

“Uh, huh!” He just gasped, and grunted, but he turned around, so I could pull up my underpants, and tights. Holding my skirt down, I forgot to even wipe, but I went right to the girls, room. “Chloe, there’s a boy in the shower, and what were you doing in there, with him?”

I heard the toilet flush, and then looked up to see him washing his hands quick. “I can explain, uh. You see, this is my boyfriend, Kurt. Kurt, this is my little sister, Phoebe.”

“Nice to meet you, but I better get going, hah.” He tried to laugh, but then he just ran out, and he didn’t even turn off the sink. She reached in, and shut it off, then she stood there, holding the sink, and looking in the mirror.

“Call me!” She called after him, but he just slammed the door on the way out. “Well,” she didn’t even look at me. “Uh, how should I put this, can it wait until I get a shower?”

“He had his pants open.”

“You didn’t see it!?”

“No? Not through the door, and then when I peeked around the shower curtain he covered up his underwear, but I can guess it was something dirty, and.” I sniffed. “You smell weird. He smelled weird too, but I don’t know what he’s supposed to smell like, when I know what you smell like most the time, and there’s something different, about the way your sweat smells.”

“Well, you’re probably smelling how terrified I feel right now.”

“Well, how do you think I feel? He could have had a knife in there, I don’t know, but. Well, he didn’t, but I thought he might. For a minute there.” I held up my fist, and pumped it.

“Well,” she just stepped out of her clothes, with one foot, and kicked them off the other. “Huh, yeah. I was just giving him head.”

“You know, there not supposed to choke you on it, and that’s not nice. He’s not one of those bully boys that just wants to hurt you, is he?”

“No? Where did you hear about that?”

“What? Giving a boy head? From you and your friends, and I know I’m not supposed to listen to you talking about it, but you said yourself that only a bad boy would do that.”

“Oh, no. No, he’s not a bad boy. Not at all, and he didn’t choke me on it. Besides, I think that was Zoe, that was talking about it, and don’t listen to her anyways. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s just scared.”

“Then how come it sounded like you’re throwing up?”

“Well, because I was. Huh!” Well, she got her underwear off too, a long time ago, so finally, she just went in the bathtub, and pulled the shower curtain again. “Deep,” she held her voice down, real low. “Throating.”


“Because that’s how you cough up the thicker spit, to get him all slippery, and. Huh! I kinda like it, too.”

“Choking on it?” I shook my head, and looked down at the wad of toilet paper I dropped, when I heard him gasp in there. I think he was holding his breath, but she turned the water on, so she couldn’t hear me. So, I threw it out, and then checked the trash can. Thinking because she didn’t throw it in the toilet, she must have thrown it away in there instead, but when I sniffed it, I think it was just spit.

Well, not just spit, it was really slimy, but not. Well, white, and I know that it’s supposed to be white, or at least that’s what I heard. “Well, I’m sorry I interrupted you, and your boyfriend.” She peeked out the side of the shower curtain.

“Oh, you’re still there.”

“Yeah, I guess I better go think about. What to ask you when you get out, but save me some water. I forgot to wipe, so now I need a shower, too.”

Well, that answers one thing. Who she had that hot date with on Valentines day, and dad kept asking her, at the top of his lungs, but she just kept saying that she was over at her friend’s house, and she lost track of time, until finally he called over there.

Which just proves they got their story straight, knowing that he’d be mad at her staying out so late, and on Valentines, he thought she was out with some boy. Turns out he was right, but she didn’t tell me about her hot date. Oh no, she told her friends, though.

Well, okay, I guess maybe I am a little too young to be even thinking about what I’m going to do, when I get a boyfriend. So, I got out my Valentines from school, and picked up my favorite.

Not just because it was Princes Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, and her dress was still pink. Because Flora, and Merryweather kept fighting over whether it should be pink, or blue, but they kept changing it back and forth at the dance, until the end. So, you can’t really tell who won, but all the rest were Transformers, Avengers, or Justice League, and I didn’t even get the Wonder Woman one.

I think Jasmine did, and she got the Disney Princess Jasmine one, with the tiger, too. Because she’s Jasmine, but the best part was Micah. He spells it with an H, so you don’t confuse him with Mica the rock. “Huh!”

He was thoughtful enough to ask all the girls who our favorite Disney Movie was. I like Sleeping Beauty, because it’s got the best music. You know the Nutcracker? Yeah, I forget his name, because it’s weird, and Russian, but the same man wrote the music for both of them, and did you know they were both Ballets?

“Huh!” Finally, she came out, with towels on, and knocked on the door.



“Can I come in, and get dressed?”

“Only if you’re ready to answer questions.”

“Of course.” She shut the door, and pulled the towel off her body first.

She’s 17, so, she’s got everything, you’d expect a full grown lady to have, including all the hair, but she shaves off most of it. She just keeps a little beard up front, but then I noticed. “You shaved it all off.”

“Yeah, uh. Well, Kurt didn’t like it, it got up his nose, and made him sneeze.”

She waited, and then I shook my head. Turned around, and heard her rummaging around in her drawers, but I haven’t really decided, whether or not I want all that hair. Especially down there, where I’d think it would itch. “He doesn’t like your pimples down there, does he?” I giggled.

“Well, no. They’re not acne, it’s just a little razor rash, but it should clear up in a couple days.”

“Oh.” I’m really not looking forward to my face breaking out, but if shaving makes it break out in your underwear, no thanks. So, that made up my mind about that.

“So, how do you let a boy know, you like him?”

“Is this about Micah?”

“How did you know?” I didn’t tell anyone about him, not even her!

“Well, his name is on the card on top, and you were just thinking about him in here, right?”

“Well, yeah. I just don’t know if he likes me, or Jasmine more. Maybe he just doesn’t like anyone, but he was just being nice for a good grade, I don’t know?”

“They grade you on your Valentines now?” She held it up, and flipped it back and forth. “Well, if he wants a good grade next year, tell him to make his own, instead of getting his mom to buy them, but Disney Princesses?”

“Yeah?” I took it back, and held it over my heart. “He’s so smart, he was the only boy that even thought that the girls would rather get these than robots, and superhero ones. And he asked us what our favorite Disney movie was. Not which princess, which movie, so it was a big big surprise when we got the right ones. Well, most of us.”

“He got some wrong?”

“Well, they only had 2 Frozen ones, Anna and Elsa, so he ran out, and Staci was jealous of Brooke for getting the Elsa one, even though her name’s really Ana.”


“Yeah, like Anastasia Romanov, only with a C. The last princess of Tsar Nicholaus II?”

“Huh!” She smiled, and shook her head.

Then Zoe came in, and put her bag down. “Hey,” she looked up, and down at me, and Phoebe. “What’s up?”

“Phoebe’s got a boyfriend!”

“No, you do! And you’ll never guess what I caught her doing with him when I got home.”

“Yeah, she almost walked in on us in the bathroom.”

“Uh huh, but she locked the door. Oh!”


“So that’s why you did it in the bathroom.” There’s no lock on the bedroom door.

“What were you doing with Kurt?”

“Well, I was just in the middle of a turkey dinner.” The both laughed, but I shook my head.

“I don’ get it.”

“You know,” they both put their hands up, almost in a fist. “Gobble gobble gobble gobble!” They both laughed until I got it too.

“With gravy?” Zoe asked.

“No, she interrupted us before we got that far, but I don’t like it.”

“Yeah huh!” I pointed, “You just said you kinda liked it, or did you lie about it before?”

“No, not that. The finish.”

“In your mouth?” Zoe asked, but Chloey made a face.

“His gravy, it tastes nasty, and.” She shivered, and shook her head, “It feels gross.”

“She ment down her throat. Deep down her throat, so she was choking, and gagging on it, I heard it, and then.”

“Really?” Zoe looked up at her.

“Well, it’s not, that bad.”

“Well, then where does he blow his wad, if you don’t like it in your mouth.”

“In a rubber.”

“Inside you?”

“Yeah, if I’m lucky.”

“Ooh, ooh!” I jumped up and down, “So you went all the way?” That means she’s not a virgin any more. She’s the first!

“Yeah, once.”

“What’s that like?” Zoe asked, and sat down on her bed. So, I guess that means, she’s not lost her virginity yet, when I haven’t even gotten a real kiss. Let alone to second base, but that’s not gonna happen until I actually have some bases for him to slide into. I mean my bra, when I get somethings to hold in it.

“I don’t know,” Chloe sat down, and throught, then just shrugged, and shook her head.

Zoe though, she’s thirteen, and almost in high school, so I asked, “Zoe, did you get to second base yet?”

“Yeah, of course!”

“Who’s your boyfriend?” Finally, I get to talk about this stuff with my sisters, and I get to ask all the questions I’ve been saving up, but it’s been years, so there’s a lot of them.

She looked over at Chloe. “You better tell her.”

“Huh!” She just through herself over, and grabbed her pillow, with her legs up on the bed.

“You want me to tell her?”

“NWH?” She shook her head in her pillow, then rolled over. “Huh, you know my friend, Mel?”

“Melanie from the youth group?” I nodded. She’s a tomboy. “Oh, you mean. She’s really.” A lesbian?

“We both are, but don’t tell mom, and dad I’m gay.”

“So wait, when you said you got to first base,” now I’m confused, “Who felt who up?”

“Well, we both did.”

“That’s not all they did.”

“Chloe! It’s my closet, and it’s my story, so let me tell it!”

“Was it romantic?”

“Yeah, kinda. So anyway, she doesn’t believe in Valentines, so I had no idea when we’re going out, that she had this big surprise for me, but then. Huh!” She fell back, and started fanning her face.

“They went all the way.”


“Wait, how does that, even work? I mean, with another girl, or.” I turned my head, trying to imagine, “Or, 2 girls?”

“Well, we don’t need a penis, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“No? I wasn’t even thinking about penis, es. Penii?”

“God, you’re such a nerd!”

“So? I bet Micah likes that about me. Because he’s kinda nerdy, and really smart. He’s got good grades, and he’s going to be a doctor when he grows up.”

“Ihmn!” Zoe bit her lip.


“You’ve really got the cutest crush on this Micah boy, huh?”

“Yeah, wait’ll you hear what he did for Valentines!”

“Chloe! I finally get to tell a story, so don’t ruin it for me!”

“Okay,” she buttoned her lip, and nodded.

“So what did he do?”


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