Ruth’s Horrible Morning

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Ruth woke up from groans behind the wall.

“Again…” — thought Ruth. She immediately realized that her sister was having sex right now. The screams and moans were so loud that Ruth became very uncomfortable, and even the neighbors could probably hear these moans. She covered her head with a blanket, but this did not help: her imagination continued to draw obscene scenes, causing arousal against her will.

She got up and went to the kitchen. When she passed the door of her sister Lexa’s room, she winced at the sound of a man’s groan. It was probably an orgasm. She heard something like:

— Yes, yes, bitch, fucking bitch… I’m cumming……. yeaaaarheeeeehh

The voice nasally stretched out and distorted vulgar words so that it was difficult to make out. She didn’t even think that guys could say that when they finished. Ruth was shocked. She was still a virgin.

Ruth wanted to make tea, but she was in a bad mood.

Then she saw a figure flash in the corridor. It was Lexa. She walked into the bathtub in an unnatural position: she stepped on the edge of her foot with one foot, her legs were slightly bent at the knees and wide apart, and she held her vagina with her hand. There was a gurgling sound coming from my stomach.

Ruth finally put the kettle on the stove. About ten minutes later Lexa appeared in a pink bathrobe.

— Make me some tea too, — Lexa said and sat down at the table and began to gather her highlighted hair into a ponytail on the top of her head.

Ruth nodded, crossed her arms and looked reproachfully at her sister.

— What about Christopher? He’s in the army now… — Ruth said, referring to the guy Lexa dated for two years, and to whom she promised that she would wait.

— Ruth, honey, but I want… I need sex. I can’t abstain. Moreover, I love handsome sexy guys.

Ruth was shocked by the answer.

— In general, bring me some tea to my room.

Ruth stood there for another minute, motionless, like a mannequin.

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    I hope you get fucked when you take her tea to her room

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    More please don’t leave me like this.