Call Tyrone

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Damn.. why do you feel so good… so fucking right…” I mumbled into her neck. Cupping her ass I pulled her even closer and kept kissing on her neck. She moaned and slowly began grinding on my lap making my dick grow harder. Fuck, I wanted her so bad. I never noticed it before– how sexy she was. Not before tonight.

“Sid, I told you he was shit. He never treated you right.” I poured my friend another shot of her favorite Malibu rum and slid it across the counter over to her. She wiped her eyes again, picked up her glass and walked over to my side of the counter. Leaning her head on my shoulder she let out a long, tired sigh. “I know Ty, I know. I stupid I get that. Geez.. I thought he was different. Lesson learned.” She took her shot, let out another sigh and went to go lay on my couch. It was another Friday night for us. Another break up for her– but for some reason this one hit her harder than usual. I hated seeing her like this. She was my best friend since first grade and through it all we’ve always had each other’s backs. So seeing my Sid broken like this pissed me off. “Fuck that nigga!” I shouted, startling her and making her sit up with a confused look. “Sydney, you know you deserve better. You know it and I know it. Don’t give him the satisfaction man, you hear me?” I sat beside her and pulled her to my side. She wiped her eyes again and gave me half a smile. “Thanks Ty. I don’t know why you put up with me but I’m glad you do.” She wrapped her arms around me grateful and I returned her hug. A whiff of her perfume caught me off guard for a second. Damn, she smelled good. Has she always smelled that sweet? Clearing my throat, I moved to stand leaving her on the couch. “So we gonna drink or what?” I smirked at her knowing how much she loved her precious Malibu.
She jumped off the couch and skipped over to me, mood changed. “Bring it!”

3 round of shots and a few mixed teas later we were slumped on my couch laughing at who knows what. “You know what?” She said laughing and tapping my shoulder with her toe. I laughed at her and rolled my eyes pushing her foot out of my face and pulling her around to lay her head in my lap. “What girl? What don’t I know.” I pulled her dark brown curls from her face. God she has some pretty hair. My fingers lingered there for a second, briefly wondering what it would feel like to tug on it while…
“I am the shit! Fuck him. With an ass like this, I can pull anybody. Right?” She looked at me to co-sign. Still mesmerized by my own fantasies I simply nodded my head and smiled. “Yea girl, I hear you.” She raised an eyebrow and move to straddle my lap facing me. Her presence brought me to as she grabbed my face to look at her. “HHHEEELLLOOO TTYYYRROONNEE!! Are you listening to mmeee??!!” I couldn’t help but laugh at her like that. Wiggling her hips and her neck trying to get my attention. “Sid. You are soo drunk right now.”
“No, I’m not!” She protested, bouncing up and down on my lap. I’m not sure if it was the liquor talking or what.. but damn her movements woke something in me. “You just mad because I can pull them all!! Even you Mr.Tyrone!” She teased still bouncing.

You damn right, keep bouncing like that. I thought to myself. Damn. Chill out Ty, this is Sid you’re talking about. Don’t ruin shit. I raised an eyebrow at her clearly Not thinking straight. But what if she’s down?? Because right about now that ass is killing me.. “oh yea?” I teased back. ” And what makes you say that?”

She stopped her bouncing and smiled seductively at me. Still straddling me, she reached back and picked up her half empty tea and Malibu. Chugging the rest of her drink she places her glasses down and faces me again, pulling herself closer to me literally on top of my dick. Fuck. I could feel the heat between her legs beneath those thin track shorts. I placed my hands on her smooth thick brown thighs and waited. “Well?” I prompted.

“Ty, my nigga you can’t handle this. That’s why them niggas be leaving me now! They can’t keep you with these hips baby!” And she started grinding on my lap. Back and forward at first but I could tell she was getting into it, and I was getting hard. “Fuck..” I heard her whisper as she looked me in eyes as if for the first time. I put my hands on her hips and guided her to match the rhythm I wanted her at, pushing her down harder onto my growing dick to make sure she felt it. “Fuck…” she said again, followed a low moan as she laid her arms across my neck and pulled her head closer to mine. Damn she felt so good and smelled so damn sweet. All I wanted to do was rip off those small pink shorts, grab her ass and fuck the shit out of Sid. Would she let me?

Our eyes locked , her lips were so close, In that moment her eyes told me what she wanted . Our lips touched softly as I picked her up, her legs wrapping around my waist . We kissed desperately as I carried her to the bedroom. I pushed pass the door and laid her down on the bed softly. I opened my eyes to take in the moment as my lips made a trail down her stomach pass her navel . Every kiss slowly rising her back of the bed. My eyes locked on her magnificent body as the flashing light from TV gave her body the perfect spotlight . I slowly pulled down her pants constantly kissing till I reached her clit. Smiling as I licked it through her thin pink thong. I could tell she liked that by the way her legs spread wide for me. I raised up on my knees and took of my shirt. The light directly on me . I looked down at her biting her lips , her hand in her panties. I grabbed both her ankles with one hand, and with the other I slide her panties up and off her feet. I could feel her wanting to spread her legs and let me in .
I grabbed her behind her knees pushing them to her chest . Exposing that pussy. I licked it softly as she moaned Impatiently.
“Do you like that Sid? ”
Answer me Sid!
She answered me by arching her ass up off the edge of the bed .
I could feel every throb as I gripped my dick tightly
Watching her move her ass for me taunting me even more . I rub my dick up and down the outside of her pussy. I spread her legs , taking my time kissing her thighs until I reached her clit licking up and down softly at first , kissing it , sucking it . I wanted her to beg me to eat her pussy , It tasted so good to me I couldn’t help but go all out. I wanted feel her cum on my tongue .Then finally I thrusted my dick into Sid’s pussy .
It felt so good! so tight! so wet! I went deep as her pussy would let me and pulled out looking down at the cream covering my dick. Then back in, thrusting her hard and reaching deeper and deeper . I just kept stroking harder , faster and faster. I could feel her pussy clinching hard on my dick . She started throwing it back adding even more pleasure. I could feel her starting to orgasm . She screamed faster! , faster! . At that moment she orgasmed on my dick , I could hear her muffled screams into the pillow. there was no more holding back I was cumming and I was cumming hard. Sid started shaking uncontrollably cumming all over my dick as I unloaded into her, reaching deep as I could. We both dropped to the bed.
Then there was silence nothing but the white nose from the tv and deep breathing . We just looked at each other waiting for the other one to speak first .To solidify this moment.

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