Bachlorette party

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Before Mark and I married my friends threw me a Bachlorette party and Mark also was picked up.by his friends

Well Mark and I come from well to do Family’s and money has never been a problem we had to worry about and all of our friends are pretty well off also and besides Shirley told me that My Dad had given her money to help finance my going away party.
I was told to dress up because they were going to take me to dinner and have a few drinks and party so I was looking forward to it as I dressed and Mon and Dad kissed me as I left and Dad said have fun baby and Mom said don’t drive if you are drinking take a cab and Sue said she will probably stay at my place tonight Mrs Davis and Mom OK Baby have fun.
Well dinner was great Prime Rib and we has a glass of wine with it.
I was feeling really good after 6 years i college Mark was now an engineer and I had been working at Kaiser as a RN for the last year with a great future ahead.
Mark and had spent nights together before so we pretty knew what newly weds did on their wedding night and I was looking forward to our first married night in his bed as we left the restaurant and my friends were teasing me about our upcoming wedding night to.
We stopped at a western bar waiting for the rest of the girls so we could party and then when Linda and Tammy showed up we had another drink and I was told that the party was going to be at Lillian’s house since her parents were on a cruse to South America.
I was feeling good with my friends and I was a little tipsy but still able to talk and laugh when we parked out front and Lillian met us at the door with a bottle of brandy and we all had to chug it and now I was in a party mood laughing and talking to my friends.
Music was loud and we almost had to shout and I laughed when we went into the living room a chair was placed in the middle of the huge room and it was decorated with flowers and ribbons and I was told that there was where I was going to set when the party started and
I was offered another shot and I drank it down and I was laughing at everything then someome else shouted OK party’s on and I was guided to the chair and I sat down giggling excitedly wondering what was up then I heard the girls behind me cheering and I turned to see 4 no 5 guys walk in all dressed as firemen and the girls cheered as they made their way across the room dancing and laughing with the girls.
God what was going on as they began to dance around me in a circle and I felt the room sway as I tried to follow them with my gaze then they began to take the uniforms off and I started laughing again as the girls cheered them on god this was good I was light headed but I was laughing and cheering the guys on myself now thew were all down to their shorts .
Boy were these guys hunks well muscled and they all looked good enough to eat .
My head felt like it might explode and the chair felt like it was swaying but I could still hear the girls cheering them on and now they ripped their shorts off and their cocks began to swing in front of them and they were all very well hung and I felt my mouth water the dancing slowed down as the first guy approached the chair and he had a spray can of whipped cream in his hand nos as he stopped in front of me holding his cock in his hand .
It was all swollen and rigid and there was a bubble of moisture in his piss slit as he sprayed a glob of whip cream on it and the girls went silent then I heard Sue yell go for it Jane your last chance for some unmarried cock and the other girls began to chant go for it Jane go for it .
My ears were ringing now and I felt a little dizzy but my hand reached out and took his cock and I leaned forward and I opened my mouth and when his cock slipped into my mouth the girls began to cheer me on laughing and clapping their hands and now everything seamed to feel unimportant I was determined to feel him cum in my mouth and I sucked him deeper into my mouth hearing all my friends cheering me on then the guy grabbed the back of my head and began to pull my mouth back and forth slowly on his cock and I was jacking his cock with my fingers then he speed ed up and was face fucking me as I tried to push him back with my hands but he was to strong then he was cumming and I was swallowing as my friend hysterically cheered me on then I was helped up and my clothes were removed and I vaguely remember being helped up on the chair on my knees and I felt a guy stick his cock in me and he felt huge as another cock was offered to my mouth and I tried to hold my breasts from swinging but I couldent concentrate as I was being used by two guys I remember the guy that I was sucking came first then another cock was in my mouth then the guy that had been fucking me came and pulled out i lost track of time and I dont remember how many times I was fucked but I remember being helped into bed after the guys left.
The next day I was hung over and so was Mark and while we said our vows I still had traces of several other guys cum in me and at least three other loads of undigested cum in my stomach.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Great story.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv2ucfxib

    you had a wonderful time I hope you didn’t get pregnant that evening?

  • Reply Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

    It sounds like an amazing fun night out.