My Favorite Lebanese Sausage

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I was only 23 when I came to Dubai to work. Just newly separated from my ex husband who was my first in everything. I met Loc, my favorite Lebanese “sausage” in the first company I worked for. He was 32 at the time. He used to come sit in front of me in the late afternoons and ask me about my ex husband, why we separated, if I dated anyone after the separation and if I don’t miss having sex. I don’t know why but I didn’t get offended when we started talking about sex. I actually told him that I didn’t know what it feels like to cum because I really don’t know. My ex husband was also a virgin when he popped my cherry so we were both inexperienced. He would just fuck me until he cums and that’s it. I didn’t know that all these conversations about sex was turning Loc on. One afternoon he was again sitting in front of me and he asked me if I’m tired. I told him I’m having back pain and he asked if I want him to give me a massage. And I said yes. I stood up, looking at the buildings below us, and he stood behind me, started massaging the back of my neck, to my shoulders. I can feel his hot breath from behind my ears and I started feeling horny. It went on like that for a while then he asked in a raspy voice, “Is it good?” and I told him it is. My knees are starting to weaken by that time. He jokingly asked me if my tits are real, I think he’s trying to see how far he can go with me, and I told him that if he was wants he can feel it to know if it’s real. He was surprised by my answer and he was like, “Are you sure?”. I was already wet down there and I threw all cautions to the wind. I told him yes. He grabbed my tits as soon as I said it. Aggressively kneading it with both hands while he’s standing behind me. He put one hand inside my shirt and started caressing my breasts then my nipples. Then suddenly his phone rang. He went to take the call and as soon as he’s done, he came back to me started kissing me, touching me all over, pressing his hard cock against me. We started dry humping. He took me to his office where there’s an attached bathroom and he pushed me to the sink facing the mirror. The roughness turned me on some more. He pulled my pants and undies halfway down, and started feeling my slit, stroking my clit..I was soaking wet you can actually hear him fingering me. I removed my shirt and my bra, exposing my full breasts for him to grab. Then he unbuckled his pants pulled it halfway down as well, he made me bend down a little, still facing the mirror and then he slowly slid his 7 inch cock inside me. His was an inch and a half thick and it hit the walls of my pussy really nice. He started fucking me slowly while stroking my clit with his finger and the other hand kneading my breasts, squeezing my nipples. Then he banged me harder, slapping my rear with one hand and pulling my hair with another. Feeling his full throbbing cock inside me, I was engulf in some kind of lust I have never felt before. His thrusts got faster and faster and then I felt the hot load of semen inside me. His cock throbbing still. We cleaned ourselves and left the office afterwards. The following morning, he saw me in the pantry and he teased me by brushing his hard cock on me from behind. Feeling my pussy in front. I couldn’t wait until the day is over to fuck him again. It was like he awakened the maniac that’s in me. I locked the main door to the office as soon as everyone left. He was waiting in his office. I was so horny I was litterally starting to unbotton my shirt on my way across the hall to his office. When I reached there, he was already sitting naked. With his hard on in full view. We kissed. I can feel his cock teasing my pussy. I knelt down in front of him, started caressing his dick, slowly kissing the top of his cock already glistening with pre cum. Then I started licking him up and down while playing with his balls. Slowly sucking him in until I was almost deep throating him. And I gagged. I repeated the same thing, occasionaly licking his shaft in between. Then he pulled me up. He cleared his desk, hastily undressed me and he made me sit on his desk. My back facing the window. Then he started sucking on my tits, teasing my wet pussy with just the tip of his cock. And that really makes me horny and hot with lust. He then cupped my ass, pulled my pussy towards him and with one hard thrust, he’s inside me again. Boy it was so good I just want his cock inside me forever, fucking me. He kissed my neck, down to my breast and I pushed his head more as he sucked on my nipples. He made me lie down on his desk and I suddenly saw a figure of a guy outside the window. There were guys doing the facade cleaning of the building just facing his office. I don’t know if he saw us but the risk of getting caught made me hornier than ever. He raised both my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. And he started fucking me again. Plop, plop, plop, plop. He was fucking me so hard, his desk was already putting a dent on the wall. Then he asked me to stand up and told me to do a doggy position on the sofa which i did. He slid his cock inside me again and he was pumping and grinding like crazy, our sweat already dripping inspite of the airconditioning. He was pulling my hair, pulling my nipples, slapping my behind, biting me on the neck. Biting me eveywhere. And I loved it. I was on fire. I was matching his thrusts with the grinding of my hips. Then he slowly took his cock out, and told me he’s going to do anal on me. I panicked. I don’t know anal at that time. I didnt even think that was possible. I pleaded for him not to do it. But he pinned me so hard against the sofa. Propped my hips up, his cock touching my hole, and he told me he’s going to do it gently. He started to get it inside. It was painful. I was crying, clutching on the sofa so hard. Then he started grindin slowly when he got all of his cock inside. And I started to feel a different sensation. I started to moan. When he heard it, he started pumping slowly. Slowly and then faster and faster, i feel like spinning around. I was drowning in lust, it’s like my soul is leaving my body. Then I felt his cock slide out of my anus and into my pussy again. He fucked me like a whore. And then we came together. He said sorry for doing anal on me and he kissed me. We started dating officially after that. We had wild, rough sex all the time. On the bathroom floor at his place, the sofa on the living room, his bed..I even gave him-a blowjob while he was driving in one of the main highways one night. His car without tint. We broke up after three years but we still fuck each other whenever there’s opportunity. Can’t get enough of my favorite Lebanese sausage ?

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  • Reply Zach ID:c1zm6sp8k

    I really love the story 😍😍 coz i’ve experience that before too 😘

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    I loved your story and I love the fact that he introduced you to anal ( my favorite thing ) but he should have licked your asshole before putting his cock in it. Would have been much more enjoyable for your first time and every time after that. I always eat my wife’s ass before fucking so she is wet and ready for me.