Beeing a girl

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Discovering that one is not like everyone else. I thought I was a boy, but then it turned out that I was really a girl

I was probably only thirteen years old when I first discovered that there was something special about me. When we showered after the gym, the other boys teased me that I had started to get breasts. I had not thought about it because some of the other boys also had hints of breasts. But mine just grew and grew, and I gradually realized that it was not normal for a boy to get such big breasts. Like all other boys my age, I used to play with my equipment and loved when it splashed.
I fell in love with a beautiful and decent girl, and we played with each other and eventually had sex. But she also noticed that I had big breasts, yes as big as hers. One day she made me try on her bra. It fit perfectly. I got a strange feeling when I wore it and felt it tingle between my legs. I was allowed to stand, but felt that the small hole I have between the balls and the asshole swelled up. I made her touch me there and stick a finger in there. My whole body was shaking when I had my first orgasm. I had always thought of the little hole as a fold of skin that had no function, but I understand now that I also have a pussy. But it was not just me who discovered it. The boys in my class had also realized that I was extra equipped. One night we were together in a cabin, three of them started undressing me so that I was finally completely naked. They held me so that I had to stand bent over, and one of them stuck his big cock in my hole. I screamed in pain when he penetrated me, but they just kept going until I felt him squirt in me. It hurt when he raped me, but at the same time I had a kind of orgasm. But when I got up properly, blood ran down my thighs. Several days later I was sore down there. It eventually went away, but about a week later I started to have a stomach ache and started bleeding there again. I told my mother that I had a stomach ache and was bleeding in my crotch. “Oh Gjert, then you have menstruated. We did not think you would get it, but now it has happened. We knew from when you were born that you had two sexes, but we did not want the doctors to operate on you. We wanted you to decide for yourself when that time came. We have seen that you have started to get more feminine shapes. Maybe it’s time for you to dress like a woman now? Maybe we’ll take a trip to town and look for new clothes for you? ” said my dear mother.
The next day we went to town. You world so much clothes we bought. Underwear for women, dresses and skirts and many different tops as well as jeans. It was probably a fortune, but mother paid willingly.
Spent the whole weekend trying on the different outfits and teaching myself how to put on make-up. Mom had also bought makeup and willingly taught me how to use it. I felt very comfortable in the girls’ clothes, and on Monday morning I posed at school dressed as a girl. I was wearing a light blouse that the bra was clearly visible through and a fairly wide skirt and light pumps. The whole class applauded and said that they had been waiting for this for a long time. The girls flocked around me and complimented me on how nice they thought I was. I, who with fear had dreaded meeting at school as a girl, and so it was that everyone had been waiting for me to do so soon.
During my time at school, I made many girl friends who introduced me to a girl world I did not know. We talked about all the things in the world, but often it ended up talking about sex. Many told that they had had sex with boys and how they felt. I had not had proper sex with boys, but only raped once by some of my classmates, and it had felt absolutely damn. It had hurt like hell and had not given me any joy at all. But often during these conversations I felt that I had to stand. Luckily I was wearing a wide skirt so it didn’t show. But I got a special relationship with one of the girls. We have followed each other in thick and thin throughout life.
I had it all the time up through the years at school. I was fully treated as a girl even though most of the class knew I was both a boy and a girl. I stopped showering after gym class, but otherwise I was treated just like everyone else.

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